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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Todd Akin’s comeback tour got even weirder on Monday, when the disgraced former congressman compared himself to disgraced former senator Joe McCarthy.

In Akin’s mind, that’s apparently a good thing.

Akin made the surprising parallel during an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“I use McCarthy as an example of someone who was assassinated by the media, so he had no credibility,” Akin told the paper. He went on to add that he was also politically assassinated, by “intentional and dishonest” distortions of the remarks that ended his political career in 2012.

“From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Akin said of pregnancy caused by rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Those comments led the Republican Party to largely condemn Akin and abandon his campaign to unseat incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Akin went on to lose by 16 percent in what’s usually a reliable red state.

McCarthy, by contrast, used his position in the Senate to lead a baseless witch hunt against supposed communists and homosexuals, leading hundreds to be wrongly imprisoned and thousands to lose their jobs. McCarthy was ultimately censured by the Senate for abusing his power.

Ironically, if Akin had actually been a bit more like McCarthy, his career would likely be in much better shape. After all, making totally unsubstantiated claims that America’s enemies have infiltrated the federal government has been working out just fine for many of Akin’s former colleagues in the House.

But at this point, even those congressmen — like most other Republicans — would probably like Akin to just stop talking.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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  • rustacus21

    … I can honestly say w/out being sly or trite, but this proves how deceived Republican voters are for voting for people as insane as this joker! Surely he KNOWS full well there’s no such thing as some all-omnipotent ‘Liberal Media’ of the type he’s openly, BALD-FACED LYING ABOUT!!! If there was such a thing, why are they as cruel and despicable toward President Obama and every Democrat in or aspiring for public office?! A Liberal media that won’t report on the environment or the banking scandal or the horrors of 9/11 and NCLB HONESTLY, to name JUST A SMALL FEW issues of huge importance to Liberals & Progressives ALIKE?! Anyone w/even a 1/4 amount of functioning brain power knows conservatives own ALL the MAJOR BROADCAST NETWORKS & use it to full advantage in taking in the trillions collected in tax cuts by billionaires over the period of 2001-2012, which now fund campaigns for ALL Republicans & by the Koch bro’s & their multi-headed hydra-pac’s, now poised to drown the media in false adds!!! If that’s our Liberal media, they WORKING FOR THE WRONG SIDE & we’d better get them straight on what to do w/those billions being spent this coming campaign season!!!

    • Allan Richardson

      What’s more insidious is that they allow progressive creative artists to incorporate their viewpoints in the ENTERTAINMENT programs of the SAME networks that condemn those viewpoints in their NEWS reports (e.g. Fox airing “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”). This allows them to make money off of progressive talents and then denigrate the issues they raise with “ONLY a cartoon, a comedy, a movie, etc.”

      The truth is, as Stephen Colbert brilliantly observed, that “REALITY has a well known liberal bias.”

      • libbydbone

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  • Paul Bass

    He is obviously just speaking more chaff for the right-wing echo chamber. Honest/truthful statements rarely come from his mouth.

  • jakenhyde

    Bullsh*t, Todd. You’re a victim of your own abject stupidity. End of story.

  • highpckts

    Yeah and McCarthy died with no friends and a drunk!!


    McCarthy has been dead for over a half century. The research has been done, and a library full of books have been written on the man, and the era in American politics that bears his name. Other than Ann Coulter and a few other extreme right wing writers, the verdict of history is that the man was a monster. The only thing the ‘liberal’ media did to bring down McCarthy was tell the truth about him.

    • midway54

      And I suggest that as a McCarthy look-alike and a neo-demagogue himself, Cruz is on his way to becoming the golden boy of the plutocrats and their nutcase followers.

      • ORAXX

        That thought has crossed my mind. Cruz is, I think, smarter than McCarthy but knows how stupid his constituency is, and is prepared to shamelessly exploit that ignorance to advance himself. Cruz scares me more than any politician in the last fifty years.

        • midway54

          He should scare all rational citizens with his ranting lunacy. Millions of us have come to expect rightwing nutcases being elected en masse in the Loon Star State of Texas all the way from the level of the Cruz antics down to Louis Gohmert, an incredible dimwit who spends too much time on the House floor making a fool of himself.

          • rustacus21

            Then again, he is from Missouri & who have shown a talent for the… lets just say, ‘vacant’…

    • Sand_Cat

      You can’t be seriously suggesting that Todd Akin and Ann Coulter should actually READ BOOKS.

      • ORAXX

        Trying to be objective and give them the benefit of the doubt. 😉

      • rustacus21

        … or even HAVE read a book… of substance…

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      I was alive during McCarthy’s time. The extreme right wing IS the Republican Party today and they don’t care about history’s verdicts. They are Fascists and all Fascists intend to write history–read any bio of Hitler and Mussolini. Much the same applies to Communists too. As for McCarthy there was serious communist infiltration of the federal government during the Roosevelt and early part of the Truman administrations…Joe McCarthy could not have cared less. He was an utterly unscrupulous, dishonest, vicious, drunken demagogue who dishonored and harmed the very honorable cause of anti-communism. He was scum and so is Todd Akin.

      • Allan Richardson

        For his own benefit, he took the idea of being “against” communism to the point of demonizing even people who had explored communism and other leftist (or rightist) ideologies at a time when they looked more reasonable (and capitalism was not performing so well), then abandoned them later in their lives. McCarthy used those youthful “dalliances” to paint anyone he wanted as being CURRENTLY a true believing DEDICATED communist. It was a form of control through intimidation. J. Edgar Hoover did the same for many more years.

  • midway54

    There will be plenty of dupes and yahoos who will believe him. Some months ago, I was stopped in traffic for a red light. In an adjacent lane to mine, I saw a pickup truck just ahead of the vehicle alongside mine. The exterior of the truck revealed that it had been badly maintained and likely was less than reliable each day to start and transport the owner. Incredibly, there was a sticker on the rear bumper that said “I don’t believe the liberal media.” Here obviously was an avid fan of Fox “News” who willingly and excitedly and dependably votes for the unspeakable right wing stooges just as the plutocrats’ media scoundrels strongly urge him to do. This is the kind of clueless character who is adding strength to our Gilded Age II Plutocracy and its robber barons.

  • Mark

    Todd Aiken, Renee Ellmers, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann. Leading the GOP into the 16th century.

    • Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Clinton. Leading our country into the new Un-united socialist states of America.

      • Sand_Cat

        Look who you’re defending, idiot.

        • midway54

          Idiot is too high a level of mental state to describe this guy.

      • Independent1

        You really need to do research before you make idiotic posts – you obviously have no idea what the definition of Socialism is:

        Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

        Nothing Obama and the Dems have proposed has in any way suggested that America’s companies should be owned and controlled by the federal government or that the people should own them. The GOP is far closer to doing that than the Dems by acting as nothing more than slaves to America’s corporations such that it’s almost like the Corporations own the government rather than vice versa.

        Even ACA is only the framework that guides the operations of ‘INDIVIDUAL COMPANIES’ in the private sector – nothing whatsoever related to Socialism – it’s pure Capitalism!!!

        You and your low IQ cronies need to learn a little bit about what you post so you don’t look like quite such big of fools!!!

        • Allan Richardson

          Socialism (democratic or Fabian): a democratically elected government owns and operates the critical infrastructures of the economy, but private owners operate every other business. As political winds may change, that government may sell off (privatize) some of those critical industries and/or purchase some from private corporations which wish to divest them. Some businesses owned by government may freely compete with privately owned businesses. Those businesses owned by the government are run to break even, or if the public good is best served, by subsidizing losses (e.g. the USPS).

          Socialism (Marxist-Leninist Communism, AKA state capitalism): the government, which usually came into power through a civil war or foreign invasion, owns and operates all major industries, with no competition, attempting to use pre-planned allocation of resources rather than the market mechanism to set wages, prices, and supplies of goods. All workers are government employees. Since government has all political and economic power, there are few if any personal freedoms (except the freedom to criticize the government ONCE in your lifetime).

          Fascism: wealthy, corrupt businesspeople, through their corporate economic power, infiltrate a formerly democratic government by subverting elections, appealing to the baser instincts and hatreds of voters to get their allies into power, often by promoting glorious sounding goals (the German master race, the Roman Empire, Southern tradition, American liberties) which they ignore when in office. Through unreasoning hyper patriotism and racial, ethnic, and/or religious zeal, they start foreign wars to keep the industrial engine busy. The political system ends up much like that of the extreme form of socialism, in that you have the freedom to criticize the government ONCE in your lifetime.. It is often even WORSE for certain minority groups (Jews, Gypsies, African-Americans) than for the majority.

          Even the MOST liberal or progressive times in the US have never even come CLOSE to ANY form of socialism, even Fabian socialism. Our most liberal “far left” voters and political leaders are considered, in most other democracies with free market economies, to be CONSERVATIVE.

  • stcroixcarp

    Did anyone notice how much that photo of Joe McCarthy resembles Ted Cruz? I used to think Ted Cruz was Fidel Castro’ love child, but now I realize the guy is actually a Joe McCarthy zombie.

    • ConstablePlod

      Nice one!

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Wow..Mr. Akin shows us the depths of his insanity with the comment he made. GOP Progressives and Moderates: how much more proof do you need that you need to leave the party and stop voting for Republicans? As I’ve said/written many times: Democrats actually represent you now….your party represents three groups of “people”: fetuses, rich, old white Con men and big corporations…

    • Independent1

      RadioGuy, it looks like some Republicans may actually be waking up – at least those in Kansas. See this where 100 previously elected Republican officials are turning their backs on Brownback and backing Paul Davis the Democrat for governor:

      Here’s the article from the DailyKos:

      KS-Gov: Over 100 Republican Officials Turn Their Backs On Brownback (R), Back Paul Davis (D)

      Today, I am excited to announce more than 100 Republicans – both current and former elected officials – endorsed Davis | Docking for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Kansas.

      These are not just Republicans, they are Kansans who understand that in order to fix the mess Sam Brownback has created, we need to restore moderate, commonsense leadership to Kansas.

      They understand that the values that unite us as Kansans are much bigger than the partisan experiment Sam Brownback has brought to this state. That’s why this unprecedented group of Republicans have strongly endorsed myself and this campaign.

      This is an historic announcement. And this election will have historic consequences if we don’t join together as Kansans – regardless of party affiliation – to restore this state.

      As former Senate President Dick Bond said today: “This election should not be about electing a Republican or a Democrat as Governor. It must be about electing a moderate, commonsense Kansan as governor.”

      Take a moment, read the statements from the Republicans for Kansas Values, and join the Davis | Docking Team.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      I endorse your comment one million percent. I walked out of the GOP in 1987 when even then I saw the nutcase right-wingers taking over. By now the GOP is a neo-fascist party. I can’t understand how any Republican moderate can remain in it—I hope if any are reading this they will learn from my experience: the Democratic Party is a friendly party of for the most part moderate to liberal folk, even some moderate to conservative folk…the very small bunch of real leftist socialist loudmouths in our party have no influence, no money, no nothing…most of them are irrelevant. Republican moderates including wealthy GOPers, corporate execs, etc.,will be welcomed. There is a reason that there are Democratic billionaires and there wouldn’t be if our party was socialist or Marxist. There is a reason that people like Sen. Wayne Morse, Sen. & Gov. Lowell Weicker, Reps. John Buchanan, Michael Forbes, John Anderson, Peter Peyser, Ogden Reid, Mayor John Lindsay, Sen. Jim Jeffords, Sen. Arlen Specter, etc. etc. etc. just couldn’t stand it any longer. Cross over to join SANE, sensible, decent people–not crazy nuts, religious fanatics, gun loonies, sex-hating prudes, woman-haters, gay-haters, selfish greed heads and the rest of what is now the Republican Party.

  • Angel Perea

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Here is the perfect example for a poster boy why passing a basic IQ test should be required for anyone to run for office. He is representative too many other dangerous dumies that are in political office that does not a clue what public service is!

  • Lisztman

    Sorry, Mr. Akin. You weren’t assassinated. You merely shot off your mouth and shot yourself in the foot…