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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mud-slinging. Negative campaign ads. Grandiose promises. These are all the typical tactics engaged by politicians in highly contentious elections. However, this year saw a new pandering tactic—capitalizing on victimization. Now that the smoke has settled, what kind of country will Donald Trump be president of? Sadly, he will not be the leader the strongest country in…

IMAGE: Terence Desman, an anti-Trump demonstrator, argues with supporters of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump outside the Trump International Hotel building in Midtown Manhattan in New York March 19, 2016. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

15 Responses to How Donald Trump Capitalized On U.S. Victim Culture

  1. Great article. Consider the irony of a nation having advanced to such a level of prosperity by making strides materially, all of a sudden is stalled because so many refuse to adjust to changes, a symptom of a malaise and lethargy deriving from the disease of conservatism. In addition, this sickness further entrenches a fear of others and leads to more polarization, creeping across its victims and inducing a paralysis of the will to act in a positive way.
    This ideology lulls its victims into complacency and drives them to always seek comfort and pleasure, much like what befell the Romans during its heyday before its citizens got soft and too accustomed to the good life, their senses and alertness dulled, allowing for adversaries to come in and start its demise.
    Donald, Breitbart and the alt-right, other various racist elements, a stodgy GOP, and a certain outsider in Eurasia, are contributing mightily to America’s dissolution, and in the same manner as the assault on Roman Empire, are attacking America from within and from afar.

    • It’s been the mental disorder called liberalism that has turned America into a sniveling weak country lead by our lying Emperor Obama. It is liberals that are always crying victim. It is the liberals who need safe rooms complete with coloring books and playdoh. You people are truly braindead.

      • Sniveling is an attribute of suckers for a con artist. You don’t understand the word emperor—otherwise, you would have readily seen, as all sane people in America have noted, that Lord Fauntleroy(aka Donald Trump) is the only Emperor in America. Only he can solve our problems as he infamously claimed during campaign season—you do recall that statement, right?
        Kep, if you want to make a comment here, please turn your brain from “Stupor” to “Alertness” mode.
        Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

          • That’s a terse, uninteresting, and useless comment that doesn’t help anyone or shed light on any subject. Rather, your comment reflects a void and a sense of loss and severance from your higher self. That’s what blind adherence to partisan politics will lead to.

          • What you and those like you can’t seem to grasp is that I’m not partisan. Most politicians we now have are corrupt and self-serving. They are only concerned about their wellbeing, not America’s. However, it now seems that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by liberals whose goals are more closely aligned with communist doctrine. I’m actually a registered Democrat, but will never support their fundamental change of America into a soviet style communist regime. Those that are supporting liberals are either too stupid to know, or are willingly wanting to become communist. If the shoe fits, Comrade.

          • You’re not a partisan but “I’m actually a registered Democrat…”
            Kep, make up your mind—What are you, partisan or not?
            Using too many words confuses you, as you can see from your contradictory statements. Are you conducting some political “wave-particle duality” quantum mechanical experiment?

            And your lurid delusions about America becoming communist must be due to taking some drugs, change in the weather, or just getting senile. Joe McCarthyism is getting the better of you.

            Before calling someone stupid, you should first make sure you’ve rid yourself of the same status you eagerly wish to attribute to others. That way you won’t sound like a hypocrite and a petulant child.

            It might help if you would stop being so infatuated with yourself and with denigrating entire groups by stereotyping. That is a fatal flaw of many who whine and rant in the same manner as you do.

        • Kep is on the right track. You sound like a sniveling Clinton looser. I hope you enjoy being a victim. I believe in the “Honor Culture”. You work hard pay your dues and protect what is yours. You don’t let any one including the government tell you who you have to support or give charity to. You hang murders in public and put people that rape away for life. How about the death penalty for car thieves, same as horse thieves. Would be a lot less crime, only if the fact there would be no repeat offenders.

      • You are correct but don’t put the blame on President Obama. It is the American people that are willing to trade freedom for so called safety or security that are to blame. President Obama just gave them what they wanted. Fortunately we won this election.

    • You relate Mr. Trump to the alt-right, this he is not. He speaks in common language and is not politically correct. I am tired of treading lightly so as not to offend someone. It is true we have become a nation of victims. We can’t even win a war. We are to afraid to destroy a country as we might offend the world. Police have to worry that if someone points a gun at them they can’t shoot because family will say what a nice man the shooter was and he would never do that. They will then be crucified in the press. People don’t even want you to defend yourself in your own house. Please don’t hurt the bad man he has had a bad life. Bring back the “Honor Culture”.

      • First, let’s look at these claims you are making about Donald Trump. How can it be that he is not “related to the alt-right” when he has made Steve Bannon his co-Chief of Staff? Bannon was the editor of a website that has served and still serves as a platform for the alt-right. Birds of a feather flock together. How’s that for plain speaking?

        As for Trump refusing to be “politically correct”: Trump has nominated Wall Street insiders from Goldman Sachs (of whom Steve Bannon is one) to his cabinet and transition team. On the campaign trail, Trump condemned Clinton for having ties to Goldman Sachs, but now Trump plans to put Goldman Sachs execs in charge of Commerce and the Treasury. That sure seems like Trump is trying as hard as he can to be “politically correct.”

        Or are you referring to Trump’s on again, off again relationship with the truth? Do you associate Trump lying to his base about what he will do in office as his flaunting political correctness? How do you like it, that he said he would lock Hillary up and now says he won’t; that he said he would build a wall and now doesn’t mention it; that he said he was for the working stiff but has nominated a Secretary of Labor who is an advocate of automation in the workplace and who would do away with the minimum wage altogether if he could? In light of this nomination, it is hardly surprising that Trump lied about the Carrier deal: He said he had saved 1300 jobs, but only 800 were really left in the U.S. (the rest went to Mexico). Of those 800, 70 were management and therefore do not count as blue collar. There is evidence that not even these 730 jobs have been saved: A CEO from Carrier’s parent-company told CNBC that the $7million paid by the state of Indiana would be used to automate the plant and eventually lay off blue collar workers.

        Finally, the very thing Trump condemned Clinton for doing with the Clinton Foundation–profiting personally from her role as Secretary of State–Donald Trump is now prepared to do himself as President–profiting from his stake in his business while in office. So Trump has been complicit with forces driving blue collar workers out of jobs that pay only a modest salary (while Trump claims vehemently to be doing just the opposite) at the same time he is planning to create a windfall for himself and his family AS THE DIRECT RESULT OF his having been elected President of the United States. What honor is there in that?

  2. From Zorka: “The turn of the century gave rise to dignity culture, a cultural ideology that prevailed during the 19th and 20th centuries and focused on reason, rationale, and perspective. For criminal offenses, people in a dignity culture will use law without shame, but will let minor transgressions slide.”

    We may have moved into a victimhood culture, as Zorka asserts, with respect to popular culture. It is now “de rigueur” for contestants on “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” to stress whatever disadvantage or disability they have overcome, and for the programs’ producers to capitalize on that: “Oh, he’s the comedian who stutters!”

    However, with respect to the criminal justice system in the United States, the higher numbers of prisoners belonging to minorities who waste away in prisons suggests that we still have not graduated, in this country, to a dignity culture for all. Part of what keeps prisons full is the failure to “use law without shame” and “let minor transgressions slide.” So we have two levels of society interacting in this despicable institution: Minorities live by the code of honor inflicted by whites. Whites live by the code of dignity, which they systematically deny to minorities. In many ways, the criminal justice system in the U.S. is an extension of slavery, a condition that challenges the definitions of “honor” or “dignity” or “victim” utilized in this analysis.

    • Have you asked yourself why there are more minorities in prison? Could it be that there are more poor in those minorities? The poor, out of desperation commit more crimes and get arrested. Back in the 18th century we shot looters. We no longer are allowed to do that. We hung horse thieves but can’t hang car thieves. Maybe if we brought back some of the “Honor Culture” there would not be as many people in jail. It matters not your color to me. I am all for a public hanging of Dylann Roof the Charleston shooter. Let the people see what happens when you hang and do it in public. Clean death behind prison walls doesn’t work. Let the people see a man defecate on himself and his boots fall off while his neck is stretched. No more victims and no more dignity for killers no matter the color. Yes I am white and I would willing pull the trap on this man as well as any other that murders people.

      • “Honor Culture”? You wouldn’t recognize it if it came right up and punched you in your lily white face! Don’t try to confuse my call for conscientious reform of the criminal justice system in the U.S. with your fond desire to relive the days of gun violence and vigilante “justice” in the Old South and the Wild West. Second amendment advocates like you just hate to see a wimpy moron like Dylann Roof giving White Supremacists with itchy trigger fingers a bad name. You’d strip Dylann Roof of his right to a trial by his peers without a second thought–kill him yourself–if it gave you and your kind the green light to go back to the glory days of Jim Crow when any black man was fair game.

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