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Monday, March 25, 2019

It seems that the longer President Barack Obama is in the White House, the more deranged his right-wing opposition becomes. From Kenyan birth to being a secret Muslim to embarking on apology tours, Obama’s first term was marked by one convoluted conspiracy theory after another. Now that the president has won re-election, his opponents promise to become even more unbalanced.

With that in mind, The National Memo is launching a new weekly series to monitor the most absurd examples of wingnut wackiness: This Week In Crazy. It was pretty hard to narrow it down to just five, but here are our picks for the most certifiably insane outbursts of the past seven days:

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89 responses to “This Week In Crazy: January 11th Edition”

  1. The paranoia that consumes a large number of Tea Party members may seem irrational to most of us, but it is far from being trivial. There is a concerted effort to overcome the limitations of the minority to impose their radical ideology on the majority. The tools to achieve that goal include a well organized and funded disinformation campaign and arming themselves to the teeth. By invoking the Second Amendment they bring legitimacy to their plan, and by suggesting the likely imposition of tyranny they hide their ultimate goal: tyrannical rule on those who do not share their beliefs.
    I don’t support conspiracy theories, but what is happening should not be ignored. The concerted efforts to reject most of President Obama’s Cabinet appointments are not driven by concerns over their records or qualifications. The intent is to discredit the President and ensure his administration goes down in history as a failure. The decision by so many to arm themselves to the teeth before alleged new laws deny Americans the right to bear arms is not based on fact. Nobody is proposing to deny Americans the right to own a handgun or a hunting rifle. What most of us are questioning is the need to own assault weapons and large capacity magazines used typically in warfare. Since some gun advocates have admitted that their decision to buy militry-style weapons is to prevent tyranny, I think it is fair to conclude that at least some of those that are purchasing such weapons are indeed concerned about their children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends imposing their views on them. Or are they? Could it be that a small minority of citizens, frustrated by their inability to put their candidates in high government positions, are determined to achieve their goal by force. Are they planning tyrannical rule over the majority?

    • Wow Dominick – as always your thought process is, I believe, scaringly spot-on…I have thought this too, but lack the eloquence to state it…kudos!

    • empiremed says:

      Such hate speech. You should speak kinder of your fellow man, even if they don’t
      speak kindly of you. Those people are no more hateful than you are.

    • elw says:

      Well said. If anyone thinks it is trivial, I suggest they go read the comments on Yahoo under any article about the President, guns, rape, etc. They dominate with crazy stories, threats, and disgusting accusations against the President and his family. Many of them make no sense; others are just plain scary..

    • Mulligatonney says:

      You certainly love to hear yourself talk. You are also unequivocally mistaken about who the “majority” is, and I think you know that.

      Tea Party “paranoia” might seem irrational to someone who believes someone else’s money belongs to him… That scam has been going for centuries, carried on by carpetbaggers both large and small, who perennially seek opportunities for themselves on the backs and honest efforts of others.

      The Tea Party was formed because the politicians in our government have borrowed, spent and printed this country into such a dismal economic situation that they felt something had to be done about it. That’s all. Nothing paranoid about that. Patriotic maybe, but definitely not paranoid. Angry, maybe – that the government has spent the Republic to the brink of financial ruin. But not paranoid. What they oppose is real. The news media reports it every day. The debt. The deficit. The out of control spending. They are angry at our government, and have a right to be…They want them to change their undisciplined approach to upholding the Constitution, and have the right to express that. Possibly they are not communicating their anger perfectly enough for “progressives” (whatever that means) such as yourself, but that is the extent of their intentions. Nothing more. To raise their voice against a government that is spending the money the taxpayer is paying them like drunken sailors. We should all be protesting right with them.

      Paranoia is much better defined by that last bit of nonsense you wrote about a small minority of citizens planning tyrannical rule over the ‘majority’. Who is it again that is paranoid? Why, you…of course. You talk about “most of us” as if you know who those people are…

      Safeguarding the Republic against “tyrannical minority” is exactly what our founders worried about – only it was the government they were worried about! And their worries, as it turns out, were well founded. They knew government must be kept as small and limited in its power as possible because it was a necessary evil. Those are Madison’s own words, echoed by many who were reading the Federalist Papers at the time as fast as he could write them.

      That’s why the 2nd Amendment was written. And the Tea Party is exercising their 1st Amendment right. So do you have a problem with the Constitution, or do you just want to be the one to interpret it for the rest of the “majority”…

      So – it is time for you to tell the truth – what are you? Or do you not have the ballsack to tell your cult followers the truth about what you really believe – either admit that you believe something different than our founders did or abandon your silly diatribe about Tea Party “paranoia” and Americans who don’t want their ability to defend themselves taken away.

      Most of the rest of the people on this site aren’t smart enough to realize that your writing is in direct, polar opposition to the principles this country was founded upon. They applaud you because you use words better than most of them can. And you help them articulate their fears along with your own.

      Do you want to do something positive about your fear? Go buy the biggest, most rapid-firing freaking gun you can find, learn to defend yourself and your home, seek and establish a meaningful relationship with God and start raising your voice against the tyranny that our government is practicing.

      Watch how quickly your “paranoia” disappears. There isn’t much of it going on in the conservative camp – or the Tea Party, for that matter.

      Simply righteous anger at having our Constitutional rights taken away, one by one.

      That is called tyranny.

      • Brian says:

        Hey, Soup. Which hat were you wearing when you sent this: the propeller beanie or the aluminum foil pyramid?

      • Just one more sock puppet employed by the Koch brothers to spead lies. Go hide under the rock with your slimy friends.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          There is nothing wrong or slimy with speaking out against unbridled government spending and self-seeking politicians.

          Unless, of course – you are afraid your own entitlement may be reduced if the government should decide to reign in the massive debt.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          Well, that was not very nice.

        • diverdown48 says:

          right on warren. mull…….. claims to be a member of the majority. But his side lost the election. And lets be realistic, not everyone who voted for Romney was a nut job. A majority of the nra doesn’t believe people shoud own assault weapons and that background checks should happen.
          The gun manufacturers, dealers and in fact a small minority think there should be no restrictions.
          Most NRA members are hunters and rational gun owners. They realize that if you know how to handle a firearm that it only takes one shot for a real hunter. Those who don’t know how to squeeze the trigger pull it and need an assualt weapon to spray out a stream of bullets to kill anything in a given area.
          These types are not responsible gun owners. They are idiots.

      • irishtap says:

        Somewhat eloquently stated but I disagree nontheless. Our country is hardly on the brink of insolvency, largely thanks to the Democrats. You’ve bought into the ramped up “sky is falling rhetoric” the GOP always endorses. If you wish to rail against government incompetence be it policy or reckless spending, look no farther than the GOP. The Bush administration (DEFICITS DON’T MATTER) is considered a watershed failure by a large majority of Americans, yet the Republicans don’t have the fortitude to acknowledge this excersise in collossal irresponsibility. A majority of your Teaparty congressmen were voted in on a platform of reining in Wall Street, and once elected and sworn in; vociferously defied legislation to curb behaviors which led to the financial collapse. They said no to any stimulus legislation designed to address our crumbling infrastructure in every part of the country, while secretly working feverishly behind the curtain to satisfy well heeled constituents from their own district. Like carnival barkers they stand on stage while holding up the oversized “FEDERAL” check they brought back home, as if they were some kind of savior, then go back to saying no to bills that would get the entire country economically invigorated. Indeed, they have zero conscience or is it zero intellect for not caring if the government becomes insolvent by not raising the debt ceiling? Who would benefit from that? What does the misplaced GOP spending narrative have to do with Teaparty attacks on science? If concerned about spending, why won’t they stand up to the oil industry (who happens to be doing very well by the way) and say “No more rediculous subsidies”. Why have a congressional panel of so-called experts on women’s reproductive health and refuse to allow a woman to testify? Why do GOP state legislatures attack Planned Parenthood for God sake? Why do Republicans work to deny voting rights to citizens that don’t buy into their anti-representative government chicanery? Because it is the GOP that seeks to systematically remove us from our constitutional rights via the veiled preference for fascism and plutocracy that is their heartfelt agenda.
        Your Teaparty is far from some ‘wholesome grassroots uprising’: It is the unethically manufactured brainchild of a disgraced Texas congressman with financial blessing from the Koch brothers and other extreme right wing society planners. It’s mission: to stir up unrest in the Limbaugh educated FOXING idiots into voting against their own interests. The paranoia machinery is well oiled by rightwing lunatics that haven’t a molecule of patriotic feeling within their collective greed driven carcass. And guess what – it’s dying, just like the rest of the GOP.
        You can tell me “F off”. I expect that. I am a liberal and it’s easy to find left leaning journalists that I would agree with on any issue but, here’s the rub: the most profound bit of writing on the unpatriotic manuevering of the GOP is what I found from a Washington D.C. Republican operative, who spent the better part of three decades seeking political advantage for his party. He entitled it Goodbye to All That, the Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the CULT. This man, whom doesn’t care for Democrats either, clearly and honestly exposes the Republicans for what they’ve become. A sham political party and a menace to society. Read it and weep. Then start looking for Republicans that have some moral courage ala Mr. Lofgren to put into office.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          I speak about corrupt politicians and you respond with a rant against the GOP?

          I made no mention of republicans. But are you really naive enough to entertain the notion that democrats make no political maneuvering? And if the GOP dies, as you speculate, what happens then? Then the democrats will become fiscally sane and responsible?

          Interesting, though – when I speak of fiscal responsibility and upholding the Constitution, you automatically assume I am a member of the Tea Party or the GOP…

          Sounds like you might be one of those “money isn’t real so we can go as far into debt as we want to” kind of people… Do you think our massive debt is not real? Are promises to pay or exchange real? Are bonds real? How can commerce take place with someone who constantly borrows and spends but never pays back? If your friend who didn’t work constantly borrowed from you, telling you how badly he needed the money for his survival, but then you saw him at Wal-Mart buying a television, then at a fancy restaurant, then at a concert, and at the golf course during the day while you had to work, how long would you continue to lend him money? Wouldn’t you refuse eventually? Then, if you refused and he began to just take money from you, would you not at least protest?

          This is our government. They promise things to their citizens that they cannot deliver with the money they have in exchange for their vote, then look for ways to get the money they don’t have by taking it from places they shouldn’t be taking it from. If they fail to steal enough money, they then look for someone to blame. Then, all they have to do is to convince an uninformed constituency that it is someone else’s fault…

          If money and debt aren’t real, then why do politicians threaten us with them constantly?

          If money doesn’t have any meaning, then why did the present administration use it to scare the population?

          So – you are a liberal. Does that mean you believe in a government that spends more than it takes in? Or that government has the right to force its citizens to pay higher and higher taxes without attempting to reign in its debt? Or simply an organization that takes as much money as it likes from those who work hard and gives it to those who have no wish to work hard? This is largely the reason the American Revolution took place.

          Does liberalism equal zero responsibility? Does it mean that the Constitution is archaic and outdated? What does declaring yourself a liberal mean?

          That is actually one of the puzzling thing about liberals. They never really seem to be able to define who they are or what they actually believe in.

          If you believe in and support the Constitution and the founding principles, then there is a basis for discussion. If you do not believe in and support the Constitution, there is also a basis for discussion. But if you want to be a leaf tossed about by the wind, there is no point in trying to have a discussion. If you don’t stand for anything, how can any logical entity take you seriously?

      • This is a democracy and government is just one more service that has to be paid for. They are no more stealing your money then GM is. Just like 90% of what the republicans do that I totally disagree with and still have to pay for so do you for what you perceive as bad government services. Grow up and live in the real world not your fantasy world

      • A perfect example of the T-Party characteristic where they demonstrate to the rest of us their nostalgic embrace of the Constitution….rather than a commitment to the original Constitution, which they fail to understand. To them, it’s a mental “rush” and it’s meant to take on a symbolic value via waving their “Don’t tread on Me Flag” and brandishing their Guns, rather than a specific set of laws or policy positions of national concern. That’s why we’re witnessing so many religious edicts and solutions abounding from our Secular Halls of Justice. Theocratic intentions are impacting our secular laws.

      • RonaldS says:

        Another right-winger in denial. Where was the TP when Bush exploded the deficit by two un-financed wars? Hmmm? The TP did not emerge until President Obama was elected. Ergo, the TP was borne out of pure racism notwithstanding that there are a few Black TPers such as Allen West. West is plainly nuts and denies the TP’s real raison d’etre. The TP tries to disguise itself under the veil of we’re the protectors of freedom when in fact, they want to restrict the freedoms of those who do not share their views.

        The great majority of TPers are white lower to middleclass who have been fed and swallowed whole the venemous diatribes of Fox “News” (a misnomer to be sure) and other crazies. This swallowing went down the gullet easily as it played on their innate bigotry. They simply (and most are simple) cannot abide a black president regardless of his policies. So, they voted against their best economic interests to fuel their own narrow views most of which they claim are based on religious beliefs.

        Thankfully, the demographics of this country are becoming more diverse. The bigots are becoming a minority and the younger white generation is also coming around. Unfortunately it will take the 2014 election to hopefully further reduce the wingnut contigency in the Congress. We’re on our way but their will be more pain.

        Mulligatonney, unfortunely for you, you are one of the dinasaurs and you recall their fate.

      • m. j. says:

        Thank you. I couldn’t have imgined a more eloquent illustration to reinforce or bolster Dominic’s comments above. Mulligatonney, you sir are a gift.

      • Plznnn says:

        Great post Mulligatonney! The false information about ordinary, peacful, Patriotic Americans that just want our Federal Government downsized with more State responsibility, for the Federal Government to stop Spending Trillions we don’t have and to stop the Taxing to Spend more, to follow our Constitution, & get a balanced-budget, that is all the Tea Party is. People on this site need to look at other sources of news than just their Liberal, one-sided view.

      • mjw1952 says:

        Actually we have a remedy for what you describe, it’s called an election. And President Obama, who was very clear on his agenda, won the election. He didn’t need the Supreme Court to put him into office, didn’t need to sop people from voting, he just needed to tell the people what direction he wanted our country to go, and they agreed with him. No guns needed, just votes. By the way, Joe Walsh was vote out for the same reason.

      • Me, Myself and I says:

        The TeaParty was founded by the Koch brothers with one objective in mind and that was and is to cast extreme doubt on President Obama and everything he does and says and that reason alone is enough to believe the TeaParty is most definitely not altruistic… that it most assuredly has its roots steeped in conspiracy theories, lies and deception.

        When you have TeaParty leaders such as Michelle Bachmann, Ted Nuget, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter etc etc screeching insane propaganda in the name of the party, it is very difficult not to perceive and believe The TeaParty Patriots as full of bull caca. Dangerous? Yes. But still full of bull caca.

      • Me, Myself and I says:

        P.S. Who are you to decide the intelligence factor of ‘most of the people’ on this site? We are fully aware of what the TeaParty is about and who founded it and why.

        It is apparent to me and probably most of the people on this site that it is YOU who lack the intelligence concerning the founding of your own party and why it was founded and the “ball sacks” to express that truth.

        I’d like to hear what your examples of tyranny the Obama administration is practicing. What constitutional rights of yours are being taken away, one by one. Please list them.

        And please document yourself when and if you do make your lists.

        • Doctor T says:

          The idiot can’t do it because hate has overtaken his soul. Can’t understand their guy lost and cant deal with the truth so they make up lies and fearmongering….

      • Doctor T says:

        Not bothering to read your long ass diatribe over a man with more brains in his little toe than you and your big ass speech here. Give it up jerk!

        • Mulligatonney says:

          No worries – you would not understand it anyway – it is written above an elementary school comprehension level.

          Although, you did use the word “ass” twice…which is extremely clever – notwithstanding the fact that both times, it was in the same context. You failed to demonstrate versatility even with a word that you are apparently quite familiar with.

          Profanity serves you well – or at least, best… Keep using it to describe those you accuse of being “haters” and such. The “F” word is another possibility as well – an extremely versatile word for one so lacking in basic language skills.

    • As has been said, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone ISN’T out to get you. That picture of Michele Bachman was scary! Her eyes were totally black, and seemingly soulless. I guess that’s typical of her ilk.

    • RonaldS says:

      Wow. I admire your desciptive talents. Well said again. See my comments below to Mulligatonney. Keep it going.

    • Doctor T says:

      I believe that to be so, Dom. I just read where Bush 2 wanted a ban on assault weapons and a registry but no one threatened impeachment on him for that. But for Obama, oh well, that is a different story now, isn’t it? Those rightists love to throw out the use of the word racists as it applies to them, but it is so apparent isn’t it?

  2. tman000 says:

    These people are fed by these “right wing radicals” that host the ” Tabloid Radio” shows and “Tabloid TV talk shows” too. The Rush Limbaugh types continue to spew “hate, lies and spin” to divide America, for their personal and dangerous agenda. God Bless America…

    • empiremed says:

      Such hate speech. You should speak kinder of your fellow man, even if they don’t
      speak kindly of you. Those people are no more hateful than you are.

      • ANNA says:

        Why do you consider tmanooo’s comment hate speech? Are you denying that a right wing media exists that convinces low information listeners to be hateful? This is not hate speech. It is the truth. Yes, these people are being used. You can feel sorry for them or you can educate them. Your choice. But they’ve been brainwashed by the right wing media and their backers to be an army of haters and that is the truth.

      • Doctor T says:


  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    I have a slightly different take on these extremists. Most are highly neurotic, naive and immensely politically impressionable. However, look at who supports these groups most: very, very wealthy men…Example: Charles and David Koch, two publicly proclaimed Birchers, and Richard Armey, a former GOP Senator and now a K-Street lobbyist, created the “Tea Party.” (accent on the word “party.”) Most Americans ignore the fact that the Koch brothers never intended it to be a “political” party so much as a political festivity they would control autonomously with their money.

    Now…take another look at another extremist right wing group: Americans for Prosperity, deeply steeped in righteous deception of its real purpose and created by 7 Texas billionaires, including a former TX government biggie, a banker and a big time real estate mogul.

    Never for a moment doubt that wealth cannot destroy a country when that wealth becomes such that it overpowers the will of the people. Of course, these wealthy men want control. Their unlimited wealth, in their view, grants them entitlement to control over all else. So they think.

    But, we did this to ourselves. We knew they were gaming the systems for decades. We looked the other way. We knew they were ripping off consumers, taxpayers and their own employees and we never spoke out. We remained all too silent until their nooses wound around our own necks.

    Money always runs out. It’s long past time to allow theirs to run out. This is a new age and a new generation of young people with enormous intelligence. They should not be penalized for their ambitions, innovations and creativity by men who languish in positions that long ago would be dead from their own reckless decisions if not for taxpayers always bailing them out. And how did AIG repay our generosity recently? By trying to sue us for more bailout money. See? Feed a stray and they never leave.

    • They continue to rip off their employees, and will continue to do so for many years to come. We have become so complacent that even the suggestion of a union to defend the interests of the working class becomes synonymous to a four letter word. Our society has been brainwashed into believing that helping those who already own two thirds of our financial wealth accumulate more money is the only way forward, and any criticisms of the status quo is evil socialism.
      Take, for example, the new tendency to hire part timers and temporaries, pay them minimum wage and no benefits, instead of hiring full time employees. That, sadly, is becoming the norm and our young accept it without protest.
      At the rate we are going there will be no middle class within the next two or three decades. People will be either very rich of very poor, that will probably be the time when the masses will wake up…and it may be too late for them to do anything about it.

  4. amazonfan says:

    According to Frank Gaffney, Hagel is an Iranian spy because he opposes war with Iran. I guess all the Israeli military/intelligence officials who oppose war with Iran are also spies.

    Delusional fool. He won’t be happy until the whole world is destroyed.

  5. jointerjohn says:

    A characteristic shared by these people is an inability to see any opinion other than theirs as anything less than a direct and mortal threat. Have you noticed how even those who disagree only in part are immediately relegated to the enemy list? Once seen as an enemy they then proceed to find anything they can to discredit and destroy them. Piers Morgan has a different opinion? Deport him. In the video of the interview that man was thoroughly terrified of Piers! The great manipulators love these paranoid people because they are so easy to control. Once you get their fear button stuck in the on position you can get them to do all kinds of crazy crap. This is exactly the stuff that the concept of Hell and the character Satan are made of. Tools to turn frightened humans into automatons.

  6. Barbara says:

    The gun law disqualifies the mentally ill from owning guns. Maybe all 5 of these
    people should be banned from owning guns, especially Ted Nugent. But, then he
    may be crazy as a fox. A has-been that manages to keep himself in the news by
    making ridiculous comments. We see that over and over with people that are no
    longer relavent and their egos just can’t handle it.

    • Doctor T says:

      There are alot of people out here who are not registered as mentally ill but they indeed are. How do we find these assholes? Oh I guess the NRA would just let guns hang around for them to have access to. The problem is they are the mental cases. Not everyone in a psyc ward is a killer. They are trying to shield themselves from the truth. Guns DO KILL PEOPLE!

    • Doctor T says:

      Ted Nugent is a mental case if there ever was one. Any guy who would shit in his pants for 30 days and live in it to get out of the draft has got to have a screw loose. And he cant sing for shit anyway. So who gives a crap about his opinion? Mitt Romney???

  7. That demostrate how in this country there are a group of the population that still in 2013, are racist, afraid of people of color; brown, black, yellow you named. They can’t stand the fact that a black person be the Presidnet of the Un ited States. No more political correctness, they are saying what they feel. Any progressive minded person should not pay attention to what they say. They are hater. They hate inmigrants of any background, but specially, they hate Obama. Thery hate him for all those things that they don’t like and that he represents.

  8. That demostrate how in this country there are a group of the population that still in 2013, are racist, afraid of people of color; brown, black, yellow you named. They can’t stand the fact that a black person be the Presidnet of the Un ited States. No more political correctness, they are saying what they feel. Any progressive minded person should not pay attention to what they say. They are hater. They hate inmigrants of any background, but specially, they hate Obama. Thery hate him for all those things that they don’t like and that he represents

  9. elw says:

    So here is my story to add to ‘in crazy.” I was talking with my 22 year old grandson this week and he told me someone at his workplace is claiming that the President has a secret bill going through the Congress that will eliminate the ban on more than two terms for the Presidency and he is doing it so he can become our dictator. First I have heard of that one. I just wonder how they think up all this nonsense.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      That will not happen. Could not happen. Wonder who started that rumor?

      • elw says:

        I would guess from some “crazy” right wing pundit with enough of a following to spread it and enough ignorant people to believe it. Your response is exactly what I told my grandson.

  10. You have to be extremely unbalanced to out sccore the traitor nuggent in a crazy contest but I think a couple of these dirtbags might have succeeded….

  11. stewartreb says:

    American RE-ELECTED our current President! Why can’t the REPUBLICANS understand this and work with him to implement policies that are in the best interests of ALL AMERICANS?

    1. I certainly do NOT need a tax increase! We can hardly afford what we are currently slated to pay now!

    2. I should certainly hope there will be no damage to SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE. American Citizens have paid into both of these programs for many years as they work toward retirement. The wealthy may not need this support, but most in this Country have placed their Faith and Trust in the fact that what they paid for will be available when needed!

    3. Did the Republicans actually think that Americans would support a candidate who believes in a false prophet, such as Joseph Smith? The very idea is reprehensible!

    Please try to understand that the choices were limited in this election but the American Citizens have already spoken through the election results. My only hope is that Hilary Clinton will run in the next Presidential Election in four years! I think Bill would be an excellent “First Man” for the White House .

  12. stewartreb says:

    One other issue: I am sick and tired of Republican Candidates attempts to Legislate Morality! They run on the same issues every four years: Overturn Roe vs Wade and somehow do away with homosexuality! I have never had an abortion nor am I a homosexual but both issues are MORAL ISSUES and will remain in our society until the last trumpet is sounded. Also, why didn’t George W. Bush make some attempts on these issues since he did have control of all three Branches of Government – Executive, Judicial and Legislative at least during one of his two terms. But, I don’t recall him ever attempting to deal with either of these MORAL ISSUES!

  13. Jim Myers says:


    • That Crazy Bastard Needs To Be In The Nut House!! And I Laugh Every Time Michelle Bachmann And Intelligence Is In The Same Sentence!!! LOL LMAO!!

      • Doctor T says:

        Bachman is a clown. She is totally worse than Palin and that is saying something as far as I am concerned. I cannot even believe these people out here like the soup guy, who sounds like a total numbnut.

  14. Jim Myers says:

    What the HELL is Frank Gaffney smoking?

  15. No if we are lucky Joe Walsh will shed his own blood and bleed to death. That will do more to preserve our freedoms (from buffoons like him).

    • empiremed says:

      Such hate speech. You should speak kinder of your fellow man, even if they don’t
      speak kindly of you. Those people are no more hateful than you are.

  16. Pamby50 says:

    I understand how they had such a hard time narrowing it down to 5 people. No Michelle Bachman. She brought the first bill to the floor to repeal the ACA. Then we have Paul Ryan bringing up the personhood ammendment. Next week they should start with Phil Gynrey from GA with his supporting Todd (legitimate rape) Atkin.

  17. S-3 says:

    Out of all of them, I’m glad Alex Jones is starting to be seen as the failure he is!!!

  18. Dean311 says:

    What a fucking worthless stupid BITCH Bachmann is. Everytime she opens up her big mouth she talks nothing but bullshit. Let’s use her for target practice at the next carnival that comes to town! Then will load her in the clown car at the circus and let the elephants walk right over the top !!!

  19. irishtap says:

    Mulligatonney – I’m a realist. I fully understand the failings of many Democrats. The difference is Democrats believe in government while Republicans only have disdain for it. With the GOP the mantra is ‘everything is bad all the time’, frankly I don’t buy it. I went off on Republicans because of their brash, unpatriotic bullheadedness. Like many on your side you use the analogy of kitchen table economics for how the federal government should be run. There is no such comparison. The finances of a middleclass wage earner is finite, with only so many years to bring in money. The government goes on and on. It regulates commerce of the worlds largest economy, and provide protection and services that the citizenry has a right to expect. It is not a for profit entity. However, when managed properly the government has run a surplus. If you’d care to rein in excess spending I suggest you study a report that goes into mind numbing detail of how private companies charge the government an average of three times what the government would otherwise spend if they had simply kept the work in house. This is something Libertarians and the GOP simply refuse to acknowledge. That being, private sector complicity in oversized government contracts. Clinton in the face of harsh opposition ran three surplus budgets and delivered Bush and company sound financial ground from which to go forward. If you take away the Bush years of madness, we’re sitting pretty good.

    Politics is politics both sides are players. But this Teaparty business is simply bogus. It’s only rich guys attempting to upend the government. Otherwise known as sedition. I told you where my politics lay. You readily jump on the ‘tax and spend liberal’ train without telling me where your coming from. Personally I know several conservative Republicans that shudder at the thought of Medicare and Social Security becoming privatized. Popular and successful programs Americans from all political stripes have come to appreciate, with progressive origins. This is an example of voting against your own self interest when the people using them would prefer Mitt Romney had become president and the GOP reclaimed the senate. The party of fiscal responsibility passed legislation toward destroying the U.S. Postal Service, when it has never added one thin dime to our deficit. Why? Because it was successful and they wanted to break it up, because of an association of a stand alone government entity employing thousands of workers at good wages and benefits that has changed with the times to remain efficient. Fed Ex and other corporations routinely use the Post Office for rural delivery because it’s more cost effective than they are. It is reprehensible that Republicans would do this, despicable.

    If I labled something you are not I apologise, but you communicate like so many other right wing types that refuse to answer a question. I asked several in my first response to you but : you didn’t answer a single one Mulligatonney. I don’t discount your obvious sincerity, but when it comes to ANY issue, the Republicans got noth’n. Nothing but deceit that is, and I’m pretty damned tired of it.
    Read Lofgren’s article, he’s a stand up honest Republican. More rare than a flawless diamond. Have a nice weekend, unless your a San Fransisco fan.

  20. Mimi2kool says:

    To list these insane rants, although amusing and instructive, is to give them more dignity and respect than they warrant. On the other hand, it is always good to know what the loyal opposition is thinking. Based on these crazy statements, they are not thinking…

  21. bchrista says:

    Let’s see what kind of mischievous shit I can rile up, to start with I couldn’t believe what I was reading the Bushes were not through sending another Bush to fuck up somethig , seems Jeb’s son named after his uncle and grandfather, George Bush is planing to run for some Office in Texas (and people ask how come Texas is so fucked up) well, look at who has run Texas politics with the exception of Jeb the rest of the familly has had their hand in Texas political system and if it wasn’t for their Oil Wells the State ofTexas would propbley dry up, the oil got people to come to the state and settle and that brought other industries to the state and more people came and helped build up the state. Without the oil the state would have dried up because the cattle industry alone could not support growth it’s hard to believe but my home state has more cattle than Texas, (Florida) You know I enjoy reading the comments posted here they are quite educational and most make a lot of sense but when you come t the ones posted by people like Mulligatonney, Obozomustgo, CannisterCook and a few others it seems like they have a grudge against the President whether it be Racial or whatthey refuse to accept facts, they deny his accomplishments, that the jobs industry is starting to gain momentum, that his system is adding 200,000 jobs a month inspite of the opposition ad harassment he has had to endure from the very congress that ran on a ticket to move the country forward, thses are the same people that accuse him of trying t take the hard earned money that the rich worked for and to bankrupt the corporations that have done s much to enhance peoples lives and make America a better place to raise their children. Apparently these same people have never heard of Walmart Papa Johns and a whole lot of other conclomerations, that hire workers at around $8.00 dollars an hour andwon’t let them work more than 30 hours a week so they don’t have to pay their benifits and insurance these workers are part of the 47% who have to collect welfare and food stamps in order to survive of course they don’t pay taxes when your take home pay is $251.40 and you have several mouths to feed how heartless must someone be to take food out of mouths of children, a lot of these same workers have too work two jobs to survive and you have the balls to complain because the rich are asked to pay their fair share of taxes after they have been on a vacation from paying their fair share thanks to Bush and the amount they are asked to pay is a drop in the bucket when by the time they submit their taxes their accountants have already milked every bit of the system wherein they wind up paying almost nothing meanwhile their overseas accounts keep growing from the interest they collect from their overseas investments which is deposited in their overseas bank acounts wake up guys because if you think that is a fair distribution of cash you’re living in the wrong country I don’t know about you guys but I was constantly told by my mom while she was alive that a person doesn’t hurt something they love so I’m figuring these rich people must have a hellava of a hatred for our country that is why they are trying to destroy it and I’ll be damn if I have anything to do with it, will I allow it, even if I had to learn t how be terrorest and I believe Iwill have a lot of company.

  22. Don B says:

    I wonder if Ted Nugent ever dconsidered that someone might target him with a military-grade automatic weapon?

  23. Don B says:

    Alex Jones needs to have his tin foil hat re-blocked.

  24. Don B says:

    The communists and Nazis were not what the majortity of people were about in their respective countries, yet thaey gained a footholdand became the rulers of their respective countries. Think this can’t happen here? Just look at people like Michelle Bachman, DeMinth, Cantor, Scott Walker etc. Yes it can……..

  25. More than ever, the column this week is solidly on the lines of, kill the messenger, nevermind the message. National Memo seems far more concerned with choosing the fun and insulting adjectives to describe people rather than the substance of what they stand for. There is shame in that. Im a democrat who voted for Obama the first time and when the lies, broken promises, deceit and debt piled up too high i changed parties. My parents are absolutely left-wing but they too reached their limit and today say Obama is the worst president ever. How did that happen? Unlike 99% of you, i spent the past five years learning the history we should have been taught but werent, like the history of the Federal Reserve, and actually reading every word and line of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Magna Carta, every other well known world document and endless history books. Have any of you actually read the Constitution? If you had, youd clearly see our problems and why Obama is wrong for America and a traitor as well. But as a another poster said, you vote for anyone promising to pay your way in life at someone elses expense and i dont have to be a conservative, libertarian or independent to say that. Learning history has not made me conservative or feeling affinity to any party but it has sure woken me up. Unlike you.

  26. I am still waiting for one of these idiots to take the front line and lead the charge, instead of being a cheer leader from the rear in safety

  27. Rosa Parks? All he ever had rosey was the chaffing on his ass from pooping his pants to avoid service to his country.

  28. Again, it is ok everybody arm up and go get them, I’ll sit here until you win the imaginary war, so I can take the credit.

  29. People like this are still afraid there are monsters in the closet and sleep with a night light.

  30. smh. how unbelievable that people can be so dumb

  31. blueskies13 says:

    If one-hit-wonder Ted breaks his promise to be either dead or in jail (the former preferred) could I volunteer to help out? Please? This talent-free clown is the most racist, hateful wingnut on the planet. The world will be a far better place for all species with his departure. Come on, Ted. We’re counting down. Don’t disappoint us!!

  32. blueskies13 says:

    What saddens me is that the only reason screwballs like this guy have a soapbox is that people actually tune in and listen to him. Are we really such a nation of shallow, uneducated and malleable sheeple with nothing better to do with our lives than to give this kind of raving loon a national podium?

  33. progressiveandproud says:

    So, the parents of New Town not only lost their children, now they are told that the entire episode was a hoax created by the government. Nothing like flying completely off the sane rails into total insanity.

    Right wingers make my skin crawl.

  34. Pete Lamb says:

    could Alex Jones be classified as mentally unbalanced and be denied a gun permit. Please!

  35. keith says:

    what a bunch of nuts!! these jerks will lose the debate before it starts they themselves are unstable . & Iam a gun owner but wholly crap they are not representing me that for sure

  36. onedonewong says:

    Lets look at the rest of the crazies this week on the news
    > joe Biteme wants the nation to only have “smart” guns
    > barak wants congress to raise the debt ceiling since they are the ones spending the $$
    > barak returns to hawaii for 2 days at a cost of $1 Million
    > Hilary defends her actions on Benghazi
    > Geithner thinks the Treasury should issue a $1 Trillion coin to stave off the debt ceiling vote
    > barak is putting the bite on all defense contractors to pay for his inauguration

  37. You just can’t fix Tea Qada crazy and stupid.

  38. FRED says:

    Michelle Bachmann-GO HOME-Be Quiet!!

  39. Ford Truck says:

    Walsh says “We may have to shed blood….” Lets take him up on his offer and shed HIS blood!!

  40. Mulligatonney says:

    …and which is my party? I am sure have not declared any party affiliation on this site…

    I could provide you with a long list of legislation passed and executive orders issued that have been incorporated into the massive, multi-tentacled bureaucratic, tyrannical monster that our government has become. I might even be willing to swap you, point and counterpoint, for what dubious liberties your dulled mind believes your messiah has provided you. After, all he told you he is doing what is best for you. There is no need for you to know anything else. Big Government is the new religion, and its scriptures herald political correctness and paying our “fair share”… And government gets to decide what all that is. You have given it that power. That makes it your god. Do you understand? You no longer get to decide. The monster now decides.

    …but I am not willing to educate you or do your homework for you if you do not understand these things for yourself from your knowledge of history and governments.

    …If you have read the Articles Of Confederation, The Federalist Papers, the Constitution, The Declaration Of Independence, the writings of Adam Smith, Charles Montesqueiu, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Paine, Alexis De Tocqueville, and many other founders (I left a few hundred out), AND have arrived at the conclusion that our government has not departed from its founding principles, thereby becoming tyrannical, bloated and self-serving, then you would only scoff at whatever list I provided you.

    …If you have read World History and the rise and fall of both democratic-styled, communistic-styled, extreme right, extreme left and dictatorial regimes and have arrived at the conclusion that our government (this administration included) is on the right track, what list can I provide you with that will not be regarded as antithetical to your beliefs?

    I can recommend some excellent on line courses for you if you are really interested in finding out the truth about what you think you know and what you think you believe.

    With respect to the ballsack comment – it is simply a verbal gantlet thrown down before a writer who writes things to his followers as though the founding documents agree with the opinions he is expressing – when they most certainly do not.

    I can’t condemn him to political hell because his viewpoint is not consistent with our founding documents. But he should at least admit to the people whose applause he seeks that they are not and declare what he is.

    If he even knows himself.

  41. Doctor T says:

    What a crazy bunch of lunatics we have running around out here and they really need to take their meds. That idiot Jones on Piers show was a complete blathering fool and very very very scarey! How can we deal with such idiocy? These people are out on the far stretches of a limb shaking over a void of self-righteousness and fanaticism. This MUST stop!

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