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Monday, October 24, 2016

One of the things that drives me crazy about politics is this idea that both parties are equally extreme. In reality, one side’s facts are facts, and the other side’s “facts” are wild theories that any reasonable person would find very, very weird.

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  • mickieroller

    Republicans are a cult. Scary.

  • The Republicans are becoming more crazy with each passing day! If Romney is elected (God forbid) say goodbye to the middle-class, women’s rights, education (other than for rich kids) workers rights, the environment, and any help for our poor, our elderly, and our veterans. How can people actually think that the Republicans care about them??? I just don’t get it……

    • Paula, Couldn’t have said it any better. If that rich Republican, Romney is elected, I think I wll investigate moving to another country. No, that is not smart. Just stay in the USA and fight the good fight for most of our citizens. Did you see the note that a major Salt Lake City (home of the Mormons) newspaper is endorseing OBAMA. Why, because Romney has changed his position on so many issues–anything to get elected. All of the states that have tried to limit voting rights have Republican governors.

      • If Romney is elected, his donors and the Republican radical conservative group will hold him hostage. He MAY be a good businessman, but he can’t fire them. I too fear for this nation as I never have in any election during my seventy-one years. I have also thought about leaving the country, but I thought that was just a silly idea that only I had. Remember how Hitler was elected: a really bad economy and subterfuge! He promised many things that Romney does: regaining national prestige (no apologizing) and improving the economy and so forth. But I think that Romney is just the face of the entire ultra conservative effort that has infiltrated the Republican party of Lincoln, Ike, so forth.

    • I’m a 71 year old woman and I have VOTED Democrat every four years since I became 21, at that time it was the legal age to vote. During these 50 years, I have never felt how much more Important It Is to VOTE Like NOW! WE, the middle-class are the majority and WE SHALL PREVAIL AND SUCCEED! Action is very important! Encourage all your relatives and friends to VOTE For PRESIDENT OBAMA! Each vote counts!

  • I agree with mickie and Paula – nuff said

  • jilltuminello

    If Romney gets in, for the first time in a long time (since the assignation of JFK), I will sit down and cry. Finally, we have a president who has a back bone, one who really, really cares about the less fortunate and middle class. Preventive Healthcare bill just saved me about $300 and I’m a retired old white lady. That bill would have never came about if it hadn’t been for the bickering over the Health care. I’m sick and tired of woman being the 2nd class citizen, with hardly any fairness be shown. This has been going on for years. This country has been run by the corporations with money, It’s like a Republican mafia. They act like Mafia and they will do anything that get’s in their way of making profit. We should run our election like England. No TV, commercials, and only a set amount of money can be used to campaigning!!!

    • BabsinSD

      I feel your pain! I’ll be right there with you crying. Everything that’s been accomplished (DESPITE the Republicans) will go away. President Obama is the first president I have ever truly trusted and who has ever made feel hopeful. I get depressed just thinking about the consequences if this country votes Romney in as president. What is wrong with all the people who think he’s the answer?

      • AMADAL

        Most of the Repukelicans I know don’t even know what the issues are and have not listened to any of the debates. They just know that RoMoney is for lowering taxes and smaller government, and that’s all they know. When told I didn’t know how much money a friend had (one of those know nothings), I replied that I know generally how much money they have and that they don’t have enough money to qualify for the tax cuts the Rpeukelicans are advocating. I was met with silence. No clue what I’m talking about.

        • You are so right, Amadal! Even before I retired, I never had a significant amount to itemize deductions. I did benefit a little from being able to file head-of-household. My tax lady always figured out that taking the standard deduction was better for me. Now, when Romney said that his plan would allow us to choose from among available deductions, did that include the standard deduction as one of those choices? What if that’s my only choice? How can he save a great deal of money when most of us take the standard deduction? $25,000 in deductions, he says! Who had deductions like that? Also, my sad little 401k, the return on that does not qualify as capital gains. Romney MAY know business, but I don’t think he know Americans!

          • AMADAL

            I hear you Priscilla, I’m retired too and got progressively less deductions the longer I worked until the last several years, the standard was the besi I could do. I’m not happy having paid 28 to 30+% income tax every year while the rich like RoMoney only paid 14% or less. Anyway, all those political ads are wasted on me, I’ve allready voted–and I’m sure you know who I voted for!!! Go Obama—-4 more years.

      • Jack Wormer

        They’re scared racists, especially having to realize that BLACKS CAN BE INTELLIGENT, TEMPERATE, AND JUST AS AMERICAN AS EVERYONE ELSE!

    • latebloomingrandma

      I couldn’t agree more. I am also a retired white woman(not really that old) living in the midst of a right wing county, where it appears that everyone has lost their ever loving minds and any ability to reason. It’s the God, guns and gays stuff. Fox news and right wing radio are popular, and I am convinced that this input somehow alters the brain’s wiring, rendering it incapable of hearing any alternative viewpoint. Some of the things posted in the local newpaper are downright frightening. No one has the ability to admit that the financial crisis was a severe shock to our nation, that will take time to overcome. It is just much easier to blame the black President. Sad. I will be in deep mourning if that fraud Romney is elected.

    • Susan Carrier

      I will cry with you as well. It frightens me mightily for my grandson, granddaughters and nieces and nephews, who will inherit the mess the Republicans will remake if they get elected. I actually have contemplated leaving the country, though I don’t think I could leave my family. I wish I could get them to come with me, but I know that is unrealistic. But I voted for Obama/Biden – voted early. Have encouraged others to do the same. Have personally taken my daughter-in-law to the town where we live so she could register to vote and vote (kept my granddaughter so she could). I have donated closing in on $500 and I don’t make that kind of money, but this seems like a very important investment this year. Prior to this year, the most I have ever donated to a political campaign was $100 to Obama in 2008. I know we are hard pressed to compete with the uber-deep pockets of the Koch brothers and others…we have to help, or shut our traps if it doesn’t go our way.

    • jstsyn

      People have had enough. The supreme court’s citizens united is the straw that breaks the camels back. If romoney gets elected things will get very ugly. Millions of Americans will not be walked on and will stand up to it.

  • Totalfrustration

    Dear James – THANK YOU for finally making it okay to say “That’s not true!” when Republicans assure us that “Democrats are just as dishonest as Republicans!” It is absolutely disorienting – – messes with our minds, if you will – – when they boldly lie about what they have previously said perhaps 24 hours earlier. I just don’t hear Democrats doing that. Facts are indeed facts and they CAN be checked. I do attribute much of this to Karl Rove’s guidance and often wonder how much his troubled childhood might be affecting the lives of all of us.

    • Herman Morgan

      Thanks Anonymous Poster ! I have always just assumed that Ol’ Karl was spawned by some weird Cult of Nixon worshipers, and that being an habitual liar was in his DNA. It’s sad to think what type of horrible childhood abuse could make a person so cruel and so void of every value, except Winning !

  • David Liddle

    Many Republicans, especially the Tea Party types, are more extreme than the extremists that we are fighting around the world. If some of the things they say were said by Islamist extremists we would be horrified!

  • Don’t see how he can be married to that thing he’s married to. Been sayin forever GOP/TP are immune to facts and logic.

  • Herman Morgan

    James, These are things I say every day, on Facebook, Twitter and my Blogs, but they sound oh so much better comin’ from You ! Thanks Man

  • I must agree James. People have an amazing capacity to decieve themselves when reality doesnt line up with their preferences and biases. We all have them but we are not all out of touch with reality. The folks that are off the rails appear to have a collective insanity and they want to pull the rest of us through the looking glass with them. Romney states the inverse of the obvious all the time and it is scary to think that his mind works like that.

  • James – Thank You, you are an AWESOME person. You came and spoke to us at the UA National Convention last August. I’m glad that you believe in only speaking the TRUTH!!

    Republicans would rather have a PROVEN Failure run Our Country!! They don’t give a damn about the issues in America, they don’t even care who their candidate is. As long as a republican is President, no matter if they will destroy Our Country!! Kind of like a football game, it doesn’t matter how their team get there, just as long as they WIN !! #pathetic

    • Ed

      Part of the reason for that is that the “media” has found it more profitable to spread discord and strife than report actual news. Controversy sells! And it is selling the republic right down the river!

  • The GOP/Tea Party = The American Taliban, Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorist Cells Operating In Plain Sight, Lying and Hating Is What They Do, Fear Mongering and Terrorizing The America People is How They Roll !! They are just a bunch of Racist, Selfish Low Life Money Grubbing, Lying #$%$ Knuckle Dragging, Traitors To Their Own Country and Their Own People !! A Group of Wealthy Liars and Thugs Who’s Only Agenda Is Control, Power and Money !! They Don’t give a Damn About America nor The American People, Just Themselves and Their Wealthy 2% Handlers, The Koch Brothers !!

  • Ted Brist

    Its called the false equivalency fallacy.

    I’d suggest using that term, its a pretty effective tool.

  • willog

    It is difficult for me to understand what truly motivates our Republican friends. Only 4 months shy of 4 years ago our Republican friends relinquished the executive and legislative branches of the government to the Obama Administration in a state of complete chaos and political embarrassment.

    The embarrassment was well deserved. They had mismanaged the US economy; entered into two wars without adequate funding (and one without adequate reason); instituted tax giveaways that benefitted the uber wealthy; lost the respect of many of our allies; and left the country in the Great Bush Recession, among various other equally grave conditions.

    In the face of the mandate that the American public gave the Democrats in 2008, Senate Minority Leader McConnell declared that the tactics of the Republican legislators were to be remarkably and noteworthily uncooperative with the Obama administration. Have our Republican friends forgotten about all of this?

    The 2010 midterm elections were singularly affected by the astroturf Tea Party movement, that at the end of the day, was a convenient vehicle to convey the aspirations of Americans for Prosperity, the Political Action Committee founded and funded by the incredibly wealthy Koch Brother’s with personal net worth upwards of $20 billion each.

    And we see clearly in Mr. Romney’s platform (never mind Koch acolyte Paul Ryan) an almost distinct umbilical cord to the Libertarian principles so highly admired by the Koch brothers David and Charles. Yet our Republican friends do not see this. Nor do they admit the dog’s breakfast of an economy that their ex-leaders provided the American public. Nor the strides made by the present administration in light of the politically immature conduct of the Republicans over the last 3 years, 8 months.

    It is time for the voting public to remove the influence of obscenely wealthy corporations and their owners and leaders from the political decision making process that many suggest is equivalent to buying politicians.

    The thought of Koch Brother (Karl Rove and the like) bought politicians running the United States is a formula for short term catastrophe and long term disaster.

    • The Kocks are oil speculators and just want their chemical businesses unregulated. You are right. These people see life very differently — and they are not compassionate. They just weren’t brought up that way.

  • Lee Gomes

    James: You are my biggest hero after William Shakespeare, but do yourself a huge favor and spend $20 at Radio Shack for one of those clip-on microphones, then get someone to show you how to plug it into your sound card. It will take 15 minutes, but the production values of your videos will instantly go up by 1,000%, which would translate to a 2-4 point shift to Obama in Florida and Ohio. Maybe even North Carolina.

  • Aquila6

    I don’t understand why we don’t hear more about sociopaths. One in every 25 people is a sociopath. Just read Martha Stout, “The Sociopath Next Door. Most likely the number among politicians is quite a bit higher. Surprised? Read what makes a sociopath. Why do we give them a voice? Maybe many reporters know little about Psychology. .
    I mention just a few: Donald Trump , Ann Coulter, Russ Limbaugh , Newt Gingrich.
    Sociopaths basically only love themselves. “What is meaningful in life to the sociopath–winning and domination” (The Sociopath Next Door”, p.189), “Consistent Irresponsibility”, in the language of the American Psychiatric Association” (idem p. 50) Doesn’t that perfectly describe Donald Trump and his ilk?

  • Roberta Colarette

    Thank you James Carville.
    We must all vote STRAIGHT DEM. It’s the only way. This is a very frightening election. I shudder to think of what this country will become, if Romney is elected.

  • labrown69

    This is the most regressive GOP in a century. Romney’s adviser is hanging Robert Bork who was himself too radical to be confirmed to the high court and who defended poll taxes and literacy tests and opposed desegregation laws. This is who will be picking the next Supreme Court Justice? We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuc*ed if Romney is elected but Obama is not innocent. This should not be happening and if he had fired Tim Geithner and Eric Holder when he should have it probably would not be happening.

  • miamifife

    So how do we get accountability back, James? It used to be shameful for a candidate to be called untruthful in the press. With all this talk of values flying around, it is sad that in fact integrity has become irrelevant where winning is concerned. It seems to be a game for those with time and money and a non-negotiable goal, not the revered process of moving our democracy forward through having a fair election where the majority rules.

    • Ed

      OMG!! Majority Rules? Democracy? I can see the Koch brothers grasping their chests and reaching for the nitro! As one of the founders put it”I fear the mob!” Probably a Koch brothers relative.

  • miamifife

    So how do we get accountability back, James? It used to be shameful for a candidate to be called untruthful in the press. With all this talk of values flying around, it is sad that in fact integrity has become irrelevant where winning is concerned. It seems to be a game for those with time and money and a non-negotiable goal, not the revered process of moving our democracy forward through having a fair election where the majority rules.

  • It’s really sad that the party of Lincoln has become a bunch of know-nothing, luddites.

  • How do you go about getting prople to accept the simple facts when they do not want to see the truth because it is not what they want to believe?

  • The problem becomes what they do and where they go from their chosen beliefs. It’s like stepping off the trail through the woods saying “I can find a better way.” They just get completely lost and they lead so many other into the woods to die with them! Where as if they would stay on the factually proven path they and those who follow them would come to a productive outcome of reaching their destination.

  • Smeagel4T

    James, there is nothing surprising. The GOP and Fox are very good at cranking out propaganda. I’m not being hyperbolic. I studied propaganda and brainwashing when I was a student simply because I thought it was an interesting subject — no political reason at the time. Read any book on the science of propaganda. There are various “tools” in the propaganda toolkit. Remember that a core component is to tell lies that are so audacious that no sane person would believe you’d say it if it wasn’t the truth. Don’t tell small lies because people spot those. Tell only really huge lies that people with normal responsible upbringings would never believe anyone would tell — so therefore they must be the truth. Another “tool” in the propaganda toolkit is to simply accuse the other person of engaging in what you are engaging in. That is precisely what Fox News does whenever they claim that the rest of the media is biased. Fox News is heavily biased, so they try to distract everyone from that fact by constantly accusing other media outlets of being biased. This is the propaganda “tool” that is at the core of the argument you are trying to address. A large portion of the GOP has become really extreme, but the GOP and Fox try to cover that fact by accusing the Democrats of becoming extreme. The truth is that the Democrats have become far too conservative.

  • darkagesbegin

    Day 1461 of Obama Presidency. Sky still has not fallen. Rove, Rush Non-plussed!

  • tgcapps

    The following letter to the Editor of my small town paper expresses my disgust of what Democrats face in Missouri: On Saturday night, October 20th, our Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill political signs were stolen from our property on McNair Street. (Four years ago they were stolen and replaced 3 times) Respect for differing opinions, other’s personal property and freedom of speech is the difference between a Democracy and a Dictatorship. I want whoever trespassed on private property and stole these political signs to know that they stole from a man that not only served our Country, but was injured in combat in Vietnam, losing an eye and part of his arm. This wounded warrior will go to his grave flying the American flag over our home. Tommy Capps raised two sons to not only believe in America, but instilled the principle that serving our Country should be a responsibility that all able bodied men commit to in order to preserve our great nation, it’s Constitution and all of the freedoms it stands for. One son, Dustin Dunklee is currently serving in active duty with the 35th Combat Aviation Brigade in Kuwait. Our son, Andrew Capps served with the USMC in Kuwait in the Desert Storm campaign. My father and Tom’s father served in WWII. Freedom of speech and the sanctity of one’s private property is an inalienable right for all citizens. Obviously someone in Versailles does not believe in these freedoms.

    • Ed

      My thanks to the men in your family.

      • Dmullins84

        Sounds like my family. I am retired air force, and all of the males and part of the females in my family have served their country. I would be willing to bet the people who did this removal is a bunch of idiots who have never served their country and rarely ever think positive towards anything good, and I would love to have a few minutes with them to give them an old fashion ass kicking that they wouldn’t forget for awhile. They need to be taught a lesson. Their parents more than likely if they knew about it found it to be funny, and i actually feel sorry for them if that’s a fact.

  • Thanks for the truth, I don’t know why they would want mitt as pres. Rove will make him do whatever he wants him to do

  • chuckj2

    He’s right. The republicans are basing everything they say they believe in on lies and distorted information. I can’t help but believe the republican leadership is intentionally lying to their constituents. (and hoping that they are mis-informed and bigoted enough that they will accept what they are being told as the truth.) This plan seems to be working. The GOP has lost whatever tattered shreds of credibility they may have once had because of this. I used to be able to listen to their arguments on policy issues with some what critical interest, but now they have become so enamored with spreading lies and misinformation and so single mindedly devisive that I can no longer take anything they say seriously.The G.O.P. needs to conduct a complete restoration of their values.

  • Kenwis

    G = Guile: cunning, duplicity
    O = Obfuscation: to be evasive, unclear, or confusing
    P = Prevarication: fabricate, fib, lie

  • swanart

    I can’t understand why anyone will vote Republican in this particular election. It’s not the Republican party of the past that was interested in rational honest debate, and was willing to compromise! These people are boldly for only the wealthy and not only don’t care about others, but apparently don’t care that we know it. the one issue voter is dangerously naive. for example, if the Republicans were truly interested in reversing Roe vs Wade…… they would have done it when they had the power. but that would end the support of many one issue voters, so they keep dangling the carrot.

    If you are not a millionaire who doesn’t care about anyone else….. you are a fool for voting republican. Any minority, any woman, any economically struggling person who votes for Republicans this year, is voting against themselves, against the environment, against a good education for all, and against the America we can be.

    Wake up.

    • Ed

      I am sure you are aware that the american public has a long history of voting against their own self interest. Have done it for 39 years. Madison avenue and the “media” are strong supporters of that.

  • jebediah123

    I personally don’t care what others may believe but the deep opposition (and hatred) towards President Obama has its origin in racism. What other reason could there be, when after only a month in office and before he could introduce any legislation, the Republicans announce that their primary goal is “to get rid of Obama”.

    Trust me, the super wealthy of this country are horrified at the prospect of “lower class” people gaining any real political power in America. It is a scenario that has been played over and over through out history. The “haves” against the “have nots”. Only this time there is a system of laws that give the “have nots” at least a fighting chance.

    That is why “Citizens United” must be repealed. It gives the super wealthy a huge advantage by allowing them to innundate the airwaves with 30 second half truths and lies to convince people (who are otherwise engaged in every day activities and demands) that their “agenda” is for the good of the nation.

    I guess I could go on and on forever, it is just better to say VOTE OBAMA!!

  • There are several things that astound me about this campaign: 1) There is so much hard evidence that President Obama is an extraordinary president, yet so many Americans are too stupid or brainwashed to see it! 2) The Republican policies , if implemented, will take women, blacks, immigrants, students, veterans and gays back to the days of the Spanish Inquisition. 3) Romney’s son, Tagg, OWNS the voting machines in several swing states like Florida, Ohio and Colorado, yet no one seems to recognize the CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Is it just me, or is this totally fucked up??
    By the way, James, I’m so happy you’re on CNN to defend our cause, since I get the feeling more and more that CNN has been “bought” by the Republicans! 🙁

    • Ed

      Yes irt has!

  • shopper11

    I’m beginning to think that there are many people who either wrongfully believe or think wishing will make it so that they are part of the 1% when they’re probably much closer to the 47%. Will they be surpised when Romney/Ryan make certain they end up in the 47%. Heard Romney say that the middle class makes $250,000 or so a year………not the ones that I know. I want a president who understands reality!!

  • Romney baptized His deceased Father-In Law so He would enter Heaven ! Mormom Doctrine !WOW!

  • Sesai

    Idon’t know why some American ailways like lies, they don’t even go to, check fact the truth before they jump, Romney is a big liear, He changed His words all the time, how are you sure that He would not changed to his oldself when he become the President, to me i don’t believed him.

  • James it is not only strange it is idiotic. They are mindless and irresponsible.

  • newmichael

    I’ve come to the conclusion that we live in a world where republicans think that they are actually cartoon characters. And we have to face the fact that we share a world with cartoon characters that have guns.

  • Del WS

    I was truly a nonpartisan, unlike so many people who have claimed to be, but really weren’t. I’ve voted for both Democratic and Republican candidates, but this year will be the first time I’ve ever voted for any Presidential candidate for a second term — President Obama. After seeing what the Republican party has become, I’m not sure I’ll ever be voting for a Republican again, unless the party implodes (And I suspect it will.) and an exceptionally good candidate finds the way out of the rubble. This time, Obama again, please. It boggles my mind (and shatters my spirit) that there are so many people willing to make a different choice.

  • We need someone who can do what Bill Clinton did for this country and not have everything that has been achieved within the past 50 years be undone in one pop by the pro tea party supporters who basically want to do away with America and make it for elitists only instead of for all Americans and that’s what Obama is trying to do and all they see is they don’t want to let him and the reason is all racially motivated when it shouldn’t be. No political party should be represented as the party of God and the other party be absolutely vilified because no political party has a monopoly on morality. If it was then the tea party republicans would all be pro taliban and taking away the rights of certain segments of the population and you can’t legally do that in a democracy.

  • For all those Tea men who say why buy a cow if you can get the milk free:update/80% of Women are against Marriage why?Woman realize, its not worth buying the intire Pig for a little Sausage

  • Does anyone out there really “think” about what is being said and has been said by Romney? He’s a puppet for the handful of absurdly rich. The Kock brothers are the real base to the Romney campaign. Does anyone think about why they are throwing so much money behind “Howdy Doody” Romney to gain control of America. The Republicans use “gay marriage and abortion” only as campaign pawns. When in control – they do absolutely nothing. Further, any American who believes a corporate raider type is going to “create” miracles and give them a job is living in a dream world- just because he says “he knows how to get it done”. I was a Republican most of my life, and Ronald Reagen began changing that for me with temp services creation so that no one could get a real job with a future. Then George Sr. and George W. really nailed it down. I felt embarrassed to have that label of Republican – greed, self-centeredness, lying, lack of compassion for others and frankly, a Nazi-like attitude toward Americans. For so much talk on their part about “helping” America, the Republicans clearly cannot stand us – unless it’s time for an election.

  • Jack Wormer

    If Romney gets elected – FAIRLY! – it will be very interesting to watch the congressional elections of 2014…Boehner will be hospitalized for chronic crying jags!

  • Hi James…..thanks to folks like you because you get it….those same people with those different planet ideas are warmed up by so called moderates who like to make the false equivalency all the time especially that “fat reporter Charlie” in Washington DC he is the lastest with the false equivalency; it makes them feel warm and cozy when they wish to justify madness…….Cheers James

  • Peg

    I’ve been very puzzled by this issue as well. A book by Chris Mooney called The Republican Brain goes a long way to explaining the phenomena. Mooney explains the newest research on the brain in very accessible language that one doesn’t need a medical degree to read or understand. And despite the title he has a lot to say about the liberal leaning brain as well.

  • dejagirl

    If Romney is elected, he will sign a Personhood amendment. All abortion will be criminalized. The new moderate Mitt is a facade to win the election. Check out Ann Romney on the view. She said, and I paraphrase, if you want stem cell research vote for the other guy. Mitt doesn’t believe in it and would outlaw it. Ryan wants to criminalize all abortion. He cosponsored a Personhood bill with Todd Akin. Romney has an ad up supporting Richard Mourdock and has refused to take it down despite the fact that Mourdock said that a pregnancy resulting from rape is God’s will and must be carried to term. These are the most extreme men running for office in my lifetime and I am almost 70. If they are elected, wealthy women will have go to Canada or Europe for legal and safe abortions. Poor women will die trying to do it themselves. Even if they have an exception for the health of the mother, who will decide about the health of the mother, Romney? Will the woman have to go to court and wait for a judge to decide if she can have an abortion until it is too late and she is dying? Jose Walsh said nothing goes wrong in pregnancy. I came close to dying from a pregnancy gone wrong. I spent 3 months in a hospital at Harvard Med Ctr. and had to have multiple surgeries and then chemo because of that pregnancy. I guess he has never heard of ectopic pregnancies either. Women die when their tubes burst unless they are very lucky like I was.

  • dejagirl

    The more I reread American political history, the more I worry about the possibility of a Romney presidency. If Gore had been president instead of W, it is very possible that the CIA and the FBI would have been able to prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. W just was’t interest. Condi didn’t want to read the antiterrorism information from Clinton’s team. He had set up a strong Homeland Security Team and she dismantled it. John Ashcroft was only interest in building up military defense systems for the future, 15 years in the future…weapons systems, troops, etc. He wouldn’t look at the intel. W spent 42% of his time on vacation before 9/11. Wolfowitz and Senor and Cheney were planning a war in Iraq. They couldn’t be bothered. They never took the time to set a up a method of communication between the CIA and the FBI. Clinton’s people warned them. Clinton stopped major attacks all over the world and they laughed at him and impeached him because of his personal life, but he kept America safe. The get tough on crime Republicans now claim W kept us safe, but did he? The country is still suffering from 9/11 as first responders are dying and Congress is fighting to keep from funding their health care.
    It’s mind boggling.
    Romney’s team says he doesn’t even read the foreign policy papers they give him. He’s a hawk who supported the Viet Nam war even though he spent those years in France on a Mormon mission with a religious deferment. None of his sons have ever been in the military. He never mentions our troops. Yet, he never saw a war he doesn’t like, as long as his family isn’t fighting in it. Who will determine his policy on terrorism? Do you want those 17 men back in power? Many of them profited financially on the Iraq war, especially Cheney and Hallliburton.
    As a woman, I am terrified for my daughter and granddaughter. The Republicans will bring us back a century…lower pay for women, no birth control, illegal abortions. I took part in a candlelight vigil in Boston in the 70’s for a black doctor who has been jailed for performing an abortion on a teenaged girl. I don’t know if they would have imprisoned him if he had been white, but I am very frightened. Will women who have abortions be imprisoned under a Romney presidency? With a personhood amendment that could happen and he said he would love to sig it. Think before you vote! You may be prochoice,but do you want you 11 year old to carry a rapists baby to term or be put in jail because you let her have an abortion? That’s how stark the choices are. Whatever Romney is saying now, Paul Ryan cosponsored a Personhood amendment and he will be a heartbeat away from the presidency if Romney wins.

  • MelvinQ

    Mr Carville, I’m not going to bad mouth your wife, but I must ask: Did you see her on CNN today, the day after the election? Did you? I realize you’re a busy person and probably don’t watch much daytime TV, so I’m calling this to your attention. That’s all. Just drawing it to your attention because if I didn’t I’d be remiss.

    You have no idea the amount of restraint I must draw upon not to respond in like manner to her performance. Again, this is not to bad mouth your wife, but were I to do so, it would be scathing, i.e. not pretty.