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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Just after the Senate blocked any new anti-violence legislation — in front of several Americans who lost family members in the Newtown massacre — Mitch McConnell posted this “meme” on his Facebook page.

Eighteen hours later it was still up.

While the Senate Minority Leader was unsuccessful in his primary goal — depriving President Obama of a second term — he was able to stand with the NRA to defeat expanded background checks, new gun trafficking laws along with bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

It’s with cynicism like this that McConnell hopes to fend off his greatest fear in life, a Tea Party primary challenge as he faces re-election in 2014.

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9 Responses to This Is How Mitch McConnell Brags About Defeating Gun Legislation

  1. I blame this failure…and others such as good nominees failing to get a vote; judicial vacancies continuing; Cabinet vacancies, a rotten healthcare plan, no vote on a jobs bill, a stimulus plan, etc etc etc all on fucking Harry Reid and the other Establishment DC Dems. They are cowards and have lost all touch with Dems out here in America. And now they’ll convince themselves of the righteousness of cutting Social Security in order to placate the gop. Huh? I shake my head in complete bewilderment and simmering anger.

  2. As the word came out of the Senate late yesterday afternoon, that the only
    legislative response on gun control that had any chance of passage, because it
    was so minimal, and watered down. It’s only effect would have been to narrow the
    mile wide loophole that allows criminals, dope dealers, gun runners, and those with
    limited mental capacity, or mental disease, to purchase guns as freely as everyone
    else, had went down to defeat. Had went down to defeat, even though 90% of
    Americans seen, and supported the common sense of it. It went down to defeat,
    because of spineless politicians of both Parties, who knowingly voted aganist what
    they knew was the will of the people they had been elected to represent, in favor
    of the special interests of the 7%, who lobby on behalf of the gun manufactures.
    Believe it, or not. But I thought of the rather syrupy, but nonetheless, iconic song,
    “Proud To Be An American,” “Where at least we know we’re free.” And I thought,
    do we? Do we really know we’re free? Can we still, “Thank our lucky stars,” as
    Lee Greenwood, the song’s author claims? We usually think of totalitarian societies
    as being ones where the people have no voice. But are ruled by a small elite,
    unaccountable group, insulated from the general population, and their concerns.
    But, thank God, here in America the power flows from the bottom up, not the top
    down. Right? Is that still the case? If so, somebody help me out here. I’m stumped.
    From which direction did the power flow to defeat this legislation? Are we still,
    “Proud to be an American, where at least we know we’re free?”

      • When the next child is murdered, I don’t think we can say we did
        everything that was possible to prevent that. And, that shame is on
        Congress. And all of us, if we fail to remember these heartless
        politicians, on election day.

  3. We’ve long known that McConnell was as smart as the average four-year-old. Now we know he’s as mature as one as well.

    This is 50% McConnell thumbing his nose and blowing raspberries at everyone who wanted him to do something in the Senate, and 50% McConnell giving himself a metaphorical blowjob.

    Congratulations McConnell. You just turned your state purple.

  4. Mitch McConnell is a typical Southern redneck. He has about as much class and intelligence as a large rock. He’ll always be re-elected because he represents a state that is filled with people just like him.

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