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Friday, March 22, 2019

Today In Not Being ‘The Stupid Party’: Bobby Jindal Has Some Awful Advice For The GOP

Today In Not Being ‘The Stupid Party’: Bobby Jindal Has Some Awful Advice For The GOP

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is calling on his fellow Republicans to stop “navel-gazing,” and commit to going on offense against Democrats, in an op-ed published in Politico Tuesday.

“At present it looks as if the entire Republican Party needs to go to counseling,” Jindal writes of the GOP’s post-election self-examination. “It’s really getting embarrassing, all these public professions of feelings of inadequacy.”

“How about we take all of this energy being spent on autopsies and focus it on painting a picture for the American public, particularly for young people, of what a free and prosperous American future will look like with smart conservative policies,” he continues.

“No more self-analysis; we’ve had our catharsis,” Jindal adds. “The season for navel gazing has passed.”

Of course, Jindal is a rather odd person to deliver this message, considering that he spent weeks after the 2012 election warning that Republicans must “stop being the stupid party.” Apparently, the second-term governor has now come around to Donald Trump’s point of view on the matter.

Jindal’s op-ed makes it clear that he has personally moved on from the post-election retrospection. In November, the governor insisted that “bizarre comments” have damaged the GOP brand. In June, he tries to explain the Democratic Party’s coming failure with this rant, for which “bizarre” would be a most charitable description:

Because the left wants: The government to explode; to pay everyone; to hire everyone; they believe that money grows on trees; the earth is flat; the industrial age, factory-style government is a cool new thing; debts don’t have to be repaid; people of faith are ignorant and uneducated; unborn babies don’t matter; pornography is fine; traditional marriage is discriminatory; 32 oz. sodas are evil; red meat should be rationed; rich people are evil unless they are from Hollywood or are liberal Democrats; the Israelis are unreasonable; trans-fat must be stopped; kids trapped in failing schools should be patient; wild weather is a new thing; moral standards are passé; government run health care is high quality; the IRS should violate our constitutional rights; reporters should be spied on; Benghazi was handled well; the Second Amendment is outdated; and the First one has some problems too.

Their philosophy does not work and it got our nation into the mess it’s in.

Yes, Governor Jindal — who used taxpayer money to fund schools teaching that the Loch Ness Monster is real, and who once claimed to have cured a friend’s cancer with an exorcism — is attacking Democrats’ credibility on science (without mentioning which Democrats, exactly, believe that “the earth is flat”). And that’s not even touching the notion that the left’s apparent comfort with pornography “got our nation into the mess it’s in” — or the fact that his native Louisiana watches more porn than just about any blue state.

Jindal goes on to suggest that Republicans make their new message, “We are the conservative party in America — deal with it.” Over the past several years, Jindal has tried that strategy in Louisiana: He proposed eliminating state income taxes while raising sales taxes — cutting taxes for the top 1 percent of Louisianans while raising them for bottom 80 percent — privatizing state-run hospitals, and running an unconstitutional school voucher program, among other right-wing policies. The result? Jindal’s popularity imploded, leaving the one-time presidential hopeful as one of the least-popular governors in America.

With Jindal less popular in the deep red Pelican state than even President Barack Obama, Republicans should have only response to Jindal’s hyperbolic op-ed: Why in the world would we take political advice from this guy?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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63 responses to “Today In Not Being ‘The Stupid Party’: Bobby Jindal Has Some Awful Advice For The GOP”

  1. John Pigg says:

    You have to feel bad for this guy. He is incredibly well educated and a dynamic leader but he is caught between a rock and a hard place. He knows the GOP is in trouble, but he also knows that he wont have a chance in a Presidential GOP primary unless he is seen as one of the crusaders of conservatism.

    This is a perfect example of “playing to the crowd”, I don’t believe he actually believes the GOP is fine. But he runs the risk of eroding his “conservative credibility” if he tells the truth. The GOP electorate would much rather hear lies told to it than be given the truth of its current situation.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      John, you have just described the current problems of the Republican Party, to a T. Romney’s campaign personified what Jindal is becoming, the famous “Etch-a-Sketch” that came to signify his waffling on every issue imaginable, showing one face during the debates, then showing an entirely different face during the general election. Jindal, as you say, is trying to create his credibility with the conservatives so he can clear the FIRST hurdle. Will the 2016 debates allow him to solidify his street cred, or will he backslide and show himself to be a closet moderate?

      • John Pigg says:

        Of course the real irony is that if Romney would have run as a moderate he would have done a great deal better against Obama.

        But yes, I agree with you I am also very interested to see how Jindal “markets” himself within the GOP.

    • Russell Byrd says:

      I think one of the problems, i.e. one of OUR problems, is we believe that these guys think rationally. They don’t. They not only do not think rationally, they have no empathy, and their methods border on the criminal. They are sold on the idea that they will turn back the clock, and worse, gain the total control they crave over every aspect of life in this country. The rule of the big white man. They think compromise is weakness and all that is necessary is to keep forcing their toxicity upon us until they get their way. I am trying to say that I do not believe reason is possible with this crowd. They are sociopathic. The only reasoning they understand would be to split their skulls with an axe. Then, maybe, we could get through. The days of true conservatives, like say, Goldwater, are long gone. Long gone. Now we have Alfred E. Newman / Michael Myers hybrids.

      • John Pigg says:

        I believe the situation to be slightly more complicated than that. But there are merits to your argument.

        There are rational actors in the GOP, and there are irrational actors. The rational actors are the ones deciding policy and working for major think tanks for personal benefit and gain. These rational actors have done an insanely good job of selling their policies and agenda’s to the irrational actors.

        This might be an assumption, but I think the demographic that you are most upset with tend to be low income, working class, white Americans. This demographic is continually told that the reason they are poor is because the government stifles business opportunities.

        You also have evangelical voters that care about social issues. And there is some merit to their positions in general but when they attempt to legislate their positions this is where the problem occurs.

        At the end of the day, I think that Republicans are doing a far better job selling their policies to their constituents. In my opinion Democrats prefer to spend far more of their legislative time passing bills that do not help the working poor who are struggling from 25k-35k a year.

        It is my personal contention that the reason these people are angry is because they know their situation is worse than it was 20 years ago. And the GOP has done wonders taking advantage of this.


    • progressiveandproud says:

      “Feel bad for this guy?” Are you kidding me. He is a typical repub. He’ll say and do anything to stay in office.

      If Louisiana ever smartens up, they’ll kick the jerk to the curb.

      • John Pigg says:

        He is extremely well educated. He is the son of immigrants. He is very successful. And he is Indian. All of those things combine to make him not a typical Republican.

        Personally, I feel his critique of the Party in the beginning of this year was spot on. But unfortunately he probably figured he lost himself support as a “reliable conservative” which is already rocky considering his ethnicity and his intellect. And that is why I feel bad for Mr. Jindal.

  2. Robert P. Robertson says:

    Booby Jinfal’s speech to the GOP reminds me of what the gorilla said to the baboon: “We’re both monkeys, but atleast my ass ain’t red!” Booby Jindal is running around giving asinine speeches to a suffocating GOP while Louisiana is exploding from industrial safety deregulations and being sucked up by corporate environmental catastrophes. This monster has privatized health care while at the same time refusing to accept ACA; dismantled and privatized education, privatized prisons, mental health, and has cut social aide to children, the elderly, and the helpless. There were many, many warnings that Jindal was a butcher with blood on his hands, and Louisianans are finally realizing it is true. They have given up on the prospect of recalling Jindal, deciding it best to allow the monster to run out his term. Louisiana was a blue state that turned red, but is now slowly turning blue again. It would be a long time before Louisiana elect another Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag governor again.They have learned their lesson well.

    • Independent1 says:

      I sure hope you’re right! I wonder how many folks realize that Louisiana is also by far the murder capital of America – it’s the only state in America that averages more than 8 murders per 100,000 population each year and for the past 4 years Louisiana has actually exceeded 11 murders per 100,000 population.

    • RSDrake says:

      It also ranks 46 out of 50 in percent of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. The high porn statistics might be a causal relationship in that they have not yet learned how to use “private browsing.”

  3. GreginPottsville says:

    If a liberal website like this one says a GOP gov is giving “awful advice” to the GOP, then it must actually be pretty good advice. Go Bobby, Go Bobby!

    • John Pigg says:

      If you would have bothered to read the article you will notice that Jindal has argued two ideas at different times.

      He first makes the claim that the GOP has become the Party of stupid.
      Now he is making the claim that there should be no more self analysis.

      So which Bobby Jindal do you support. And why?

      • GreginPottsville says:

        If you cannot understand the obvious bias with this article and what was left out, I cannot help you. Remain one of the sheep. Much easier for you.

        • highpckts says:

          Please enlighten all of us on the “bias” in the article! Jindal is a horses ass! Truth hurts!

          • GreginPottsville says:

            Once again, if it isn’t remotely evident to you, there is no way I can help you, one of the sheep. Sheep like you can’t handle the truth.

          • highpckts says:

            You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the rear! I would rather be the sheep than a sheep in wolf’s clothing!

          • Russell Byrd says:

            Sorry, being stupid is not something we relate to. I consider what Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” With this in mind, you must not exist. You must be just an emanation, a “bad wind” so to speak, off of that horses’ ass highpckts mentioned earlier. Given some daylight and a little fresh breeze, you will surely be gone.

          • idamag says:

            Since you graduated summa cum laude from Harvard, either enlighten us or go find a site that is as smart as you are.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Even sheep are better than belligerent morons.

        • RobertCHastings says:

          IF the quotations were correct, it is really pretty difficult to misinterpret them, or really put them out of context, like Romney tried to claim about his 47% speech. Sure, the writer is biased, he expressed that pretty clearly, I think. He didn’t try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Which makes his analysis of Jindal’s hypocrisy just that much more believable.

        • John Pigg says:

          Read the content, the article is biased with a lean to a “liberal political” viewpoint. But the content is what is relevant, Bobby Jindal arguing two different points in less than 5 months.

          So if you love Bobby Jindal do you still like him when he says the GOP has become the Party of stupid?

          On a personal note I fail to see the point of going to a liberal publication without an intent to gather news. The conversation here shouldn’t be Bobby Jindal is awesome because this publication criticises him. The conversation should be which Jindal quote do you like? Why is he advocating this position? What is your opinion of the current Republican Party?

          • Russell Byrd says:

            Now, Mr. Pigg, you are being too reasonable. You must stop that if you want to converse with our teanderthal brethren.

        • Russell Byrd says:

          You cannot help anyone, including yourself. Useless waste of skin. . . .

    • Russell Byrd says:

      No, in general we liberals are just a lot smarter than your ilk. 🙂 No use in trying to spin that one back. What amazes, dismays, or angers us is the total waste of potential brain power, added to uncontrolled ego, topped off with a sociopathic lack of empathy, honesty, and morality that the Teatard infected GOP exhibit. So, when we say ” a GOP gov is giving ‘awful advice’ to the GOP” we darn well mean it. Go Away Bobby, Go Away Bobby!

      • GreginPottsville says:

        “lack of empathy, honesty, and morality”

        That part of your comment describes most liberals perfectly. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        “in general we liberals are just a lot smarter than your ilk”

        My bet is that most Democratic votes come from the Obama phone lady. The small minority of Democratic votes come from people who for some reason think they are smarter than everyone else, yet they typically live in an apartment (paying rent) and have a sizeable car payment, tons of debt, talk about helping the poor, but rarely, if ever do themselves, never contribute financially to any genuine charity, and in general, typically not nearly as smart as they claim to be.

  4. FredAppell says:

    What the hell is so wrong with porn?

    • Raven Smith says:

      It appears the Republican who watches babies masturbate doesn’t have a problem with it. lol

      • stcroixcarp says:

        Maybe the GOP obsession with transvaginal ultrasound probes is about creepy old guys and unborn child porn.

      • FredAppell says:

        They watch it, then they rail against it by telling the rest of us how sinful it is.

        • Robert P. Robertson says:

          LOL! Like Jimmy Swaggert! “Ah has siiiyunned!”

          • FredAppell says:

            Man, that was classic. It is as they say, truth is stranger than fiction. I have the image of him standing in front of his 10,000 person congregation crying for forgiveness. Thanks for the laugh.

        • idamag says:

          Reminds me of a supervisor I once had. His kid signed up for special programming, before Cable. He said he sat down to watch tv. He watched it for two hours and it was one porn show after another. I want to pose a question: Whose mind is on sex more – the person who watches (adult) porn once in awhile or the person who sees sex in everything? To prove my point, I remember a swimsuit edition of a sports magazine that caused a big stir. I saw a woman with a nice body and went on to read the magazine. Letters in the following magazine showed a lot of people saw sex, sex, sex.

          • FredAppell says:

            LOL! I know that’s all I think about. I can’t even look at a doughnut with out thinking ” you dirty little tramp, you’re trying to seduce me”, of course, then I just eat the damn thing and feel guilty the next morning.

          • neeceoooo says:

            That is great, lol

          • FredAppell says:

            We all take ourselves a little too serious at times. I thought I would try to inject a little humor into everyone’s day. Keep on laughing!

          • idamag says:

            Fred, you are good!

          • FredAppell says:

            You’re not so bad yourself there lady! I quite enjoy your insight, you are very much appreciated.

  5. Dominick Vila says:

    What does Jindal think the GOP has been doing since Barack Obama was elected? In addition to objecting to everything proposed by the Obama administration, he continue to embrace the same old policies that contributed to their defeat in 2012, from anti-abortion policies to privatization of Social Security, dismantling Medicare, getting rid of MEDICAID, anti-labor policies, investment in infrastructure and the list goes on.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Once you factor that Jindal is a typical clone of the GOP template, you see clearly what has gone soooo wrong with this party. These guys are like tender little sprouts who struggle to maintain validity. What Cantor, Issa, Ryan, Walker and Inohofe all lack is experience and wisdom that only comes with age. These unseasoned sprouts believe they can “change” government to their specifications much as they see CEOs do in corporations, myopic as that may seem. They simply want a huge overlap between corporations and government. The Constitution they all propose to be so hot to stick to so rigidly is easily disproven by their inability to accept the results of Constitutionally elected president who aren’t one of them. See the double talk yet? Yes …they want the rest of the country to vote…just not as the Constitution demands…vote your conscience. They want votes and elections to always result in their favor. How is that Constitutional? Time for these tender little shoots to sprout a few grey hairs before they go off half-cocked into politics which they prove every time they open their mouths is not their strong suits.

    • idamag says:

      I,, too, see all those mentioned as quite immature.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        There’s nothing wrong, per se, with immaturity, until it gets in the way of the quality of life for others. Most older folks in the US recognize the impetuousness of youth for what it is…these are birds just leaving the nest and too inexperienced and unwise to be reliable decision makers.Personally, I always laugh at the “young youths” around me who are so sure they are making the perfect decisions at the perfect time and in the perfect place…then wham bang! They overlook the one thing most mature adults already learned through experience…there’s a huge vacuum out there filled with obstacles no one can see in advance. This describes what Cantor, Issa, Inohfe, Walker, Ryan and the rest of the little bois of the right miss time and again. This is a country of over 235 million people. How small could a government be that isn’t a dictatorship to serve taxpayers who fund this government? Myopia reigns supreme among the Tea Party twerps.

        • neeceoooo says:

          You are so right Eleanore, and I so enjoyed your post. When our grown children come to us with problems that they are faced with, we are reminded of the times in our life that we probably dealt with the same problem and how we resolved it and what we learned.

  7. docb says:

    First he points out the ‘Party of Stupid ‘ then he turns around and joins them! The ‘Death Spiral’ is real and growing!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Re the “Death Spiral”:
      H. L. Meinken said “No one ever lost money by underestimating the public taste.”
      I think we can count on the same mechanism to keep the GOP at least hanging on enough to do damage for quite a few more years.

  8. old_blu says:

    They must have threatened to throw him under the bus as well, I can see Boehner holding a gun to the back of his head saying “you’re either with us or against us, you better get on board or you’re out”.

    • idamag says:

      I got the impression that someone is holding a gun to Boehner’s head.

    • Russell Byrd says:

      You gave me some food for thought. Do you think that this is really a play to the crazy train teanderthal base to keep them from turning on him? Like many totalitarian regimes, for instance, propaganda against our nation, is primarily for internal consumption. Got to keep the troops whipped into a frenzy or they will turn and devour their master.

      • old_blu says:

        Absolutely you seen what they did to Christie when he liked the way the President handled the storm Sandy, so we already know they will eat their own because they thought something the President was doing is the right thing. So they have to be very careful not to rock the boat so to speak.

  9. howa4x says:

    Jindal is all over the map on where the republican party should go, as is the rest of the GOP. The reality is that the base is made up of older white men and women, and to get to any national election you have to run a gauntlet of birthers, climate deniers, 2nd amendment zealots, racists, men who think women should be subservient, anti immigration warriors, gay bashers, religious evangelists, anti abortion activists and general fools who vote against themselves, and the younger generation. By the time a candidate has to appeal to all these issue groups, they are completely unelectable in a national election where everyone votes. That s what is wrong with the GOP, they have become ideologues in a practical world.
    Jindal shouldn’t talk, he is the role model of what stupid is in governance.

  10. JDavidS says:

    It’s Bobby Jindal, for Gods’ sake. This moron is a walking punch-line.

    • Fern Woodfork says:

      Jindal Is One Of Many Tokens GOP/Tea Party Use To Bring In Others Like Him!! He’s Just A Sellout Being Used!!

  11. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

    Jindel said: “How about we take all of this energy being spent on autopsies and focus it on painting a picture for the American public, particularly for young people, of what a free and prosperous American future will look like with smart conservative policies,”

    Well this is what the Republican policies have done for Louisiana: About 947,000 Louisiana residents are living below the poverty line, according to the report. The state’s poverty rate of 21.1 percent is the second-highest in the nation and is about 1.1 percentage points behind New Mexico, which has the country’s highest poverty rate. About 20.8 percent of residents in the state, or 938,000 people, do not have health insurance.

    • Russell Byrd says:

      New Mexico has a large Native American population. Tragically many are poor, but factoring that into the equation, New Mexico could at least say that have an excuse. Louisiana? Jindal has worked like a maggot to make things worse.

  12. charleo1 says:

    Have young people expressed a desire to have Republicans paint a picture
    for them? I can tell the Governor thinks young people are just as gullible as
    the aging White demographic, that obediently laps up whatever comes out
    of the Governor’s mouth. I would like to disabuse the Governor of his fantasies.
    But, it’s only proper, the youth do that for themselves. And, that picture he says
    the GOP should be painting? It would be a helpful contrast, to further educate
    the youth of the Nation, on the honesty, integrity, and the interests of the GOP.
    Okay, this is the picture Republicans have painted, just for you. Isn’t that
    lovely? Now, this is the picture Republican policy has painted for you, over
    the last decade. Any questions?

  13. Bill says:

    Just when you think the GOP can’t get any STUPIDER.

  14. Allan Richardson says:

    It is the righties that believe in a flat earth. Also that money magically appears out of nowhere when you take it from the poor and middle class to give more to the rich.

  15. Megumi Yuuki says:

    piece of Chit. They all are. Thats why the US is in such a mess… nobody knows what reality is anymore. All of the politicians live in their own little world.

  16. elw says:

    They just cannot help themselves. Like all radicals they are so stuck in what they believe that they cannot move in any direction away from it, not even to understand that others may not agree with what they believe. They are the Party-of-Stupid in everything they do and there is nothing worse than stupid, desperate people. They know they have lost their culural war.

  17. RobertCHastings says:

    Ain’t it amusing how his basic leadoff idea is an oxymoron “smart conservative ideas”?

  18. plc97477 says:

    I would say, according to franks, akin, et al that their navels are not the parts they are obsessing about.

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