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Thursday, July 19, 2018

10 Responses to Thou Shalt Not Kill?

  1. I don’t agree with Hamas as they continue to put their people at risk by not trying to be civil and get along but to a certain extent I personally would do the same if I was under the same persecution as they endure under Israel’s heavy handed actions.Israel bitches and moans about being persecuted but they are almost worse than the Nazis. They are holding 2million Palestinians in an open air prison that is Gaza and it does not matter if the Palestinians capitulate to Israel’s demands. The West Bank is still under strict Israel’s control and the people there have it maybe a little better but they are still considered 2nd/3rd class citizens(if at all). The Jews are the most prejudice people on earth but they still cry wolf as they continue to kill innocent people. What a bunch of two faces, starting with Bebe the war hawk. There will never be peace in that part of the world because Israel does not want peace. Just like Hamas wants Israel off the face of the earth, Israel would preffer that all Palestenians are dead and gone.

    • Yet every truce is ended by Gazans sending rockets into Israel. Where is your condemnation of that fact? Where is your condemnation of Hamas’ stated purpose to destroy Israel? I guess they do not want to live in peace either.

      • Like most people you either did not read or understand my comments. The first thing I said was that I did not agree with Hamas, I do not agree with either side but if you look at the total picture no one can dispute that what Israel is doing is overkill. It is complete idiocy what Hamas is doing but what Israel is doing is plain and simple outright murder. Maybe you have been aware that the last few days Israel has been targeting Hamas official with pinpoint attacks and killing some of them. Why didn’t they do that in the first place instead of killing thousands of innocent people,destroying their only power plant,thousands of buildings,hospitals,schools and in essence trying to take the Palestinian people back to the stone age. Israel will not be happy until they exterminate all of them. Once again,you,me and anyone with any sense would fight and keep fighting until I am not oppressed any more. If you wouldn’t do the same, you my friend would be nothing but a coward.

        • My reply remains as is. As to what I would do, that is simple. Find somewhere else to live like millions have done before. There are Palestinians in several countries who do not plan on returning to the area, just like Jews. Why live in a morass?

  2. This is the single most anti-semitic cartoon I recall seeing even from a confirmed Jew-hater like Danziger. Additionally if Danziger ever read the bible he would know that the commandment does NOT declare “Thou Shalt Not Kill”….it reads “THOU SHALT NOT MURDER.” But murder is just fine with this Germanic bast–d Danziger as long as its the murder of Jews.

    • In the ‘new’ version it absolutely does say, ‘thou shalt not murder’ but the original was ‘kill’ (even up to and including the king James version) and as selective and reversed the hypocritical christians are, in this book which has always stated that nothing shall be added or taken away.. they certainly determine when it’s word is useless. As to Danziger, I have no comment.

  3. Go back to 1948 and take note of the fact that surrounding nations would not allow Arabs to leave Palestine after Israel defeated those nations when they tried to crush Israel when the British pulled out and you shall see the real reason they are cooped up. The Muslim nations are the real reason that there is a mass of people trapped in that area.

    • The formation of Israel was flawed from the start, because the leading Zionists like Ben Gurion, Meier and Weitzman declared that Israel was to be reserved for the Jews and that the Muslims must leave.

      When the UN refused to countenance that, the Jews started ethnic cleansing, carried out by the settlements. The Jews did and are doing to the Palestinians what the Americans did to the Indians in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

      • Well, CPA, I must say that your posts are always good for a chuckle and this one for a belly-laugh. Tell me, did your Nana read this to you from the Goebbels updated Grimm Fairy Tales?

        Your comparison of Arabs/Jews with US Army/American Indians was pretty good except for one small detail: in 1948 the Arabs were the American Army and the Jews were the Indians…Well, not exactly since the Indians had an army (just ask Custer) but the Jews had not had an army for over a thousand years so the Jews were more like the Australian Aborigines. There was a race between the Arabs and the Jews to “liberate” abandoned British arms and, at the same time, the Arab armies were moving in to exterminate the Jews. The Arabs that did NOT move to kill their Jewish neighbors were left alone by the Jews and many of their progeny still live in Israel but the Arabs who did try and kill their Jewish neighbors were either killed or forced to flee and I gather from your post that you feel that those Arabs intent upon killing all Jews should have been given amnesty and a second, third, fourth chance to carry out their planned genocide.

  4. Nothing in the Bible that says that one must lay down and die when attacked, which seems to be what Danziger would like the Israelis, Jewish and non-Jewish, to do. Hamas attacked Israel and has refused to permanently cease fire up till now. They’ll only agree when they run out of rockets and need to restock.

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