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Saturday, October 22, 2016

By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was dumped from a prime speaking role to an important gathering of conservative activists on Friday for his criticism of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after a combustible debate performance.

Trump was scheduled to deliver the keynote address on Saturday night at a conference in Atlanta organized by Red State, an influential conservative group.

Red State chief Erick Erickson said he had disinvited Trump from the event because of what he described as “demeaning” remarks about Kelly who was one of three moderators during the first major Republican debate on Thursday night in Cleveland.

“While I have tried to give him great latitude, his remark about Megyn Kelly was a bridge too far,” Erickson said, adding he had invited Kelly, one of Fox’s highest profile anchors, to attend his conference in Trump’s place.

Trump was unbowed by the dumping.

“This is just another example of weakness through being politically correct,” his campaign said in a statement.

“For all of the people who were looking forward to Mr. Trump coming, we will miss you. Blame Erick Erickson, your weak and pathetic leader. We’ll now be doing another campaign stop at another location.”

During the debate, Kelly asked Trump to respond to derogatory statements he had made in the past about women, calling them “fat pigs” for example. Trump tried to wave off the question and dismissed Kelly during a raucous debate performance.

“And honestly Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry,” Trump said. “I’ve been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn’t do that.”

Erickson said in a Facebook statement that in a CNN interview Trump said of Kelly: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

“His comment was inappropriate,” said Erickson.

“It is unfortunate to have to disinvite him. But I just don’t want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal. It just was wrong,” he said.

“He is not a professional politician and is known for being a blunt talker. But there are even lines blunt talkers and unprofessional politicians should not cross. Decency is one of those lines.”

A variety of Republican presidential candidates have been speaking at the Red State gathering in Atlanta and Trump was scheduled for a prominent appearance.

Shortly before Erickson’s statement, Trump’s campaign had just put out a media advisory with the schedule for Trump’s appearance.

The New York billionaire has been riding high in the polls in recent weeks as Republican search for their nominee to face the Democrats’ choice in the November 2016 election.

Carly Fiorina, the business executive who is the only woman running for the Republican nomination and who spoke to Red State on Friday, applauded Trump’s dumping.

“I stand with @megynkelly,” she tweeted.

(Reporting By Steve Holland; Editing by Michael Perry)

Photo: Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks during the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, August 6, 2015. (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

  • Budjob

    Trump is a bigoted,misogynistic,vile,loudmouthed,filthy PIG!! One of these days someone will probably challenge him the right way,in an alley without his Goddamn body guards!!

  • Leftout

    Meghan Kelly has fallen into disrepute, by trying to use the contrived “war on women ” silliness and racism non sense in trying to trap Trump with a well read not impromptu question. This incident has been known for years and is totally out of context. Kelly got back a response that she deserved for a supposed news person. Rosie of the VIEW, goads, insults Trump about his miss America contests , insinuating that the women are used and abused and belittled in the contest. Many of these women are noted for their talents , education as well as beauty, characteristics that Rosie lacks . Questions of this low quality should not be a part of a serious debate, or news gathering forum. Trump insults sows by his metsphore. Kelly and Ericsson are off and in collusion.

    • luckydoodle77

      Leftout…..Trump is no different than the rest of his ilk when it comes to women, the entire klan is filled with misogynists, they have been doing nothing but spending the taxpayers money on taking womens rights away, this is what they have focused on in this country and pretty much nothing else, except for taking away rights from the LGBT population, and waging war..thats all they have done…..I find it very strange that the right has a few female politicians, such as Ernst, who identify with misogynists, thats very strange…something definitely wrong with them. So, to Ernst and the rest of the women in the GOP who are fine with allowing our rights to be taken away, this about sums it up…

      “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.”

      – Madeleine Albright –

      • Leftout

        Ernst stands with men who love women, there is no proof of misogyny in any party .
        Even Bill Clinton loved many women, but that was ok since he did not abuse them! There are no women’s rights being taken away. The right to have abortions through Unplanned Parenthood – 90% of the transactions in those centers are for abortions, coming from not using the- all available from kindergarten – contraceptive devices and lectures. If one is so stupid as to acquiesce to a mans ardor and have a pregnancy that is on you and the male and female are responsible for the care of the children ….those embryos should be aborted to avoid offspring from creating another layer of idiots as their parents. A woman giving in to a Male
        Is a double edge sword , both must be responsible , or the right of the unborn is violated!
        Rape is an exception of course.

    • charleo1

      You do prove one thing. That the Republican base holds in disdain the concerns of millions of women in this Country. Who are striving for access to healthcare, to equal wages for equal work, for control over their own bodies, and just some semblance of common respect. Which is constantly dismissed by the Right as no more than a silly insistence on political correctness. It seems incredulous in the 21st century they need reminding that women vote. That they have lost the Presidency the last two times running in no small part, because they were trounced by women. Likewise on the issue of racism, which they also casually dismiss as a contrived, non existent issue. They lost the African American vote by 98%, the Latino vote Bush won by 40%, by 28% and 35% respectively. They also lost to Asians, Indians, Native Americans, Jewish Americans, voters under the age of 35, and did I mention women minorities? So you do your Country a huge favor in sticking by Trump. And thereby disqualifying the rabid Right from undoing the hard won progress achieved in spite of the narcissists, and misogynists who still walk among us.

      • Leftout

        I was remarking on the obvious reason for the questioning of Trump. In modern times women are ahead of lazy males in their salaries because they perservere and finish their education. Salary parity is within 85% with males , certainly in executive positions. All Blacks vote for Democrats as you say and all Blacks should not even have to show up at the polls. No voter suppression nonsense either . They should be counted as one block and just added to the totals in each precinct. Women are more flexible in their voting habits as well as Asians.

        • Charles van Rotterdam

          So “all Blacks vote for Democrats”, that’s a pretty big assumption to make. So Ben Carson votes Democrat does he??

          • Leftout

            I was referring to the 98% block mentioned, I have read elswhere that the percentage was closer to 99% which I consider close to “ALL”. Ben. Carson was sanely brought up and saw that success comes from education and self reliance. He and many Blacks have made it out of the slavery of democratic restrictions. They should be used as a model of success and bring their methods for other Blacks to see and emulate. This is Obams greatest failure, He inspired none of his people. Instead he uses divisiveness to split all of us apart to cause class animosity and distrust, where it did not exist. Obama is the most divisive leader, it is virtually sedition and treason. He should be removed, tried and given extreme unction.

  • luckydoodle77

    Interesting that they are upset about how he spoke to Kelly, I didnt see anything wrong with his response, I am not a fan of Trumps, I cant stand him but I dont think he said anything wrong to her…that being said why are they so upset about his words to Kelly, but not upset about his words about Mexicans? This is only the beginning of them trying to get him out of the spotlight and out of the running…thing is, none of them are any better…I wouldnt vote for any one of the 17 clowns clawing their way out of that little red car of theirs.

    • Leftout

      Upset about his words about Mexicans? Trump mentioned the crimes that some illegals comit and the next day the murder of Kate Steinle in a Sanctuary city ! Three other crimes by our guests occurred the following weeks . It could not be mentioned because Trump was correct And any other discussion on illegals and crime would have been easily refuted by Trump . Just sayin.

  • @HawaiianTater

    Uninviting Trump from this event is only going to make his rabid base love him even more. I really can’t thank Trump enough. His decision to run for president is the best possible thing that could have happened for the election next year.

  • If Donald becomes President, our news will be nothing but complaints of what he’s said this time. For the love of variety, don’t vote for him.

    • Vasant Desai

      Putin or Ayatollah may show him a thing or two .

  • Daniel Jones

    There is a difference between *blunt* and *bruising*.

    • Dominick Vila

      There is also a difference between the way a President, and candidates to the presidency should behave, and the behavior of an immature high school bully. BTW, Donald’s comments are not limited to menstrual cycles, and the criminalization of an entire ethnic/cultural group, he also made disparaging remarks about over weight women, personified by Rosie O’Donnell, the entire political spectrum, and the electorate. The only person he has not criticized is Donald Trump.

      • Daniel Jones

        That may be the only person that is real in Donald’s private worldview.

        In short, I think we’re facing a nearly functional sociopath that is just running because he wants to be President.

        Patrick Stewart once said he’d love to play Spider Jerusalem. At the rate this is going, we may be facing something uncomfortably close to the Smiler..

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    This just keeps getting better and better. However, I don’t think that Trump is playing the game everyone thinks he’s playing. He has to know that his negatives within the GOP are such that there’s no way he can get the nomination. So, what I suspect is that at some point, he will loudly, publicly, and splashily bail out of the GOP while deriding them as a pack of weaklings and losers . . . and be joined by Ted Cruz (who, you will note, has been VERY careful not to criticize Trump).

    They will then form an opposition party to the republicans, and using the mailing / donor list that Cruz possesses, the war chest that he has raised from his PACs / SuperPacs, his shadow donors (4 Texas billionaires), and Trump’s money to get on the ballot in all 50 states. This far out, it’s doable, especially if you have the money and the support base.

    At that point, they will peel off about 35% of the hardcore GOP base who are totally disgusted with the republican party and openly court conservatives of all stripes. This will cost the GOP the election, which they will then use to point out what weaklings and losers the republicans are, and that their loss only proves it. Then they will actively seek to supplant the GOP, kill it, and replace it as the dominant power on the right.

    I think they know that this election cycle is unwinnable, but if you’re going to hold a revolution, you do it when the party you’re revolting against and trying to supplant is at its weakest. And that time is now. This allows them to effectively destroy the republican party as a major power, and position themselves for a run in ’20 with a slate of blood-red conservatives that they are firmly convinced will be unbeatable because, well, they’ll have Jeebus on their side.

    Both Trump and Cruz are, effectively anti-republican conservatives. They have no reason to be nice to the GOP. In fact, the nastier they are, the more support they receive from the alienated and frustrated conservatives who are hungering for something new. And this is a hunger they can feed . . .

  • Insinnergy

    Wow… Republicans actually concerned about treatment of women.
    I guess that only happens when you need an excuse to disinvite the most popular Republican candidate from your event.

  • Daniel Max Ketter

    Republican girls find me attractive man

  • Vasant Desai

    When is he folding and go back into oblivion as he in the past. he is not even an entrtaner of ay repute.