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Monday, March 25, 2019

This Week In Crazy: Another Awful Valerie Jarrett Conspiracy Theory, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Glenn Beck

“I have a theory that is different than most, and I will be mocked for it,” Glenn Beck began on his radio show Monday. He’s certainly right about that.

Beck’s latest theory goes like this: The unstable situation in the Middle East is not a series of institutional crises in sovereign nations, but actually a “proxy war” between the United States and Russia. Which is, naturally, about to heat up. Yes, according to Beck, World War III is upon us.

Keeping in mind that Beck believes that President Obama will officially be a dictator in about three weeks, it’s pretty clear on which side he thinks America will be in the coming conflict.

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45 responses to “This Week In Crazy: Another Awful Valerie Jarrett Conspiracy Theory, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right”

  1. atc333 says:

    No wonder America’s standing in the world is slipping. Right Wing nuts spinning wild theories as the GOP Radical Right does everything in its power to insure any recovery will be slow, and painful for all but the top 2%, who are, and have been doing very well, thank you very much.

    No solutions, no answers, no plan, and no desire to change.

    • Elisabeth Gordon says:

      The TEA party (Threatening Everything American) ~ as they trounce on our best hope for a better America. Traitors all !
      …and they breed.

      • PissedoffinAZ says:

        I LOVE your acronym! Stealing, with attribution!

        • Elisabeth Gordon says:

          Have at it…the more people come to realize who the real traitors are to our nation and everything it was founded upon the better…the Teabaggers got nothin’ and they know it, which is exactly why they continually attack our President and everything he is attempting to do to help this country heal from the Bush debacle…2014 “bring it”

      • plc97477 says:

        With the brains behind these people I find it hard to believe their offspring can understand the complicated jobs of breathing.

    • labrown69 says:

      Yea, it couldn’t be because since Obama fired General Stanly McChrystal for telling the truth and saying “we are killing more civilians than enemy combatants” we have killed tens of thousands more including wedding parties, the children of suspected terrorists and many who are guilty of nothing. It’s all those darn “right wingers” fault.

      • atc333 says:

        Since the beginning of Bush II’s projected “little 3 month long war”, there have been over a hundred thousand non enemy combatant deaths, Iraqi deaths, most which occurred during the Bush II/Cheney watch.

        There was much more involved than simply telling the “truth”.

      • SgtCedar says:

        McCrystal was forced to retire (with full pay, not exactly a serious punishment) for talking disrespectfully about his superiors in the chain of command to a reporter. If he felt so much that the war was being fought wrong the correct thing to do would have been to resign his commission (still with full pension) then spoken out as a civilian.

        • labrown69 says:

          Nonetheless, it was McChrystal who said “we are killing more civilians than enemy combatants” and this was not a popular statement without “peace candidate” president.

          • charleo1 says:

            Well, I hate to burst your bubble. But, more of the Right Wing
            supported a surge in Afghanistan, than did the Progressive
            Liberals in the Democratic Party. I believe McChristal to be
            a good man, and his record leaves no doubt about his patriotism. But, he ought to have known better. And left the
            President no option but to fire him.

      • CrankyToo says:

        You finally got something right, Squire. It’s all those darn “right wingers” fault.

        • labrown69 says:

          That is an excellent way to avoid looking at your own part in things which of course is the perfect way to remain stupid and as you so eloquently have demonstrated, “ignorance is bliss”!

    • erma652 says:

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    • Dominick Vila says:

      Perhaps we should do the same. How about the probability of the Koch brothers being involved in the attack against our consulate in Benghazi. They have considerable investments in the Benghazi area, have contacts with former elements of the Kaddafi regime, and the main beneficiaries of the Benghazi attack, which happened two months before the last presidential election, were the Republican candidates. For that matter, it gives the GOP the ammunition they need to demonize a likely Democratic nominee in 2016: Hillary Clinton.
      The funny thing about conspiracy theories is that we can all come up with one.

      • sigrid28 says:

        Spreading rumors and unwinding conspiracy theories is part of the “can only win by cheating” Republican play book, in my opinion. That’s why these same tactics are a no-go for most Democrats and the Obama administration. As I’m sure you know. I think it’s also one of the keys to our eventual success. Lately it seems that the distance between Republicans and Democrats resembles the distance between Nazis in World War II Europe and everyone else. Eventually, the lack of reality behind the principal premise of the Nazis, that the Aryan race is superior to all others, undermined any prospects for their victory. I will say, however, that the French Resistance, the Americans, and Brits (especially on D-Day when Americans deployed dummy “parachutists” to deceive the Germans) made excellent use of trickery in defense of reality and on behalf of the need to win.

      • The_Magic_M says:

        > The funny thing about conspiracy theories is that we can all come up with one.

        And the sad thing is that yours is much more likely to be true than the right-wing’s.
        I mean, noting how the right is always projecting (racists calling the black president “racist”, vote suppressors calling Democrats “election fraudsters” etc.), it’s quite likely that every alleged Democratic government “scandal”/”conspiracy” actually has an actual Republican scandal/conspiracy attached to it.

  2. itsfun says:

    Calling things like the murders at Foot Hood a work place incident instead of what it is doesn’t help increase our standings in the world. Allowing Americans to be murdered in Benghazi doesn’t help our standing in the world. Allowing the IRS to target certain groups to harass for political reasons doesn’t help our standings in the world. Gun running in Mexico, then trying to destroy the 2nd amendment doesn’t help our standings in the world. Spying on Americans doesn’t help our standings in the world. Enforcing only the laws you like doesn’t help our standings in the world. Oh well, what difference does it make?

    • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

      1. I agree that Fort Hood should not be described as a work place incident, but I disagree that affects our standing in the world.
      2. Explain allowing Americans to be murdered in Benghazi.
      3. The evidence to date is showing both conservative and progressive groups were looked at. The reason there were more conservative groups, were because more of them applied for tax exempt status. Again the world really does not care about this.
      4. Gun running in Mexico – party line talking points – not effective.
      5. Trying to destroy the 2nd amendment – please. No one is trying to destroy the 2nd amendment just keep weapons of mass destruction (you remember that phrase) out of the hands of individuals other than the military. By the way the most of the world has no 2nd Amendment, they have banned guns ownership completely.
      Now what does make us look like fools:
      A. The inability to Govern. B. In a Democracy, which we keep pushing on other countries, passing unpopular laws at night without debate, passing unpopular laws buried in motorcycle safety bills. Yes you know those intrusive laws into a woman’s right to make a choice. C. Refusing to pass laws giving equal pay to women and protecting ALL women against acts of violence. C. In a Democracy, passing Voter Suppression Laws and Gerrymandering so that one party can be a Republican Regime. D. The hatred and disdain expressed by elected officials to those who are less fortunate. E. The buying of our Government Officials by Corporations, Special Interest Groups and individuals like the Koch Brothers.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Repeating right-wing lies and stupidity doesn’t increase your standing in the world, either. You’re full of it on Benghazi and the IRS, the BS apparently intending to represent “fast and furious” overlooks that it was a Bush program terminated by Obama, and no one is trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment except lunatics who think guns are the answer to everything and imagine Obama and the UN are coming for them in the dark of the night. And who called the Fort Hood massacre a “workplace incident”?
      You have a point about the spying only because Obama should have stopped it or cut back the Bush programs he has continued, and Bush certainly wasn’t the first president to spy on Americans.
      If you want to complain about enforcing laws only if you like them, speak to Bush, Cheney, and those who were responsible for law enforcement in the Reagan administration. Reagan appointed people who had fought agencies all their lives to head them in order to assure lack of enforcement of laws he didn’t like, and he did it to an unprecedented degree. If you can dispute that fact, let’s see some facts, not your usual BS.
      And what sepcific laws besides DOMA has Obama declined to enforce?

    • CrankyToo says:

      Itsfun to be an idiot, huh?

    • idamag says:

      There are a lot of things happening in this country that isn’t increasing our standing in the world. We are being thought of as a nation of violent people.

  3. Lovefacts says:

    The current right wing would have been disowned by the Republicans of just twenty years ago. As for Beck, I still don’t understand how he has any credibility. I mean, Beck never objected to “W’s” comment that there was nothing wrong with a dictatorship as long as he was the dictator.

    • soapboxgirl says:

      Not to mention how he wrote a book about the UN Agenda 21 conspiracy to scare people into thinking it meant the UN was going to force a socialistic ideal onto everyone, and then turned around to put forth his version of what utopia SHOULD look like complete with not allowing paved roads or yard fences, not allowing big-name retailers in a designated town-square, only one organization to donate to that will control how to disperse those donations, and a single media station in which Beck is the producer of all programming.

      So he, like Bush doesn’t like dictatorships if he isn’t the dictator.

  4. JDavidS says:

    The Right-Wing media is just a riot to watch. It’s like the old kids game of “telephone”. Start a “story” (and lend it some credence by saying “It’s been reported”…but never say “reported by” who)…, run it through several gasbags…ie.-Limbaugh then Hannity then Beck then through Faux Noise… and do that several times, with each gasbag embellishing the original lie just a tad, and of course all the while whipping their audience, aka “the loons”, into a frenzy and viola! Soon the lie becomes “truth”. To the point where you have some campaign bozo telling the media that their campaign won’t be dictated to by “fact-checkers”. Or , in other words “We’ll accept the lie as fact and piss on whether anyone can prove it’s not.”
    They follow the Joseph Goebbels school of thought…”If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Or, at least, their mindless RepubliCON/Tea Clown base will.

    • soapboxgirl says:

      And then those who don’t accept the lie or the spin are accused of not liking simple facts. The problem is, these people treat their opinions as fact, i.e. it’s a fact that they have an opinion about a fabrication.

    • lammitom says:

      That’s what Obama does.

  5. howa4x says:

    It was Palin who kicked in the door of common sense when she was mistakenly hurled onto a national stage. There she began to spin wild theories about Obama and no republican in office told her to keep it real. Since then the tea party has risen to a level of national craziness where they think what they are making up is actually true. I don’t blame these people for going off the rails, I do blame the people who follow and listen to this fruitcake junk.

  6. SgtCedar says:

    World War III, and Glenn Beck will be at the head of the line to volunteer to fight. Oh that’s right, he is not eligible because he is a drug addict. Guess he will have to sit this one out just like he did Vietnam.

  7. SgtCedar says:

    “… maybe his new outlook will cause him to stand up for those who accept
    climate science. Or at least support giving them tax-exempt status.”

    Don’t bet on that.

    • The_Magic_M says:

      If climate change is a religion, attacking it is hate speech. Funny how even their own “inner logic” never adds up for RWNJ’s.

  8. SgtCedar says:

    Let Louie (Loonie) Goober run for the Senate as long as he resigns his seat in the House to run.

  9. Charles Randolph says:

    Gouped together and put into a modern mega church with thes five people and their hang on every word followers, the total IQ sum of the whole group would be zero, nada, zip, goose egg. I won’t use words like idiots or retards because those conditions are actual physical conditions caused by involuntary and natural actions. Thes people are far far worse. They, through deliberate and with forethought CHOOSE TO BE AND ACT THIS WAY. Which in my book is far more dangerous the a true idiot or mentally challenged individual. If the recent attempt at pass a background checks would have gone through, then listening to Beck or Limbaugh for more then 3 times a week would have automatic grounds for disqualification for gun ownership.

    • The_Magic_M says:

      > They, through deliberate and with forethought CHOOSE TO BE AND ACT THIS WAY.

      I think deliberation would have come up with better stories. The point is that these people actually believe most of the tripe they’re spewing with religious fervour. If some alien species threatened to wipe out our planet unless people like Rush admitted they were deliberately putting out propaganda, Rush would do a final show stating “go ahead, kill us, I will pray”.

  10. lammitom says:

    If not Jarrett, who did give the stand-down order? Obama, himself?

    • Independent1 says:

      Nobody was told to stand down – that was a Faux News reporting lie that sheeple like you believed. It was the general himself who was leading a small detachment in Cairo who decided HIMSELF that his unit didn’t have the firepower to get involved in a shootout and that it would be best to stay in Cairo and make sure that the embassy there wasn’t going to also be attacked. He also felt that should there be casualties from Benghazi that they may need assistance to get medical aid which turned out to just be the case.

      As you may have learned by now, Benghazi WAS NOT a consulate under the direction of the State Department – it was primarily a CIA office set up as a consulate for cover – AND it was the CIA’s responsibility to protect it, which they were doing – when the office called for help, 4 CIA personnel responded within 25 minutes with two of the agents that responded being killed in trying to support the office.

      The true SCANDAL of Benghazi, is the LIES AND DISTORTIONS spewed by Faux News in its reporting of the attack. And the sham ‘congressional investigation’ headed up by an idiot like Darrell Issa.

  11. charleo1 says:

    So Russia, and the U.S. are going to war? Who’s side do we suppose Beck, and
    the T-Party will be on?

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