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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mitt Romney has an amazing ability to make a profit on anything. He can make millions when a company goes bankrupt, reap huge returns off the 9/11 tragedies and profit from getting high schoolers hooked on tobacco. But his greatest trick off all was raking in millions from the auto rescue he opposed.

In a stunning exposé published Thursday in the The Nation — with support from The Investigative Fund — reporter Greg Palast reveals how key donors to Romney’s campaign made more than a billion dollars off the restructuring of General Motors by holding a key player in the supply chain hostage to their demands during the heart of America’s worst jobs crisis in 50 years.

Delphi Automotive is an auto parts maker that used to be part of General Motors and remains essential for auto production. Without Delphi, there would be no American automotive industry. And unfortunately for America, it ended up being controlled by Elliott Management.

Elliott Management is run by 
Paul Singer, a massive Republican donor and “defender of the 1 percent.” Ann Romney’s so-called blind trust invested at least a million dollars in Elliott before the fund began buying Delphi at vulture prices—about 20 cents on the dollar—during the worst of the Great Recession. When the hedge fund managers were told that they should save as many American jobs as they should, they refused and forced a judge to hold an auction for the company’s stock. Elliott eventually took over the entire company for 67 cents a share.

Two years later Delphi shares were selling at $22 each, an astounding profit even for Mitt Romney.

How did Delphi undergo such a remarkable turnaround? They took federal bailout funds, slashed worker pensions, fired union workers and sent American jobs overseas.

Greg Palast explains, “The bottom line: the hedge funds’ paydays were made possible by a generous donation of $12.9 billion from US taxpayers.”

We have no idea how much the Romneys made from the auto bailout, but knowing that he was the only national figure who opposed the rescue, saying that it would destroy the industry, it’s safe to say that even one cent would be too much.

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299 Responses to The Romneys Made Millions Off The Auto Rescue Mitt Opposed

  1. wait until we find out how much he made moving American manufacturing jobs to China.

    willard is hiding something in his tax returns.

    mccain knows, thats why he picked an idiot like palin.

  2. Conclusion of this story: We need this guy helping all Americans, he definitely knows what to do to increase wealth. When you pick an adviser, better to pick a pro than an novice.

      • Yeah, but the guy we have now only knows how to make poor out of the many of us. Maybe that is what he sees as being fair. We can all be poor together.

        • Stop lying. It was the policies of Bush that caused one of the greatest losses of wealth in history. Under the Obama Administration the wealthy are making out like bandits. We don’t need to go back to the catastrophic policies that almost killed the economy just because there are a few greedy, lying, selfish twits and a bunch of drooling bigots.

          • OK I not a real fan of Bush. He was a “Progressive”.

            Look up LNU02000000 (BLS) .

            Reagan and Oneal Tax Cuts combined with a 25% reduction in the CFR:
            Employment average 100.4 million working in 1981 by 1989 it was at 115.0 million. A 15% increase in average Americans working.

            Bush Tax Cuts
            Employment averaged 136.9 million working in 2001 by 2008 the number was 145.4 million. A 6.7% increase in average Americans working.

            Obama Stimulus
            Employment averaged 145.4 million working in 2008 by 2012 the number was 141.8 million. A -2.5% decrease in average Americans working.

            Real Tax and Regulation Cuts expand the Economy. Government Expansion and Spending Deflates the Economy.

            Lesson learned: Give money to all citizens and get out of the way. Our new College grads would find jobs and manufacturing will return to the USA for every working person who maybe doesn’t want to go to college.

          • The Federal Government needs to get out of the way

            Look up LNU02000000 (BLS) .

            Reagan and Oneal Tax Cuts combined with a 25% reduction in the CFR:
            Employment average 100.4 million working in 1981 by 1989 it was at 115.0 million. A 15% increase in average Americans working.

            Bush Tax Cuts
            Employment averaged 136.9 million working in 2001 by 2008 the number was 145.4 million. A 6.7% increase in average Americans working.

            Obama Stimulus
            Employment averaged 145.4 million working in 2008 by 2012 the number was 141.8 million. A -2.5% decrease in average Americans working.

            Real Tax and Regulation Cuts expand the Economy. Government Expansion and Spending Deflates the Economy.

            Lesson learned: Give money to all citizens and get out of the way. Our new College grads would find jobs and manufacturing will return to the USA for every working person who maybe doesn’t want to go to college.

      • The market was artificially low in 2009. Add to this the FED actions QE1, QE2 and now QE3, which means what your are seeing is inflation of Stock Value. This inflation is now catching up for all of us in higher prices of food, fuel, education etc.

        • If I were to say yes, maybe you could explain why it is apropos? Romney’s experience is as a venture capitalist. Not all businesses are alike. Not all businessmen do the same thing. Business experiences aren’t fungible. You don’t hire a criminal defense lawyer to write your will. You don’t see an orthopedic specialist about your lung cancer. This, however, all begs the question. Governments are not businesses. They don’t have the same goals and they don’t exist to serve the same purposes. The concerns of a government are much broader than the concerns of a business. The major goal of a national government is to serve the short and long term best interests of the nation as a whole. (Probably displaying my liberal bias here, but maybe only reflecting the Preamble.) The goal of a business is to make a profit for its owner(s). Those two goals are not the same and not infrequently in conflict. A little bit of silliness, since I know how fond so many in the GOP are of the oringinal intent of the Founding Fathers, I haven’t seen anywhere in the Constitution or in the contemporaneous commentary on its meaning or purposes the notion that the government was to be run as a business.

          • I am from michigan, the “open your F#cking eyes” state. what was the market at 4 years ago?

            what is it at today?

            case closed.

            open your f%cking eyes.

          • We were doing GREAT four years ago and now had to sell most everything to stay afloat!!!

            Unemployment higher than its ever been
            Gas is higher than 4-years ago
            FOOD is higher than EVER
            House a loss.

            Oh, your poooor Libs are getting soooo angry

          • sorry but you are allfullofshit

            go back to your drug addicted pedophilac master, rush and his bs

            you are one stupid mf’r

            by the way, President Obama is beating willard the rat by 19 points nationwide.

            bow to your master, chump.

    • What, Romney’s plan for America. Have it go bankrupt and save Trillions with that default? Thats his business methodology,right?

      Have a company (US) go into bankruptcy, let the creditors lose their money (pension funds, SS trust,etc). Salvage the assets and drop safety and environmental regulations. repeal minimum wage laws, turn us into Chinese wage workers in the US. Yes, Full employment at Chinese wages, benefits and working conditions.

      The Rich will be paying the same share of taxes still, even with across the board cuts in taxes , what he said reinforce that fact he won’t be closing loopholes.

      • Your schooling must have been flawed, Did you go to Harvard? Look up LNU02000000 (BLS) .
        Reagan and Oneal Tax Cuts combined with a 25% reduction in the CFR:
        Employment average 100.4 million working in 1981 by 1989 it was at 115.0 million. A 15% increase in average Americans working.

        Bush Tax Cuts
        Employment averaged 136.9 million working in 2001 by 2008 the number was 145.4 million. A 6.7% increase in average Americans working.

        Obama Stimulus
        Employment averaged 145.4 million working in 2008 by 2012 the number was 141.8 million. A -2.5% decrease in average Americans working.

        Real Tax and Regulation Cuts expand the Economy. Government Expansion and Spending Deflates the Economy.

        Lesson learned: Give money to all citizens and get out of the way. Our new College grads would find jobs and manufacturing will return to the USA for every working person who maybe doesn’t want to go to college.

        • You’re right Maggie, Ryan and Mitt will expect large bonuses and where will that money come from, the American people.

      • obama is NOT helping the Americans —-

        He is bringing them down and giving FREEEEE everything to make everyone dependent on the GOVERNMENT

    • The United States is not a corporation, and it would be a mistake to try to run it like one. Multiple Choice Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan have to hide their plans because they know nobody will want them — and for good reason. Romney and Ryan are pros at lying, but that’s about it.

      • The Federal Government needs to get out of the way.

        Look up LNU02000000 (BLS) .

        Reagan and Oneal Tax Cuts combined with a 25% reduction in the CFR:
        Employment average 100.4 million working in 1981 by 1989 it was at 115.0 million. A 15% increase in average Americans working.

        Bush Tax Cuts
        Employment averaged 136.9 million working in 2001 by 2008 the number was 145.4 million. A 6.7% increase in average Americans working.

        Obama Stimulus
        Employment averaged 145.4 million working in 2008 by 2012 the number was 141.8 million. A -2.5% decrease in average Americans working.

        Real Tax and Regulation Cuts expand the Economy. Government Expansion and Spending Deflates the Economy.

        Lesson learned: Give money to all citizens and get out of the way. Our new College grads would find jobs and manufacturing will return to the USA for every working person who maybe doesn’t want to go to college.

      • I’m guess you have NEVER ran a Business????

        It is the same only bigger!!!!!!!!

        If you can balance the budget in a corporation you can do it with the United States!!

    • Yea, six months ago, you all thought this guy was hiding horns under that Pompadour hair-do. Now, just like Coulter you (retroactively) have “always been a big supporter!”

      The fundamental flaw in your logic is that you assume this guy thinks you’re his boss. He doesn’t. Let me repeat that for effect….. He doesn’t. You know who you are, don’t you? Your “YOU PEOPLE!” As in “You peasants, you Serfs, you servants.”

      • Wasn’t my first choice, but Obama is no choice. The guy is an amateur !

        Here is how you get things going in America:

        Look up LNU02000000 (BLS) for the facts.

        Reagan and Oneal Tax Cuts combined with a 25% reduction in the CFR:
        Employment average 100.4 million working in 1981 by 1989 it was at 115.0 million. A 15% increase in average Americans working.

        Bush Tax Cuts
        Employment averaged 136.9 million working in 2001 by 2008 the number was 145.4 million. A 6.7% increase in average Americans working.

        Obama Stimulus
        Employment averaged 145.4 million working in 2008 by 2012 the number was 141.8 million. A -2.5% decrease in average Americans working.

        Real Tax and Regulation Cuts expand the Economy. Government Expansion and Spending Deflates the Economy.

        Lesson learned: Give money to all citizens and get out of the way. Our new College grads would find jobs and manufacturing will return to the USA for every working person who maybe doesn’t want to go to college.

        • the problem is……..


          THEY JUST WANT THE CHECKS!!!!!!!!!!!

          We have seen interview after interview and these people DON’T want to
          work and why would they if they are getting
          FREE checks
          FREE phones
          FREE food
          FREE everything!!!!!!!!!!

    • “This guy” has no intention of helping all Americans. Yes, he knows how to create wealth for himself and his ilk but ordinary Americans are not included. Haven’t you been listening to Romney?

  3. willard likes the auto industry-

    his draft Dodge worked well for 5 years-
    his tax Dodge has performed flawlessly for 27 years.

  4. Romney is all about profit, acquiring wealth. The “all” is the part I object to. Few people benefit from his style of investing. I checked my investments yesterday. With the exception of small investments in a couple European based countries (I have nothing against China BTW), I am completely invested in the U.S. Romney: “Where you put your money is where your heart is.” If true, Romney’s heart is not in this country, the very country that enabled to him acquire all his wealth. You’re running for POTUS, Mr. Romney.

    • Please vote for President Obama, and remember how lucky you are to have investments. A lot of us don’t, even though we hold full time jobs and pay taxes.

  5. Seals the deal for “you people” who think we are as dumb as u look. You are great at outbeating the system along with the fortunate ones. This is why our country cant move forward because of lazy, spoiled and spineless massholes like you.

    • Who are”you people”? Who is “outbeating” the system? Is it Mitt by putting his money offshore? Sending American jobs to china. Or is it Romney’s campaign contributors that made billions of dollars from the restructuring of General Motors by holding the supply chain hostage to their demands during America’s worst jobs crisis in 50 years. My friend I believe that when you wake up in the morning you beat the kids and bite the dog.

  6. Holding the supplies hostage.

    This is the lobby-government platform.

    If Mitt’s elected, if we lose everything to the greed-heads (It’s not conservative, it’s not conservation!), they will literally rob and hold hostage the entire U.S. economy!

    • I own multiple million dollar homes, have made millions shipping and stripping American businesses, have a five point plan for America’s future, and need your vote for president of the United States come November. I’ve got your back side covered because I know 47 percent of Americans need entitlement changes to keep America strong.

  7. Romney made millions off the misery of others time and again, but make no mistake if anyone thinks that is going to bother mainstream America they are daydreaming. His business practices, as ruthless as they were, are seen as a positive by many Americans, and the national polls reflect that fact. We have less than 3 weeks to change course and focus on what mainstream America is looking for: a vision of the future. If we fail to do that, Romney will win with his lame 5-point plan.

    • Obama may win. He has a deal planned with Iran to report just before the election, to up his chances for re election. AT the site—WND

      • Are you sure you are not thinking about reagan’s Iran-Contra deal, or the deals the Koch brothers had with the Iranian Ayatollahs? There is something cooking, but it has nothing to do with Iran. I expect a strike against terrorist targets in Lybia very soon, and there is no telling how the rest of the Arab world will react to that.
        Obama has the Northeast, from Maryland to Maine, he has the West Coast, New Mexico, and I expect him to win in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. That will put him close to 260 points and close to electoral college victory.
        Romney has Texas and Florida, plus the entire South, most of the Southwest, and the Bible Belt. That puts him within striking distance of Obama.
        In my opinion the outcome of this election depends on Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. If Romney wins in Virginia the president will have to win in both Colorado and Nevada. I expect the final tally to be about 10 electoral points apart.

        • Edward, she doesn’t know what she is talking about so she can’t clue you in. She has never had an original thought on any of these posts. She has been programmed to say what she does. Her programmers? Hate blogs. Most of them have racist undercurrents.

          • Oh, I guessed that. I was just giving her someone to chew on so she would leave everybody else alone for a while. Sad.

      • Lana is that the best you can come up with, something from a widely discredited website!! Obama WILL win on 11/6 and you can continue with your unbelievable and undocumented statements. Come back to National Memo when you have some real facts noy innuendos.

      • I have already decided he has some kind of deceiving plan up his sleeve.

        They will do anything to get him back in to destroy our country—

        He’s only just begun!!!!

        2016 obama’s America

        • Obama does have a deceiving plan ready–He cut a deal with Iran over nukes and plans on announcing it before the election. Go to the site –WND–and see

      • They are SMART Business men and know how to do it!!!!!!!!!!

        That’s what BUSINESS people do, they Make Money—-NOT SPEND

          • FredAppell:
            Under the Socialist system you and neeceoo propose, there will be NO BUSINESSES (“screwing” or “not screwing” people !) around!!
            You’ve GOT to be kidding !
            Don’t post any more of your socialist propaganda here because these people are too smart to “fall” for any “socialistic” rhetoric. (Wait a minute! … WHAT?? They already agree with Obama’s socialism?! … er, …. ok, forget it !!)

          • In 35 years I never worked for a company that didn’t say they were going broke. Most of them are still in busness

        • And they don’t care who they have to step over or on to do it. That’s not how to run a country, that’s how to run a business.

          • I agree it is how to run a business but can you imagine what they would do to us hard working, family raising, tax paying americans IF they got any real power AGAIN!! well lets look back to the BUSH nightmare that Obama has helped us slowly back. If we get a Romney nightmare it will be even worse because Romney would sell his own family for a dollar bill. Dont believe me, just look at some of those workers he threw out of jobs in midwest, they’ll tell you what Romney really is like with other people, they say he care NOT ONE BIT, and his voting record shows that. Woman got no voted on equal pay, healthcare all no voted from Romney. Vote Obama and save medicare and womans rights.

          • How much is enough?? He is 65 yrs old and may drop dead for whatever reason and he can’t take it with him can HE?? LOL. I never saw a rich person funeral and bank vault behind the hearse, maybe a check in his coffin?? LOL. As for women rights- I am prolife, my mother let me live. Sound MORALITY and RESPONSIBILITY for it’s own actions should eliminate the need for abortion. As for case in rape – she should go to a hospital immediately and report to a [olice. Most girls/women don’t do that (for whatever reason) and it’s wrong. Life is precious and and a gift should be cherished. I believe in prevention of life not taking a life. Contraceptives are cheap and available.
            Where is a will there is a way. Ignorance is a bliss and a murder.

          • But they want to also take contriceptives away. What then? And you have that idiot Joe Walsh that says there should be no exception for life or health of the women cause that just doesn’t exist. I’m sorry I almost lost my sister when she had a tubal pregnancy, and I have a daughter with a heart condition that cannot carry a pregnancy.
            I also do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control, but sometimes it is necessary.

        • Malignant narcissism is not a “political philosophy” and no way to run a country. You’re a fool and a tool to think you’re not as insignificantly expendable as the Sensata workers who MADE THE COMPANY PROFITABLE IN AMERICA and whom Mitt Romney is now forcing to train their CHINESE REPLACEMENTS. You better wake up and smell the Plutocracy. A billionaire will NEVER MEET YOU FOR A BEER, you useful idiot, no matter how much you cheer them sucking profit from America and Americans like a parasite sucks and discards a host. Turn off Faux News and read a history book. The Middle Class was CREATED by New Deal government policy – not because a billionaire trickled it on us.

        • Smart yes and he does know how to do businesses that produce nothing tangible but whose bottomline is to make its owners and investors alot of money.
          It is in Romney’s nature to make the most money for his own interests in any situation.
          What makes voters think he will change his nature and suddenly care more for the nation than for his own interests?
          Remember the story about the snake who talks the frog into letting him hitch a ride on his back over the flood swollen river in exchange for help hunting food on the other side. The snake promises not to bite him. The ending ? The snake bites the frog just at the opposite shore, the frog stunned begs to know why…and the snake replies” You knew I was a snake when you took me on your back.”
          A SNAKE IS A SNAKE.

          • Great analogy Gina..and Mitt Romney is nothing more than a snakeoil salesman who will conjour up an instant lie to try and sway your opinion…You can be sure that whatever you think Mitt is trying to sell you, is absolutely not what you’ll end up getting. If anyone posting here thinks Mitt Romney cares one iota for America they’re purely dillusional…Mitt Romney (and lying Ryan for that matter) care about nothing but themselves, and what’s in it for them. You can be absolutely sure that Mitt Romney is certain within himself, that there are great things coming for his pocketbook if he can pull enough wool over voter’s eyes to get himself elected. If he succeeds, God help America…it will be turned into a third world country with respect to Oil derricks in all our national parks, a crumbling national infrastructure and millions more homeless on the streets because Mitt will do everything he can, to funnel more monies into the pockets of the rich, who will not spend their monies in America but rather park it in offshore tax shelters and they’ll also buy their big toys like luxury cars and yahts overseas so they won’t have to pay American sales taxes.

      • Fern: The DEMS/OccupyWallStreet Party Got Their Dirty Little Hands In All The Dirty Little Deals All Over The World (including Libya) And It’s All About MONEY, and Barack’s reluctance to let his obscene agenda for this Nation go UNFINISHED !!!!

        • Are you comparing an advocate group like OWS to the fraudulent or, as a minimum, irresponsible activities made by financial institutions in Wall Street, ENRON, AIG, Bernie Maddof and others that took place during W’s tenure. Would you care to elaborate on how OWS got their hands dirty? Would you have been happier if President Obama had allowed a sequel to 9/11/01? Do you lament his decision to order the raid that ended the days of OBL? Do you oppose the support he gave to the overthrow of Qaddafi, the man responsible for the downing of a Pan Am passenger jet over Lockerbie? Do you oppose his decision to end sole source contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan?

          • Dominick: To answer (the opposite of what most retards who post here do !), your concerns:
            1) I am not “comparing” the OWS FRAUDS to the FRAUDS (could not agree more!) of the likes of Enron, AIG Bernie and so many others.
            2) How did the OWS “advocacy” group (as you call them) or the OWS useful idiots (and some not so idiot, mind you!), as I call them, “got their hands dirty”? By, among so many other things, not caring at all about nearby legitimate businesses and how they were affected by their “takeover” for so many days. Look at how many businesses were affected because NYC’s idiot (Republican, mind you!) Mayor Bloom”late” absolutely refused to force them out of their filthy, cesspool encampment. Also, look at how many of them, posing as “the 99 percenters” (an idiotic categorization, if ever there was one), were ultimately identified as members of “rich” families.
            3) I do not expect a Leftist Liberal like you, Dominick, to condemn the FRAUDS in the OWS “advocacy” groups, but I DO expect you, as a person whose intelligence, vocabulary, sophistication and “smarts” are WAY OVER those of so many useful idiots who “write” and “contribute” to this blog, to at least acknowledge and admit the fact that “Socialism’ (which is the system that the “half-brains on the OWS mini-group advocate) has NEVER worked, and that the concept that you can not make “” poor” people “rich” by making “rich” people “poor”, is an inviolate concept.
            4) My answer to your other questions is a resounding “NO”.
            5) What I DO oppose about Obama is his lies about (among so many other topics) what he knew re Libya.

          • Socialism and communism are not viable socio-economic systems inasmuch as the centerpiece of those philosophies is mediocrity. Systems that stifle innovation and initiative, and deny those willing to educate themselves, work hard and do everything they can to succeed are doomed. That, and our ability to engage the Soviet Union in a Cold War they could not afford, were the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
            No U.S. president has ever embraced socialism in its true form, including President Obama.
            Our socio-economic system has been – and remains – the anti-thesis of socialism. Unfortunately, some in our society and government do not hesitate to insinuate that the adoption of social programs, such as Social Security, MEDICARE and MEDICAID is evidence of Marx and Engels philosophies. They are not. Most of our social programs are often operated and administered by for profit companies, in fact, most of the work done by the government is performed by for profit contractors, with the role of civil servants limited to writing RFPs, budget administration and oversight. Even the healthcare mandate requires those who are currently getting free medical care in ERs to get coverage from insurance companies and share the burden most of us assumed throughout our professional lives and even after we retire.
            A better model of socialized medicine in Western countries is the British NHS. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in the UK are government employees, the government owns hospitals and labs, and it administers the NHS. Interestingly, they like it so much they featured it as a major accomplishment during the Olympic Games opening ceremonies. Personally, I prefer what we have now, especially after draconian insurance company policies such as the pre-existing condition clause and the caps were eliminated.
            Regarding the OWS movement, such as it is, there is a difference between camping in private property and disrupting sales in local businesses, and fraud. The worst that could be said about some OWS demonstrations and where some members slept is that some committed a misdemeanor. A more accurate example of fraud involves what Florida Gov. Rick Scott when he was the CEO of Columbia HCA.

          • Gerard: Buddy, if you are proud about, and believe in, Obozo’s pronouncements about “spread-the-wealth-around” and “the private sector is doing just fine”, and “you did not build that”, and [Michelle] “this is the very first time I feel proud to be an American”, and “all this bullshit about a STUPID flag”, …. you, Sir, are a complete MORON !!

            On November 6th you won’t even know what steamroller just went over you ….

            BTW, I can’t click my OWN “Like” button, even if I wanted to, or cared to do such a stupid thing as collecting “Likes”…. I couldn’t care LESS about who (in this cesspool called The National Memo) “likes” me or not. I leave that worry for the useful idiots like you ….


          • John Deer:
            1) Learn English !!!
            2) Remove that “moniker”, John Deer. The name belongs to a very old, respected and Conservative oriented public corporation, and should not be DISHONORED by the likes of you, an OBVIOUSLY “in the closet” SOCIALIST ….
            DUH !!

          • four people die, and you guys want to make it about politics. shame on you all, who should be blame about 9/11? how could you blame Obama for what happened in Libya? Rayan was one of the GOPS that block added funds for overseas workers, please check the facts prople.

          • louisy8: That’s the problem with you guys! You don’t READ before “answering” by shooting right from the hip!
            I never blamed Obama for what happened in Libya. I said that he shamefully LIED about what he knew about Libya. READ, louisy8, READ !!

          • morris: What really is “minor” about you is your half-brain.
            In case you didn’t notice (if you DID notice, then you are more of a moron!), I was responding to Fern WoodCock’s raves by using her same (crazy) words, you “OccupyWasllStreetBagger” !!
            DUH !!

          • My dear friend Edsanjuan why the hostility? I believe both of us could fallow our heritage to Iberia. We love the USA. Whether you like it or not Barack Obama is your president as much as he is mine. This election will be over and USA will still be here. I am a very proud liberal Democrat; my father was a very proud and conservative Republican. We never had terse words. We had some very exciting conversatins.

          • My dear friend amarquez647:
            Why the hostility, you ask?
            1) It’s not mindless hostility (like 98 % of the idiots who post here, who just HATE the “rich”, ANY “rich”, as if being rich, by itself, were bad); it is lack of patience with the complete, unadulterated IDIOTS who post their moronic ideas and concepts here. It is also lack of patience with the useful idiots who, confronted with the idiocy of their ideas and beliefs, actually request that Conservatives like me STOP “posting” on this site and STOP confronting them.
            2) I appreciate your very kind reference to your father; I loved my (Conservative, by the way) father myself.
            3) I am not from Spain; I am a real American-born citizen who is very much concerned with the path down which this President is taking us. This is NOT the Democratic Party of JFK, mind you !!
            4) Because of my “moniker”, I have been (in a very derogatory way) called “Mexican”, “Mexican Pancho”, “banana boat traveler” (as if I cared, ha, haa!!) by the CRAZY, BIGOTED MORONS who populate this cesspool of Leftist propagandists.
            4) Beware yourself, my friend, that they call YOU a “Spanish Francophile”, although, being an (intelligent) liberal, I guess that won’t happen to you …
            Have a good day !

          • edward e: For an “Edward”, you are pretty DUMB !! Is THAT the best you could come up with??!! …. typical OccupyWallStreetBagging (MINDLESS) stuff !!
            Oh well, if you are FernWoodCock’s friend you must be as dumb as she is…. I forgive you now ….
            Oh, brother ….

          • Jack: EXACTLY !! BS !!!
            THAT’S EXACTLY what Odumbo and Dumbo “The White Smile” talk ALL the time: pure, unadulterated BS !!

            Come on, Jack, don’t be LAZY ! TRY, please try, to come up with some comments with some (not much !) substance ??
            I know you can; I just know ….

    • Just like Obama, you are attempting to turn the many against the few….Dividing the people of the US over success…this is Socialism personified! Winston Churchill said it best… Socialism is the philosophy of FAILURE, the creed of IGNORANCE & the gosphil of ENVY. Its inherent virtue is EQUAL SHARING OF MISERY. Reminder: Obama has NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE whatsoever, while Mitt Romney has been a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN for over 25 years. Currently 40% of working age US citizens are UNEMPLOYED…..worse than the great depression!

      • If business experience means un-american activities such as off-shoring job I have no admiration for such. I don’t want somebody running my country for a profit and calling it good business. There may not be equality in this country in terms of wealth, but we can damn sure level the playing field.

      • Being a successful businessman does not make one a successful elected official. The average business “success story” has little empathy for others in the human race except for those who will help him grow richer. Believe me, if elected Mitt will NOT run out and hire the unemployed. Instead, he will pass legislation that adds to the unemployment pool, and increases the burdens of the middle and lower classes.
        Obama may not have business experience, but he has extended health care to all Americans, made unfair salaries for women illegal, killed Bin Ladin, and set the energy industry on a path to the future. A “real businessman” like Mitt would not care to do anything about any of those objectives, but they desperately needed to be done.

        • Think about what’s at stake here…either we GROW the economy by creating MORE JOBS, or we continue with 40% of working-age folks unemployed. Obama’s attempts so far: 1-Obamacare, to cover the 15 Million w/o insurance. Obamacare is REDUCING the employment situation because firms are afraid to hire & be responsible for MORE health expenses. A better solution would be to offer free healtcare to the 15 Million and NOT rearrange the system for entire US. 2-Womens salaries & unemployment….500,000 MORE WOMEN ARE NOW UNEMPLOYED since Obama took office. 3-Bid Laden was killed by BRAVE NAVY SEALS, NOT by Obama. 4-Energy industry…Obama has refused to renew oil leases on Federal lands, refused to expand Gulf drilling & killed the Keystone pipeline, which would have created millions of construction jobs in US, while providing cheap NON-ARAB oil. Obama has also told coal industry owners he will put them out of business. So we’re back to creating more jobs….NO ONE who has NEVER held a private industry job (except teaching ONE CLASS in law school) can be as innovative as a skilled businessperson likie Romney. If you believe all that you say, you should move to Greece or Spain, where these princilpes are NOT working, and their economies are about to collapse.

          • 1. Your statement statement doesn’t make sense. The people you are talking about re: Obamacare already use the E.R. in which case we all pay for it now. As for the fear of the companies…B.S. The “job creators” are just using that as an excuse to HOARD more money while they can right now. 2. Lilly Leadbetter Act gave women equal pay rights….I don’t know where you got your unemployment stat for women….sounds fishy. 3. Obama never took credit for “actually” pulling the trigger; however, he did see to it that he was found and he did give the KILL order. 3 years into the wars Bush stated he didn’t care about getting Bin Laden…..WHAT???!!!
            4. Yes because those leases were FREE….we started charging the oil co.’s to drill on federal land. 5. The Keystone Pipeline….do you even know what you are talking about on that…..apparently not.
            FINALLY ROMNEY DOESN’T CREATE JOBS…he CREATES MONEY for HIMSELF…and screws over everybody else ….Why do you think he WON’T SHOW HIS TAXES…..and you believe him……what a TOOL. IF you do not make at least $250K a year,
            YOU ARE AN IDIOT FOR VOTING FOR ROMNEY……Go ahead make his day. Give him power to say FU….trickle down to you too.

      • This country is not a business……who said the business of this country is business….hoover?….. ROMNEY’s idea of business is walking to organize…..a company strapping it down with HUGE high interest loans….taking millions out for
        his bonus and walking away…..WOW great business model…makes great profits for him. For anyone else…’s LAY OFF time.

        • If a business fails, the owners didn’t do it on purpose…..look at the “investments” that Obama has made (with taxpayer money…that’s OUR money)…Solyndra alone wasted over $550 MILLION DOLLARS…everyone lost their jobs when they declared bankruptcy. Did Obama screw those workers???? No, but the result still is that everyone is jobless. In addition, Obama wasted another $1.5 BILLION on 6 OTHER firms, all now bankrupt..Ener 1, bankrupt, Beacon Power-Bankrupt, Abound Solar-bankrupt, Amonix Solar-Bankrupt, Spectra Watt-Bankrupt, Eastern Energy-bankrupt, and just yesterday, e-123 Bankrupt. What do you make of Obama’s track record? FAILURE after FAILURE…if he keeps doing what he’s doing, we will keep getting what we’ve been getting. 40% of work-age citizens unemployed!!!!!

          • They are ALL bankrupt, and the entire 2 BILLION taxpayer “investment” is lost. But WHY would Obama “invest” in all THESE firms?? Because EVERY ONE of them was a BIG DONOR to Obama’s campaign last time around. Yes, the Obama who said he wouldn’t let “big business” run HIS political campaign?????

        • The companies Romney financed currently employ almost ONE MILLION grateful workers…co’s like Burger King-34,248 jobs, Dominos Pizza-145,000 jobs, Dunkin Donuts-170,000 jobs, Staoples-90,000 jobs, and MORE. Obama has LOST JOBS!

    • @Dominick – perhaps you can explain why? I am astounded that so many of the despised 47% will vote for him despite the realities of the man and his admitted dismissal of them. Is it a ‘he can pave the way for that to happen to me’ thought process? Is it all about religion, homophobia and racism? Are there truly enough nut jobs – who beilieve Obama is a muslim socialist communist marxist – bent on destroying America from the inside out?
      Help me out here, becasue I am utterly confounded and disheartened.
      And don’t even get me started on the fact that he personally told business owners to threaten their employees about their vote.

      • And when you get the answer to that very thoughtful question, please share with me. I do not understand how the race is so close. It should be a landslide and people should be running the other way. It was known that Romney was not the first choice for the GOP but again, his money spoke in the primaries and he is now their candidate.

      • I think you answered your own question. Since we are all different i’m sure that all those reasons apply to different degrees to someone somewhere. I have actually heard all those excuses at one time or another.

      • 1. President Obama focused on governance Vs politics during his first years in office, neglected to defend his policies and decisions against vicious attacks and distortions of facts, and he is now playing catch up as a result.
        2. Republicans are lousy at governing, but when it comes to campaigning they can sell freezers to eskimos in the cold of winter. They managed to transform an arrogant elitist, a pathetic candidate whose despicable behavior and actions should scare everyone, a man that dismissed half of the American population, and a man devoid of original ideas into a benevolent candidate who understands and loves the middle class and whose earlier statements were all misunderstood or distorted by the opposition.
        3. The administration failed to articulate the benefits of Obamacare, the rationale for the MEDICARE savings, what the stimulus package prevented, the rationale for the regulations that have been put in place, and the foreign policy successes of the last feew years in a clear and concise way. In so doing, the administration allowed the opposition to demonize the progress that has been made in recent years and convince the people who would benefit the most from those changes that they are evil socialism and something that unless it is overturned will destroy our country.
        4. Ignorance and/or a tendency to accept simplistic solutions to complex problems instead of analyzing the cause and effect of the problems we are facing.

    • The companies Romney financed currently employ ak=lmost 1 MILLION workers. Co’s like Burger King-34,248 jobs, Dominos Pizza-145,000 lobs, Dunkin Donuts-170,000 jobs, Staples 90,000 jobs, Toys r Us-123,000 jobs, and MORE! Obama has LOST JOBS!

    • There is a quote that I ran across regarding the intelligence quotient of the average American: “Think about the intellect of the average American, now realize that half of the country is dumber than that”.

      It is truly a shame that the vulture practices of such “business savvy” individuals are seen as positive, but considering the individualistic mentality that has predominated current society it is not uncommon to see such mindsets perpetuate throughout communities both urban and suburban. Given these predatory tactics and the adoration provided by the public that is both simultaneously being harmed by it and being deluded into the belief that those in power will allow them to achieve any level outside of their current status.

  8. The country must see his tax returns including all of Mittwit’s offshore accounts. I cannot fathom how many people have bought into his BS of a five point plan when all we have heard is rhetoric and more rhetoric. In reality he sounds just like a page out of Bush II’s playbook with a Reagan mantra. We have been force fed this BS since Ronbo and look where we are at, the Great Recession brought to us by the GOP. They get richer and we get nothing but the bill for their self indulgence.

  9. For a person who is trying to get to sit in that Office in the WHite House shows no respect for the President that sits in it now. He and his son committed an act of treason by saying that they wanted to punch the President. this is a person that want to sit in that chair? He is a 2 demmensional person. what is needed is a 3 demmensional person who understands the common person. in Romneys make up he has no room for people just money. Beware he ha provedthat he is a liar too

    • That’s All The GOP/Tea Party Is Really All About !!! Not Fixing This Country Not Controlling All Of The Guns Loose In America It Power, Control (People) And Money And Money Is Number One!!!!

    • Preston, you hit the nail on the head. The President of the United States is respected around the world, sometimes negatively, but respected none-the-less. Mitt Romney and his ultra-spoiled rich little sons have showed nothing but disrespect and that angers me. Compare their different upbringings; Romney born into a very rich household and lived a spoiled, arrogant childhood (just read some of his classmates opinions). Obama was born into a multi-racial family with a mother who worked menial jobs but loved her son enough to send him to college on what little she had earned. Obama took that opportunity and ran with it – a Harvard grad with a law degree and took off from there. I wonder if the color of Obama’s skin has anything to do with the arrogance of the Romney family!!!!!!!

      • The mormons have always put the african american population down. This is from the Doctrine and Covenents: Those who were less valiant in pre-existence and who thereby had certain spiritual restrictions impose on them during mortality are known to us as the negroes. Such spirits are sent to earth through the lineage of Cain, the mark put upon him for his rebellion against God, and his murder of Able being a black skin. . . . Noah’s son married Egyptus, a descendant of Cain, thus preserving the negro lineage through the flood. . . . the negro are not equal with other races where the receipt of certain spiritual blessings are concern. . . . ” (Mormon Doctrine, 527-28; 1966 orig. ed., changed in the current ed.; emphasis added).

        • Neec, it is good to know the background of a candidate for the highest office in the land. They did have a revelation that said it was okay for Black people to have a priesthood into their religion. The revelation came in 1979. This means that Romney spent part of his church learing during the time Black people were supposed to be cursed. Knowing several Mormons, it is hard for the older ones to give up that prejudice.

          • Thanks, I do have a problem with the core believes of the Mormons and that is what scares me about Mitt being our president.

        • Thank you for that accurate background of Mormon doctrine. It explains the hatred that is evident among some Republicans and makes you wonder why so many evangelicals embrace such a distorted interpretation of Judeo-Christian values. Should we assume Mormons are not the only ones devoid of humanity and moral values?

  10. How a man earns his wealth is more important than why he earns it. Billionaires have been rigging the system against consumers, taxpayers and employees since the day Reagan let those foxes in the hen house.

    Why anyone should be surprised at the ruthlessness, reckless and lack of accountability of wealthy CEOs like Romney is amazing. They made their bone with cutthroat tactics as they climbed their ladders to what they love to view as “success.”

    Is it really success if you can’t earn your wealthy with integrity, honesty and without destroying millions of other peoples’ lives and the futures of their children? How pathetic do these success addicts plan to get before they end up realizing there is ALWAYS a price to pay for ruthless, dictatorial, power freakage. It’s called “Revolt.”

    The middle class is chomping at the bit to stop these so-called “successful” control freaks from their race to be the world’s first trillionaire.

    Look. This past decade has wrought hardship and austerity on working poor and Middle Class who are as close to squalor and the ends of their ropes as they can get. When we continue to bail out the wealthy, we do them NO favors. When we pretend they’ll create jobs and hire more employees, we are fooling ourselves. These same buffoons of egomania who spend billions to get the politicians of the right to rig the system for them are the same buffoons who took billions in 2001 to hire and create jobs. Then we find out from the GAO in 2004, not only did 1 Bush tax cut make 1% at the top 11% richer but only 1% used that 2001 funding to hire and create jobs.

    Time for them to stop hiding behind those expensive suits and march to a different tune. They know they cannot sustain their extortion of the public any longer. They know unless they get their precious CEO Romney in the White House, their days of wine, roses and the glory of “success” are as dead as Marley’s ghost.

    • Not all of the middle class is on board in trying to stop these people. It’s mind boggling to me to see how large their base is. I have relatives that have been collecting various forms of welfare for the past twenty years or more who continually vote republican because they hate liberals (i’m still scratching my head about that one) but that is a small example of what we are up against in this country. I am not claiming that people on welfare are the middle class but it gives you an idea of how twisted the republican base can be.

  11. How can that scumbag show his face in public- he’s a known liar and a thief and he wants to be President- not in my country doofus.

    • Billy Graham donn’t know who or were he is. That demonstrates the depth that the GOP will go to nislead America. It’s shameful that they are willing exploit a great American like Mr. Graham. Romney & Ryan are both sireal liars they are extremist and if elected will deliver considerable harm to all Americans.

    • Libs—–livinging under the Government
      Food Stamps—bread lines—-No say about anything
      when you sleep—when to get up—-
      how much water you can use—
      how much gas you can use—-
      how much tv you can watch—
      what channels you can watch—-
      What you can’t eat—-
      What you can’t drink——


  12. If anyone think once or if Romney get in office his rich friend will not be running this country and the hell with the middle class and poor with Romnry plan the rich will get richer on the back of the working class. If Romney and the rich really cared about moving this country forward they would have got on congress to stop the BS trying to make Pres.Obama a one term president and past the job plan and stop their repubican governor from laying off state and city employers. So wake up people and stop falling for Romney and Ryan game. They believe that american people are stuip. All i have to say is before you step into the election booth do some fact checking on your own. I still have a problem with Romney not showing but two years of tax refund,his outsource of jobs and his oversea accounts hiding his money to avold paying taxes.

  13. how you intent to make the nation know this story ?

    can you provide factual detail to president Obama to use on his upcoming debate with Romny of Rommeny profitting from nation’s bail out of auto industry he opposed ????????????

  14. Deals like this are the reason he cannot show his tax returns. That would be lights out for the Romney campaign. How can we put pressure on him about his returns?


      IT’S NOT YOURS AND YOU DON’T GET ANY OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      This is AMERICA
      we DON’T Redistribute wealth
      YOU EARN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes we do redistribute our wealth. It goes to the grocery store, the electric co., the cable/satalite co., the gas station, etc. Us middle class and poor don’t just sit on what we get like you rich dicks.

  15. Romney’s son told his Father, You must stop being you, because you will not get elected and get the power and prestige you desperately seek.

    Dad you must fool the public into thinking you are a rational moderate candidate, then if you can win, you can immediately go back to the Ultra Conservative Zealot you actualy are. Dad the American electorate is dumb as hell and there is a darn good chance they will fall for this deception.


    ELECTORATE, this ULTRA ZEALOT REPUBLICAN CARTEL of the 21st Century will decimate the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Democracy will be replaced by DICTATORSHIP and what we coveted as the MIDDLE CLASS will become a SERFDOM.

    Many of you are Lincoln or Eisenhower Republicans (moderates), the Republican Cartel of the 21st Century are a GREEDY GROUP who want it all their way, they want to control the 98% as they see fit for their (2%) gain. This inate GREED will destroy the United States of America the 98% will be servants in servitude.

  16. I’m pleased that the Memo has finally admitted that the business sense of Mitt Romney allows him to make a profit on anything. This is far better than Obama’s ability to make a loss on anything.

    • How mush profit have you made off of Romneys deals? ————- $0.00 ——–.
      You are simply a racist that is willing to vote against your own interest before you will support & vote for an African American. What are you afraid of; that the POTUS will continue to do a good jod and disprove your sick azz racist belifes? Wake up. The world is changing and the vast majority of the world could care less about President Obama’s skin color’ . What are you going to do in January, 2017 when you realize that President Obama has led the most viabrant and profitable recovery in Arerican history? Are you going to opt out on benefiting ( as many of the stupid azz Talipublican State elected officials have on Obama Care) from the gains. Mabey you will decide not to continue to live.

  17. Actually skin color plays a large part in Obama’s decision making. Remember his statements in the professor’s run in with the police. His statement in the T. Martin case. His witholding evidence in favor of Eric Holder? Mitt has never had this problem. Only the liberal left tries to creat animosity and only people from the liberal left are gullible enough to beleive this crap.

      • Yes, the left seeks equality among the three. Today’s GOP? The party of old, white men. I guess in your mind two out of three’s not bad…

        • So you agree with me john! I am right about the Holy Trinity of the left, arent I? The difference being that the left seeks to enforce equality of outcomes through forced government social engineering…. in other words, tyranny. The right knows that only equality of opportunity is possible. The left seeks their goals through coercion. The right seeks their goals through individual freedom.

          john, you are so quick to throw out the race card. A sign of a severely weak mind. The mark of fool!

          Have a nice day!

          “Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

          • Ah, bullshit. There is no “forced government social engineering”. The forced elimination of Jim Crow laws in governmental operations isn’t even close. While you and the rest of the teabaggers yearns to go back to segregated lunchrooms, the rest of the nation has moved on.

            Observ ation and comment is not “throwing out the race card”. There were no colored faces amongst any of the teabagger gatherings shown. Since Dick Armey astroturfed the GOP out of existence, they are the new face of the GOP – old, white men. Be happy amongst your new friends, you picked them.

          • john, you’re a racist, aren’t you? You see skin color as a differentiator in people, don’t you? That, by definition is racist. Are you also a bigot? My bet is you are.

            Have a nice day!

            “What I do say is, that no man is good enough to govern another man, without that other’s consent. I say this is the leading principle – the sheet anchor of American republicanism.” – Abraham Lincoln

          • Idiot, skin color IS a differentiator, as are hair color, eye color, speaking accent, walking gait, and hundreds of thousands of other characteristics. Unlike you, I don’t treat people differently based on them.

            You need a new dentist. Having fewer IQ points than teeth is affecting you.

          • so you ARE a racist! Had you pegged from the start.

            Have a nice day!

            “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

          • Now you’re just talking to the mirror. But that’s to be expected.

            “Deficits don’t matter” – Ronald Reagan

          • Well, all the Sensata workers must have just gotten their individual freedom. Should they send a thank you card to Mitt? Oh, sorry they can’t afford the stamp anymore.

  18. Fern you don’t know what the tea party is about. You’ve never attended a tea party rally. You are so biggoted that nothing could ever change your mind. It’s people like you who are out to destroy this nation.

    • Hey Pete. You’ve got Fern pegged. She’s actually nice, but nothing short of a stone-cold moron. Most of the leftist freaks floating around in this septic tank called “The Memo” like a bunch of turds are just as stupid as her. Not all, but most. No matter what, they’d still vote for Obozo even if it came out that there were pictures of him performing lewd sex acts with children. Sad. Very sad.

      Keep on fighting the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

      • OMG….c’mon did you not read the article? Let’s put the guy, who knows how to rig the system so he and his friends can continue to get more monetarily wealthy by the second…while they disinigrate the middle class and leave the poor to die after their 1 E.R. visit with no way to follow up with no insurance, in the white house. Romney is a GREEDY, GREEDY self-absorbed FOOL. And quoting a CZECH paper… I do know a few Czech’s 1st generation Americans and they seem to have
        issues with disliking African Americans… your point is lost in racist rhetoric, as far as I am concerned. ROMNEY= BUSH (on steroids).

        • Let’s talk about what’s going on in our country and how obama is trying to bring our county down and help the other countries build——-THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW

          2016 obama’s America

          • WHAT…..AllameriKKKan —- you are following, Born in Mumbai, India, Dinesh D’Souza’s very slanted “POS” movie… I would think it is in his interest to slant the movie that way, since he still has lots of relatives back in India, probably working for BAIN Capital. Plus this guy used to work in the Reagan White House as a policy analyst. And he dares to call that movie a documentary. ……HA HA HA. and Romney NEVER lies…and I have a bridge to sell you, and the checks in the mail.

        • Jarheadgene, Some people only want to see an hear what they want. They care about nothing just like the GOP’s in Congress. Otherwise, we would have had more American job’s already, Veteran’s Bill signed, Farmer’s Bill signed etc. , an all the other bill’s that are still sitting in Congress.

          • obama pushes any bill he wants through without approval—ILLEGALLY


        • All….. I stand corrected. Thank you!

          Have a great day!

          “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end, and no sense of responsibility at the other.” – Ronald Reagan

      • Hi Bozo, hope you are well, I think that if Romney drowned a bag full of puppies on the way to an orphanage on Christmas eve, you, lana, montana, and Edsanjaun, would still vote for him. You and them are the only ones on here on your side of the isle I care about the rest are just a bunch of loud mouths.

        Where’s my manners? I hope you have a good day, and I mean that.

        • It’s my boy, BLU! What up blu? I hope you are well today, my friend. I am very busy so only responding to a couple of the dozens of responses I get all day long. Yours is one that I will respond to, of course.

          Now, about those puppies…. were they barking too much? Maybe the kids at the orphanage didn’t have anything to eat. A bag of puppies can feed them for a while. They cant eat live puppies now, can they blu? Mitt’s just doing them a favor. 🙂

          Speaking of evil Republicans and animals…. [cick image to enlarge]

          Have a great weekend, blu! and I really do mean that……….

          “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end, and no sense of responsibility at the other.” – Ronald Reagan

          • That’s a nice compliment, blu. Thank you. Back at ya equally. 🙂

            Have a great weekend! I’ll be off the grid for a few days.

            “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

          • neece… you should not worry anyway. Your much too stupid to even understand most of what you read. You’ll have to give up the crack pipe one day, sweety.

            Have a nice weekend!

            “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

  19. Peteserb;
    I never attented a tea bagger rally either but I saw a portion of one on you tube that somone took with a camera.The portion I saw was one where four or five people had a elderly invalid person on the ground kicking and punching him.I do not have to attend a rally to see there is not much for them be proud of.

  20. Mitt Romney helped destroy U.S. Auto parts industry in a hostile take over of Delphi ending 25,000 jobs in the U.S. that went to China. Romney who said he was against the auto bailout made an estimated $15 million.


    More nonsense from the useful idiots at The Memo. Forget about that crap. Let’s talk about the real news. Like Obozo illegal gun running to terrorists in Libya and now Syria. As a follow up to my post yesterday, here is an article from Business Insider on what is going on. Hat tip Michael Kelly, Business Insider dot com.
    How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria

    The details of the September 11 attack that killed four Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi are still murky and there’s certainly more to be known.

    Former CIA officer Clare Lopez argues that the key issue is “the relationship of the U.S. government, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya with Al Qaeda.”

    That relationship, Lopez argues, could be connected to the rise of Islamic brigades in Syria, who recently created a “Front to Liberate Syria” to wage jihad against the Syrian regime and turn the country into an Islamic state.

    That potential connection starts with who Ambassador Stevens worked with during the Libyan revolution and ends with who he hosted on the night of his death.

    In March 2011 Stevens became the official U.S. liaison to the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan opposition and began coordinating U.S. assistance to the rebels.

    The top military commander of the rebels, Abdelhakim Belhadj, was the leader of the pro-al-Qaeda Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

    After Gaddafi fell the LIFG disbanded and some of the fighters joined the amorphous group Ansar al-Shariah (Soldiers of Shariah), which reportedly participated in the attack that took Stevens’ life.

    In November 2011 The Telegraph reported that Belhadj, acting as head of the Tripoli Military Council, “met with Free Syrian Army [FSA] leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey” in an effort by the new Libyan government to provide money and weapons to the growing insurgency in Syria.

    Last month The Times of London reported the a Libyan ship “carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria … has docked in Turkey.” The shipment reportedly weighed 400 tons and included SA-7 surface-to-air anti-craft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).

    Those heavy weapons are most likely from Muammar Gaddafi’s stock of about 20,000 portable heat-seeking missiles—the bulk of them SA-7s—that the Libyan leader obtained from the former Eastern bloc.

    Reuters reports that Syrian rebels have been using those heavy weapons to shoot down Syrian helicopters and fighter jets.

    The ship’s captain was “a Libyan from Benghazi and the head of an organization called the Libyan National Council for Relief and Support,” which was presumably established by the new government.

    That means that Ambassador Stevens had only one person—Belhadj—between himself and the Benghazi man who brought heavy weapons to Syria. (The official U.S. stance is that it is opposed to providing Syrian rebels with heavy weapons.)

    Furthermore, we know that jihadists are the best fighters in the Syrian opposition, but where did they come from?

    Last week The Telegraph reported that a FSA commander called them “Libyans” when he explained that the FSA doesn’t “want these extremist people here.”

    So this much is fairly certain: Libya has been sending seasoned Islamic fighters, heavy weapons and presumably money to Syria in support of the opposition.

    The uncertain part is where Stevens, and the U.S. government, fits into all of this.

    If the new Libyan government was sending jihadists and 400 tons of lethal cargo to Syria through a port in southern Turkey—a deal brokered by Stevens’ primary Libyan contact during the Libyan revolution—then the governments of Turkey and the U.S. surely knew about it.

    Reuters reported that satellite photos exposed a CIA post in Benghazi, located 1.2 miles from the U.S. consulate, was used as “a base for, among other things, collecting information on the proliferation of weaponry looted from Libyan government arsenals, including surface-to-air missiles” … and that its security features “were more advanced than those at rented villa where Stevens died.”

    We also know that about a dozen CIA operatives and contractors left the Benghazi base after it was exposed. Could these two CIA groups be connected as start and end points to help funnel heavy weapons to the Syrian opposition?

    We know that the CIA has been funneling weapons to the rebels in southern Turkey, but CNN reports that FSA members are “cutting their own deals to get weapons” from well-armed extremists so it raises questions about who the CIA is arming.

    We know that U.S. weapons are ending up in the hands of hard-line Islamists in Syria. It turns out that many of these jihadists are the same ones that Stevens helped arm to topple Gaddafi.

    On September 11 Stevens held an evening meeting with a Turkish diplomat before retiring to his room at 9 p.m. Gunfire and explosions began 40 minutes later. Is Steven’s guest for his last meeting just another eerie coincidence?

    Either way it seems that the connection between Benghazi and the rise of jihadists in Syria is much stronger than has been officially acknowledged.

    ObozoMustGo has been saying this for over a week now. The truth is starting to come out. Obozo has been running weapons to terrorist organizations to help overthrow governments. This is the cover up.

    Have a nice day!

    “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

      • Jerry… you are in fantasy land, buddy. Romney in a landslide. Not even close. And I will be happy to join you and gloat as much as possible.

        Have a nice day!…………… and stay off the drugs, dude.

        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

        • That must be a very small book of quotes you carry with you for reference.You use the same quotes over and over, very boring. After a very short period of reading your overly wordy comments, I must admit I revert to the Evelyn Wood method of reading, but only seek out the lowlights of the article, which isn’t difficult at all. Well, it won’t be long before it’s over. The president and his family will still be at home in the White House where they belong. your man will be off somewhere having a major pout. As for you bozo, I hope they held your gopher job at repub headquarters. Probably at reduced pay and benefits, but what the hell, join the club.

      • Heeeeyyy Jerry!!!!

        You might want to start looking for a job!!!!

        Your checks are about to end!!!! haaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaaa

    • Great Job Obozo—-


      These people are SOOOO clueless about the REAL facts going on with THIS President.

      obama has been running weapons to terrorist organizations to help overthrow governments. This is the cover up.—–
      THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY ON THE “2016: Obama’s America” movie
      BUT these LIBS are sooooo close minded they wont listen!!!!!!!!

      ALL THEY KNOW TO SAY IS : Where is Romney’s Tax return, Where is Romney’s Tax return, I want to see where is moeny is, I want to see what he spends his money on—-duuuuu

      They want their PRESIDENT TO BE A TERRORIST—

      • Thanks AllAmerican! I am here to help.

        Have a great day!

        “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

        • I can’t believe it. Bozo has finally slipped, or should I say flipped out, and submitted for all the world to see a self analysis. I quote; “The fool is oblivious to them(their own inadequacies) and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” I do believe you’re acknowledging your status as a fool.

          • 101… consider yourself amongst the oblivious.

            Have a nice day!

            “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

      • Anyone, with half a brain would know that this movie was promoted by those whom only want to make more monies off of you, an discredit the President. Yes, there are those in Hollywood that don’t give a dam about the rest of America. On the other hand their are many other people in Hollywood that do give to many charities, an also support our President. Get real, will you please, do your homework, instead of watching movies like this! God Bless!!

    • Are you an official card carrying propagandist or what? Who the hell are you trying to impress with this pseudo insider information crap? You actually come across as a bit silly with your supposed first hand knowledge of all this crap you write. Man, take a valium, take two, but don’t call me in the morning.

  22. Just more rightwing fertlizer walking on two legs…, and sitting on the spot where what little heart they have is stuck…Like I tell people, the “real devil” has a sliver tongue and wears a silk suit…I guess Romney, like Cheney has yet to figure out that Brinks trucks don’t follow the hearse…Ohhh, but paybacks are going to be a bitch…The Man upstairs isn’t stupid !!!!!!!!

    • No, this isn’t the case! Your comment either tells me you haven’t done your homework, or you are just one of those that don’t care about all the American People in general. In that case, all I can say to someone like you is that, you are someone whom only cares about himself in the nut shell.

      • Perhaps you are right since I think the 400LB person should go on a diet, the toper should stop drinking and the 20 year old with 3 children and no husband should quit having sex. These are all things I learned not to do when young and I resent paying to support these activities.

        • Can, since you are new, I will give you a few facts from someone who has worked in Health and Welfare: The five generations on welfare went away with the Clinton welfare reform. Before that there were women who produced children they could not afford. Then the government paid them to babysit their own children. That doesn’t happen anymore. They are given a grant to tide them over until they find a job. They must prove they are looking. The grant cannot go over two years.

          Most of those people, on welfare, today are under employed because of problems that stymies them in the job market. Some of them are hard workers, working two jobs that don’t pay enough to sustain them and their families. I don’t mind giving food stamps to someone who works.

          Some of them are seniors in nursing homes. When all their assets are depleted, including Medicare, they turn over their homes to the state and get Medicaid to provide their care.

          Some of them have physical and mental handicaps.

          There are a lot of variables. Hitler had a solution. He was rounding up handicapped people and gassing them. Dr. Kvorkian died so we can’t ask him to provide the solution for people who must accept help and it shames them. They don’t like to.

          • And some like the woman who at 23 had 5 small children (no man to support them) glued her infants hands to the wall and Octo-Mum with 14 small children and no support I am sure are all self supporting and don’t need me to help. What happened to responsibility and keeping your legs crossed? I like to help the ‘deserving’ needy and the girl that made one mistake but not those with 5 or 14!

  23. Easy to fix Social Security.

    For decades the Fed has borrowed heavily from it, paying less than market rates for interest (called raiding Social Security trust funds).

    Reverse that .. Have the Fed pay better than market rates. With the deficit the way it is, (and little hope that will change..each working American needs to pay an average $8,000 more in taxes each year), it wouldn’t matter much. To finance that, impose a small assets worth/property tax” on net assets across the board, irrespective of the assets being domestic or foreign for all U.S. citizens.

    Maybe Romney then would have to pay his fair share. Just how much assets does U.S. citizens have overseas that aren’t taxed? To enable that, simply impose severe sanction son foreign entities that have finanicial privacy laws impeding full disclosures (read Cayman, Switzerland, etc. They truly do not create fair playing fields as Romney imputes to China).

  24. Romney is the poster child for the corruption of Wall st, a place where in the past companies went to find stat up capital. Now it has become a place where investors rob companies, skim profits, steal pension funds, and ship american jobs overseas. Hedge funds and leverage buyout companies hurt more workers that any other industry. Remember Gordon Gekko of the Wall st movie. He was a leverage buyout specialist, just like what Bain did, and his motto was greed is good. Imagine him playing Mitt Romney instead of Gordon, robbing pension funds, sheltering wealth overseas, shipping jobs out. Now can you imagine him being president with that stunning lack of morality.
    Well if you can’t imagine that how could you envision Mitt Romney being president because he did the same thing. He could have been the star of the movie. What could be a followup movie is how all these so called evangelicals who hide behind their religion could support such a morally bankrupt person or how could white workers support a man who made a living stealing pensions, laying off workers and shipping jobs to China. Well the close of the movie will show how the ultra religious place their faith in Ignorance, and how the white workers can’t over come their racism even at the risk of hurting themselves and their families, and future children.

  25. I just hope there are enough voters out there to understand this brainwashing nonsense.
    Our country is in trouble and apparently the union people and their paid supporters don’t give a damn as long as ‘I’m alright’ and can steal from the rest of the taxpayers.

  26. Sadly many Americans are being “sold” by a master salesman-Mitt Romney. However, what shows is that his salesmanship was designed for corporate audiences and NOT for the regular joe and that is why he always looks uncomfortable pitching the man on the street. The phony forced smile, the look of condesencion as he even talked to the President shows a disdain for those who the famous Leona Helmsley called “the little people” yes those who pay their taxes! Yes, he knows how to make lots of money but in that wake many bodies were left crisis…but, hey they are the little people!

  27. Following a formula to make money (buy low, ditch workers, raid pension funds, sell high) and having the intelligence and versatile thinking necessary to protect our country are two totally different things. If we’re not very, very vigilant, Romney (and the people who he would choose for his administration, don’t forget them) will take us to depths equal to or greater than the recession we just experienced. The oil baron/industrialist/billionaires most vocal about closing down their companies if Pres. Obama is re-elected will, if the Pres. is not re-elected do anything and everything necessary to return workers to a pre-union no bargaining position status. IF THE KOCHS, ALLENS, STEINS, ET. AL. DO CLOSE THEIR BUSINESSES OR DO MASSIVE LAYOFFS, IT IS NOT FOR ECONOMIC PURPOSES, IT IS OUT OF SPITE AND DISRESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY AND THE AMERICAN WORKER. THESE PEOPLE WANT A PLANTATION SOCIETY WHERE THEY CAN ALSO BUY CHEAP LABOR AND SELL THE PRODUCT OF THAT LABOR TO ENRICH THEMSELVES WITH NO CONCERN FOR THE LIVES OF THE WORKER WHO MAKES THEIR WEALTH POSSIBLE.

  28. Like Father like Son

    Mitts father started mitt in life with a 200 million dollar Inheritance

    Mitt took advantage of a loop hole to pay NO taxes “idgt trust” 100 million dollars into kids name.

    It is good to have politians in high places passing bills to help save the rich from paying any taxes.

  29. Considering the above article, The Freeport plant situation, You must know Romney will start a war with Iran, Women’s Issues, Lies, Taking care of the Rich, Medicare disappearing, Soc ial Security disappearing, what more do you want to hear and know about Romeny before you dec ide NOT to vote for him.

    • Bluecloud.I just finished watching the show where the commentator went to Freeport and talked to the people there. They trained the Chinese workers and, as of today, the company is moving to China. They even get a tax breaks for moving the company – Bain 51%. I heard another comentator say that Romney started doing business with China before the United States had trade agreements with China.

  30. Romney and most others of his ilk are experts in making a profit from human suffering, or from misappropriating the fruits of someone else’s labor

  31. The model was set back during the Vietnam war and some people still live by it……
    DON’T PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAX!! Take their piggy banks away. It’s way out of hand. Big, bold and no fear of the laws is how they play against America and it’s citizens. If you believe and are OK with your government mis-spending your taxes then continue to pay your full taxes. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN WAR and other bailouts for fat cats that have more money than you will ever see, but just can’t get themselves to spend their own money, then hold back the taxes. These fat cats like Romney and his friends will gladly cry and take billions of dollars for themselves while some many other live in pain and hardship. Then they complain and attack those in government (Obama) for doing the wrong thing. They win on the backs of good Americans (bailouts), and then win again by over charging good Americans for products we need or worse…withholding things from people in need. When are Americans going to wake up to the fact that big business (Romney) is not out for America? Romney is only interested in his own power and success even if millions of good Americans suffer at his dealings. I have long stopped listening or voting for liars. It doesn’t matter which party……a liar is a liar. Wake UP AMERICA!! Get a backbone and a brain. It is we that keeps this cycle unbroken. This election has been run by believing that is you say a lie enough times the people will eventually believe it. They only care about themselves not America.

  32. Thanks to The Nation for this important piece of work. Thanks to Mitt’s mother for bearing the poster child for abortion. Thanks to the Mormon Church for letting Mitt be your standard bearer and exposing the least Christian aspects of a supposedly Christian sect.

  33. Why am I not surprised that Romney cashed in on the Auto industry going bankrupted and shipping jobs over to China?! If anyone who is foolish enough to vote for this flip flopping joker is stuck on stupid!!

  34. Last night Obama referred to the deaths of 4 americans in Libya as “not optimal.” But you know, even more disgusting is the fact that he goes on a “comedy show” to discuss U.S. foreign policy. This guy had been the worst joke of all time!

    • next to the AWOL coke head that led us into two wars, was convicted of war crimes and tried to bankrupt the country, yet you voted for twice?

      you are either a racist or stupid or both.

      I would have to say both.

    • 11…. the useful idiots and leftist freak turds that float around in this septic tank called “The Memo” would vote for Obozo even if they came out with pictures of him performing lewd acts with children. Not all of them, but certainly most of them.

      Have a nice day!

      “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

  35. Why wont willard the rat make his tax returns public?

    Is he hiding the fact that he is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY?

    Mccain knows, that why he picked an idiot like palin.

  36. It is disgusting how little respect Romney shows to Obama. It has taken a fine man of color to correct the mistakes of not so nice white Bush. Now another white man, Romney, is on the scene and do you not realize if he is showing and his son Tag showing such lack of respect to the President of the U.S. which is supposed to be such a wonderful country, how little respect if any he is not going to give to the poor and middleclass, the 47% he referred to behind closed doors. It really is time for everyone to really think hard and long if they really want a President who is a liar,loyalties lie with the rich, will not care if he starts a war and more young people are injured or killed, remember Romney’s sons will not be going, they will go on other missions, hide behind the Morman church missions, will not care if children and adults die from starvation due to cancellation of the food stamp program, will not care if families live on the streets or if you are lucky live in a tent, what is a bit of cold weather and snow, Romney will be nice and warm with lots of food, seniors will you have the energy to go looking for an insurance program once Medicare is cancelled, do not forget forties or fifty old people you will soom be a senior,Social Security downgraded, but thats okay Romney will keep making money, but you soon learn to live on far less, those of you who are employed, watch the Ed show tonight and see what is happening in the Bain plant in Freeport, you think you are safe in your job, you too can be replaced with chinese workers brought over from China, but thats okay you will be given the privledge of training them, and then your kicked out the door, good luck. I think this election is one of the most important elections ever, and you will not be given a second chance if you vote for Romney. If the Republicans really cared about the country they would have worked with the Deomocrats,but they had their own agenda and that was to make Obama a one term president, and I wonder if color has anything to do with it. Just wondering.

  37. Mitt Romney and his sons will will not help the middle class. Forget the poor. The role of government is to serve the people, NOT JUST ONE PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE, but all the people.
    Population control is war in Romneys mind.
    His father was born in Mexico. Nothing wrong with that. But somehow it is wrong if you are born in Hawaii?
    Back to Mexico. Why was daddy George born in Mexico. His father, Mitt’s grandpa moved there so he could keep his five wives. It is a fact. This is too weird to make up.
    Mitt’s grandpa, his dad George, Mitt himself and his five sons never served in the US military. They support war, just not for them.
    They did serve on “missions”. Missions? For two years Morman males are sent out all over the world to do “missons” or religious missions intended to convert others to the Morman faith. Is that really serving your country? Of course not.
    During the Vietnam war many American men were drafted into the armed forces. Did they have a choice, no. Morman males had a special exemption on religous grounds, they were serving on “missions”
    Even though manyMormans got out of military service for this exemption from the draft many did both. They served their church and also served their county by either not exercising the exemption or just joining. These are honorable men.
    Whether you thought the Vietnam war was right or wrong, Americans served there. They served their country.
    Mitt will get us into another war if he is elected, probably in Iran. I have no doubt but a lot of fear. Not for me, I am too old, but for the brave young men and women who have joined the service and will not have a choice on whether they should fight or not in another senseless war.
    The cowardly bullies of Mitt Romney and his clan will not fight, they will just reap the profits of war.
    President Dwight Eisenhawer, a republican, told us to beware of the military industrial complex. Why? He knew that for some, makers of weapons, bombs, ammo and everything else needed to fight a war,the profit from war is just to great to pass up, even if Americans are killed. The only loosers are those who fight and die and the American taxpayer. YOU AND ME.
    If Romney wins, we lose.

  38. What would you republicans call Treason, have you ever thought it meant only 1 thing, can you imagine if it were reversed what we would hear,

  39. War on Women Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwhat does that sound like an extreme agenda, control over women, wrong interpretation of mormonism and the christian Bible to control, cause fear, meet their agendas, make women more submissive???? Not sure, as the programs to be denied women are health and economical decisions. Now what programs that men need should be cancelled. There are many countries that control women by denying them their rights to be better life. Makes one think. I really wish I understood Rpmney’s stand on this issue, I do not. I just feel there something very evil penetrating government.

    Jobs being layed-off and jobs going to CHINA. UNDER BAIN CAPITAL………Today…..HEY

    • uhhhh… Gene…. Romney’s been gone from Bain for 10/11 years…. The current head of Bain is a huge Obozo supporter and campaign money bundler. By the way, the $80BILLION we gave to GM is so they can build their factories in China.

      So stop making up strawman issues and screaming like there’s some sort of irregularity with Romney and what he does with PRIVATE money versus what Obozo does with PUBLIC money.

      Obozo is going down, Gene. You know it’s gonna happen. And quit wasting your time with that freak Ed from MSLSD. He’s an admitted socialist, Gene. He’s poisoning your mind with lies. Such a shame for a an ex-Marine.

      Have a nice weekend, Gene!

      “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • I have worked in China for a few years. ALL manufacturing is owned by the RED CHINESE ARMY. willard is the minority partner with the RED CHINESE ARMY holding the majority.

      willard is a pawn to the RED CHINESE ARMY and is selling out America.

      That is what he is hiding in his tax returns.

      mccain knows, thats why he picked that idiot palin over the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard the rat.

  41. Barack Obama has NO RECORD; That’s the reason he HAS TO concentrate in saying (false) things about Mitt Romney.
    You Liberal Lefties, practice with me: “PRESIDENT MITT ROMNEY”, “President Mitt Romney”, “President Romney” !!!

      • nobsart: Why is Obozo hiding his past, his college records, his writings while in college, his friendship with Tony Rezco and Saul Alinsky, and his “mentors” Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright?

        CHUMP !!
        DUH !!

        • He isnt. In fact, he made his tax returns public, willard the rat and his punk nazi gay lover ryan wont.

          do you know why?

          by the way, why wont willard the rat talk about the el salvador drug lords that financed bain and why wont either of the losers make their school records public?

          both cheated their way thru high school and paid for their diplomas like the idiot bush’s did.

  42. jarheadgene you are right jobs in American are going to chinese people who were brought into American. Freeport is a very important issue. Romney as Obozo states, has been gone from Bain for many years, but the key is he still HOLDS 51% stock in Bain, thereby profiting from Bain. I hope everyone who can watches Ed tonight so important.

  43. Gotta say one thing he really has GUTS to run for the president of the USA, and not CHINA !!
    But it exposes what these multimillionaires/billionaires wsill do to rake in even more money!!
    O.K. What can we do to stop it, they have the most of the DOLLARS and have put us into debt to CHINA. Geral E. Martin a true Republican.

  44. republiCONs –
    sold weapons to Iran
    sold weapons to Iraq
    sold nukes to israel
    gave the chinese a top secret spy plane
    lied us into 2 wars
    trampled the Constitution
    trampled the Geneva Convention
    made it legal to spy on Americans with no warrant
    created 9/11
    collapsed the economy
    and now, want to elect a president in business with the red chinese army

  45. Pls Look up the Mormon church information on the internet. Moromonism is not a church,but a cult. In this so called church men are the high level in the running of this organization and decide what women should do or not do and need to obey at all times. This is why if you elect Romney he will never, never change his mind about women’s health issues. Read for yourself so you will understand what you dealing with. This one reason Ann Romney will not answer questions, nor if you have noticed are the daughter-inlaws involved in Romney’s party, they may be in the background but never in a situation where they are accesible to the public. If they ever were they would be accompanied by their husband. You need to know what you are dealing with. Born again Christians in the Republican party know this information and should be ashamed of themselves for selling themselves for the Republican party. You may have been a Republican all your life it does not mean you cannot change and vote for someone who will if co=operation exists between the 2 parties for the next 4 years do a lot of good for the country.

  46. That is no way to run a business. Dog eat Dog is a bad way to run a business and a Country. You make Your back stabbing crooked dealing money from the 47% regular People out there just working trying to keep Their heads above water. Mr.Elitist and Your back stabbing Pals forgot that a Coutry is just like a chain.A chain is as strong as it’s weak link.

  47. nob: Don’t shirk my questions which had NOTHING to do with Obozo’s tax returns.
    Go back and try to answer in an intelligent manner ….
    P.S. – “both cheated their way thru high school and paid for their diplomas like the idiot bush’s did.” – nob, you don’t know any of that!! You are just repeating what Obozo, The Clown, Pelosi and Reid want you useful idiots to believe, …. and repeat …

  48. Thanks for your reply nobsartist. I have heard of John Birch Society, but will look it up. Would you pls look up on the internet what the mormon organization really is. It is very interesting.

  49. Romney, Joe Walsh, Todd Akin and Ryan and all of the tea party should be shipped to China. These people are examples of the worst of American politics.

  50. The U.S. Department of Jusyice should be looking into this for violations. It smells to high-heaven. These Republican/Tea Party flout around pontificating on the virtues of ethics and the principles of morality and they are the most unethical, unpricipled, immoral criminals to ever hit the scene. This is the kind of stuff that Romney keeps secret, that he won’t expound about as part of his economic plan, what President Obama, VP Biden, and Bill Clinton call sketchy-math, fuzzy math, and malarky. If he ever got the nerve between now and November 6th to tell us his great economic plan, it would blow into his face. Yet, this is the kind of people too many of us want in the White House. These people are clear and present dangers to America, and every day they show little by little of it. I hope we won’t wait until after Novemeber 6th to see it. Then, it would be too late. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

  51. republiCONs –
    sold weapons to Iran
    sold weapons to Iraq
    sold nukes to israel
    gave the chinese a top secret spy plane
    lied us into 2 wars
    trampled the Constitution
    trampled the Geneva Convention
    made it legal to spy on Americans with no warrant
    created 9/11
    collapsed the economy
    and now, want to elect a president in business with the red chinese army

  52. Now the real burning question is: who do I vote for come election day? They devil I know or the devil I don’t know? Maybe I and 99% of everyone else should just pass on voting this time around.

  53. Don’t see how any intelligent person could view Mitt Romney’s actions as a positive thing! He is ruthless,rude and not a good example of someone who claims Christianity as his religion! Please Mitt go back to stashing your millions in foreign accounts and leave Americans alone,we don’t need your kind of help!

  54. Once again, Romney does not care about America!! His God is MONEY…..he has the conscience of a weasel, the heart of a scrooge and the soul of a snake in the grass. He is blinding the minds and eyes of many good people thinking they will become millionaires if they vote for him. These behind the scenes deals need to be know to all Americans….he is an expert at profiteering off the misfortunes and misery of others. Then turns around and donates 10% of his income to the Mormon Church, which is mandatory, and says he is soooooo generous. Folks, he knows exactly what is going on in his so called “Blind Trust”. It is just a cover up.

  55. he made so much off the people of this country and i wish they would investigate him….nothing would give me greater solace to see this SOB tried in a court of law for doing this to the people of this country….what a waste of humanity and stupid breeding on his part to raise his sons to do the same things hes done…and he calls himself a christian….no god fearing loving christian would do this to anyone or anybody and he thinks hes going to Heaven….what did Jesus say about rich man trying to enter in…think it goes something like this…”it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle that it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”….there again why would anyone want to vote for somone like this….if he is voted into office he will be the downfall of the country….say goodbye to your boys and girl and hello Iran…say goodbye to your way of life and hello to nuclear warfare…say goodbye to to America as you once knew it….when and if they take office…kiss it all goodbye…it will never be the same and no one …not one will be able to fix it back…America will and you along with it will die….Romney knows nothing about this office…nothing about internal affairs …nothing about foreign affairs and he certainly doesnt like the world around him….he is a meance to this country and to the world….God forbids he gets into office….he has no experience whatsoever and you women will go back to the 1960s and all of America will lose whatever social standing she has had in the past…you will lose your medical care and your medical aid….you will lose your ssi and all your retirements and all your benefits….you aint see nothing yet ladies and gents…you will see the tribulations like you never seen before…think twice who you vote for when you do vote…im just saying

  56. Romney says he loves American cars, yet he was part of a consortium to extort money from GM, and made millions of dollar doing this.

    Mitt says he cars about America, yet takes part in extorting one of its biggest industries.

    Romney also says he’s an honest guy, but I really have to wonder about this. He doesn’t seem honest. He seems like he’s out to make money, and he doesn’t care if it hurts people in the process.

    Does Mitt Romney ever tell the truth?

  57. Confused as to why Obama gets a pass here, considering he’s the one who, you know, gave our money away.

    Romney/Obama- two wings, same bird.

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