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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5: Jerry O’Neil

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Montana state representative Jerry O’Neil made headlines this week by introducing a bill that would allow criminal defendants to negotiate with a judge for corporal punishment instead of jail time.

The bill, which defines corporal punishment as “the infliction of physical pain on a defendant to carry out the sentence negotiated between the judge and the defendant,” would allow Montana to become the first state to inflict corporal punishment since Delaware publicly whipped a criminal in 1952.

As The Huffington Post points out, O’Neil — who supported Ron Paul for president in 2012 — was previously best known for asking the state to pay him in gold and silver coins, due to his fear of imminent monetary collapse.

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  • After 2014, our Tea Party naenderthals are likely to join the dynosaur skeletons at the wonderful Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, for children of all ages to learn the contributing factors that lead to the extinction of some species.

    • Please – let us not introduce these pathetic excuses for human beings to that wonderful museum….the dinosaurs deserve better company.

      • You are right, I should have thought of more appropriate company, especially when we consider some of our contemporaries cannot even blame their demise on an Ice Age.

    • emadis41

      Dominick, these Neanderthals are out to proof that the Theory of Evolution is wrong.

      • alumahead

        Their ideology is based on de-evolution…

    • Mr

      I wonder–per his reasoning–has he done wrong–
      broken the law and looking out for his future well being?

    • Why wait to 2014,Is time right now, Be in the Disposal,not in the Museum,The Museum is for Nice History and the Tea Party is not Good for this Country,is not Good for the New Generations Know about ,how this Garbage Divide this Country.

    • LMAO!

  • montanabill

    Is this another case of the pot calling the kettle?
    David Wu
    Mitch Greenlick
    Bob Menendez
    Vito Lopez
    Sheldon Silver

    • Corruption and human weaknesses are, indeed, truly bipartisan “attributes” in the political community.
      What is uniquely Republican is the advancement of policies such as calling for physical punishment on inmates, minimizing the importance of rape, calling women that use contraceptives prostitutes, denying women and minorities equal rights, marginalizing minorities and doing everything possible to deny them the right to vote, among other things.

      • montanabill

        Actually those are the traits of individual humans, exactly like the undesirable traits of the people I listed. Also there is the eye of the beholder. Your ‘marginalizing’ and ‘deny them the right to vote’ is my making sure that votes are cast by legitimate citizens only once using the same mechanisms as are used in many other democratic countries.

    • highpckts

      Montana bill – so you are ok with these crackpots?? You agree with all they say?? I’m not here to say the Dems don’t have their share, but the Gop is standing out front and making headlines with this BS!! You are still ok with that lable?? Wow! Too bad because I would have given crdit to some GOP members who show a little sanity and common sense!!

      • montanabill

        Why is it only the Republicans making headlines, when the people I listed have been accused of equally offensive behavior? Is it because sites like the National Memo and the mainstream media only report bad Republican behavior unless forced to do otherwise, like in the Anthony Weiner case? You probably never heard of most of the people I listed. The only way you would know what they are accused of is if you did an internet search. Bias is alive and well.

      • montanabill

        Why is it only the Republicans making headlines, when the people I listed have been accused of equally offensive behavior? Is it because sites like the National Memo and the mainstream media only report bad Republican behavior unless forced to do otherwise, like in the Anthony Weiner case? You probably never heard of most of the people I listed. The only way you would know what they are accused of is if you did an internet search. Bias is alive and well.

  • Driven by a belief system that refuses to acknowledge facts, we have leaders and their followers who make up stories to back their delusional understandings. It is no doubt comforting to create a friendly world of their own.

  • I am continually amazed at the stupidity of these “politicians” – where were these people raised?….and by whom? One must admit, however, that it makes for high comedy….

    • july860

      I would say they were raised by the wolves, but I’m afraid I’d be insulting the wolves….

  • latebloomingrandma

    I suppose this is the First Amendement in all its glory and inglory of the peoples’ right to their free speech. And our right to tear our hair out reading it.

    • S-3

      At this point, we may need to remove te right of gov’t to speak – only when we the people say they can speak – that’ll fix some shit straight up IMHO.

  • lkreu

    I have a friend that gets made b/c I keep saying how crazy the Republicans have become, she was insulted that I assume that MOST of them are nuts- said I’m sure there are democrats who say crazy things, I said yes, about 10% of the dems are nuts – but 65% of the republicans are off their rocker.

    • july860

      Too low

  • 1bythebrooks2

    Stupid is as stupid does! These folks have that in Spades!

  • S-3

    The only place for scum like these is the gallows/guillotine.

    Some of those ideas from BS books like Left Behind sound better everyday for getting our nation back on track.

    • amarquez647

      Let us not forget that Mr. Guillotine was a victim of his own invention. The extreme and incredibly ignorant right wing Tea Partiers will eventually choke on their own words. It’s incredible that they that profess to fallow a loving God are so full of venom.

  • ococoob

    Sheryl Nuxoll needs a new hairdo. That hairdo style is hillbilly redneck style from the ’50’s.

    • Don’t insult hillybillies and rednecks by comparing any of these as such. Here is the orgins of the two names, In Scotland there was a group of Scots that raised billy goats on the side of hills and were called hillbillies and they brought that nickname with them when they came to America. Coal miners used to wear red bandannas around their necks when working to cover their mouth and nose when the coal dust was real heavy in the air to try and protect their lungs.

      • ococoob

        Your right and my apologies here. I found the origins of these terms interesting and didn’t know about that. However, the woman DOES need a new do!

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  • bestofandy

    So the idea is that we can get out of murder, rape, and robbery, by simply asking for a good spanking. The criminals should likely have had this as kids, not adults.

    • The criminals did have this as kids, until the kids started calling 911 saying they were being abused by their parents. You can go to jail for corporal punishment of your own children today.

  • No no no, this makes sense. Prison life, even a short sentence of just a few years changes people, and not in a good way. Prison life is a savage environment where the very worst that humanity has to offer have created an environment of barely contained brutality. In such an environment people must resort to doing things that, were they outside, would be beyond the pale. A car thief might be someone who has always abhorred violence, but once in prison they might be put in the position where they would have to commit a violent act against another inmate or a guard in order to be accepted by a prison gang, or even to protect someone on the outside that they care about, not to mention violence in self-defense. The correctional system only corrects bad behaviors in a very, very small percentage of people who are exposed to it. It’s a system that excels at amplifying existing bad behaviors and teaching all new ones as a bonus. For first time offenders who simply made the mistake of being young and stupid and are now facing hard time for non violent felonies like drug possession or grand theft, this could be the magic bullet that stops the revolving door of the increasingly privatized corrections industry.

  • adriancrutch

    Right wing humor is just not for everybody! Pretty Pathedic Party!

  • These people are so deranged they don’t deserve comment.

  • Jack Wormer

    I think Teabagger-Neanderthals more appropriately belong in a traveling museum like “BODIES”, even though we already know by their sayings, attitudes, and associations they have no brain…

  • bestofandy

    So explain this to me, … WHY do they get elected ??

    • july860

      Look at their constituents

  • It’s interesting that Klein has 90.8K followers on twitter. As a conspiracy advocate (nutjob), I wonder if he is aware that most of those following him, are really just keeping an ‘EYE’ on him as opposed to actually believing anything he says — hmmmm… food for thought….

  • John_E_Turner

    Hard to believe that these mental cases actually get elected to important positions in government! Surely they are certifiabley insane.

  • Pamby50

    My daughter had an hour ride home. I had her laughing reading about this week crazies. Glad I could keep her up to date on the idiots out there.

  • Pat Brown

    The GOP or whatever fills their shoes should stick to their convictions. No compromise, no concern about winning. Hold firm to your principals, winning be damned.

    Because with that attitude, the new GOP will have even less luck winning elections which is just fine by me.

  • alumahead

    Jerry O’Neil.

    How could anyone vote for a man who ‘d wear that suit with that tie?!

  • july860

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Ed

    And Glenn, gets in his Limo, lights a cigar and has he accountant tell him he made another million today.