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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Only Evidence You Need That The Florida GOP Was Suppressing Voters? Long Lines

The Only Evidence You Need That The Florida GOP Was Suppressing Voters? Long Lines

Like many of the anti-voting laws, a federal judge struck down the law. The voter purges were hindered by several lawsuits until officials gave up that effort.

But the restrictions on early voting stood and Scott maintained an unwillingness to extend the hours, though voters were clearly spending hours and hours waiting to vote during the weekends before the election.

“I know that the cutting out of the Sunday before Election Day was one of their targets only because that’s a big day when the black churches organize themselves,” an anonymous GOP consultant told the Palm Beach Post.

How does Rick Scott answer charges that he intentionally made it more difficult to vote by forcing voters to spend three to four times longer at polling places than voters in other states?

“Well, I’m very comfortable that the right thing happened,” Scott told WKMG Orlando. “We had 4.4 million people vote.”

The turnout was impressive — but this was a tribute to the voters, not the state government.

According to CBS, more African-Americans voted in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida than in 2008. This is a sign that the GOP’s voter suppression efforts backfired.

Yet Governor Scott still has a large role in how the 2014 election will take place, though his name will be on the ballot, seeking re-election. If voters feel he’s taxing their right to vote, they have to show up in 2014 to vote him out — if they have the time.

Photo credit: Stills999 via Daily Kos

  • nobsartist

    We need FEDERAL OVERSIGHT on state voting activities and prison for governors or secretary of states that tamper with elections.

    This excuse of “states rights” is making me sick.

  • rustacus21

    And if the administration is SERIOUS about fixing the election system in this country, it MUST get input from scholars, advocates & workers of/in the system, to formulate laws that not only makes racist attacks on the process more difficult, but also has financial & jail-time penalties for actions which restrict the efforts of AMERICAN’S in exercise of their Constitutional rights to vote. It’s illegal, what went on in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Minnesota & yes, Florida! It’s time to stop this nonsense once & for all, by criminalizing it the way the founders meant tyranny & suppression of Democracy to be in the 1st place…

  • easton

    In my lily white suburb of Easton in Pa. I had to wait only a few minutes to vote, and as my wife has a different schedule she herself had to wait only a few minutes after her work. There is no way I could not wait 7 hours to vote and unless districts filled with white likely Republican voters in Florida did not themselves have to wait then what Scott did was tantamount to treason. People like Scott are a reason I will never vote Republican though I am fairly Conservative (I support social security privatization for example) because people like Scott are fundamentally evil. I would always vote for someone of integrity even if I disagree with their policies.

    • j9russell

      I agree. The Republicans have such a “I will do anything to win” (lie, cheat, or steal the vote), that it is really embarassing as an American. They almost force you not to support them. They really need to find some integrity within the party, or they will continue to loose support.

  • Fortuntely, their attempts to suppress the vote of minorities backfired and, in fact, contributed to the largest turnout by African Americans and Hispanics in modern history.

    • onedonewong

      45% of the brown vote were illegals

      • Ron

        You are a LAIR and dangerous to American Values…

        • onedonewong

          Just stating the obvious with 20 million illegals most on the dole

      • To people like you. all the brown vote is illegal. In the next five year the white vote will be the minority, just kee up your nonsense, you are becoming irrelevant in the process.

        • onedonewong

          No not all just the majority. One thing will never change the greatness of this country will continue via the strong hard working white European decedents. Browns and blacks will always be a drag on this economy and country

      • lagovistadave

        Simple prove it!

        • onedonewong

          20 million illegals

          • lagovistadave

            How revealing a short emotional diatribe, presumably intended to invoke a supportive response from those easily swayed by simplicity and or ignorance. In an argument one cannot imply truth from a fallacious foundation. Correlation does not imply causation. Intelligent discourse requires multiple reputable sources to move hearsay to fact. A reasonably established case must be developed on a foundation of supportive coherant facts not vituperations. You have simply reiterated an unfounded opinion that does not provide valid support for the supposition.

          • onedonewong

            Earth to Bizzaro land 20 million illegals and a Justice dept that REFUSED to allow Voter ID. Their agenda was to allow these criminals to vote

      • Another bs statement from the alternate reality world of the right wing nonbelievers. Do you really pull these facts out of your butt?

        • onedonewong

          Just the result of investigative journalism sine the barak and holder regime refuses to stop this assault on American democracy

      • Replying to onedonewong –


        Keep up the good work. I don’t get many laughs during the day, so I need as many as I can get.

        • onedonewong

          Yea makes me want to puke in my mouth as well

      • lagovistadave

        How revealing a short emotional diatribe, presumably intended to invoke a supportive response from those easily swayed by simplicity and or ignorance. In an argument one cannot imply truth from a fallacious foundation. Correlation does not imply causation. Intelligent discourse requires multiple reputable sources to move hearsay to fact. A reasonably established case must be developed on a foundation of supportive coherant facts not vituperations. You have simply reiterated an unfounded opinion that does not provide valid support for the supposition.

        • onedonewong

          Thanks for your esoteric response but it doesn’t change the facts that millions of illegals voted

  • atc333

    Perhaps some criminal legislation could help resolve this problem, when such efforts were implemented for that specific purpose, along with setting Federal Standards for all Federal Elections in the future. Governor Scott would then be limited to devoting all of his efforts to manipulating positive outcomes for Republicans in only State and local elections

  • lambypie

    I’m not a minority but my absentee ballot from Florida never got to me, so consequently I was unable to vote. I thank the maker that my little vote didn’t make a difference.

    • commserver

      The question is how many others didn’t receive abseentee ballot.

  • commserver

    I hope that the people of Florida see the long lines and realize what caused them.

  • lambypie

    Wish I knew but like I said all the candidates I was going to vote for WON!!!

  • BDD1951

    In our county we have 35 precincts. I vote by mail, but if I voted in person, I would only have to drive about 3 miles to vote in a friends garage. I live out in the country. The last time that I did vote in person, there was no one there but workers. There is usually a rush before work and after. I ran the election in precinct 32 and no one had to wait. That’s be cause we had so many places where one could vote. We had 4 machines and were hooked up on line, so when the last person voted, the results were in.

  • The evaluation process for those responsible for the long lines, including those civil servants who did not resist implementing the obvious voter suppression obstacles, should include “length of time in line per vote” and they should be demoted or denied salary increases based on those failings. Better yet, firing, but that may not be possible in the civil servant world (don’t know why since it is clear that Post Office workers are able to be fired or “laid-off”). Salaries are paid by all citizens of the towns and counties. Insist upon accountability. In my 95% white town, I just walked up and voted. I don’t think these shenanigans go on in NJ. You know how forward NJ citizens can be in expressing what is on their mind. The rest of country should take a leaf from our book.

    • zeldaq

      good morning susan,
      i’m not sure about your comment on postal workers. so correct me if i’m wrong. the u.s.
      postal service in not part of the federal government. they make the money to keep operating by the sale of stamps, and various shipping costs. i do think that the laws enacted in 2010[i believe] were the reason the postal service is having trouble surviving.
      congress passed laws saying the USPS must hand over to the government 5 billion dollars
      for retirement funds for their workers. since the USPS doesn’t rely on the fed for
      for anything, the fed. should keep their nose out of the USPS’s business. we all know what
      happened to the surplus fund from the clinton admin. that money was supposed to shore
      up social security. instead GWB wasted it. the BUSH admin. left an IOU , which is
      worthless without money to back it up. the USPS has been in business for a long time,
      and doesn’t need interference from the fed. to servive they would only have to raise the price of stamps a few pennies, and come up with some creative marketing on their other
      i went off track on the voter suppression topic. i just get so frustrated when the GOP
      does things like this. every american has the right to vote. i thank GOD enough people
      were allowed to vote in the past election. i think that the dems. should get involved
      now to put a stop to this kind of unamerican racist hogwash. mid term elections aren’t
      that far awy, and the voter suppression will make a big difference in house and senate
      anyway, thanks for listening to me rant, and rave, and vent.
      have a great day!!!!

  • howa4x

    What, the party of god engaging in voter supression. All the patriotic Republican denying civil rights? What a world what a world!!

  • The Republican strategy overlooked one major characteristic of the human mind. The harder you make it to get something, the more the average person wants it. Why do you think you Mom told you that you’d never get a ring on your finger if you put out on the first date.

    • Mike Funkhowser

      Two more years and we can all stand in line for hours to eject Skelator Scott from the Governor’s office. As a 30+ year registered Democrat, I hope Christ runs against him. It would be a blow out and return some sanity to Tallahassee.

  • jstsyn

    The republicans in Florida would have done better by doing nothing to suppress the vote. They only hurt themselves. Works for me.

  • if its true , then the ones that did it are breaking the law . and a main law at that the right to vote . one would think thy should be brought to court on charges . a laws a law . if no one is brought up on charges then what the sence of having laws? or can i go uot anf rob a store or sell drugs , even kill some one ? these ppl. broke the most fundamently law the ppl. have the law and the right to vote .

  • and whos that bald POS Gov. there or what ever he is . he the onme thaty should be charged or even better 9mm,ed would be better for takeing or trying to take away ones right

  • Governor Rick Scott, /// ya thats the bald POS. get him out of office now he brok the law of the land and the ppls. right . impeach his sorry butt . dont need ppl. in office that are there to protect the ppl. and do what the laws say to do . if some ones sells drugs thy go to court. whats the difference with this scott tissue heaD. ok wait till some nut case gose you and shots ppl. maybe these nuts will think first and shot ppl. that deserve it . ionstead of shoting innocent ppl.

  • Anyone who looked at what happened in Florida during this election can see Republicans, led by Governor Rick Scott, intentionally made it more difficult to vote in order to prevent minorities and other likely Democrats from reaching the polls/// and that bald POS couldnt even get that right hey chit for brains Scott you lose anyways . well ur GOP ding dong party did but ur next on the choping bloxk

  • one can only hope that the ones voteing for the GOP DING DONGS got tired of waiting and went home before thy got to vote

  • I assume they decided, ‘It’s 2011, Crist is gone, let’s give it a shot,’” Crist said. “And that’s exactly what they did. And it is exactly what it turned out to be.”/// and the GOP DING DONGS STILL LOSE

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Hopefully republican tactics will not take the great America on third world path! Votere suppression in America? May God forgive Republicans for such behavior.

  • Mike Funkhowser

    I’ve had reason to contact the Fl Governor’s office three times recently. Twice via web comment form and once by phone. In all instances you can request a return response. Well, weeks later, I’m still waiting. I guess if your name isn’t Koch or Rove, the heck with responding to non-partisan issues. Such a servant of the people!

  • I do not understand how Scott interfeared but theu all had early voting and this should not have happened anyway .So what did Gov Scott or how did he slow it ?

  • TSB

    Shame on those republicans, although there really aren’t any true republicans like Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams,etc. is there?

  • 52Buster

    Vote Governor Scott out of office!! He is awful for democracy. Rather than facilitating it, he is getting in the way of it. He is using his office to achievc these ends. How could anybody support him regardless of political pursuasion?

  • marciano3rd

    So Bush II was a fake president??

  • onedonewong

    Requiring a valid picture ID will be requirement by the federal govt come Feb 2013 for anyone receiving a govt check or benefit. Checks will no longer be mailed and recipients will need a back account which requires a photo ID.
    The long lines that people experienced on election day were where??? Why Counties where Democrats were the election officials

    • grammyjill

      Who told you that? The gov. does direct deposit. Don’t need a photo id for that.
      As for the long lines, didn’t matter who election officials were. Mattered who the governor and sec. of state was.

      • onedonewong

        Granny try and open a bank account with out a picture ID let me know what they tell you. Sorry all the precincts with problems were Dem run precincts. Its the precincts that decide how the ballot looks and the number of voting machines and how they are staffed.
        It has nothing to do with the Gov or Sec of state.

  • Ron

    Republicans obey all laws….that they agree with. People who did this should be in prison …

  • The good old boys stikes again.

  • Let’s make sure that, in case Florida is submerged due to climate change, all its inhabitants are shipped to Cuba….. After all, one good deed is worth reciprocation!

  • 1standlastword

    Rick Scott’s political career is surely over and likewise so many others like him in the “r”epublican stank and bile

  • And the Conservatives like to promote Democracy worldwide, while suppressing it here in the United States.

  • lagovistadave

    Full on check mate of the onedungdong. your informational source of life Faux News says that 6.1 million illegals down from 7 million last year because Mr. Obama has actually deported more of them the Mr. Bush who he and his friends made money when they are here.No current statsics on how many might have voted but it would have been very small maybe about the same number of republicans that have been caught so far.Your numbers are not even in the ball park of the crazies. Do you realize that these are the first qualified facts presented in relationship to anything you have said. I actually have no problem having people provide Id to vote. It would actually double the legal voters among minorities and then you would really get your white ass kicked.

  • Republicans didn’t have to wait in line as well?