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Thursday, January 17, 2019

If you thought right-wing politicos couldn’t get any goofier, take a peek at Texas on “Cruz Control.”

Ted Cruz is America’s latest tea party darling, having just pulled off a political contortion in Texas that few would’ve thought humanly possible: He got to the right of Gov. Rick Perry! The “Oops” governor is himself a former tea party darling who’s such a far-out know-nothing that he’s renowned for putting the goober in gubernatorial. By the time of last week’s Republican runoff election in Texas, however, Cruz had squinched himself Houdini-like into even farther-out political positions than Perry has taken, thus wowing the tealeaf crowd and defeating the guy whom Perry was backing to be the Party’s nominee for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

How far out is he? One of the white-hot talking points Cruz used to fire-up the narrow extremists who now control the Texas GOP is that he will, by God, defend America’s golf courses! You might not have realized that golf course defense is a burning national issue crying out for the attention of U.S. senators, but such keen vigilance on even the most unimaginable threats to our nation is the kind of stuff that makes Cruz a tea party fave.

Defend golf courses against what, you ask? Not turf rot, rampaging moles or those bothersome environmentalists, but against that old right-wing bugaboo: the United Nations. “Stop Agenda 21,” cries Cruz in an alert posted prominently on his campaign website, even taking this war whoop onto talk radio and TV, including an enlightening appearance with the always thoughtful Glenn Beck. Agenda 21 is a 20-year-old innocuous and nonbinding UN resolution (agreed to by then-President George Bush the First). It encourages governments to develop plans for sustainable development of “open spaces” — and that’s what rubs Ted raw. Open space, you see, includes golf courses.

To the barricades, patriots! Grab your putters and mashies and rush to your local links, for the UN is coming over yon hill!

To double-down on his political wackiness creds, Cruz notes ominously (and falsely), “The originator of this grand scheme is George Soros.” Doubling-down yet again, Cruz adds (also falsely) that the hobgoblin Soros is a socialist devil who believes in “eliminating national sovereignty and private property.”

Thus, he concludes, “The real question is will we have senators in Washington who will take steps to stop this nonsense…” Yes, Ted, right back at you. We need some sane senators who’ll stop the nonsense and start dealing honestly with America’s real problems.

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21 responses to “The People’s Choice! Only, Not Really”

  1. Voters would be well advised to analyze the agenda being put forth by the likes of Rubio, Cruz, Mourdoch, Akins and other Tea Party candidates. Gridlock is only part of it, if elected these people will focus on the destruction of all social programs, and ensuring their benefactors get the tax breaks and incentives they want at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

    • Ed says:

      The founding fathers believed the “well bred”people should rule. Andy Jackson brought forth democracy and the right has ben trying to destroy it ever since.

  2. jarheadgene says:

    The Original Premise of the Tea Party had some grand ideas; however, they got hijacked and spun off to some monsterousity a long time ago….The second the likes of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin chimed in. And yes the danger is what they can cause, such as gridlock, ….i.e., John Boehner.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Don’t kid yourself Gene — The Tea Party is a creation of the Koch Brothers to pull bigots, rednecks, and just plain stingy people behind their plutocratic cause.

      • Tom_D44 says:

        Yo Whut – I know many people in my circles who identify with the tea party (and many who don’t I might add). They are all reasonable, civil, and peaceful people. They are all educated people. Many of them don’t own guns. Many of them are struggling business owners, or work multiple jobs or juggle double income family responsibilities just to pay their bills and try to get ahead. Many of them are very involved with their communities, their churches and their children. Not one of them knows the Koch Brothers or has received any money from them. And not one of them hates black people, red people, green people or whatever other color people you could think of. So get off your pointless rant and stop labeling people because you are wrong. The only people I ever see bringing up this whole racist thing are the left. That being said we all know there are fringes on both sides but the overwhelming majority of these people are not what you describe. Stop watching MSNBC dude. It’s killing your brain cells.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          When your ‘Tea Party’ elects nut-balls like Allen West and Michele Bachmann, you have already lost whatever credibility you may have had with your arguments. I have never — and I’ve been around a long time — seen so many nuts, bigots and deadbeats as I have in the Tea Party.

          Congress is an absolute mess with the lowest approval ratings of all time, and you can lay that directly in the collective lap of the Tea Party Caucus. 90% of the intolerant and nutty speech emanates directly from Tea Party members or those attempting to curry favor with the Tea Party. What’s more, polls have repeatedly shown that the general American public very much dislikes the Tea Party — I don’t think it’s because of the funny hats, do you?

          I have had many debates with Tea Party members over the last few years, and I can tell you from personal experience that there are very few that I respect — much less agree with them on anything. I personally know some Tea Party members, and I can tell you that most of them squeal about paying their share of taxes when I know full well that they are either receiving public benefits like Medicare and Social Security or have received benefits sometime during their lives but now eschew anyone else doing so.

          It is no longer any secret that the Koch Brothers provide heavy financial support for the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates. It’s clear that the Koch Brothers and others like them clearly want to push the US into a political state that is as close to a plutocracy as they can get — and the Tea Party is their favorite tool. This is the complete opposite of the reason that America was founded in the first place.

          If you think that by watching FOX News that you have the lowdown on world events, you’d better wake up out of your stupor. FOX is known to have the most biased and inaccurate news organization in the country, and amounts to little more than a right wing political action committee. Research has shown that FOX viewers are less informed about world events than people who don’t watch news at all.

          Finally, if you yourself aren’t a bigot, deadbeat or nut case, then your choice to associate with a party that is chock full of them only brings into question your own personal judgement. I know that there are people who get caught up in movements that have unsavory characters when they themselves are decent people. I’m sure this is true with people who identify with the Tea Party as well, and perhaps you’re one of those. But let me tell you something ‘dude’: For as long as I’ve been alive on this planet I have never had cause to disrespect an American political movement the way I do this one, and fear the tragic consequences that could result if one of these nut-bags ever makes it into the Oval Office.

          I don’t have a lot of respect for the GOP in recent years, but it’s still 1,000% more than I have for the Tea Party. My advice to you is if you don’t want to carry the stigma that the Tea Party is earning with their intolerant, ignorant and downright bizarre antics, then you should disassociate yourself with the label and help make the GOP as respectable as it has been in years past. It’s your choice, not mine.

    • Landsende says:

      From the very beginning the tea party disrupted meetings to explain the Affordable Health Care Act not letting the senators and representatives explain how it would benefit everyone. They used shouting and catcalls to drown out anyone trying to speak and ask questions. At the time they said they were a new party neither democrat or republican but the only time they disrupted the meetings was if it was a democratic speaker. At the time I suspected they were republicans in sheeps (tea party) clothing trying to fool fool us into believing they weren’t. Now we know that the tea party is really teapublicans. Don’t let them fool you into believing the changes they are proposing will help anyone but the wealthy and big corporations. They are trying to push their conservative agenda on everyone whether it stomps on our rights and hurts the country. They have taken over the republican party so it is no longer recognizable to even long time republicans. Get rid of the tea party and maybe then we can have politicians that work for the good of all and the country.

      • Tom_D44 says:

        And why, exactly, were those people so upset as to scream out and disrupt these townhall meetings? I saw many of them and I will tell you that the Democrats came out with talking points that were, at best, vague and unsubstantiated claims. Most of these representitives really know nothing about what was in the bill and the people knew it. No one had read it – it wasn’t even finished when they went out to sell it. The people knew that these representatives weren’t there to hear them, but rather to justify all that they were doing in Washington with the bill and how they knew so much better than us how to solve our problems. AND they knew that these representatives would likely vote for the bill anyway – and they did. If that doesn’t make you mad when something is being forced down your throat and you can’t do a thing about it then what does?

        • Landsende says:

          Yelling and screaming at the representatives does not let them answer the questions and let the others that were there get answers to their questions. Why was it only the democrats this happened to? Maybe if you had listened to it being explained you wouldn’t feel like its being forced down your throat. There are a lot of good benefits to the act and more people will finally have health insurance which means less cost to the rest of us. I’ll bet you weren’t protesting when the teapublicans passed laws forcing women to have invasive procedures. How would you like to have that forced down your throat. Oh wait, it’s not your throat!!!!

          • Tom_D44 says:

            Oh my god – we had already heard it all. Every single talking point – over and over and over. On every single TV and cable station, the radio, the newspapers, the internet, you name it. These guys came out and had absolutely nothing new to offer in these meetings – Just more of the same garbage all fed to them by the DNC. The people had already heard it and knew it was a bunch of bull. As soon as those talking points started coming out they got pissed and lost their cool. And by an overwhelming majority the people rejected the bill and the concept of it. The Democrats were in the minority on this one but pushed forward regardless and voted right down the party line. Not one of them had even one question about the bill – just accepted it and voted it in.

          • Landsende says:

            Well apparently you weren’t listening or you would have heard that insurance companies can’t turn you down for pre-existing conditions, no life time limits, preventative care such as mammograms, pap smears, std testing, breast feeding, etc., insurance companies must use at least 80% of premium for health care or refund 20% of premium. Did you hear any of that or did you already have your minds made up because it’s Obamacare which by the way is patterned after Romneycare and the republicans own health care plan. Noticed you ignored answering whether you were protesting the passage of laws forcing women to have invasive procedures forced on them by the conservative teapublicans. Guess you don’t mind that since it only affects women.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Major legislation like the AHCA doesn’t get passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President when an ‘overwhelming majority’ of people reject the law or even the concept. Either back up your ridiculous claim with some proof or just stop telling whoppers.

    • highpckts says:

      Question – why are Romney and Palin still called governor? Palin didn’t even finish her term and yet people still defer to her! John Boehmer and Mitch McConnel should have been voted out a long time ago! And not to take sides, Pelosi and Reid are too cock sure of themselves to be in office! We need some humility and common sense!

  3. howa4x says:

    The media really has falled to do any type of anaylsis on what would actually happen if the SS privatizers actually won. That would be giving the gamblers on Wall St trillions to play with. What would happen if they lost it all on bad bets like the housing collaspe. Inagine if all the SS checks stopped? Also these people think global climate change is a hoax even though the top denier Miller has come around to saying it’s very real. They will take this country on a downward spiral of the likes that no one can imagine if the Tea Party takes over. This is a party that is running a contest on who can say the most stupidest things. Imagine the intlellectual soul of this Party is Sara Palin, who didn’t even know what Paul Revere did, and the other genuis Michelle Bachmann thought the revolutionary war was fought to free the slaves. This party occupies the lower level of intelligence in this country, and has seniors so stupid that they were t-shirts saying keep the government out of my medicare. This is why they are so easily manipulated by social icons like the Koch Bros. and that old rascal Dick Armey
    Wow you can’t even make this stuff up!

    • I agree, and you are right on the money on the seniors. I could not believe it when one of my neighbors told me a few weeks ago that President Obama is determined to destroy MEDICARE by taking $500B out of the system. When I explained to her that the figure is actually $50B a year, and that the suggestion was to use the subsidies given to the pharmaceuticals and insurance industries when MEDICARE Part D was reformed in 2003, the only thing I got back was a blank stare. When I added that part of the money would be used to eliminate the MEDICARE doughnut hole, which cost many seniors as much as $2K a year, her response was “that’s not what I heard. The sad truth is that the GOP has done an outstanding job at distorting fact and many voters, especially seniors, took the bait. One of the most pathetic ads I have seen in Florida is one paid for by a Romney Super PAC blaming Obama for the planned destruction of MEDICARE; needless to say, it omits Rep Ryan’s plan to dismantle MEDICARE and it does not highlight the fact that one of the GOP’s most cherished priorities is the privatization of SS and the dismantling of all social programs. Sadly, the DNC and President Obama have not made a case on this issue with the clarity needed to influence voter’s perceptions.

  4. bigspender7 says:

    I live in Texas. Although I don’t vote in republican primaries, I’m embarrassed that a guy like Cruz will probably be our newest senator. We’ve had to live with Rick Perry for years but Cruz is in a class of buffoonary only shared with Louie Gohmert. Even Rick Perry can’t stand these teabaggers. Pray for tea party extinction.

  5. Jack says:

    There’s a bar near me I go to occasionally that once labelled itself an official Tea Party hangout. But they serve Guinness draft so it’s a fair trade-off. Anyway, I got to talking with one guy who started up with the frightwing drivel of the day and I went him one better: “And can you believe that Obama wants children to not be denied healthcare even if they already have a chronic problem? I’m not kidding.” His eyes brightened and he went off on more Kenyan Commie Nazi extraterrestrial Muslim evil-doing by the Prez. This time I replied with some weird nonsense of my own devising about Obama’s socialist agenda or some such and his eyes burned like halogen headlights. Eventually he had to go home to his wife and kids and we parted fast friends in the struggle against Sharia law and yack yack yack. I finished my Guinness thinking what a clever boy I am. Then I wondered how much of my sarcasm would he pass on as yet more proof of the conspiracy against a free Christian country. All of it, I supposed. The joke was on me.

    • Dave_dido says:

      Jack, sometimes idealogues can be so blind all you can do is laugh. It’s better than raising your blood pressure trying to rationally discuss a different point of view than theirs. Just pray that the nutjob you were talking to doesn’t stop at a gun store on the way home and buy a few semi-automatic weapons and wind up slaughtering a few dozen innocents that he thinks are ruining America.

  6. Steve L says:

    Jim would you please find out why John McCain is so silent on Mitt’s tax returns. As one of the few to have really seen the returns it seems that if what Reid was saying was a lie and McCain knows it, he would be rushing to the Senate floor to call Harry Reid a “dirty liar”.

    Or could it be possible that John McCain is the source Reid won’t disclose? Think about it, he is probably one of just a handful of people that have seen Romney’s tax returns and also has easy access to Harry Reid. Maybe it wasn’t a phone call at all… maybe it was a private conversation in the cloak room of the Senate.

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