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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

20 Responses to Trump Fans Want Hillary Impeached. From What?

  1. You forget it was HilLIAR that kidnapped Charles Lindberg’s baby! The only reason she didn’t kill JFK is that Ted Cruz’s Father got there first!

    While this points out the ignorance of those stuck inside the RW bubble, I’m less sure if I’m more frustrated by their ignorance or saddened by the failures of our education system.

    This does harden my conviction that we need to remove Republicans, who encourage and support such ignorance, from every elective office in the USA.

  2. And this just adds more proof that the orange cheetos followers are brainless followers.
    Morons Are Governing America. There you have it – that’s trumps MAGA.

  3. This is a fascinating account showing some of the long-term effects of envy, jealousy, and/or hate for another human being. Despite the exhortations of the Messengers, including Jesus, to love one’s enemy, the so-called Christians in America are consumed with a passion and negative quality which in direct contradiction to that admonition.
    So consumed by the emotion of hate for a single individual—aided of course by FOX, the GOP, and other mental defects.
    One effect appears to be one which leads the individual to lose all sense of propriety, composure, and emotional equilibrium. So deranged does the mind become as a result of flooding of the body with harmful hormones in the bloodstream due to hate, jealousy, constant fear, that the body and mind suffer a gradual decline. Trump, his supporters, most in the GOP orbit, are undergoing a slow and inexorable decline in the health not only of the body, but of the soul as well.

  4. This proves why sound bites are the most effective political tool. They don’t have to be correct, only easily liked. Never underestimate the lack of intelligence on the average voter. To make a good or at least not bad decision regarding a candidate requires you to read and investigate which certainly most of the electorate is too lazy to do.
    Somebody should have asked the people who want Hillary impeached what impeachment really is. Most probably have no clue.

  5. If they had their way Hillary would be impeached from the human race. Even then such an action would not satisfy their blood lust and overheated hatred of her. I’m never surprised at the level of stupidity of large protions of our fellow citizens. They’ve been fed a steady diet of pablum each and every morning on talk radio designed to keep them ginned up, ignorant and scared of their own shadows. The election of 2016 showed the effectiveness of the con.

  6. Oh. My. God.

    Sidebar: Look how good the Orange Human Sewer is at diverting responsibility and avoiding it himself. He’s now got his voters blaming Hillary for things WHEN HE IS THE PRESIDENT. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF?

    • After all of the files have finally been released, wait’ll you see the closing Trump White House JFK report that has Kennedy being assassinated by a bunch of 14 year old illegal Mexican girls with a history of sexual harassment charges, that Hillary’s mother wrote a personal letter to.

      Surely, Hillary has gotta be impeached from office for that.

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