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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Your browser does not support the video tag. Who Is Rex Tillerson? Donald Trump’s Controversial Choice For Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, personifies two major concerns about the incoming Trump administration: conflicts of interest and ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. As the long-serving CEO of U.S. oil…

IMAGE: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Rosneft Chief Executive Igor Sechin and Exxon Mobil Chief Executive Rex Tillerson take part in a signing ceremony at a Rosneft refinery in the Black Sea town of Tuapse, Russia June 15, 2012. Sputnik/Kremlin/Mikhail Klimentyev via REUTERS/File Photo

59 Responses to Meet Rex Tillerson: Putin’s Pal And Trump’s Nominee For Secretary Of State

  1. Putin’s Cabinet is rounding into shape just as planned. Thanks to short-sighted voters in “The Red Zone” who think that the only key to success in life is the combination of a manufacturing job, followed by a couch, potato chips, a beer, some cigs, and FOX News, Putin can now manipulate America from the comforts of Moscow via his robot, Trump. His apparatus in America can continue at a leisurely pace to keep the shilled voters lulled into a false sense of comfort by feeding them a steady stream of archaic conservative ideology from its Wash. DC command center. By allowing “The Red Zone” to mine for coal, drill the bejeesus out of the mid-section of the country from north to south, feed them low-caliber TV programming and reruns to pacify them at night, and enable the alt-right to rise and titillate and preoccupy itself with childish myths of racial superiority(again, courtesy of Trump the puppet), the sapping of the vitality and initiative of many in America can continue unabated and uninterrupted.

    • One thing needs to be kept in mind as well—Putin in his own way is as misguided, short-sighted, and one-dimensional as Trump. Putin in an obvious way is unaware that what goes around comes around. By negatively impacting America, this will further reduce Russia’s prosperity and happiness in the long-run by way of a rippling effect.
      Putin may gain more territory and widen his scope of influence in the Middle East, Europe, and in America in his quest for Soviet hegemony. But in today’s changing world and dynamics that differ vastly from the time of the czars of former times, and more importantly, given the parallel operation of a Rebuilding process underway as the rest of the world undergoes collapse, Putin and other colonial-minded expansionists will run up against a barrier they never anticipated and failed to see developing even within their own spheres of influence. This Building Process is being carried out by roughly 7 million people across the globe in a quiet and unpretentious manner via socio-economic programs, including moral education classes for children, pre-Youth, and Youth in cities, towns and villages, education and social projects for women in rural areas, Ruhi classes for adults in a variety of settings in Arab and non-Arab countries, and a gradual maturation of an administrative order in an embryonic manner of organic growth.

      • It really is pretty simple isn’t it? Capitalism and those who lord over it know only one thing, much like someone addicted to drugs, more profit, more, more, more. That’s pretty capitalism in a nutshell, MORE. And as they take more and more in the name of profit, the rest of us get less and less and live in a world more damaged and more polluted by their insatiable greed, which of course means a degraded world and assets can’t produce as much. So eventually, and I suspect the time is near, the numerical superiority and sheer anger of those left out and condemned to the bottom of the system react and react violently and decisively. You simply cannot continue a system where 62 people own more than the entire rest of the world and it does not matter whether those 62 people are Americans (most of them are) or Russians or form Timbuktu. Greed is their master and their greed allows no room for the most basic of human decency or morality, it certainly allows to room for any kind of patriotism or silly antiquated non-profit driven non-sense like that.

        • Red: It never ceases to amaze me with rich people…..just how much more money do they need to feel comfortable? It’s totally ridiculous because they can’t possibly spend as much money as they have in their lifetimes! If some of them actually used their money for good (like Bill Gates and his wife, etc.), this world would be a much better place for ALL of us. But, to stockpile money that they have no chance of spending is totally ridiculous and is the epitome of GREED! Too bad the Trump followers can’t see this with Trump and his nominees to run this country…..their only goal is making more money for themselves and taking more from the rest of us, including his followers! Too bad that they can’t seem to see or understand what is going to happen to them and the rest of us!

      • Let’s face it, Putin suffers from the same narcissistic syndrome that Trump suffers from….both of them think they are smarter than anyone else, they think they know more than anyone else about EVERYTHING, and they will do ANYTHING to make sure their followers realize that without hesitation!

        • You keep forgetting you said “Hillary was the smartest women in the World.” And yet, she came out looking like the doofus. She surrounded herself with idiots.
          How when’s the coronation?

          • “Sure, the majority of Americans wanted her to be President, and it took massive voter suppression and illegal foreign intervention to win – but (something something) treason is OK with me because I get to be racist!!1”

            – you.

  2. I think someone forgot that HRC’s State department gave Russia access to 20% of US Uranium reserves…….after an appropriate donation to the Clinton Foundation, of course. Proven in the email’s released by Wikileaks (not the Russians).

    Merry Christmas.

    • Nothing like the thought processes of a sick ignorant Con, although I may be being generous calling them thought processes. So genius, according to the internet from the depths of ignorant Cons, Clinton also leads some kind of child slavery and murdering ring, so we can expect that you will also excuse the murdering of children and child slavery as well, since na na na na na Hillary did it first! MO RON!

    • Hi,

      That’s a discredited conspiracy theory straight from Clinton Cash, so laughably false that it got stripped out before Rupert Murdoch published it. Not only was it debunked by every media outlet that bothered to look at it – including Fox News! – but Schweizer himself admitted there wasn’t a single shred of evidence.

      Oh, and it was actually a deal set up by the Bush administration.

      Only literal morons believe would believe that drivel, so I guess it’s no surprise to see you posting it.

      I hope that helps!

    • It’s also weird that you’re saying that this was bad while supporting a Russian puppet, but then you are an enormous hypocrite.

    • There you go, confusing Christmas with your biased opinions in full display. Your attitude is wholly un-Christian by your baseless and constant refusal to ignore Trump’s countless misdeeds while concentrating solely on Hillary.
      Your reliance on Wikileaks’ stolen information and randomly leaking it shows that you’re OK with criminal activity by Assange and Trump, but are willing to go out of your way to denigrate Hillary based on stolen data.
      Where is the fairness and Christian attitude in your method, Godzilla?

    • Yeah because facts aren’t facts, and like President-Elect Loser, you get to just make up any old story you like when you feel like it, right buddy?

      It must be very freeing to live in a world where your delusions have as much validity in the media as the periodic table.

      Since I like to at least answer the point, (unlike you, pinhead)… I’l remind you that no-one believes that Uranium reserve lie due to lack of anything remotely approaching evidence. It was embarrassing how quickly the author caved when asked about it.

      On a side note… Have you noticed that F**kface Von Clownstick and all his merry KKK friends ran on a anti-political correctness campaign… but if you say *anything* about him, or his white supremacist friends, or his retarded surrogates, that he doesn’t like…. he whines, and moans, and tweets and throws a media tantrum like a little toddler?
      “Don’t call us Nazis!”
      “Don’t call us bigots!”
      “You’re the racists for calling us racist!”

      How embarrassing.

      The funniest thing so far has been watching the high degree of Faux Outrage expressed by Conway whenever questioned about what Orange Cheeto Jesus actually said… It’s just amazing how incensed she gets at being called names……… after running a campaign against political correctness, which encouraged everyone from the Sexual-Predator-in-Chief on down, to call other people whatever names they wanted.

      Watch her hyperventilating and clutching her pearls and delcaring it a scandal if you use one quarter of the abusive language and names her campaign and Pres-elect Orange Human Caps-Lock Key used.

      It’s hilarious.

      • I agree….if I were ANYONE on his campaign committee, etc, I would be totally embarrassed by Trump’s actions during the campaign and now! He will do NOTHING for this country except make us the laughingstock of the rest of the world……a name that he already has in most countries!

      • What is hilarious is how much hate you generate. You can make all the snide remarks you want but he will shortly oversee the Federal Govt. LOL.Think about this on the 20th of January he will be rattling around in your brain for 1460 days at least.
        Now when is the coronation of Hillary? Think about this, Hillary had the biggest defeat probably ever politically. Because of Obama and Hillary promising a third term of Obama, the dems have less power now going back as far of 1929. The party has lost the House, Senate, Presidency, Governorships and the loss of 800 state legislature seats.
        Obama administration was rebuked by the voters.

        As to uraniium deal and monies flowing to Clinton Foundation.


          You people are getting dumber by the second.

          • Keep trying! Never said conspiracy, that’s your word, just the fact that Clinton’s were great with pay for play.
            Dismantled? Show me the proof.
            Now when is her coronation?

          • Sorry you can’t form actual sentences. Would you like me to recommend some remedial adult education courses for you?

          • Keep trying! Typical of left. Don’t like the message, try and attack the messenger.
            Let’s review. Under obama the Democratic Party has lost the House, Senate, Presidency, Governorships and 800+ seats in state legislatures.
            2016 was a repudiation of Obama and all you social-warriors.

          • Shirley is so appropriate and perfect for expressing my derision of your stupid posts.
            Go away! You little nothing.

          • PS: you’re the one who is asserting that a conspiracy theory that even Fox News didn’t buy into is real. The onus is on you to provide evidence for it, although since the author of your fable admits there is none you might have a problem there.

          • More delusion on your part saying I said conspiracy.
            You really are slow, aren’t you?
            Now read the article again.

          • You are claiming that the Clintons conspired to do something criminal. Since there’s no evidence for your claim – in fact, it’s been thoroughly debunked – it is a conspiracy theory.

            Let me know if you need help with the meaning of any other common words or phrases.

          • Keep trying! No cigar. Have you heard? Hillary and the democrats got annihilated this past November. What a shame! All that power gone. All caused by the pathetic Obama and because Hillary wanted to emulate him.
            I have always wondered why the Clinton Foundation was caught so many times leaving donors off their 990’s. .One year is not unusual but 3 or 4 years. What are they hiding?
            Oh I forgot they are crooks. Now much did they take out of WH and have to return?

          • Sorry you couldn’t talk about what I said, but it’s amazing that you tried to bring up a different debunked conspiracy theory as some kind of evidence that you’re not a gullible tool.

          • Why do you think it doesn’t matter if you don’t say the magic word conspiracy? You are alleging that there is a conspiracy, and there is LESS THAN ZERO evidence for it. You are a conspiracy crank.

            The Clinton Foundation remains one of the most transparent and highly-rated charities no matter how many times you try to make up (incredibly stupid) stuff. The Clintons themselves are the most open politicians in the US – they have released all their tax returns. All of them, ever. Contrast this to Trump’s fake charity and his refusal to release any information about his taxes.

    • You left out Billy Boy then went over and received $500K for a speech. The donation to the Clinton foundation was 2Million.
      Merry Christmas!

      • Yes those donations, that took place well before the deal that the Bush administration set up, sure do prove something or other. Oh wait, no they don’t.

    • Elsewhere you demanded that people get jail time for spreading false rumours. How many years do you think you deserve for this particular example?

  3. DONNY DUMP is pretty much like Hitler the over blown EGO and greedy bastard way has his master plan (and with this one can make out in it (HIM not his brain washed kids just HIM )of course DONNY DUMP is backing down from what he said to get elected he is a compulsive , pathological liar . he is deranged in what little brain he might have in that EGO filled head . by right a Psychiatrist DR. should be giving him and or anyone that is going to be POTUS a full examination . he lies and he believe it as truth . again its just all feeds his addiction of seeking attention and now (as the same he did with all his brain dead followers ) telling people what thy want to hear . he is a slimy snake and has been planning for (pretty much his whole greedy life ) a way to scam money . make no mistake about him , his plans and what he will try to do . and get away with it .think of what kind of con , fraud , scamming , greedy clown he is and has been . now he is playing his whole life game on the USA and the world . rest a sure there will be many off shore accounts to come . more then likely he will be having his brain washed kids moving out of the country to get to the money out there when he wants it . and them being brain washed thy can only say yes daddy . you see he plans his daughter in the first lady spot already . so one can see this as his wife will be sleeping in a spare room bed . one has to wonder what his daughter’s hubby thinks about sharing his wife with his father in law . yes its always been a sick house the dumpster kept . with rape women beating and so many sexual assaults on so many women . now thy wont come forward any more like people say to do tell and report any sexual assaults and rapes don’t let people get away with it . thy say why ?/// when the 12 or 13 and one can be sure there’s many many more . you report it and your called a lier .even when one is caught on tape saying just how he dose it and then there’s the pedophilia in Trump. I don’t car if one knows there’s under age girls in a dressing room and he walks in that’s a crime

  4. I wonder how much Putin and Tillerson paid Trump to get the position of Secretary of State? You can certainly bet that Putin had his hand in Trump’s choice here; it reeks of his dealings!! We can only hope that he does NOT make it through the confirmation hearings and that enough moderate Republicans will side with the Democrats to make sure that happens! It’s unfortunately that the Trump followers do not see the problems that this choice would make on this country, especially on our gas prices, environment, etc.

    • OMG! How much more delusional can you get? Keep grasping at straws. You haven’t heard a word he has said but he is terrible .
      Grow up and quit whining.

      • Tillerson has outright promised to remove the sanctions on Putin, a despot who openly murders his opposition and who seventeen different intelligence agencies (and that’s just the American ones) maintain has intervened in the US election.

        Thanks for the treason, KKKomrade!

  5. He is a extremely successful business man that has dealing with foreign countries and their leaders for years. He spent much of his career in the Exxon international division where he dealt with these leaders. He has never had a government job. The draining of the swamp continues.

  6. And if they are so what? Are you delusional enough to believe we will get no benefit with Trump negotiating the deal? Any deal will be good for America or the sanctions will remain

  7. The Berlin wall fell, communism hemorrhaged, the cold war became detente during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, and premiership of Russian Michael Gorbachev. What is wrong with getting along with Russia? Does Russia need to be an eternal foe? That goodwill was undone by the administrations that followed. To everyone’s disadvantage. Trump has the talent to make the US strong and respectable again. His critics comprise a basket of envious, foolish, misinformed, deliberately critical poor losers, some of whom still think there are “communists under the bed”. Rex Tillerson is a brilliant mind. Time to get behind the President elect.

    • Yes, cravenly doing everything Putin – a murderous despot who has his opponents assassinated – wants is definitely the same thing as being strong.

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