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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Header image: Reuters / Michelle McLoughlin

49 Responses to Trump, Who Received Five Draft Deferments, Attacks Sen. Blumenthal’s Military Record

  1. People living in a glass house, no matter the riches within, should stay away from the habit of tossing stones.

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    • Trump right now is inciting Kim Jung Un and pushing that North Korean mental cohort to make threats to the US. If Jung Un carries them out, what will this cowardly elitist do? Run for the presidential bunker with Iskanka, Kushy and his sons?

      • As I said earlier in his administration….he’s either going to put us into a major recession or he’s going to cause a major war! Looks like maybe both might be likely very soon as long as he keeps trying to “bully” Kim Jung Un. It may work in the real estate business, but it doesn’t work in foreign relations! Many will die because of his total inability to understand what being a president entails!

        • I’d betting he will get us into war. It isn’t as if that hasn’t saved a US president before.

          Trump believes everyone is fair game when it comes to bullying. I recall reading a NY Daily News article some years back where his first wife Ivana said he was a “bully.” He then did an interview in People Magazine saying, “When I come home, I “expect” my dinner to be on the table.”

          Melania is about to be EX Wife No. 3.

      • And as I said earlier he blabbed classified info earlier to his buddies at Fox and Friends regarding North Korea. Kim Jon Un would like to thank DT for yapping like a little dog ????

    • Every soldier who served during the Vietnam era was in serious danger. Whether on land or sea, they were at risk, and not from bone spurs.

      • You can’t play golf 47 days out of 200 in office at your private golf course if you have “bone spurs.” Or were they located in his Lard Ass?

          • And then the bone spurs magically disappeared whenever he wanted to play tennis. Who is the idiot?

          • Exactly what I was saying….those so-called “bone spurs” certainly didn’t keep him from playing sports in college or continuing to play golf! He could have had those spurs removed while he was in college and then gone directly into the military, but no, that would NOT have worked for little baby Trump! He’s a disgrace to this country and a major disgrace to any military person who voted for him!

          • My brother had bone spurs. I can tell you that they require surgery when they are too painful. Trump has never experienced an ass ache much less bone spurs.

            I live in NJ. I can tell you Trump had NO problem whoopdeedoing it up at those Discos in Manhattan where he snorted coke like he was sipping wine.

          • No pukeface. He never had them. Tell me. Do you also believe every word out of that Lard Ass’s mouth? Do you actually think he didn’t know a thing about Putin rigging an election?

            Trump is a liar. Once you start there, none of your pathetic attempts to kiss his Lard Ass gets you any credibility. Grow up.

          • Oh please he can’t even recall what foot he supposedly had that bone spur in. Since he forced President Obama to produce his birth certificate to prove he was born in Hawaii not Kenya I’d love to see the X Ray of this so called bone spur. How convenient he had it with 5 deferments from serving his country. If he was a conscientious objector why not speak out against the War instead ?

          • I find it amazing how no one dares to ask HOW Melania Knavs Trump got here. First of all, the most damning evidence of who she really is was seen at the G20 dinner. Just a coincidence she ended up sitting next to Putin while her husband was stuck between the Japanese and Venezuelan first ladies?

            And pray tell..since Putin had to have interpretors meeting at the G20 with Trump, how is it he and Melania didn’t need an interpretor? And how the hell do we know what they talked about in Russian?

            Then, there’s the little matter of her parents. Both are Slovenian supporters of Putin. What are THEY doing living on US taxpayer dollars in Trump Tower? They speak NO English.

          • Melania doesn’t list Russian as one of her languages but both speak German very well. Melania comes from a good communist back ground so she and Putin should have gotten along very well.

      • Yes he had 4 student deferments until 1968 then he received a fifth deferment for a bone spur. He could have easily dealt with the bone spur if he chose to do so.

        From the LA Times “Trump graduated in 1968, with four draft deferments for being a student that allowed him to avoid compulsory service.

        After that, he received a fifth for bones spurs in his heels. He called the condition “temporary” and “minor” in an interview last year with the New York Times.”

    • I recall seeing a NY Daily News photo of him and Mommy Mary Ann at an expensive restaurant. Mommy Mary Ann is where her Donny Boy got that attitude of superiority. She came to the US from Scotland and could only become a citizen by marrying New Yorker Fred Trump, whose father was a racist and his grandfather a Nazi supporter.

      Mind you. Mommy had at that time 4 other children but it was only Donny she showed off. No surprise none of his surviving siblings want anything to do with him.

      • We certainly don’t hear anything about the other siblings….wonder if they have secret service protection also….interesting!

        • If memory serves one of Trump’s brothers passed away some years ago. That leaves 2 sisters, one of them a judge in FL and a brother. You can guess why they distance themselves from Lard Ass.

  2. How nice it is to see Trump get caught in his own trap, to be exposed as the coward that he truly is and has been since college days, and to make a supreme ass of himself by daring to go toe-to-toe with someone who has done military service. And even had Blumenthal not done duty in the military, Trump has no right to even mention the word “Vietnam” in any context.

    Trump still has no sense of shame whatsoever, not a shred of remorse, no fear of God and no qualms of displeasing God, and is just setting himself up for a mountain of charges to be brought to his attention after he departs this earthly existence, which one would think he will have to answer for in the Next World in some way or another.

    So, Donald—Just keep digging that hole for yourself. There’s still a lot of room further down to dig yourself in.

    • I don’t really care what he’ll be facing in the afterlife because frankly, if it exists, we will all be too busy explaining our life choices to worry about anyone else. What I want is him to face his fate in the here and now and pay for the injustices he’s committed and will continue to commit so long as others keep allowing him his freedom to do so. What has already been revealed should be enough to at least force him to resign but we keep seeing delays as we hear about even more transgressions both proven and assumed. These ‘keep your mouth shut’ contracts should be illegal when it applies to the corruption of a g’ment or corporation.

  3. Bone spurs are not “temporary” – they are outgrowths of the bone that need to be shaved down in order for the person to be able to wear shoes comfortably. Drumpf said he couldn’t remember which foot he had them on. Bottom line – Drumpy’s daddy had their physician sign a deferment to keep Donny-boy from serving.

    • 72% of the people according to top US polls say they don’t trust anything that comes out of the White House.

      The more Trump goes on his Tweet rants, the more insane he appears.

      I live in NJ and right now, he’s spent at least 3 days indoors due to rainy, cool, cloudy weather. No golfing and only him and his newest sex toy: his smartphone to get off with.

    • So you’d be happy if he came back in a body bag. The smart ones went to Canada! All the 58,000 lives lost there and treasure was given in vain! Total lives lost, military and civilian was over 1 MILLION!
      We haven’t gone to war to win since WW11! In that war, we fought half the world and won it in less than four years. Vietnam, a third world country the size of Texas, we fought there for 10 years and lost!
      Follow the money. It’s all about keeping those wars going to make billions off our dead and injured soldiers. It has nothing to do with winning! The same about Aftganistan…….after 16 years and we are still losing!
      You don’t have to be very smart to figure it all out!

      • First off we were not sent to Viet Nam to win a war. Does that shock you? We were sent to basically only achieve a stalemate. It was never the intention of the US Government to invade the North nor to force the North to surrender and join with the South to form one country again. We were sent in to Viet Nam to take the place of France who did not have the resources to quell the uprising in her Colony (Viet Nam). Another country that wanted us(US) to take France’s place was Great Britain who also had Colonies they needed to keep as Colonies for the natural resources they had that GB did not possess and could not afford to buy on the open market. We(the soldiers who participated in the VN War) did not lose anything since we were never asked to win anything. North Viet Nam lost an entire generation of men during those 10 years. They were prepared to lose even more if asked to. I saw Chinese, North Korean dead during my tour there.
        Here is another fact for you. Viet Nam has NEVER been conquered. In over 2,500 year they have never been defeated by another Country. Not China, not France and not by America.

        • ARE YOU NUTS! So what did we accomplish?
          And you say that we didn’t lose anything! What about the 58,000 lives lost and trillions in lost treasure for nothing! So we sacrificed our soldiers for french and british soldiers! Why weren’t they there to help us?
          I thought we were there with the intention to stop the advancement of communism in southeast Asia. If we wanted to, we could’ve won the war in 6 months! THE VIETNAM WAR, WHAT A JOKE! A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY THE SIZE OF TEXAS AND AFTER 10 YEARS, THEY BEAT US! THE SAME WITH AFGANISTAN, 16 YEARS IN THAT HELL HOLE! BUT YET, WE’RE A SUPER POWER! WHAT A JOKE ! LIKE I SAID,WE DO NOT GO TO WAR TO WIN ANYMORE……FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  4. The people in congress came up with that student deferment so their kids wouldn’t have to serve in Vietnam. The ones that avoided the draft were smart! Most Vietnam vets were not very smart, poor and 30 % were blacks! Why give your life in vain when we don’t go to war to win anymore! We fought in Vietnam for 10 years. A third world country the size of Texas that had no naval and air power. They lived in tunnels, caves and rode horses and mules an we lost! The same goes for our 16 year war in Aftganistan.
    Folks, it’s all about the military industrial complex lobbyists to keep the wars going so that they can make BILLIONS by selling more air planes, guns and ammo to the government! They do NOT GIVE A RAT’S ASS about our dying and injured soldiers! My brother served two tours in Vietnam. He told me if Washington didn’t run the war, we could’ve won it in 6 months!

    • The point is not about student deferment. It is about rich boys like Trump, Mommy Mary Ann’s little darling not having the courage to do what other men his age did and then having the brazen gall to bash those who served.

      The point is that men who chose to serve in Viet Nam made that decision. No one else.

      There are far too many men Trump’s age who now have the nerve to bash men who preferred military life. Trump seems to love to surround himself with military generals and yet tells the world, he is smarter.

      Whose next? Einstein? Trump is a slimeball. He is dirty and attracts a tiny little big mouth base who live as if they are still fighting the Civil War. Time to step into 2017. The days of these lazy bums sitting around all day complaining about the lack of jobs is over…particularly now that Trump is puffing his ego claiming credit for “jobs” and Wall Street.

        • Blumenthal did lie, but he owned up to it — coincidentally, in the same year that Obamacare was passed. We have a President who acts like it’s cool not to let go of others’ past mistakes.

          • Trump also owned up to his deferments.

            You may not have noticed but President Trump is being criticized for his actions of 5 to 40+ years ago.

      • No, they did not make that decision. Military service was compulsory unless your daddy was a senator or a congressman, Most of them did not “prefer” military life. Their country called, and if they “chose not to go”, they were sent to prison. Unless they had money you went where they sent you. Even those who burned their draft cards or went to Canada showed more courage than the rich boys.

        • What’s your point? At least many of them served and many lost their lives while Trump played around in college….his bone spurs certainly didn’t keep him from playing sports in college!

      • First of all, Blumenthal AT LEAST was in the military, unlike our illustrious chickenshit leader….. bone spurs my a$$….what a pitiful excuse! I knew many in the military with bone spurs, and it certainly didn’t stop them! As a female veteran officer who served in BOTH the active Army AND the Reserves, I find Trump’s BS appalling! Unfortunately, many in the military voted for him….wonder what they are thinking now! As a fellow veteran, I thank this Senator for his service no matter WHAT it was! It’s a hell of a lot more than this sick president did!

    • I beg to differ with you. I am actually quite smart, was not poor nor black but I did one tour as an infantryman in 1967 and 1968. You know just enough about Viet Nam and war to be dangerous. One point you are correct is that it is all about the Military Industrial Complex making money. Military spending is the largest employer in America now. This is where most of the jobs have gone while the real American factory jobs were shipped overseas. Lastly you and your brother are wrong about winning the war. It is impossible to win a war with military means against an ideology.

    • I beg to differ with you that the Vietnam vets weren’t smart. I was drafted out of law school into the Marines. A good friend of mine had just gotten his CPA license when he was drafted. A guy I served with was working on his masters in mathematics. The one thing we all had in common is that we all came from a rural background. Since the pool of eligible young men is smaller in rural areas and most young men don’t come from influential or wealthy families pretty much all of us got drafted.

  5. Amazing how bone spurs so bad he could not be drafted did not keep him from being a better ball player than Mickey Mantle as drumpt is so fond of telling about himself. Last I looked running was a big part of a baseball players day. little hands donnie could run but not march it seems. Maybe he is the only person to ever have this disease. Or maybe not if it was just fear. Oh wait what am I saying, fear is a poor man’s disease not fit for a rich man to have.

  6. it has been and will continue to be,mr trumps “stock and trade”, to insult,name call,or otherwise say nasty things about others in his tweets, trying to draw attention away from his own faults and shortcomings, and of course the Russia investigation..this is the same man who said of senator McCain,he didn’t think he was a “war hero” because he liked men who were not captured…will people ever “wise up” to what a mistake it was for him to ever be elected?..i guess not…

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