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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5: Jerry O’Neil

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Montana state representative Jerry O’Neil made headlines this week by introducing a bill that would allow criminal defendants to negotiate with a judge for corporal punishment instead of jail time.

The bill, which defines corporal punishment as “the infliction of physical pain on a defendant to carry out the sentence negotiated between the judge and the defendant,” would allow Montana to become the first state to inflict corporal punishment since Delaware publicly whipped a criminal in 1952.

As The Huffington Post points out, O’Neil — who supported Ron Paul for president in 2012 — was previously best known for asking the state to pay him in gold and silver coins, due to his fear of imminent monetary collapse.