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Thursday, October 27, 2016

TODAY IN STUPID: Rep. Louie Gohmert Cheapens The Tragedy In Colorado

TODAY IN STUPID: Rep. Louie Gohmert Cheapens The Tragedy In Colorado

In the wake of the horrifying shooting that left at least 12 moviegoers dead in Aurora, Colorado, most of our political leaders, including Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, offered measured, respectful responses to the tragedy. After all, as the President put it, “there are going to be other days for politics.”

Unfortunately Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) didn’t get the message. During a radio interview on The Heritage Foundation’s “Istook Live!” show, Gohmert blurted a reaction to the tragedy that was so absurdly imbecilic and tone deaf that it must be heard to be believed.

Asked how such a senseless act of violence could occur, Gohmert explained that the shooting was actually caused by modern “attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

“Some of us happen to believe that when our founders talked about guarding our virtue and freedom, that that was important,” Gohmert said. “Whether it’s John Adams saying our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people … Ben Franklin, only a virtuous people are capable of freedom, as nations become corrupt and vicious they have more need of masters … We have been at war with the very pillars, the very foundation of this country.

“You know what really gets me, as a Christian, is to see the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and then some senseless crazy act of terror like this takes place,” he added.

“People say … where was God in all of this?” Gohmert continued. “We’ve threatened high school graduation participations, if they use God’s name, they’re going to be jailed … I mean that kind of stuff. Where was God? What have we done with God? We don’t want him around. I kind of like his protective hand being present.”

As Ed Kilgore points out in Washington Monthly, the notion that God would allow a massacre to teach Louie Gohmert’s political opponents a lesson is wildly offensive on its own. Gohmert wasn’t done bringing the stupid, however.

He went on to insist that the only thing that might have prevented the tragedy — aside from letting high schoolers say “God” during graduation, of course — would have been more guns in the darkened, tear-gas-filled movie theater.

“Well it does make me wonder, you know with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying that could’ve stopped this guy more quickly?” Gohmert asked.

Given that Gohmert is best known for his paranoid conspiracy theories about “terror babies,” it’s hardly a surprise to hear him say something stupid. Even in this political climate, on this sad occasion, Gohmert’s rantings represent yet another new low.

Audio of his interview is below, courtesy of The Huffington Post:


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  • angryspittle

    Gohmert is a fucking brain damaged jackass. He gives new meaning to the term stupid.

  • Rep. Gohmert did a lot more than cheapen the tragedy in Colorado today. He cheapened humanity with his childish and ill timed remarks. He could have made such asinine remarks a week or so later and just been dismissed as an ass, but he chose to make the remarks just a few hours after innocent people lost they lives to another disturbed individual. Anyone who votes for this idiot should have their franchise removed for the betterment of society, their state and the entire country. There are far too many such folks in the halls of Congress that only bring shame and embarassment to our country.

    • poppy66

      Well said. I wonder if this nut job owns guns, I surely hope not. I cant imagine anyone voting for this loon. They, are the people that should have their vote suppressed. Unbelievable.

      • Considering this guy represents a district that is so white, conservative and evangelical, I am surprised they elected someone as “liberal” as he is. My surmise for his liberal leanings? He once considered voting against something that Tom DeLay thought would be a good thing, therefore he was permanently branded.

        • jjjjlllllggggg

          Yes, because being white, conservative, and religious is frowned upon, right? Talk about racism and religious persecution.

          • You don’t want anothers persons belief put unon you but you have no problem putting your belief upon other.

          • Amen Brother !

          • No problem at all there. I am white and religious, too. I am just pointing out the facts. A buddy of mine from Dallas had to work in one of the towns in his district a couple of monts back and he was told “Don’t be in town when the sun goes down if your skin is brown.” And I am talking about a licensed professional tradesman, too, not some ditch digger.
            Also, don’t forget this is the part of the country where Juneteenth is “celebrated”. Don’t know what that is? Look it up. Also, East Texas is where one of the final engagements of the Civil War took place, months after the cessation of hostilities every place else.

          • You also left out that East Texas is where just a few years back they drug a Black Piano Teacher behind a pickup truck so long it was almost impossible to identify the body. I left out he was possibly gay so maybe it wasn’t all racially based, just most of it.

          • BDD1951

            Yes, and that is one of our greatest shames. We have many, but that is the worst that I can remember.

          • joyscarbo

            Republicans are predominantly white, landowning, religious evangelicals who believe our country doesn’t have a clear enough theocracy yet!!! They’re neo-conservative because you gotta keep your thumb on the ladies. And you have to watch them blacks because they’ll steal from you if you give ’em a chance. They’re savages really, just visit their “hoods.” Let ’em shoot each other with stolen guns and that’ll take care of the problem! LOL!! But then you gotta deal with the wetbacks. and spics.

            Don’t you just love white people?! 🙂 Ugggggggggggggg

          • WOW ! How dismissive of White People who are educated enough to know what is right and wrong. You have yourself put forth a stereotype I have fought my whole life against. Thanks for dismissing us all because of the ignorance these people suffer from !

          • 4yangyi4

            Not even close to true jjjjlllllggggg…and you are also bringing your agenda into a horrible tragedy. White needs no explaination but
            “conservative” and religious” both need a defininition…what do those words mean to you? Feels as though they should mean good and decent and caring…not critical and mean. There is no racism and persecution intended in any of my comments…how about Rush Limbaugh? Louie Gohmert? Etc.,etc. Play the label game,tie the flag to the Bible and howl about being a Christian…but please discover what those words actually mean and think of the folks who call themselves religious and conservative…what qualities do they possess?

          • It is funny the one practicing religious persecution are always the ones to cry foul…LOL !! You have to look no further than Pat Robertson or the local church in many towns to see religious Persecution being practiced by many “Good Christians”

            Go pedal you propaganda somewhere else. I can see from your name that either your parents were really cruel or you are afraid of using your real name.

          • 0126020451

            Christianity is a not a religion, it is a way of life. Christians are those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour and those who live by the words of the Lord. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment, and the second is likened unto it. Thy shall love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. There is only one kind of Christian, and that is the ones that follow the teachings and practies of Jesus Christ. Christ is not prejudice. He is not a racist. He does not bully or blackmail people. He is a gentleman. It is sad to see a pastor preaching propaganda from the pulpit. Judgment begins in the pulpit. Christ did not teach hate. The Pharisees and Saducees were religious leaders. They had the knowledge, but they did not exercise the Christian life. Jesus is available to everyone. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosover believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. The poor you will have with you always. I didn’t say it, Jesus did. The term HYPOCRITE comes to mind.

          • Sand_Cat

            Sorry, but I’ve had it with the “Christianity is not a religion bit.” It used to be it was a “relationship.”

            It’s quite true that Jesus said many good things. It’s also quite true that the person you describe as a Christian has to be one of the rarest people on earth, if he/she exists at all.

            The bulk of those pontificating about “Christianity” rarely if ever quote the sayings of Jesus you do, or suggest anyone should live by them. The average political “Christian” today – the person Butch Croan is talking about – quotes Paul (or one of his forgers) or the airy stuff from the gospel of John, which is likely the most removed from the life of the actual man Jesus (or Joshua, to be accurate). They also like Leviticus, and the other barbaric books of the “Old” Testament.
            Extremely rare is a quote from Joshua’s description of Judgement Day, in which he never mentions “belief” or “faith,” but what people DID or didn’t DO. The replies of the “goats” imply that they had “faith” of the sort common among “Christians” today, but that avails them not at all.

            The popularity of the bloodthirsty violence porn of the “Left Behind” books is perhaps the most eloquent testament to the HYPOCRISY.

            Perhaps this is some of what you were trying to get at, but what you said came out to me like a criticism.

            Another quote from that embarrassing guy Joshua who most “Christians” like to ignore says something important, too: “By their fruits you shall know them.”

        • he is NOT liberal in anything he says or does. Just one of the dominionists seeking to turn our republican democracy into a theocracy

          • It is not as many Republicans think a “Republican Democracy” but the proper term is “Representative Democracy” please understand the difference.

            Of course who they actually represent is actually more the issue. I suggest everyone read the book by Jack Abrahamoff as he is on a mission against special interests groups having supposedly seen the errors of his ways.

    • Lynda unfortunately in Texas where people vote straight ticket Republican more often than not we could probably get Adolph Hitler elected if he ran as a conservative. People probably won’t remember any of this actual foot in mouth disease comments he made when it comes next election cycle they probably will just elect him because he claims he is one of them.

      • BDD1951


  • alumahead

    Gohmert’s a hateful prick. If he’s a Christian, then I’m Captain of the Starship Enterprise. I can’t tell who’s worse, him or Bachmann. Every time they are in the news, you can be assured they’ve said something divisive and ignorant.

    Ass far as the more guns reduce crime argument, it’s like saying more sex reduces pregnancy. It goes against all logic.

    • John Alford

      No offense but, I know for a fact that if criminals suspect that others are packing; they will not confront them. They are cowards. Especially, the gunman, in this case. Municipalities that have made it a law to have home protection have had their burglury rate drop to, almost, nothing. On the other hand, if you have a bunch of loose canons, all over, the movie theater, would not be pretty, either. Unless, we educate ourselves, about gun control ( Which means controlling the weapons correctly; regarding safety, accuracy, and responsiblity.) and its virtues, we need to stay armed, for protection. Protection, not only, from criminals, but also, from our politicians. Would not any person, in their sound mind, want a weapon, if one of the teabaggers actually won the Presidency, or House?
      Though, your logic is flawed, regarding gun control, your statements about the tea-party wingnuts are right on.
      If they take away law abiding citizens’ guns, only the criminals will have them.
      I do believe that gun ownership should be subject to licensing, at least as stringent as it is to get, a driver’s license. Besides, are you going to ban, anything that might be a threat to another…like a car, baseball bat, knife, registered hands, and video games, too?

      • The a$$hat that committed this criminal act against humanity in Aurora, Co. was wearing full body armour – bullet proof vest, groin and throat protectors, helmet, and gloves. He was carrying an AR15 with over 100 rounds of ammo. Do you think he cared if “you think he’s a coward””? You are so wrong on so many levels.

      • It is good to see a reasoned logical response regarding. Gun ownership is not the problem, unrestricted gun sales is the problem.

        • catball

          As usual the repubs are on the defence of guns. Maybe we should shut up and let the right wing kill each other off.

        • John you make a logical argument that no one can argue with, but the NRA preys on the irrational fears of people who think any minor adjustments means complete repeal. This what their “Slippery Slope” argument is all about as it again takes advantage of another old slogan of “Give Them and Inch, and They Will Take A Mile”.

          I am an independent, but probably more progressive in my polotical leaning, and I would never support an outright repeal of the 2nd Amendment, but the Assault Rifle Ban which restricted the sale of certain items such as extended clips was a good piece of legislation that most Law Enforcement Agencies supported, and should have never been a polotical bargaining chip back in the 2004 election.

          I also would like to point out that several states don’t even honor the existing laws so maybe we should enforce them, before adding any new laws as the person in Arizona who bought his firearms legally had been institutionalized by the State of Arizona didn’t do it’s duty by reporting it to the Federal Database the Gun Store Owner checked before selling the gun that shot Gabby Giffords and killed all those other people.

          Guns are not the problem, but the NRA is the problem as they oppose and sensible debate that would restrict the manufactures profit margin. America’s new religion of Capitalism above all else, even the right of the citizens is what caused this problem, and the ability of special interest groups to dictate policy to our lawmakers instead of us the citizens they are supposed to be serving.

          Shame on the NRA as the blood is on their hands of these people in Aurora.

        • JackieAllen

          I agree sir. But I do not believe that military style weapons should
          be sold to the public—at all. Nor do we need to wear the gear that
          goes with them, just to complete the “look”. Personally, I don’t like
          guns and don’t own one—but CONTROL It is still too easy for nuts
          to get materials for making bombs, etc.

      • The gunman in the theater was wearing body armor and was well prepared for a shootout. Someone “carrying” a pistol in their pocket wouldn’t have had a chance against that and a 50 round magazine in an assault rifle. Next time, and there will be a next time, a shooting might occur in the dark with the shooter wearing night vision goggles or using night vision telescopic sights. To suggest that an arms race between potential shooters and members of the public is the solution to gun violence is a dream come true for the NRA. Controls on certain kinds of weapons, magazine capacity, sighting devices, types of ammunition, body armor, and so on is what’s needed to put the breaks on the stupefying array of armament being made available to the public thanks to the mindless pursuit of profits by the corporations funding the NRA. The first step in the process of gaining public control over arms and munitions sales is to defund the NRA by demanding a stop to privately funded elections. Until that’s accomplished we’ll have a corrupt government whose policies will be manipulated by corporate interests, which of course includes the NRA.

        • joyscarbo

          Exactly…he was prepared for virtually anything, including his peaceful surrender, arrest and request for an attorney. This guy was deadly smart and thought out every detail.

          • You and the 2 replies before you are so correct. If the person who suggested that many carrying pistols (or high caliber guns) in the theater might make a difference in the clever madman who committed those horrible acts gave any thought to his statement he would realize how wrong he was. I believe that the daily moral values that we had many years ago have changed hugely and until people change the horrors will continue.

          • AJ Hill

            Unfortunately, Lacebay, you’re incorrect. John Alford and the rest of the “guns are good for us”crowd have been pushing the same flawed logic and false assertions for decades.With the NRA and other pro-gun organizations cheering them on and providing an endless stream of cherry-picked data and bogus rationalizations, these people indulge a bizarre spectrum of psychosexual urges that have turned our society into a shooting gallery, where more than 30,000 people a year are killed using firearms and 2 to 3 times that number are wounded, often crippled. . If guns actually increased public safety, then the U.S. – with more than 100 million of them in circulation – would be one of the safest places on Earth. Instead many of our cities endure several gun deaths a day, and the nation as a whole is subjected to almost weekly massacres like the one in Aurora. This is madness! The most grotesque thing about it is probably the fact that the cooked statistics and absurd arguments which Mr Alford et al. find so compelling are promoted by a relatively small number of arms manufacturers and dealers who are determined to continue profiting at our expense.
            In my opinion you can do all the research you like. Visit the Brady Campaign’s website. Argue, cajole, reason until you’re blue in the face. It will do no good. There will still be people like Rep. Gabby Gifford of Arizona, herself a victim of gun violence, who even as she struggles to recover from a bullet wound to the head, refuses to endorse strict gun laws. They’re like so many right wing Republicans, who continue to support policies and politicians antithetical to their own best interests. I’ve given up trying to understand them.

          • Back in the day, if your school had an armed guard, and some inner city schools did, both public and private, there was question of whether yours was a “bad school” as indicated by its having to have such protection. The irony of this position being touted now isn’t lost on me.

            And this whole thing about letting teachers come to school armed – I’m sure it sounds really great in some circles until a teacher accidently shoots a student wearing the “wrong” jacket and dark jeans. Add to the idea that a moving target in a group of panicked bystanders is a lot different live than in the movies or the paper targets at the local gun store, and it’s disaster in the making. This is difficult for trained soldiers and police. Who will take the blame for such a tragedy?

          • Well, clearly the answer is to have an armed citizen volunteer in full SWAT gear, body armor etc. posted in all public locations and within each private businesss at all times, to combat the possibility of such an attack (/sarcasm off).

        • Grouse Feather – it’s a pity that you can’t take your understanding of this issue on the road….people need to hear what you so adeptly state. Unfortunately, the people that need, desperately, to do as you suggest will not listen. … if and when you run for public office you have my full support. thank you

        • I agree with most you said except the 50 shell clip as I believe. it is actually more like a 100 shell magazine. I am not sure but you might research that as this was what my research returned

        • A cop, here in San Antonio, was killed by a perp with an assault rifle, using a 90 round snail drum, which was fully loaded. The cop never saw what hit him, and about 40 rounds were pumped into his car. And the cop was also armed.

      • james shrum

        Your are wrong he was wearing a body suit and was prepared for a shoot out . your words on this don’t hold water.

      • james shrum

        I am not for gun control but your argument is not true. The more guns the more shoot outs only make sense . Look at Florada.Zimmerman is a murderer . Some people have had their peotection the gun to where others have broken into their homes and stolen their guns. The best home protection is the Home alarm system by ADT.which is better than any gun . If you have a gun in the house and someone breaks in theyt will have the drop on you before you can get to your gun unless you set or sleep with your gun all the time to which most of us don’t . But the alarm system ,wireless is the best thing for home protection ,the burglar don’t have a chance. Nothing for him to disable he cannot cut it off .

      • John thank you for the comments you cut and pasted from the NRA’s website…LOL ! Come on how about an original thought as most of this tripe has been proved to be hype. Just imagine is a bunch of Armed Citizens had attempted an defense in such an environment where the cross fire in a dimly lit room could have yielded dozens more fatalities. There have been instances where these armed citizens were present in the past at shooting, and they have frequently never even returned fire and have never been effective in stopping the shooters. Just the facts try them sometimes. I support the right to bear arms, as does my life long NRA member father whom I agree on nothing politically except this Assault Rifle Ban should have never been lifted. The Law Enforcement Agencies or LEO’s all supported the original ban, but Bush was so afraid of losing the election again in 2004 like he did in 2000 that he allowed himself to be influenced by the NRA executive committee whom had members who wanted to make money by overturning this Assault Rifle Ban that most members such as my father supported.
        This and the shooting in Arizona were made more extreme by the types of weapons they were allowed to have such as extended magazines that previously had been banned before 2004. One more act of stupidity by the last President where short term goals were placed ahead of longer term thinking.

      • blueindy1

        ALFORD: Hogwash. Remember “Gabby” in Arizona, and when she was shot in the head? Arizona is an “open Carry” state, is it not? You know, slap it on and stroll down the street like Doc Holliday?

        Now do you suppose the shooter checked everybody to make sure there were none armed before he started blasting away? NO. He didn’t give a rats rear if any were packin’ or not. He just started shooting.

        The absolute INSANITY is obivious in the belief the solution to gun violence is MORE GUNS!!! Where does it end? When is the point reached when there ARE too many guns out there? Never?

      • TeaBaggers … can’t live with them … can live without them.

      • Your bumper sticker philosophy doesn’t cut it. You didn’t put forth a proposed solution to this problem of crazy people getting their hands on guns legally.

        Try speaking to the issue & keep your NRA bumper sticker stupidity to yourself, please.

        There is a viable solution to this problem, you just don’t want to accept it.

        What is the solution you ask? Good Question!

        Obama Care is the answer.

      • No one but the Military needs any type of assault weapon period. I spent a year in combat in the 60’s and was in 5 Regiment sized firefights and only once had the opportunity to fire anything close to a basic load (140 rounds) for my M-16 and several of these battles lasted two days. We almost never fired on full automatic choosing instead to fire semi-auto to conserve ammo and to be more accurate with our shots. Bursts if any were limited to 3-5 rounds. A skilled shooter with a large capacity magazine and a weapon that is able to shoot several hundred rounds per minute has no place in society.

    • Unfortunately the ignorance in Texas regarding this matter comes all the way from the Gov’s office as he wants to arm all the college students which I find potentially dangerous given we all know how much drinking is done on most campuses, and Gun Powder and Alcohol do not mix as has been proved many times over.

  • jjjjlllllggggg

    No one, on either side, should be using this for political purposes. Everyone should just shut up and let these people grieve, including those who blame it on the Tea Party, Mayor Bloomberg who comes out to make it a statement about gun control, EVERYONE. Let these people grieve!!!!

  • People like Gohmert are incapable of understanding anything beyond how it affects them personally. That’s why he called this an attack on Judeo-Christianity — to make it about himself again.

  • Clarence Burden

    Another Idiot in the GOP

  • And yet the morons keep voting for people like him.

    • When I went to Sunday School, we learned Jesus loved everyone. He loved children and the poor. It was a warm good thing.

      Now, the evangelicals are spewing hate. It does not say, in the Ten Commandments, “thou shalt not lie.” It says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” So even if you repeat a lie as the truth, you are bearing false witness. It also says that if you have broken one of the commandments, you have broken them all. Michelle Bauchmann bears false witness all the time.

      If every patron of that theater was carrying a gun and every patron started shooting at the shooter, the ricochets and stray bullets would have created more murder.

      Do you actually think the shooter would not have went into that theater armed if he thought everyone was carrying a gun?

      What saddens me is not that there are whackos in the government, but what kind of people elected them in the first place? I thought about that as I drove through Minnesota lately. I also wonder about Texans.

      • I certainly understand your frustration with the current crop of evangelicals being grown these days. It would seem as they’ve missed the mark on their beloved Jesus by a mile. Here is today’s idiotic comment made by a so-called leader of an evangelical group Truth in Action. It is very disturbing in its un-Christian message regarding the non-Christian victims in Colorado.

        ‘If a Christian dies early, if a Christian dies young, it seems tragic, but really it is not tragic because they are going to a wonderful place, on the other hand, if a person doesn’t know Jesus Christ, if they knowingly rejected Jesus Christ, then, bascially they are going to a terrible place.’

        Such asinine and truly inane remarks do not reflect well on evangelicalistic points of view. To many, like me, such comments put a dark cloud on the movement. It is obvious that this so-called leader, Jerry Newcombe, is lacking any familarity with the teachings and philosphy of the Christ.

        Preaching hate, distrust and intolerance of all those not like minded is not an intelligent way to convince folks of the rightiousness of your cause, in fact I would argue the opposite is a more likely result.

        There are too many leaders of our institutions making entirely too many stupid and ill-timed remarks this weekend. It is difficult enough to deal with the happening in Colorado without be bombarded by the truly foolish and dull among us. Why did they not wait a few days before opening their collective pie-holes to make their spurious comments?

        • In response to your question, about good taste and why he didn’t wait or keep him mouth shut. well look no further than it’s an election year, and all sanity goes out the windows as many who hate blacks, but won’t admit it will line up and vote for a man who hides his money offshore to avoid taxes just because he wan the Republican Primary. That’s the true tragedy of what’s killing America is that we so oppose taxes we are willing to have ourselves blinded to the fact the Rich Pay No Taxes in many cases, and certainly don’t pay their fair share.

          I may not have a 100% approval rating of the current President, but I am not ignorant of the fact that when George W. Bush took over we had a Tax Surplus, and after two unfunded wars, and massive tax cuts for the rich the current President was handed an unworkable situation. Nobody could have done any better, but they certainly could do worse which is what the Republicans are out to prove, by forcing massive cuts in programs to benefit the middle class just to give more money to people who already pay the lowest tax rates.

          It says it best in the bible where Jesus tells Peter to Feed His Sheep. we are sheep, and the masses are easily persuaded to hate each other instead of focus on the broken policies of the new religion of Capitalism and it holy temple of Wall Street. Their False Profit Alan Greenspan certainly led us to slaughter didn’t he.

      • I live in Texas, and I wonder that everyday..LOL !!

        • BDD1951

          I live in TX, too. Yes we wonder about a lot of things since this is a conservative. I am old enough to remember when it was a Democratic state.

    • 4yangyi4

      Do not cut Medicaid…too many folks need cheap/free mental health care and guns need much better control. We have the right to bear arms and that should always remain…not assault weapons…100 rounds? WHY? Louie Gohmert,be careful what you say…these very innocent folks were murdered…a national shame…not a political opportunity .

      • joyscarbo

        NO average civillian should have access to the magnitude of weaponry that this man got very easily. These kinds of firearms are used for and by trained millitary personel or advanced law enforcement.

      • Exactly the Founding Fathers wrote “The Right To Bear Arms” and not “the Right To Bear an Armory” as the NRA would have you believe.

    • bigspender7

      Especially here in Texas. We pay a high premium for stupid here.

      • Landsende

        Amen to that starting with our governor Rick Perry. After watching his performance in the debates everyone now knows what a joke he is.

        • BDD1951

          Conservative Texans don’t. I wonder why the governors mansion hasn’t been finished yet. Why we are still having to pay $9,000 a month for him to live up in the Hill Country and only show up in Austin a couple of days a week. Why does he need such a huge house with a guest house. Why????

          • Landsende

            Even though Perry says he’s a fiscal conservative he sure doesn’t mind spending the taxpayers money on himself but when it comes to spending on education he can’t find the money to pay for it. Wonder why? We need to get rid of Perry.

      • Are you talking about or Gov. ?? LOL !!

    • Like I said above they vote Straight Party affiliation, so if you could be Adolph Hitler on the ticket as a republican you could get him elected.

  • Why aren’t there such attacks in other countries(with such regularity) where this nonsense of Judeo Christian belief is not the norm of the political trend?

  • violence BREEDS violence! Guns in the WRONG hands create VIOLENCE! Ranting and raving about HIS so called “christian beliefs does NOT make him a Christian. As a matter of fact he shows his UN”chistianity in these kinds of rants. To BE a “Christian ” one must practice the TEACHINGS of “CHRIST. His rants are Hardly synonamous with What Christ had to say about ANYTHING. The Devil can quote scripture for his own purposes and this mans satanic rantings are truly UNexcuseable!

  • emarco22

    This guy is nuts. Not only should be kick out of office, he needs to be locked up until his god shows up.

  • howa4x

    There is 2 kinds of Christianity in this country, those who really believe in the teachings of Jesus and go out in the world to do good deeds and be helpful to humanity, especialy the meek and the destitude, who they protect. They want to live in harmony with the rest of the world and have a deep respect for the boounty that nature gave them. They see him as the embodiment of unconditional love

    Then there are those who never understood the message, and use it to prop up beliefs and actions that are contrary to what was actually said. The Republicans fall into the latter group, and claim what they do is actually in line with Christian beliefs, even though their foundation is to reward winners and punish loosers. to lavish benefits on the truly wealthy, and scorn what little the down trowden get. To them Jesus is a cruel heartless son of a vengeful god, who’s message is based on social darwinism, and to kill those who don’t agree or believe. Jesus, they think, is really there to help football players score touchdowns or Wall st rainmakers score giant bonus’s. A Rambo type figure with bullit belts transversing his body as his assualt rifle is waved toward the non believers. Jesus rewards all the evangelists who make millions in personal fortune just saying his name, and urges them to stop women from enjoying sex, and punish them for their mistakes.
    This is a dark vision, closer to the rigidty of the religious practice of the taliban than to the loving figure of a saviour there with open arms for all.
    Which Jesus would you want to have guiding your life?

    • My grandfather always put it like this “God Save Me From The GOOD CHRISTIANS” !! or as he called them Bible Thumpers who always anted to tell others how to live.

  • i did not hear him once say my prayers are with the families, he just an idoit. Blow heart, does not know what he is talking about. Just want to make a political statement on the day or day after the shooting.

  • what is this bonehead talking about pillars of bullshit, who are these people that destroyed this prestine country. with their puratin laws. This is what this murderess socity has become.


    • A voice of reason among the blind

      • Seriously how is Jcarroll’s Yelling a voice of reason ??

      • Bud are you the same kind of Low I.Q. Moron that Jcarroll is? Well at least you know not to type everything in caps. I guess you also love that white Trash Hero of his Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin ?? How can you guys be so ignorant is her pretty face really that able to get you brains to switch off?

    • JohnRNC

      Dude! Have you actually read the Old Testament? There’s some pretty vicious stuff in there. So I’m not so sure Biblical Law will be much better than Sharia Law. Besides, if the US becomes a Theocracy what happens to all us heathen-pagan-dirt worshipers who just want to grow corn and hunt?

      • Yeah I have thought the same about what about us people who don”t agree. Are they suggesting that if we don’t agree with their John Birch Society / Joe McCarthy views we should leave as I have heard that one many times in the past. Talk about un-American thinking.

        • JohnRNC

          I would leave, but then the idiots win. Besides, my ancestors were here a long time before his and even thought we didn’t have as many guns as the Christians we put up a helluva fight (and still are). Here’s a little known tidbit for all those who think that the constitution was exclusively an anglo/christian document – the framers were inspired by the organization and government structure of the Six Nations of the Iroquois. Much of our constitution is based on that model. HA!

          • John I am also a native which is what makes me so angry when all these immigrants start talking about a strong immigration policy. If the natives had resisted instead of welcomed the Europeans we might be having a different argument about immigration today…lol !! I too have read George Washington’s diary where he had these little walks in the woods where he talked to people with painted faces.

    • 4yangyi4

      Jcarroll Barnhill…you actually make my heart hurt and I’d be really surprised if God didn’t weep as well. Not one thing you said or the manner in which you said it sounds very Christian. How very sad for all of us if you really beleive what you said.

    • Dude saying it all in CAPS LOCK ON mode doesn’t make it true it just shows what a MORON YOU ARE !!

      It is clear you watch Fox News, and hate Liberals. I guess you hate Medicare or Social Security or any of the countless other things they brought you like Clean Water.

      The fact you start quoting falsehoods about anyone who is not a Conservatard like us wanting Sharia Law (which I don’t want any religious leaders influencing government, do you remember the separation of Church and State !) well it just proves where you get your news.

  • Bull-Puckey! If God is just, Gohmert has seen his LAST term in office! The shooter is OBVIOUSLY insane and had LEGALLY obtained ALL of his weaponry! WHY did he need a Glock and assorted ASSAULT WEAPONRY? The gun laws MUST be changed. Keep your hunting rifles and your target shooting paraphernalia, but for God’s sake STOP selling assault weapons to MANIACS! NO ONE needs an AK47 or a machine gun in their home arsenal. Seriously? STOP the madness!

  • Jack Cambest

    What a worthless piece of Texas Trash! To all who said this bottom feeder can’t be or is not a ‘true’ a christian, WAKE THE HELL UP! He IS a christian and many, many other christians voted for this disgusting christian to get his christian ass to where it is today. Christians! Grow some balls and take responsibility for your own christian garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fordneri

    He is an idiot and everyone knows you don’t argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

  • John Alford

    You are filled with hate and poisoned, by Flush Lim-paw. Quite judgemental and accusitory, too…not good form, for a “SO-CALLED” christian. Methinks, you need more education, before you speak, with the adult population.
    Remember, just because YOU believe in a old man in the sky, does not make his exsistance any more real. As you say, you only need him, when you are in trouble…kinda like a nanny. Just because, you have a weak mind, and need supervision, does not mean, your beliefs are ours. Besides, their are more sects to chrisianity, than there are all the other religions on Earth. Which type of christian are you…or, need I ask? More people have died, under the christian sword, than for any other cause, on Earth.
    Next time you are out on the ocean, use the proper equipment; not an inner tube…lol.

  • John Alford

    Thank you, Bud.

  • Texas sure produces a lot of ignorant idiots!

    • rmarqua2921

      The fascinating thing is that we elected one of them to be our president, and then reelected him! LOL

      • I would add something about “W” but my grandmother taught me it was rude to make fun of the REATRDED.

  • WhutHeSaid

    My, my — another lying, despicable, frothing, sniveling, tax-dollar-snorting, deadbeat Tea-nut-bigot. So what else is new? {{yawn}}

  • Texas has an endless supply of idiots!

  • John Alford

    Delay, the criminal is YOUR hero…really? lol

  • John Adams was basically an atheist… I wonder the context of that quote LOL
    And Yahweh is noted for killing off the innocent to punish the guilty – I present the whole book of Exodus as evidence…So this wingnut has some reason to think his god would do such a thing…

  • John Alford

    Feeling like you might not have studied, hard enough, in school to compete with the world? But, you are correct, about being conservative & religious…no one likes you.

  • John Alford

    You would be among the first to go, if the country went down the tubes. Representitives like this one are the main reason, for owning an AK. Only criminals will have them, and the faint of heart will die.
    You cannot regulate morality. It has to manifest, from a common good, and enforce the laws of the majority. This has worked, so far, in America. The majority, of Americans, know that personal gun ownership in America was THE main reason, we were not invaded, during WWII. You can yell, :Stop the madness, while they are shooting you. OR, you can fight for your life. The meager will NOT inherit the world…they will be gun fodder. You cannot reason, with insanity; one can, only, hope, that they will not need to use their gun, but are ready, if they do need one.
    My family have been American veterans, since 1610. We have, always, protested the weak, and will continue to do so, forever.
    Having said that, we should enforce gun training classes, as a pre-requiset to gun ownership, to learn how to safely use, control ,load, and make quick accurate decisions, about your weapon, of chice. Mine is a Springfield .45 auto a, or my Ruger .44 Magnum, for home security. Hell, we have had home envasions, here, on the western slope, of Colorado…how about LA? You think, anyone there should have personal protection. Or should they discuss the issue, without a weapon?

    • rmarqua2921

      Where do you get the facts that, “The majority, of Americans, know that personal gun ownership in America was THE main reason, we were not invaded, during WWII.” This is the biggest BS in all these comments! I am sure during World War II many European countries had no ban on gun ownership! Just tell us the web site for the polls taken of Americans who believe this BS! The British even tried to put down the Revolutionary War knowling full well that every American had a gun in his house to provide food for his family! I am sure Hitler wqs scared to death of the one shot rifles and shot guns, LOL.

    • John there is just so much about what you said that is untrue, and unwise given you caliber for inside a home defense. The classes I took years ago informed people of the unfortunate nature of large caliber guns going to far inside a home to the point of creating a possible friendly fire situation where you take aim at the intruder, and fire but miss. The larger round travels to the other end of the house killing you child or elderly parent. The .44 Magnum is way too much gun, and is usually just used to show off how big you gun is, as it was designed to be able to shoot a engine block and crack it, as was specified by the Border Patrol. The .45 is also way too much gun as their is no disabling shot as you always kill who ever is shot. The US Navy went away from the .45 to a more reasonable 9mm because of just such a undesirable side effect. The .45 is a close quarters gun originally designed for pilots as a person sidearm. I purchased my father a John Wayne model 1911 .45, and we seldom shot it in favor of the 9mm because it is all about show, and not nearly as accurate a weapon.

      The fact you call for gun classes, and you don’t know this simple Home Defense recommendation really brings into doubt much of what you have just said. The comment about the reason USA not be invaded during WW2 is just plain stupidity as obviously you know nothing about the Japanese invading Alaska. The fact we are an Island Nation also makes it difficult as well. Just gibberish to say it was because of Gun Ownership. Please learn history or please shut up, and stop spouting NRA propaganda.

  • John Alford

    Man made book…made made religion. Neither, are true. It, ALL, hinges on blind faith, and gullibility, and a weak mind. Go ask Scallia; he was there with the fore-fathers, as he says he can channel them…lol!

    • LOL !! If he can actually channel them then he should know many weren’t Christian’s but Deist which the Religious Right has misrepresented to be Christian since anyone a Freemason, must be at least a Deist. Christianity wasn’t required, and in fact Thomas Jefferson was so opposed to the Jesuit’s he had a hard time with the Freedom Of Religion part because he didn’t want them to bring their special form of hatred to the colonies.

  • John Alford

    Read the news, from around the world, and get back to us, Raoul…check out Mexico.

  • How can you tell Gohmert is an idiot? He says something.
    I agree – why do the people in his district vote for him?

    • Diogenes67

      You think they might be stupid?

      • No just gullible with all the politics in the churches these days how can they be anything but stupid. The really stupid thing is why the Government doesn’t revoke their Ax Exempt Status since involving themselves in this kind of activity revokes their charter.

    • Why ask a question you already know the answer to? I suspect you also are in Texas, and as such understand the power of voting straight Republican Ticket no matter who is on the ballot.

  • I believe that this shooting is a direct result of the ranting and raving of right wingnut hate monger Rush Limbaugh! He saying the new Batman movie The Dark Knight rises is a conspiracy against Mitt Romney. Republicans say they are Christians. Ha! Christians don’t hate! Christians take care of the poor! And so on. There is nothing Christian about a republican

    • I would love to agree with you as I really hate that Drug Addict and convicted Criminal that so many conservatives hold up for sainthood, but since the purchases go back a couple of months something else originally set this guy off. It might be Rush Limbaugh pushed him over the line, but the was already almost there.

      Like I said I hate Rush Limbaugh, and his special brand of hatred, and all the SHEEPLE that follow him, but I think he gets a pass on this one just because of the long term planning that went into it, and the comments be recent.

  • angryspittle

    Gee, I seem to remember that professional shooters and secret service folks were unable to prevent Hinkley from shooting St. Ronnie back in 81. Kind of puts jackasses like this dangerous ignoramus in a different light.

  • .. Actually, the old Jewish story of Noah’s Ark is what convinces/brainwashes kids that 99.99% of the people on the planet should be dead if they don’t believe what you believe… as is the moral of that story…

  • What does it say about us as a Nation that we put people like this in office.

    • Speaks volumes doesn’t it. The country is still stuck in the fiction aisle being led by such creatures as Gohmert. We get just the type of government we deserve as long as the America prefer to remain in ignorance and elect his type.

    • Thank the Tea Party I am sure!

  • sorgfelt

    The shooter in the theater was wearing body armor and started with a gas or smoke grenade. Any one who had a gun and tried to fight rather than escape would more likely have been killed rather than succeed at putting the shooter down.

  • emadis41

    Gohmert does not know what the Judio-Christian values are? Saying that more guns will deter crimes is a false excuse to have more guns; then why are we the No 1 nation in murder by guns? Gohmert should know better, there are guns in the hands of lunatics and zealots who are ready to use them for a reason and no reason, unfortunately to him these happen mostly in the Bible-Pelt.

    Perhaps the tragedy could have been averted if there were an armed guard behinde the theater, not another gun carrying person inside the theater, this fellow would have to be armed with a machine gun to be able to take a fellow with three guns and an automatic rifle. Then this fellow might have been in predicament for shooting in a theater.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Pennsylvania Police Do Care

    I get irritated when people come down on our police officers, saying that the police don’t care about or respect others. Well, here is a story that clearly shows not all cops are in that category.

    This story involves the police department in the small hill country town of Wilkes-Barre, PA, who reported finding a man’s body last Saturday in the early evening in the Susquehanna River near the state highway-81 bridge.

    The dead man’s name would not be released until his family had been notified.

    The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption while visiting “someone” in Wilkes-Barre. He was wearing black fishnet stockings, 10 inch spiked heels, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, dazzle dust on his eyelids, 2½ inch false eyelashes and an Obama T-shirt.

    The police removed the Obama T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

    Pennsylvania police do care

    Have a nice day!

    • Thank you for your input. Good job staying on topic as well, it added so much to the conversation.

      • Well put since we were previously talking about Gun Control the conservative had to deflect, and bring up something else entirely like Sexual Orientation. This is exactly why the republicans have been so ineffective in creating the Jobs they promise, because they think taking away others peoples rights is somehow related to creating jobs. I see why they like Willard Mitt. Romney because he thinks outsourcing is creating jobs….Well I guess it is, but he jobs are in another country.

    • 4yangyi4

      Tacky and silly response and it stands alone to prove who you are and how you think…wow are you one who calls him/herself a patriotic Christian?

    • Just like the typical Consevatard coward to use a made up name. You are such a spineless coward, but most HomoPhobics like you usually are.

  • cwalter711

    The real issue here is not if other people can carry concealed weapons, but the issue of how does one prevent the insane from acting out their insanity. As one retired from the military I am no stranger to weapons, but if you analzye the situation carefully the addition of more amatuer shooters to the mix would have only worsened the death rate.

    If you have ever been in a combat situation and are under the stress of live fire your marksmanship practiced at the range goes to hell in a basket. This is a fact of all green troops, and even more so of civilians.

    Here is a shooter wearing the latest in bullet proof protection. The probability of him taking out anyone shooting at him is extremely high. How about the other shooters hitting other civilians and raising the toll of dead and wounded.

    Also ponder when law enforcement arrives, and all these shooters are firing. Who will they pick as a target? Someone dressed like them, or the other shooters?

    Police statistics demonstrate that more people are killed or wounded with their own weapon.

    Somehow, the scenario of everyone armed and dangerous does not make me feel any safer.

    Consider this how would you feel after discharging your weapon that instead of hitting the bad guy you greased a young mother or a child? Do you think that you will be cool under fire?

    Listen to stories of troops with their bravado prior to combat, and the results after combat. The eagerness quickly disappears.

    Amazing how one insane person brings the worst out of us.

    • As a fellow veteran, and father of a Airborne who served in Iraq I thank you for your service as well as your reasonable & factual acknowledgement that more guns would not have stopped this crazy guy as many have claimed, but would have actually increased “Friendly Fire” casualties.

  • bigspender7

    How do a-holes like this find their way into the US Congress. Pray of tea party extinction.

    • Tea Party and the Texas Republican Party to answer you question.

  • onedonewong

    The shooter was once again a moooslim who shares obama’s world views

    • rmarqua2921

      This is funny, somehow you always have to blame the Muslims for everything! Is that what your mama taught you! I am sure God must really love your hate for Muslims, after all they aren’t people? They aren’t God’s creation? Seems your God screwed up all over the place, he created the muslims!

      • onedonewong

        Nope moooslims aren’t gods people its a religion founded by a pedophile and is a sickness, and no he provided them with free will. Just like he did for ax murders rapists and homosexuals

        • WOW big surprise you grouped Gays in with Ax Murders ….You so called Religious Right really need to stop completing the work that your dead leader Hitler didn’t get to finish. If people like you had your way they would all have to year a pink triangle. Would you also make the Jews wear a Star Of David ??

          Narrow minded Low I.Q. people like you make me sick.

          • onedonewong

            Why wouldn’t be lumped in?? Its a “choice” for all I listed just like those who commit pedophilia like NAMBLA.
            No Hitler was a socialist just like you Messiah that’s his ultimate agenda to mimic Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s
            Barak wants to make anyone who makes their own way in society without Govt Aid to wear a Chairman Mao tunic and attend reeducations camps.
            As for low IQ’s that’s the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes and is the Democratic base

    • Where did you get that lie Fox News or Rush Limp Ball

      • onedonewong

        He’s a Turk = moooslim

  • WSA

    I thought Michele Bachmann was bad but this complete imbecile with a ZERO I.Q. has to be the worst of all time. Beck, Bachmann, and Limbaugh are horribly stupid and live in a fact-free world, but Gohmert? The people of Texas in his district (and Bachmann’s Minnesota District) must be the dumbest people on earth (or the laziest) to elect this clown to do something other than pick up garbage by the side of the road. It is a sad day when we turn to complete morons like Gohmert or Bachmann for their opinions on anything. You would be better off to ask random Kindergarteners for a more informed opinion on any serious subject.

  • phantomoftheopera

    ah,where to begin. first, if god is trying to send a message, he needs a new pr person. because, to me, his message would be about our destructive love affair with guns.

    second, apparently god, not unlike the tea party in general, is not a christian. i can’t imagine jesus condoning any of this.

    third, we needed more guns in that theatre like we need more holes in our head. what could they have done against a man with full body armor in a dark room filled with smoke? my guess is they’d have killed even more innocent people.

    fourth, if god is into using disasters to send messages, why do so many occur in the bible belt? they’ve had record numbers of tornadoes, floods, and now drought. will locust be next? if he’s attacking the god-fearing, maybe he’s trying to say they are just haters. and he’s pissed about it.

  • imabrummie

    And enough folks voted for this moron (I would call it a human but that would be assuming it has a functioning brain!) to allow him to be a member of Government? God save the rest of us from cretins!

    • Landsende

      They voted for him because he claims to be a Christian and to the teapublicans if you claim to be a Christian, no matter how bigoted, stupid and crooked they are they will vote for them.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Actually, you underestimate Tax Evading A$$holes (TEA) Party — they very much care about bigotry and crookedness: These are two of the attributes they admire most in a candidate.

  • adler56

    He’s a pathetic excuse for a man.

  • zollo

    “Well it does make me wonder, you know with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying that could’ve stopped this guy more quickly?” Gohmert asked.” STUPID Stupid.

    As BUHGEEZUS has noted, the shooter was wearing full body armour – bullet proof vest, groin and throat protectors, helmet, and gloves and was using an assault rifle. Pretty sure it would not have been possible for anyone ‘carrying’ to take him out. It would have added to chaos of the situation, but the shooter was so well protected that he wasn’t going to go down with a shot from some movie goer packing a concealed pistol.

  • I grew up in an age when we were allowed to take our guns to school. It was a 2.1/2 mile walk across the fields and through the woods to our little three room country school. The game we were able to bag on our way home would soon be on our table. It never crossed any of our minds to shoot somebody. And yes, those were the days when every boy carried a pocket knife. And yes, we said the Lords prayer and sang a hem or two. There was also a verse read form the Bible a time or two each weak. All that must have really messed up our minds. I don’t know of even one of my old classmates that went to jail for anything. The ones that I still see all these years later all agree. Hitting a target, no bigger that a quarter at 100 feet is the only kind of gun control we care to hear about. We no longer attend school with our neighbors or there families. Some might say, all the more reason to carry a gun. – I think, all the more reason to love our neighbor.

    • rmarqua2921

      I guess you and I are about the same age. That was cool I had my 4-10 too! All that was fine until the NRA insisted that we should be able to make and sell assault rifles to everyone, guns whose only purpose is to kill people! Who would hunt a rabbit with an assault rifle?

    • Wayne I got to say this might not be the appropriate time to bring this up so don’t take this personally and as an attack, but some of your comments reminded me of the issue with guns put forth by Michael Moore in “Bowling For Columbine” which many people have never seen because they have already made their mind up about what they think he was going to say, but he clearly says the problem was none of the things the media said it was, and disproved all the popular theories about Violence In Video Games, Rock & Roll, and Gun Ownership as Canada has 3 times the amount of guns per capita but far less Gun related Crimes. The biggest problem is the media’s Glorification Of Violence, which Stephen Colbert did a pun about how much the media was going to cover this. This person will become immortal for this infamous act because Fox News, and CNN will cover this for the months to come, and it will probably be a bigger media event than the OJ Trial.

      I do think we need to control what kinds of weapons are able to be protected under the 2nd amendment, but as long as we speak the names of famous assassins such as Hinkley and give them attention in the media they don’t deserve we will have this problem since they can become immortal by such acts.

  • DurdyDawg

    The voting is in and the overwhelming majority insists that the political Pub population are blithering idiots and Gohmert and his ilk are the front runners of stupid.

  • Ugly, ugly man, inside, and out.

  • joyscarbo

    Imagine shooting into a dark movie theater that’s filling with gases and is filled to capacity with freightened patrons. Mind you, your target is dressed in all black. What unrealistic jackass thinks this would be prudent? And would/could this hypothetical armed hero have taken out this man without injuring or killing more people? Highly unlikely…those who think so have watched too many action-adventure movies.

    • You ask “”What unrealistic jackass thinks this would be prudent?’ we our Gov. in Texas does as he wants to arm all the college students which many of us thinks is a really bad idea.

      • joyscarbo

        Wow…that is a sad statement, Butch. I know that Texas is an NRA stronghold. I understand why a hunter needs a gun or rifle. I understand why an individual would want to have a firearm to “protect” their property and/or family. What I do not understand is what motivates anyone to want to own the kind of weaponry that is usually only used by advanced law enforcement or the military. Law enforcement and the military never just hand an officer or soldier these kinds of weapons and say, “Go for it.” There is extensive instruction, training and countless hours on a firearms range to learn to use them properly and responsibily. Why in the world should it be legal for any citizen to buy these kinds of weapons from an online site with little to no background checks or extensive tracking??!!!

        • I couldn’t agree more, but about your comment about the NRA I have a thing or two to add about the Assault Rifle Ban. I have very little common ground with my father who has been a lifelong member of the NRA on most things, but the NRA didn’t represent the wishes of much of the membership when they lobbied President Bush to overturn the Assault Rifle Ban they represented the manufactures who are on the executive committee. The majority of the member of the NRA actually supported the original ban which was requested by the Local Law enforcement Agencies who were constantly being out gunned by criminals. If you want to know how to make an LEGAL AR-15 shot in full automatic mode look no further than the Internet, and before that most gun magazines had personal ads in the back to sell you the instructions.

          Do you want to know how come it is so easy to modify an AR-15 ? The reason is you are just undoing the modifications that were done to make it only semi-automatic as the original design was for an automatic weapon. You just have to do a little filing of a certain bump on the bolt, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just a liar. I in fact for years had the program for a CNC machine to do it.

  • It’s time to dump the garbage out of our congress. The teabaggers had their day now. crawl back into your holes

  • So why didn’t GOD protect them from the shooter???

    • rmarqua2921

      Yes, I am sure not all the people killed were atheists and gays? And God would have children being killed? That might be your God but he or she is not mine!

  • Melvin Chatman

    HATE to say this, but there are those who VOTED for this CLOWN in TEXAS.
    trust me as I warn to rest of Society, in Texas, there are plenty more and even worse!

    • As the Texas GOP actually put ending critical thinking on their political agenda, I don’t doubt it.

  • bcarreiro

    all about the recognition ….what a another repetative republican in office.

  • he is right you know, people kill people, guns dont. if you outlaw guns, then only the outlaws will have them. as for people asking where God was, they are condemed all-ready, gods protection has left this country, becouse people have alowed fagets and atheast, to take God out of our country, and then they have the nerve to stand around and wounder where he is, ask all the “good people” who did nothing while other morons were alowed to remove god from amarica!!

    • You must be well aware of how offensive that was, Dougie. You actually tried misspellings that “coincidentally” included horrible epithets denigrating gays and atheists.

      It didn’t work. God is God and doesn’t need nor want blind worship. There is an overwhelming Christian majority in this country and this so-called persecution makes for a very poor excuse for slamming on gays, atheists, and people of different skin hue.

      Unless, of course, you actually live in “amarica” instead of the United States of *America*.

      Needless to say, I have flagged your ranting tripe as being offensive, as I truly am offended *by* it.

      Have a nice day.

    • rmarqua2921

      That’s right its God who did this because we are such bad children! Speak for yourself, I am 70 years old and my values are pretty much the same throughout the years! It is so easy not to take responsibility for our own actions! GUNS KILL PEOPLE! Time to get this old wives tail buried! I also hunted a good part of my early life on the farm in south Dakota! Single shot rifles and shotguns! The guns the NRA has placed in the hands of ordinary people are not designed for any other purpose but to KILL PEOPLE! They have no other purpose! My rifle and shotgun were designed to hunt for food, they were designed to kill animals not people! The only guns we want banned are the one that are designed to kill people, and to kill many people in a very short time! We want bans of these guns like every other civilized country in the world! It is plain and simple if the killer could get an assault rifle and automatic shotgun or whatever, he could have killed so many people before anyone could even get a gun out of their pocket to kill him!

    • Doug first of all your ignorance is just unbelievable, as most of what you said is Modern Christian Dogma and/or Propaganda with little if any basis in truth. The whole God thing was a recent invention in the later part of the last century to counter the “unholy” Communist as our Founding Fathers were not as the Christian Liars tell you all christian.

  • kerotom

    I’m not against guns.
    I am against STUPID guns.
    I’ve hunted for over 45 years and have used a single shot rifle and shotgun at all times – hence the term “SPORT”
    If the NRA is steadfastly going to “PROTECT” the right of the individual to carry assault rifles, multiple pistols, large clips for guns (pistols, rifles and shotguns) I will cease my membership and campaign against them.
    Nothing worst than an ex to know the in’s and out’s of an organization.

    PS: I VOTE ALSO !!!

    • It is great you bring up the single shot weapon as back a few years (middle 2009) I was having a conversation about assault rifles with Young Republican Businessman who told me he was going to buy one to protect himself from the government coming and taking his stuff away ( which BTW still hasn’t happened) , and I asked him if he had any experience with guns which he answered “No, but he wanted the right to own whatever he wanted” I informed him that the weapon my son was carrying in Iraq was not automatic (actually had a three shot burst mode) because of accuracy issues, and that a single shot rifle was a much better defense. He went on boasting how his superior numbers would win the battle ( I stopped short of explaining in Vietnam they disproved this flawed theory by McNamara) .

      I asked him to a challange where I would be 100 Yards away with a 308 or 30-06 either one he could choose, and I would have one tenth the ammunition he had and we would see who won the conflict. He shut up real quickly. My friends pointed out to him that although I might be a progressive I still qualified as a marksman in the US Navy on a highly inaccurate model 1911 45Cal.

      Assault rifles are about profit of the manufactures, and close quarters gang banger type of encounters, and in a defensive position a rifle will always be more accurate and capable. I actually saw someone say you could hunt deer with a AR-15 like you would want to eat the meat after it ran two miles. Give me a single shot big caliber rifle anytime, and you can say it is for defense, and Assault Rifle is only for shooting people, and up close at that.

  • toptwome

    What a moron!!! How can people in this country back these lying sacks of bile.

  • Where do they get these people from????? If those statements he made are Christian than I must really be out of touch!!!!! Why bring GOD into this, he is just trying to make points with the Tea Bangers, who are also out of touch!!!!!

  • CAThinker

    Amazing… not to besmirch an entire belief system (and one I subscribed to years ago, BEFORE Reagan decided to get the “(im)Moral Majority” involved)… I know that Republicans are not moronic imbeciles…. but the more I pay attention, I see that moronic imbeciles tend to be Republican… There’s a doctoral thesis somewhere in that concept for political science graduate students…

  • Gohmert is a clueless idiot who thinks he’s got it all figured out because he IS a clueless idiot and furthermore, he’s a clueless idiot.

  • He is sick and deranged like the rest of his crew. How ever got elected is a mystery to me. That’s why people need to do some research before they vote for looney tunes and insane people to run our government.

  • JohnRNC

    The truth that appears to be emerging [and nobody really knows anything yet!] is that this has absolutely nothing to do with religion. This was a brilliant young man with no prospects. He snapped because so many of the promises that were made to him as a child were broken. “Do well in school – you’re smart – you can write your own ticket – at McDonald’s”. It’s NO EXCUSE, but it may not be the last time a smart, frustrated twenty-something gives up hope [in this widening economic catastrophe] and decides to become “the terminator”. The reasons for the revolutions of the Arab Spring are all present right here in the USA.

    • At least the jobs at McDonald’s can’t be outsourced.

  • PWHP

    Who votes for this guy anyway? First if more people in the theater had guns there is a good chance that more people not less would have been shot. Once the mayhem started with people running jumping in every direction who could get a clean shot off? If two or more of the C C people were there what would prevent one of the others from taking them out?
    It is a good thing the shooter had no military background, if he had he would have first laid dowm surpressive fire, and the AR-15 wouldn’t have jammed and if it had he would have known how to unjam it. This is the real reason people shouldn’t be allowed to purchase weapons they know nothing about.

  • Oxygen thief, air rapist is the only civil comment I can say about this man, The people of Texas should be ashamed to have elected the person who obviously needs to be laying on a couch receiving professional help!!!!!! Gov. Perry can go with him and use twin couches!!!!!! The NRA should be tried with him!!!!

  • richardfox37

    Other people in the theatre means a cross fire with more innocent people being killed or wounded. Also the shooter was protected by body armor etc and had any one carrying a hand gun out gunned. One law that could save lives in these insane happenings is to ban magazines carrying more than thirteen rounds. Who needs more than thirteen shots to hunt, plink, target shoot or protect themselves. Making them have to reload gives bystanders the opportunity to disarm the shooter. e.g. The Gifford shootings. Petition your congress person to push for limiting magazines.

  • nhr

    Where in the world is this idiot coming from? Even if someone had a gun, how in the world could they shoot when the room was filled with smoke? And the shooter (don’t want to call him by name to give him further publicity) had full body armor. And to suggest that God allowed this massacre is crazy. This guy is more insane than the shooter. Mitt Romney said we should get these killers (like the one in Colorado) before they kill and get them mental health . I wonder if Rep. Gohmert is in that category. Does Romney not realize that our “Mental Health” system is broken? How in the world did Rep. Rohmert get elected?

  • The representative Ghomert´s hateful rhetoric abusing the tragedy does not reflect anything but the suicide of the “pentacostalist right”-in their “Gawd´s gonna gita and send ya to hell if we don´t first” mentality.
    Look at the hateful expression in his face as he speaks. That does not reflect a belief in a loving and wise God the creator, does it.
    As William Blake put it in his more lucid moments: “A pretext of art to destroy art- a pretext of religion to destroy religion.”
    Nobody is attacking his form of religiosity, it is committing suicide.

  • KCisKing

    I think he said it wrong, but I don’t think the victims were completely random. People in the theater said the shooter went around picking victims, sometimes pulling them up out of their seats. With that said, look at the victims and see if you see a common theme and then look for interviews with people that he decided not to shoot. People who said he pointed the gun right at them but didn’t pull the trigger.

  • Gene Miller

    Picture this scenario. A darkened theater and a canister goes off. Suddenly gunshots start going off. Let’s say that a half dozen of the audience are carrying concealed weapons and they pull them out. How do they know who to shoot? Do they start shooting others who are shooting in the dark ? Probably. Why do we only find out about these morons after they have been elected to office.

    • The idea that armed people are just going to be “shooting in the dark” is just plain dumb. Typical liberal anti-gun idiocy. People who carry guns know how to use them. They would not just start shooting at anythig that moved, or even at anyone else that was armed. What they would do is take cover and try to escape, just as the unarmed people did. And if confronted by the shooter (remember he was wearing a gas mask and carring and assault weapon) they would attempt to defend themselves. If nothing else, the armed patrons would have drawn the shooters attention, allowing the unarmed to escape.

      It is also likely that the shooter would not even have attempted this in the first place if he thought he might encounter armed resistance. People like this are basically cowards.

      Finally, remember the Navy vet that tried to stop the shooter? If he had gun, alot of lives would have been saved that day.

  • Look at Gohmert’s face and see the idiotic hatred which will be the end of America as we know it.
    This is not patriotism, this is not religion. It is pure ignorant hate for the sake of hate.

  • GOD is the most opportune platform upon which to project one’s personal values. Certainly, the DEVIL, if he has even a fraction of the cleverness attributed to him, would not miss an opportunity to invoke GOD.

  • bestofandy

    Well, keep him talking. Some day the people of Texas will wake-up and realized that they vote in ranting Christian imbiciles as their representatives. Some day they can do BETTER, but not today.

  • tarratsrc

    The real sadness here is that this jerk got elected to his post by more stupid people. The level of stupidity in this country is shameful. God help us all.


  • Sounds like he needs a good legitimate raping to shake him back to his senses…

  • this guy belongs in a Fellini movie

  • Alejandra y Alan Bowman

    These are the type of people Americans vote into power. Why don’t they realise that they are not voting just for somebody to run their city/state/country but for somebody who could trigger WWIII or widen peace in the world. The voting process is valuable and very important, learn to use it wisely, please, the rest of the world epends on YOU!.

  • xphild

    I only have four letters to post for this repugnican Louie the nut case. F Y A H The intelligent readers will understand. Louie won’t have a clue. In case censorship police works the #’s of the letters of the alphabet in order are (6 – 25 – 1 – 8)

  • My son is right you can’t fix stupid. Captain of the Starship Interprise I believe you are right.

  • mbm

    Yes, from the mouth of yet another Republican. From God’s mouth to his ear. God + guns. I’m sure that God is delighted that Gohmert is speaking for Him.

  • Big State…Big Blowhard

  • You know, you’re religious beliefs (and it doesn’t matter what they are) are nothing more then the superstitions of ignorant people.

    Now all you ‘believers’ out there you aren’t morons as long as you understand that (most of you) you got your ‘religion’ from your parents. They shoved it down your throat just like Peter Pan, Superman, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus & Jesus H Christ.

    SO why don’t you keep your religious views to yourself otherwise you run the risk of exposing yourself as an idiot.

    Allah Rules and Jesus Drools.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Allah Rules?

      They’re worse. Christians don’t go around killing each other, at least not here in the US.

      I know Islam in the US is quite tame as it should be, as ALL religions should be. IF we didn’t have all the man-made laws we have, we’d have the same thing go on here, religious fanatics killing each other over a belief system.

      I reject ALL religion, no matter what they are. They are ALL contrived by the mind of man. There is NO god. And, from what I understand about Islam, Allah was nothing more than a man. And, so was Jesus.

      From what I have seen of the Muslim Community, they are very devout, clean, respectful people. I just hope it stays that way.

      Just a small history lesson here. If it wasn’t for Islam, Europe would still be in the Dark Ages. It was only due to Islamic Education, Medical Practices, Scientific Inquiry and hygiene that triggered the Renaissance to occur. At one time, while Europe was wallowing in their own filth, Islam was at the height of their civilization.

      What happened to it? The “Islamic” Middle East is in a state of absolute Barbarism.

      If we aren’t careful here, we could reduce ourselves down to the same level.

  • Gomer is a raving lunatic, who I think should be forced to have psychological testing. There is no statement too offensive or just plain stupid for him to say apparently. It is an embarrassment that there are legislators of this caliber who have been elected to office! They are the reason that nothing is getting done in Washington, hopefully more will get voted out of office in the next election so we can get things done.

  • dsand1445

    How about if they raised the price of Ammo to $ 10.00 per bullet. Hey it’s smarter than arming grade school teachers and faculty. I doubt very seriously a mentally disturbed person stop because someone else is packing too ..most of them end up killing themselves anyway

  • YES FIRE BHOONER.. yes fire them if they will not agree on the President proposal on guns.
    No one can bring back the 26 innocent children and brave adults murdered in Newtown — or the 34 Americans murdered with guns every day in this country. But we can demand that our leaders prevent future tragedies by taking immediate action to:
    1.Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America.
    2.Requie a mental backgorund check.Ban the ownership of guns to those who has a history of drug abuse. look those who has rehab ,has a tendency to relapse . If they forget to take the mental medication. and if they got hold of a gun with 30 rounds magazine ,one pull on trigger will kill a lot of kids and adult .

    3.Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that enable mass killing.

    4.Make gun trafficking a federal crime, with stiff penalties for those who arm criminals.
    Demand that your members of Congress and the President support these priorities right now.

  • Does Texas have the monopoly on these whackballs

  • heyuoutthere

    This guy looks like a Gohmert.

  • bigbiz2

    Where do they find these unprofessional article “writers” Greyhound bus depot??

  • bg1435

    This is the same Rep.Louis Gohmert, who voted to end medicaid expansion in the state of Texas. While discussing Women’s right to birth control, this idio* clearly didn’t even know the difference between the abortion pill and the morning after pill. Basically putting them in the same class. I guess he doesn’t know what most six graders know. That the morning after pill, PREVENTS hundred’s of thousands of abortions every year. These clowns are making life and death decisions for women and they don’t even know what they’re talking about. These creeps needs to be voted out . He and Rick Perry and Ted Cruz, have embarrassed this state enough.

  • Lynda Groom

    Anything he says cheapens the institution he belongs too. The man is a full blown idiot, and so are those who put him into office.