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Monday, October 24, 2016

Bluster, braggadocio, blowhards, oh my! The twin GOP debates that aired on Fox News Thursday were a buffet of bravado, casual misogyny, ignorance, xenophobia, leaps of illogic, flights of folly, and vaults of vacuousness, as the 17 candidates performed their strange dance of the damned in response to the clarion call of conservative crazies — “Be loud! Be angry! Be president!”

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. It’s our special GOP Debate Edition. Starting with number five:

5. Ben Carson

Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson answers a question at the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland

So much for “do no harm.” Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is apparently cool with torture. What he isn’t cool with is talking about torture.

When asked during Thursday night’s primetime Republican presidential debate whether he would reinstate the practice of waterboarding Gitmo detainees, Carson said:

What we do in order to get the info that we need is our business. And I wouldn’t necessarily be broadcasting to everybody what we’re going to do…. We’ve gotten into this mindset of fighting politically correct wars. There is no such thing as a politically correct war.

For someone who has trumped up his talents as a doctor, citing his signature medical achievement of being the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins at the head (an accomplishment he mentioned in his closing debate remarks), it is especially appalling that Carson would even suggest that torture is acceptable

It makes one wonder how he may have responded had he been asked about the other methods of torture used against detainees by U.S. military and non-military personnel, as revealed in the Senate’s report on the CIA’s tactics:

“Dr. Carson, what about stress positions?”

“I know a great chiropractor.”

“Would you be willing to employ sleep-deprivation techniques?”

“If the United States is in danger, we don’t have time to worry if these people are getting enough sleep.”

“Rectal rehydration or feeding?”

“If the person won’t eat or drink, I mean, right? God gave us a brain — and an anus.”

Setting aside the horrifying moral ramifications, it has long been known that information extracted via torture is almost always unreliable, and the CIA’s torture program, according to the Senate, failed to produce valuable intelligence.

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  • Blueberry Hill

    The Frump took them from Stupid Crazy Clowns to Senile Crazy Clowns, not a single one is fit for the President of this country, or to even clean up after his dogs.


    • idamag

      I am beginning to think trump is the brains of the bunch.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        And God help us all if Trump is. This guy is as slick as a baby’s bottom. What you see of Trump is NEVER what you get.

        • Most of them have brains, but they will all deny having them because they are competing for the votes of people who believe thinking is part of an evil communist plot.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            The mind of a Big Business CEO is like nothing you will ever encounter in your life. You need to work side-by-side with them 5 days a week for 50 weeks a year to get a gist of just how low they will stoop. The two Fortune 50 CEOs I worked with made it appear to their employees as if they were God’s gift to labor. But, in those backroom executive board meetings? It was slice and dice of their subordinates.

          • idamag

            Your post bears repeating.

      • Sand_Cat

        Rhetorically, I’m with you all the way on this. But in 2012, there was one guy who might have made a passable – maybe even decent – president, who was naturally dead last in the polls from day one: John Huntsman.
        Kasich didn’t impress in this “debate,” and I didn’t like him much when he was in the house, but the guy did expand Medicaid, and otherwise shows occasional flashes of compassion and intelligence.
        Should the nightmare scenario occur, and we have to accept one of these guys, I’d say Kasich might be the least of the evils. And – much as it chokes and sickens me to contemplate it, Jeb Bush – I REALLY don’t like him – at least seems somewhat sane.

        • idamag

          Very true. I like Jon Huntsman. He’s a little too civilized for those who say they are Republican.

  • Grannysmovin

    Ben Carson: “If the person won’t eat or drink, I mean, right? God gave us a brain — and an anus.” Guess God was rushed on a few days and only gave an anus to you and your fellow GOP candidates.
    Donald Trump: Hey Ivanka, how would you react to a man if he spoke to you or treated you the way your father treats women?
    Bobby Jindal: Someone should have shut down your parents before they conceived you.
    Mike Huckabee and Moderators: “Hallelujah” Let the rival meeting begin .

  • Buford2k11

    why do these folks have such a fixation on buttholes? is it because of that is where they store their heads when not in use? or is there something more sinister? I know we humans must deal with a mandatory butthole usage every day…and with a good flush the smell goes away, unlike the gop….

    • foxexploder

      Mollusks only have blow holes. Wandering around aimlessly, putrifying the waters around them with their excrement. Fox should throw toilet paper on the floor everyday, this abomination of a propaganda outlet continue’s. I look forward to the day when America takes his citizenship away for subversion and treason.

  • foxexploder

    Pony boys for the Rich meet on stage with one of the Kings they service under the diner table for a future lobbyist job. They will say anything, support any position, kill anyone, torture anyone, steal from anyone, murder our troops with suicidal Military ignorance, sell their Countrymen out, Embarrass our Nation and all for bigoted personal aggrandizement! Bums all , Presidents? For What reason? Name one thing they have done that helped? Name one policy they put forth that would help! NONE! Just false witness against anything their religious fascists (American Taliban) wish targeted, all to control America’s Freedom with! Fascists need to be stomped out! They are my enemies! Dick Cheney must be tried and hung! Democrats need to pursue when they win and clean the rats out of the sewers! If not they come back and the Plague returns!

    • idamag

      You are a little strong, but absolutely correct. There were many experts who said we got no real information from torture. A person in excruciating pain might say anything to stop the pain. I think the evil one who advocated torture, did it to get his jollies. We don’t need to compete with nazi Germany and it is okay as long as it is secret. nazi Germany tried to keep it a secret, too. How low can we go. (Harry Belefonte?)

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Today’s Republican men are anti-employee, anti-consumer, anti-government and anti-regulation. Now really…How close does this come to a Gestapo Regime?

    • idamag

      I wish they wouldn’t call themselves Republicans. They are the very antithesis of what the Republican Party was when it was formed.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Since I was a Republican female for 33 years, I find all of these Republican candidates positively repulsive. The very idea that any one of them could be president of the greatest country in the world is a recipe for disaster.

        I could give them leverage if they were not all so fanatical and obsessed with sidling up to billionaires. And, I am not fooled by their petty machinations, obstructions and sidelining. This is not coming from a single one of the brains of these men. It is coming from Neo Robber Barons who want a back room presidency and a sleeper president in the White House they can control.

        Since Reagan, this is exactly what they have been doing.

      • ralphkr

        Very true, idamag. The Republicans were the radical left party and the Democrats were the radical ultra-conservative party in the 1800s

    • They are all too eager to outdo the KGB and other totalitarian-like entities on earth. Yet, they immediately cry “Socialism!” when people are offered assistance—and the strangest thing is that their constituency are the ones crying “foul” and are often the ones in need.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        There is only one real agenda for the GOP and it is totally anti-Constitution: Taking tax dollars to hand to corporations who then call that “profit” and spend it on politicians.

        No where in the US Constitution does it state that US tax dollars must keep businesses in existence. Yet, the real agenda of the GOP is just that…to keep the deadliest polluter businesses in existence to insure fatter campaign donations.

        This is Pay to Play on Steroids.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    You do have to make comparisons in Republican men. I use the term “men” only because every photo op of these candidates is majority male. Carly Fiorina is a CEO reject of HP who was never going to be allowed more than 2 years as a CEO before she hit her head on the Glass Ceiling and the Good Old Boys Network dumped her.

    But, the real comparison should be some of the GOP’s finest: Eisenhower and Stevenson. These were Republicans with integrity. Today’s Republican men are bulls all hustling for mainline power over the herd of cows.

    • ralphkr

      Hey, Eleanore, the fact that HP value tanked while Fiorina was CEO just MIGHT have had something to do with the fact that she was given millions to go away before she completely bankrupted HP. By the way, did you happen to miss all the proud press releases bragging about having a female CEO when she started?

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Anyone who has ever worked closely with CEOs 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year would tell you that CEOs all believe ONLY men can lead. In my 4+ decades working with 2 Fortune 50 CEOs and 2 CEOs of small and medium sized businesses, there was one and only one overriding similarity in their personalities: They believe ONLY men can lead.

        You’d have had to sit through board meetings to hear them cut women to ribbons just so they didn’t have to promote them to the upper echelons of the inner sanctum of the Good Old Boys Network.

        All anyone has to do to prove this fact of corporate ideology is to check out the CEOs who sit on each others corporate executive boards.

        Banks are the worst. Add in the newest Good Old Boys members from the top ranking universities and colleges and you see that the number of women in top positions is so far behind men, it’s a joke.

        If there is one skankola thing I recall from my corporate days, it was how CEOs were gaming the EEO/AAF system. Ergo, Carly Fiorina.

        • Sand_Cat

          You are probably correct, but Carly seems hardly an improvement on them.

    • Sand_Cat

      Well, the certainly produce huge amounts of the right kind of feces.

  • idamag

    Just like most right-to-lifers, they want to control birth control, but do not, and I repeat, do not want these children to have decent medical care. As for dropping a bomb on Iran, it might set off a series of explosions around the world and we may find ourselves in a world war with all the Mideast fed up with our bullying. Bobby Jindal, I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this. I am not biased against races, but there are many racists in this country who will not vote for you. Mike Huckabee, if the fetus is a person, well, there are millions of tiny spermatozoa racing for the prize and usually only one gets it. These wiggly little things are alive. Is it murder if those who don’t make the cut are condemned to die? If sex is for procreation, only, can (like in golf) we have a few practice swings?

    • Dominick Vila

      Don’t forget Dr. Carson, whose opinion of the use of torture is limited to keeping it quiet!

      • Dr. Carson, sadly, likes to play the part of the “Porch-Jockey” with far too much alacrity to suit most people’s taste of what’s acceptable.
        He has willingly allowed himself to be a source of bemusement.

  • pmbalele

    What are Repubs and TPs saying now -Trump has crossed the line when he mused that Kelly was menstruating during the debate. Well, she should have not asked the question whether Trump calls women names. Kelly should have known that Repubs and TPs think women as 2nd class. Look they did not invite the woman from Florida in the debate. And people should remember that FoxNews hires trashy people: liar -like Sean Hannity, women abusers like Bill O’rielly, shop-lifters like Kelly, womanizers such as Gov. Sanford, Newt. In fact the present GOP line up are racists, bigots, corrupt, workers abusers like the small guy in the picture -Walker. At least Trump says the truth what TPs and Repubs stands for people. As a whole Repubs and TPs are causes of ills in this Country. Please join me to vote for Hillary or Biden in November next year..

  • Bill Quigley

    The questions that didn’t get asked but would have been most instructive was “How many of you support Donald Trump if he turns out to be The Republican candidate?”

    • Shinashi

      Unfortunately, that question was posed and mostly dodged in the most recent debates. Why could only Jeb Bush (JEB BUSH) just say no?

  • Irishgrammy

    I don’t even know what to say anymore. After Trump’s performance at the debates and his disgusting Tweets and ad nauseam phone calls to news outlets whimpering and whining, his over the top thin skin behavior, I find it beyond comical that this idiot is leading in ANY poll, or that ANYONE takes him seriously. It is a sad fact that this is where we have sunk to in our political discourse……. that Donald Trump can even entertain a run for the most powerful position in the world when he is so totally out of his depth for such a position. What is even sadder are the kind of people that “support” this fool or that think his behavior is completely “ACCEPTABLE”, BECAUSE IT IS NOT!!!! The rest of the GOP line up is hardly any better, consuming time on who is going to be violently vicious attacking of all things, Planned Parenthood, or who loves “GOD” more, or who had a rougher childhood…..geeze what a joke. Just when you think it can’t get any more absurd, any more horrifying, bingo, one of these fools says another thing more outrageous than the last fool……..and it’s only August 2015…..we have another year of this nightmarish behavior and national embarrassment!!

    • dtgraham

      I don’t know about national embarrassment but Trump is a lot of fun. This political cartoon was from the Canadian political leaders debate which just happened to be last Thursday, as well, by coincidence. The setup is that the Green party leader (Elizabeth May) has been replaced by Donald Trump for ratings. I thought it was hysterical.

  • Paragryne

    This wasn’t a debate, it was a Pignado.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    Where is Chuck Barris when we really need him?

  • Sand_Cat

    I want to issue a correction to the article: it probably is not possible to insult the “intelligence” of most of the GOP “base.”

    • dtgraham

      Are you sure that the trolls won’t think that they’ve seriously misjudged you, and may now want to go out and have a beer with you? I mean, if you’re going to Trump it up and all.

    • ExRadioGuy15

      This is something I’ve said/written a lot for more than a year:

      It is really dangerous to consider GOP Conservatives “stupid”. That’s because they’re Fascist psychopaths. Being psychopaths, they’re intelligent but also insane. The intelligence of the rest of the party (Teabigots, Firebaggers, etc.) can legitimately be questioned…but don’t make that mistake with the Cons.

    • foxexploder

      Its not about ignorance, its about sucking up to the people who pay the freight!

  • The aggregate of clowns that make up the Twilight Zone of “The GOP Debate” and “The Night Gallery” of bizarre specimens are the foremost farce the planet has assembled in one location and in one time slice since the dawn of time.

    Yet these bozos have no idea what a spectacle they make of themselves for the whole world to witness.

    Mental Health researchers and movie-makers will have such a wealth of material to research, and make into humorous movies, respectively, that will keep scholars busy for decades, and provide entertainment for those who enjoy the likes of Marx Brothers and/or “The Three Stooges” well into the next century.

    Thanks in advance, oh assemblage of Howdy-Doodys.

    • foxexploder

      They are parading to try to show the Rich that they can Pied Piper the most votes, thru bearing of false witness, vicious rhetoric, phoney tough guy stances, racist hate, fear and religion! None of this has anything to do with the people of of our Country. It leads to money to win elections, servitude to 400 families and a fat cushy lobbyist job where all bribes are paid off!