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Friday, January 18, 2019

For the first time since a jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of their son’s murder, the parents of Trayvon Martin are speaking out. Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton sat down with their lawyer Benjamin Crump for an interview on Thursday’s CBS This Morning.

“I want America to know that Trayvon was a fun-loving child. He was our child. We miss him dearly,” Martin said.

Fulton said she was “in a bit of shock.”

“I thought surely that he would be found guilty of second-degree murder, manslaughter at the least,” she said. “But I just knew that they would see that this was a teenager just trying to get home. This was no burglar. This was somebody’s son that was trying to get home.”

She added that she does think race played a role in the killing.

“He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He simply went to the store and was headed back home. For somebody to look at him and to perceive him to be a burglar, that is the problem,” she said.

“Trayvon is not a confrontational person. Instead of placing the blame on the teenager, we need to place the blame on the responsible adult. There were two people involved. We had an adult who was chasing a kid and we had a kid who I feel was afraid.”

When asked if they were going to pursue a civil case, Crump said, “We’ll look at all legal options. Right now, we’ll ask the Department of Justice to answer … ‘Can a private citizen with a gun profile and follow our children home?’ We need to know because we’ve got to know what to tell our children.”

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20 responses to “Trayvon Martin’s Parents Speak Out: ‘We Had An Adult That Was Chasing A Kid’ [Video]”

  1. FT66 says:

    Only in America a person can claim the life of the other person and be left to walk freely. No where on earth you can find such practice. Killing a person is not like killing a vulture.

  2. Dominick Vila says:

    While there is no doubt in my mind that racism, insecurity and frustration contributed to the killing of a young man, I am convinced that the verdict was the result of an outstanding performance by the defense team, a mediocre performance by the prosecution, the Florida Stand Your Ground law, and the instructions given to the jurors by the judge. Had the jurors found Zimmerman guilty, they would have been in violation of existing laws, an appeal would have been issued immediately, and GZ would have walked away.

  3. Kelleron says:

    I can only say this there were two choices here,
    1. Treyvon was shot during an altercation with a neighborhood wanna be cop and went to heaven and walks with the lord
    2. He is awaiting trial for Felony aggravated first degree Murder in the sidewalk beating death of George Zimmerman, who MIGHT have been portrayed as a decent, law abiding VOLUNTEER neighborhood watchman. Who was known to be a guy that “looked out for others” and was mercilessly beaten to death and his skull caved in with repeated bashes against a sidewalk by a 17 yr old that was suspended from school on drug charges..
    Now, PERSONALLY, I would rather see him in heaven, because he would have gotten the death penalty for killing George Zimmerman on a sidewalk..
    And there would have been a MINOR blip in the paper UNTIL his execution date.

  4. Katrina says:

    I feel that kids today (black or white) need to learn some RESPECT for others!!!!
    Some of these kids run around thinking they can fight and hit anyone and nothing will happen to them becuase they are minors. Just because someone is following you and ask you what your doing—-you DON’T hall off and hit them in the face!!!!!!!!
    Zimmerman wa the neighbor watch—WHAT GOOD IS A NEIGHBORHOOD WHATCH IF THEY CAN’T ASK QUESTIONS? Zimmerman had the right to see what ANY PERSON was doing walking around in the dark while it was raining and they had already had break-ins. I live in a gated community and I Expect and count on our guard to do his job and look for suspicious people and question anyone he doesn’t know. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT COLOR THEY ARE!!!!!!! We are White and be have had tons of our guest (that are white) come to the gate to get in and they turned them down because they didn’t know them and we didn’t answer our phone. IF they were BLACK and they didn’ t let them in, they would blame it on because they were black. They use that for everything. I don’t get it—-the blacks get all this GOVERNMENT extra extra help and money and phones and houses and EBT cards and they say everyone picks on them. They have colleges for BLACKS ONLY—-They have Black week week—–They have black history week—-alll sports teams are made up of mainly blacks. Can you imagine if whites had a WHITE week at the beach or alllll Whites only at certain colleges?
    If you act like an ANIMAL your going to get shot like an animal!!!!!
    If you don’t do what the cops say you’re going to get tazed or shot!!!
    You have to act like a human being to be treated like a human being.
    Wearing your pants down so low you have to hold them while you walk is a disgrace.
    Wearing your hats backwards (which started in the prisons when you were ready to do some duties for someone)
    Talking English so everyone can understand you instead of some kind of made up language or EBONICS!!!! Why do they keep showing the picture of Trayvon about 12-years old. They have hidden all the resent pictures of him being 6ft and huge with GOLD teeth.
    Every night on the news theirs shootings,killings, robberies and rapes 9 out of 10 who faces do they show? These people are animals! Learn how to act.
    This Trayvon was not an angel and was known as a trouble maker and a fighter. He was suspended from school at the time of the shooting—–HEEELLLLOOOO RED FLAG!!!!! DRUG USER.
    They wanted Justice——THEY GOT JUSTICE. They got justice by going to court and letting the jury decide what they thought by all the Evidence that was given to them.

    Stop causing Riots and causing another Civil War

    • irishtap says:

      Zimmerman was advised by the dispatcher “NOT to follow”. All that idiot had to do was heed the professional advice he received and the kid lives. But, Zimmerman is a paranoid zealot, with a Dirty Harry complex and ‘no’, justice has “NOT”, been served by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Katrina says:

        Sooo, what your saying is, if you see a black kid walking around don’t get out of your car or you will get your face punched in and get a broken nose and your head pounded until your brains come out!!!!!
        It is ridiculous everyone saying this KID —- last week a 19-year old “KID” killed his own mother. The week before that a 14-year old “KID” got arrested for two murders.
        YES, the picture they always show he is a kid, but he was a grown man.
        I have a 6ft 170lb teen and he can do some damage if he wanted to.

        • irishtap says:

          I said NO SUCH THING. Lets try to stay on point – shall we? When Zimmerman originally called in he was already casting Trayvon Martin as a criminal – though he had not witnessed any criminal activity from him – just allowing his own prejudice to influence his better judgment. Again: ‘Zimmerman was advised not to follow’ by the dispatcher – you cannot refute that point of evidence. It’s a matter of public record. All he had to do was allow the “real police” to take it from there. But Zimmerman couldn’t let it go and since he was packing – he chose to confront a kid – doing nothing more than walk down the sidewalk toward home. And, whom by now was getting justifiably freaked out by the stranger he realized was following him. At this point Trayvon’s life was in jeopardy – since Zimmerman apparently felt the “real cops” had no jurisdiction to keep him from going after his prey. Zimmerman forced his prejudice onto Trayvon Martin, knowing full well he had a loaded weapon to employ for purposes of ending a situation that was destined to end badly, since he pre-determined Trayvon as guilty of ‘something’. Again, Zimmerman’s own words clearly and accurately defined him as a racist – and because of his bigoted proclivities he wasn’t rational – to the point of ignoring the protocol advised by a ‘trained’ dispatcher, to stand down. If I had some lunatic trailing me when I was only minding my own business on a public sidewalk I’d be on edge as well – who wouldn’t be? And if some creep decided to obstruct my passage, I’d also defend my right to continue in the direction of home as necessary.

          • Katrina says:

            Let me tell you, I have 3-sons 23,21 & 16—–I guarantee you, if Trayvon was one on “MY” sons, Zimmerman wouldn’t of got a broken nose or their wouldn’t have been ANY problem AT ALL!!!!
            You can Flip Flop ALLLL you want BUT,some of these people need to act Civilized and like Human Beings or you ‘WILL’ get SHOT!!!!

          • irishtap says:

            Your son’s maybe the complete angels of honor and respect you claim – how this is relevant here isn’t clear…but good for you. As for the crime against Trayvon Martin; if I may get back on point, I’d bet a years pay you and your son’s are white. Leaving little to think about in comparison to people of color where racial profiling is an everyday factor, isn’t that right? I’m also white but, you’re persistence for INGORING the FACT – ‘if the racist had followed instructions’ “NOT TO FOLLOW” , leaves me to think you are a bigot as well Katrina, as it is simply a matter of being dishonest with yourself and me on this simple – key element. Again – ‘if Zimmerman had been able to reason at that pivotal moment and heed the instruction from a “trained” dispatcher – we wouldn’t be having this conversation – would we? Can’t you at least acknowledge this? Furthermore, how dare you claim to know what was going through someone’s mind during a period of extreme stress anyway?! When someone is fearing for their very existence – they are justified in fending off the person whom provoked the confrontation by any means necessary. Be it a knife – gun – your fists or a can of iced tea and a bag of skittles. Zimmerman allowed his racist proclivities to override good judgement to ‘track’ and ‘confront’ someone and ended up getting a lot less than he deserved. While the citizen on his way back home (whom he accosted) from getting some candy at the convenience store, ends up in a zippered body bag and taken to a morgue. Lady you have a warped sense of right and wrong. Let me rephrase that: you have a “colored sense of justice”.

          • Katrina says:

            This is exactly why my husband and two sons has their CONCEALED WEAPON LICENSE and never leave home with out their guns—EVER!!,

          • irishtap says:

            Answer the question: are we even having this conversation if that idiot had followed instructions “not to follow”. Try to remain calm – consider the question Katrina. If Zimmerman follows the dispatcher’s instructions, do we have this conversation? Just answer the question. No more info about how wonderful your son’s are ‘or’ your belief in concealed carry. I don’t care about any of those things – just honestly answer the question.

          • Katrina says:

            Why should Zimmerman follow instrucstions and wait for the cops to get there and then they get away, as usual.
            He wanted to keep an eye on him so he didn’t get away.
            so that was a FREE ticket for this Trayvon to punch out some guy that’s following him???? I’ve never heard of such thing, that that’s ok to do.
            Some reason the media and everyone is trying to hide the REAL TRAYVON so they can turn allll of this into a racial thing and you idiots took the bate!!!
            The media didn’t report about WHY Trayvon was getting skittles and the Arizona watermelon drink.
            Skittles + Arizona Watermelon Drink +Robitussin–The drug is called LEAN or PURPLE LEAN. Trayvon Martin was on his way to make some more LEAN the night he was shot, the coroner’s report shows that his liver was damaged in a way that is consistent with the use of LEAN/PURPLE LEAN
            The evidence is on his facebook trying to buy Robitussin
            Or the stolen items they found in his locker at school that he had stolen from that neighborhood.
            He was such a good kid and never got in trouble just like the 23-year old kid that just shot a cop and has been arrested 40 times. Do we really need to deal with these people over and over and over, arrested 40 times by the age of 23???
            Trayvon suspended THREE times for ‘drugs, truancy, graffiti and carrying burglary tool’ and did he attack bus driver too?
            This little kid was suspended from school three times
            He was on suspension when he was shot in February, after officials caught him with a ‘marijuana pipe’ and a baggie with drug residue
            Trayvon was kicked out of school in October for graffiti after he was allegedly caught with a ‘burglary tool’ and a bag full of women’s jewelry
            Officials also suspended him once for skipping school and tardiness
            It doesn’t matter what color you are, you don’t act like this and keep getting away with it!!!!

          • irishtap says:

            Earth to Katrina – Even if every letter of your rant is a fact – it simply DOES NOT MATTER. Answer the freak’n question: IF ZIMMERMAN FOLLOWS INSTRUCTIONS NOT TO FOLLOW – DO WE HAVE THIS CONVERSATION? GO ON SIMPLY ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION.

          • Katrina says:

            It would have never happened if Trayvon had just gone home and NOT hid in the bushes!!!
            OMG!!!! You are like Trayvon—very IRATE and VICIOUS!!!
            This is why YOU GUYS go around punching people in the face–Your such an ANGRY person!!!!

          • irishtap says:

            I’m not angry but I admit to being annoyed. Because you know the answer to the question but haven’t the integrity to answer it plainly. Do you?

    • BillP says:

      Katrina it’s great to read such a well thought out comment, based on facts and unbiased observation!!! You tell the, how dare a “gold tooth” huge black man walk in a gated community. Katrina I think you are I correct about the backwards hat, it started with baseball catchers. But aside from that error all your “FACTS” are spot on. Of course I’m amazed that you can do anything based on the amount of,racial prejudice that you,have displayed. Travon was 6 feet 2 inches and weighed 170 lbs, that is hardly huge. You need to get out into the world more often, your attitude is that of a cave woman. I bet you go to church every Sunday to show how religious you are, what a hypocrite and despicable person you are.

    • hilandar1000 says:

      Katrina, there are many problems with what you say, First of all, Zimmerman was not a guard. He was not in uniform and did not identify himself. White or black, most of us have told our children that if a stranger follows and approaches you, you must be wary and protect yourself. Some of us may even make suggestions regarding vulnerable spots to aim for on the body of a stranger who follows and approaches you, the nose and head being part of those suggestions. From what you say, it seems you think any kid who wears certain clothes or wears his clothing a certain way is fair game for any stranger who foilows and approaches that child, and the child must be respectful and submissive to any such person. Most teenagers are somewhat rebellious, many have been expelled from school for relatively minor reasons, many have tried marijuana. These are not capitol offenses, and do not justify an adult following and approaching an unarmed teen, much less killing him. We lived in a suburb of Chicago when John Wayne Gacy was on the loose. I would imagine that almost every parent in that area gave advice to their teenage boys to do exactly what Trayvon did if a strange man approached him. What would you suggest telling your teen to do if approached by a stranger on a dark and rainy night?

  5. ridemybroom says:

    im so tired of hearing and seeing this case in the news…they don’t report accurate and its obvious they don’t care…tell the truth here…Travon thought he was going to bash the head of a gay man in…be honest…Rachael Jean Teal the Haitian friend or so called friend is the one who should be indicted for murder…she planted the theory into Travon head that , let me see now, how did she say it…” He was a stalker, a cracka rapist faggot”…her words not mine…she shud be held accountable for his death and to add more to this that when she was on the stand she had changed her testimony twice and the second time was when Travon ‘s mother asked her not to say what she was going say.. she alone pulled the trigger…she killed Travon that night, had she not said that to him he would still be here, now it was her own testimony and trickled down lies that freed Zimmerman…that new third world Ebonics she was using in court with her fat lazy self….got problems with this quoting from the trial…email your news’ sources and ask them to relay the truth here…it all comes down to…oh what a wicked web we weave !

  6. ridemybroom says:

    I hear so much that Travon walks with the Lord….did anyone fail to ask Zimmerman if Travon repented his sins and asked for forgiveness before he died…as I understand it in the book of Matthew, king James Version, you must repent and ask for forgiveness.. WELL DID HE !!!!

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