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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Saturday attempted to use the fatal shooting of NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin to forward his campaign and garner more African-American votes. In a tweet misspelling the Chicago Bulls player’s name, Trump said: “Dwayne Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been…

Photo: Republican nominee Donald Trump speaks at “Joni’s Roast and Ride” in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., August 27, 2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

8 Responses to Trump Faces Flack For Politicizing Dwyane Wade Family Tragedy

  1. Trump has taken on another diseased mind-set—that of having a fetish for attracting flack. Perhaps he has some level of impotence that drives him to seek attention at whatever cost—just plain old narcissism isn’t giving him the physical satisfaction he once felt. Like a drug addict, once your high fails to occur as before, you move on to harder stuff because your brain’s pleasure center is so dysfunctional it no longer is pleased with the old stuff.
    Of course, the psychological breakdown is a direct result of no longer having a conscience and no connection with Religion, except in name only. (Many religious leaders and clerics are suffering the same malady).

    For the time being, we can be assured that Trump’s insensitivity will continue unabated until divine intervention takes over. No medical/mental help can lead to recovery to stop his rapid decay to nothingness.

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  2. Trump wants to have it both ways. He can’t say he is the only person who will save black lives while at the same he is supporting NRA. Without guns promoted by NRA, black lives wouldn’t be taken. If Trump is not ready to go against NRA, he must forget black votes altogether.

    • if DONNY DUMP gets the house he will find a way to get the NRA and his brain dead followers to go out and shot murder and kill more black people saying thy are not worth anything anyways look at them taking up space . thy are all poor no schooling drug dealers rapist and a waste of life . and he will say to his brain dead follower to save them more hard ship and kill them now save them from suffering more end it for them (THIS IS HOW HE AND HIS POS DAD THOUGHT AND THINK AS FOR DEAR OLD POS DAD ROT IN HELL

  3. DONNY DUMP the POS is glad the women was murdered its his time to B/S all and get more attention and press with his heartless crap

  4. How touching. I am sue Nykea Aldridge’s family and friends were deeply touched and moved by Donnie’s 1st tweet. His misspelling of Dwayne Wade’s name and his assertion that African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP! must have been very comforting to a family who had just lost Nykea, a mother of 4 children, to senseless, tragic gun violence. He was equally as compassionate in his CONGRATS tweet immediately following the mass murder at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando in June.
    What is interesting is that the 1st tweet came from an android phone used by Donnie while the 2nd correcting the spelling of Dwayne Wade’s name and 3rd one offering condolences were sent from an iPhone favored by his staff.
    What a sick, demented, callous SOB. Donnie continues to prove his complete lack of character or empathy. Who uses horrific tragedies to promote their personal and political agenda? Every time I think Donnie can’t be a sorrier SOB than he has already proven himself to be, he proves me wrong. I don’t think there is a bottom for this sicko.
    YDwayne Wade is right to call for an end to gun violence. It may not have occurred to Donnie that it wasn’t horrible housing, terrible schools, 48% youth unemployment, or any of the other stereotypical things Donnie used to insult the black community that killed Nykea. It was a gun STUPID. A GUN. If you were honest about wanting to improve living conditions in the inner city, you would get out of bed with the NRA and other gun clubs that promote irresponsible gun laws that make it easy for criminals to get a gun. You are beyond disgusting Donnie.

    • 98% of the insulting and ignorant tweets come from an android phone, the clean up crew uses an I phone. His paid staff have social media histories of bigotry and misogyny, apparently the Only adult in the campaign is an I phone user.

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