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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Conservatives need to contemplate what the Rick Perry and Herman Cain stories say about the state of their movement and the health of their creed.

Perry’s debate gaffe last week was about something more important than “brain freeze.” Memory lapses can strike anyone, and Perry probably helped his cause a bit by poking fun at himself at Saturday’s CBS News/National Journal debate and on the David Letterman show.

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14 responses to “The True Conservative Scandal”

  1. gotedge says:

    I do not see what the Republicans are doing as craziness unless religiosity and mindless fervor now have a DSM IV reference code. It is more that the true conservatives have been overwhelmed by a bunch of loudmouths who have no policy, no plan and no direction except to get elected.

    Ask what the elected Tea Party members have accomplished in congress since the 2010 elections. I defy you to even name one of them unless he or she is your spouse, son or daughter.

    If the Republicans are to become a party of “normalcy,” as Calvin Coolidge, that defender of grammar, named it, they need to discover that, as Pogo stated to Albert Alligator, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    For myself, I have met a number of Republicans I have liked, but never one I liked enough to vote for.

  2. steelhme says:

    It is easy to see that what is missing in such coments is a total lack of understanding as to what the tea party is and is all about. It most certainly not what has bee portrayed by the liberal media. It is also quite evident that elitists socialists have sold its constituency on its definition of Conservatism. Of course they used the same technique to destroy the greatness of our Democratic party. Turning it into the platform for the father of American socialism Saul Alinsky. Which inturn forced the John Kennedy democtrats to flee for our lives. Ignorace is one thing, a closed mind is distructive. Steelhme

  3. Indy 60 says:

    The true conservative Republicans have been taken over by the TeaParty. Their leaders no longer worry about them, they worry whether the TeaPartiers will like them and actively pursue their favor. Most of my family are Republicans and very nice people, but they actually don’t agree with the extremism of the TeaParty (some do, but they’re extreme themselves in just about everything they do). This leaves them with the inability to look too closely at what their Party is now proclaiming – if they do, they find that they don’t really agree with them. They know you can’t pay your debts by cutting your income before you decrease your spending. They know that some Gov’t agencies are needed, they may need to curb the agencies oversight but the agency does not need abolished to do this. They know that people who don’t have insurance are a drain on the government and on people who do. They know that business cannot be trusted to do what is morally right if it means a decrease in profits. But, if they really admit it, really think about it and use logical reasoning, they would have to go against what the Party now stands for. Since the only recourse would be to vote Democrat, they simply ignore what they know and blindly follow (even if it doesn’t really make sense, may not be practical, or cannot even be accomplished).

  4. BrianJ.Gould says:

    Ever since Reagan, conservatives have decided that they obviously can’t win any argument using reason, so they have reached to the lowest common denominator for support. Use fear, ignorance and religion (which is basically a combination of the first two) and you can get a lot of people on your side. Roughly half. To hear anyone associate intelligence with conservatism is hilarious to me as during my adult lifetime I have not seen any. They don’t hate government so much as Democracy. They love government when they are in power. They spend all their time trying to dismantle what our democracy has become primarily because it was built by all and not just them. Republican = Anti-Democracy.

  5. vmcswn says:

    I was watching Meet The Press yesterday morning and the interview with Tea Party representative Michelle Bachmann just blew me away…what a nut job!!! Thank heavens this woman is not even electable…she’s just going through the motions for publicity and fame. And why not? It’s on someone else’s dime! Herman Cain is charismatic, but no substance there. Rick Perry, poking fun at himself or not, clearly hasn’t put a great deal of thought on anything he might stand for as potential Commander in Chief in his election campaign. Luckily, no one seems to like the only candidate who, in my opinion, is up to the job. And, what can we say for Newt Gingrich…he just simply has way too much baggage. Lord help us if he was to bring us a new “contract with America.” Thanks, but no thanks. Yes, the Republican party is on self-destruct mode.

  6. dawnowens says:

    One must ask openly why the very sane, thoughtful, socially liberal and fiscally conservative two term ex-Governor of New Mexico, who is also running for President on the Republican ticket, has not been allowed in all but 2 debates (his poll scores were not high enough. Unfortunately, his name was not on the polls…).

    What ‘Republican Machine’ has kept Gary Johnson off the stage and why? Who decides early on who is not electable and who gets a microphone?

    And while we’re at it, would someone please explain to me why polls showing Ron Paul leading are taken down and hushed because they are ‘hacked’ by RP supporters? The same people who vote in internet polls are the thoughtful well read voters we need, and the other candidate’s supporters also have computer access. What is happening is censorship by the networks, plain and simple. Another step down into fascism.

  7. doctordanny says:

    Believe it or not, I am a big Obama fan. Like so many candidates for political office, Obama bit off a little more than he could chew during his campaign. Who hasn’t? Of course now, about 1100 days later, everyone wants to know why he hasn’t gotten around to keeping all his campaign promises, getting everyone back to work, and getting back to the robust economy that dubya left us. No matter what anyone thinks about Obama, they can’t deny he had the smarts to become a Harvard lawyer, is incredibly articulate and charismatic, and has, with very little success, reached out to Republicans to roll up their sleeves with him to solve some problems. The Republicans seem to want no part of working with a Democratic president to solve critical problems, period. Who on earth are the Republicans going to pit against Obama come debate time and be credible? Who on the Republican slate at this point a is a match for Obama’s intellect, charisma, and ability to articulate? If Obama were to debate with any of the Republican hopefuls today, he would make toast out of all of them. If the Republican party doesn’t get their act together soon, not only will Obama be a shoo in come next November 6th, but he will also get the House back and really show the Republicans who’s going to be having a tea party!! The Republicans’ determination to continue getting nothing accomplished on Obama’s clock is going to come back to haunt them in ways they can’t begin to imagine. Can you see two African Americans on opposite sides of the fence(?) debating such matters as immigration, gay rights, abortion, funding for community colleges, and, equality for women (wink wink)? Come fall of 2012, stock up on popcorn, folks, this is going to be a boxing match which may trump football season.

  8. Tom Camfield says:

    So much of the comments from Republicans currently elbowing one another en route to the finish line is so blatantly superficial and lacking in substance. Where do they come up with these 10-minute specials they describe as grand plans to cure our economy? The recalcitrance of the Tea Party also is doing much to destroy the GOP as any sort of entity capable of serving the American people in any way. Any damned fool sitting on “old money” can come up with half-baked plans on how to protect and nourish it. Meanwhile, protection and nourishment is just what we of the 99% need these days. And we vote–unless red-state legislators manage to also take that away from us with convoluted polling-place restrictions. Today’s conservative self-serving shenanigans certainly are carving their niche in the history books of tomorrow–and it will be an ugly chapter.

  9. rustacus21 says:

    Mr. Perry is, as E.J. Dionne states, completely unprepared! And not only for his current job, but that of president! What was revealed was nothing more than his being unintentionally honest about his feelings of the crucial form & function of the government of America. His inability to name the 3 departments he’d eliminate, are a greater indication of the type of job he & all current Conservative candidates would & have done in the Oval Office since Nixon – hand over power to the rich & corporations. This lack of familiarity w/government is reflective of the destructive ignorance swirling around Conservatives’ “hate government” obsession. By blocking opportunity (“destroying” the Department of Education – which serves the nations poor rural & urban children), limiting citizen protection & welfare (eliminating the Departments of Commerce & EPA), puts this entire presidential field of hopefuls at odds with the very Constitution they would swear to uphold. So, would their actions prove seditious or treasonous?

  10. suzanna duffy says:

    rick perry and gerge w. bush are parallel.they are so much alike.both egotistical,cocky,poor english skills,and narcisstic.bush had a powerful family to hold him up,but in the end he truly lost,and in the end this country won by electing barack obama.romney is the polar opposite of what this country is reveling against corporate greed.Yes,he is all corporate,and has no understanding of what the middle-class,and lower class need or feel right now,or in general.he feels like john mccain-I AM ENTITLE TO THIS JOB.he will lose becuz he is in it for the power and nothing else.if he truly cared about this country ,he would have reached out to obama,and tried to assist,and by doing that he would also reached out to all the people in this country,but he did not as he has been busy working to run for presient,again.that should give you the answer you are looking for,or need.i come from an old republican family,and when i voted for obama it was not becuz i am a democrat,it is becuz i felt he is the best one for the job,at this turning point in our country,and to restore america to all our allies,that we need.yes,it begins with a community,and you build from there.i stand by obama in 2008,and i stand by him even more for 2012.

  11. says:

    Well done, E. J. Dionne! – short, sweet and brilliantly put.
    The denouement of the Cain drama reveals it for what it is, IMHO: yet another opportunity to demonize the so-called “left” a la Clarence Thomas (relative to Anita Hill’s charges of sexual harassment on the job–David Brock cynically smeared her in print and then later just as cynically retracted his statements as complete fiction). As I’ve written before in threads, I think there is a pattern of the GOP using women to bring down opponents or otherwise create a smokescreen. The Fundamentalist Right is the only group who would condemn sexual hijinks, but as we all know, sex makes everyone LOOK AT THE SCREEN. It’s an old strategy of advertising–above all, make them look at the screen.
    We should not be thrown off the scent by the possibility that these charges and these women are real, since any hint of scandal is grist for the GOP mill, in the same way that Hollywood starlets and celebs know that any misbehavior that attracts attention to themselves is all to the good–the more egregious the better.

  12. says:

    to Indy 60:
    Thank you for your reasonable and thorough cataloguing of all the policy items we as voting adults can all agree to, regardless of party. Interesting that they remind me of Jim Jeffords, a moderate, staunch Republican from a once-100% Republican state (Vermont), who dramatically dumped the GOP for many of the same reasons. He was drawn and quartered in print, of course, but he did see the writing on the wall before the rest of us did.

  13. arid arizona granny says:

    Insanity = Doing the same thing and expecting different results = Bush lowering taxes and losing jobs at faster and faster rate but the R’s thinking lowering taxes will create capital to allow job creation. Hey! Those rich guys are not rich because they are stupid! The rich are not going to create jobs just to give paychecks to people with nothing to do all day because the rest of us have no money to buy the goods and servics the employees would sell if there were a demand. They (the R’s) just won’t admit that it is we (the 99%) who are the job creators, not the 1%. Without a demand for goods or services, there is no need or will to create jobs!

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