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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Last week, Mitt Romney came out against “more firemen, more policemen, more teachers.” Ever since George W. Bush joined Ted Kennedy to pass the No Child Left Behind act more than a decade ago, the Republican Party has been standing by some incredibly bone-headed education policies.

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17 Responses to The Republican Plot To Make You Stupid

  1. Because ignorant people can more easily be led by “one Liners”. Alsio they don’t ask questions that require intelligent answers.

    • I reside in Penna, 70% of this state is solid rural Republican. Most of those resident in that 70% of the state are not the brightest bulb in the chandalier. That 70% of the state has decayed and rotted for the past 65 years. No infastructure, no opportunity just forelorn poverty and misery. Reason, the Republicans carry the elections every time and then ignore that 70% because they have it in the bag.

      Ed, you are absolutely correct in your summerization!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How right you are, Ed. It is very frightening to see how lax many people are on checking things out for themselves. I’m very sorry to say that democrats often fall in that category too. How many times I’ve asked democrats if they’ve checked out the validity of some of the claims on a TV ad. The response is often the same — that they could not say it on the ad if it isn’t at least partly true — and those of us who do check things out more thoroughly know how expert republicans are at changing just a simple word or two — to make the meaning totally different.

  2. There you go. Wasn’t it Tenessee that had the Scopes trial, you know the one about evolution, so I guess this is a follow up to that. The reality is there is so much of our daily life that’s not mentioned in the bible, like cars and jets, tooth brushes, and fast food, cell phones and the list is endless. Remember the early church following the bible burned people at the state that said the world was round. Imagine that?
    The republicans need the people to be stupid to follow their policies. Why else would people vote entirely against their own self interest. Why do republicans have to ban words like climate change? Haven’t the people in the midwest figured out that they had more violent tornados than ever before? For those of you that say this is cyclical I have have to ask this question: when at any time in our recorded history has there been over 6 billion people on earth? When in history did China put one new coal plant on line per week?
    Republicans are the party of big business and always have been. They will frighten and lie to the middle class constantly to further the interests of that group,and will especially throw in the bible to help. So if you only read the bible you won’t understand science, and of you don’t understand that you can’t understand the human role in climate change. The other lie is jobs, and this is how it works: so if we don’t build Keystone we won’thave 1000 jobs, and we won’t meet our energy needs. the question here is why does keystone oil sands have to go to the gulf? The answer is, its for export to other countries, otherwise they could refine it in Canada and ship us the finished product.
    See why they need a stupid electorate!

  3. Is there any buddy capable of shoving perry down the septic tank with his laws to make children learn these things. School is suppose to be for reading writing and arethmatic. Include all republicans in the septic tank. They are as bad as Az. republicans.

  4. Gateway sex…seriously? Have any of these legislators ever been laid? The GOP is overrun with freightened little children, or at least they act that way. All of the nonsense is a last gast attempt at holding back the tide of progress and the ever coming future. They are afraid of everything that upsets their 1950’s world view. I guess we just have to wait until the majority of those poor unfortunates die off before the country can get back on board with reality and progress.

    • They’ll never die off.. Remember, they’ve got spoiled kids who think just like them and they too know the secret to infiltrating the political arena.

  5. Lynda said exactly what I wanted to say. I also think that these southern states want to go back to the 5oth. What I don’t understand is why these people are so afraid of sex. Is it not
    a lot healthier if we talk open to our children.

  6. Sorry regular Memo readers….. unless you are an antogonist on this site, (like me or montanabill and a couple of others), the effort to make you leftist nutjob friends of mine stupid is a duplicative one! I’m just sayin….. 🙂 🙂

    Have a nice day, my lefty friends!

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