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Friday, February 23, 2018

Anytime a reporter interviews Donald Trump voters about their reasons for supporting him, you can count on one of them to cite his capitalist credentials. The president has “a businessman’s approach to running the country,” a Chicago business owner told a Chicago Tribune reporter in a story this week.

If only.

Trump is completely lacking in government experience, unlike almost every one of his predecessors. But during the campaign, he touted business background as evidence of his ability to handle the presidency. Never mind that his fortune was built on a large inheritance from his wealthy father, that he went through six bankruptcies, and that many of his ventures (Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, among others) vanished without a trace. He and his supporters preferred to focus on his successes, which he promised he could duplicate in the White House.

But no competent business executive would operate a company the way Trump has operated his administration. Protecting the brand is a key mission of every company. As plenty of defunct corporations can attest, it takes years to establish a reputation and secure the trust of customers — and that reputation can be destroyed overnight.

Ask Volkswagen, whose managers rigged cars to defeat emissions tests; or Samsung, which sold phones that were prone to catching fire; or Chipotle, which had repeated outbreaks of food poisoning. Through ethical lapses or performance failures, these firms drove away the consumers who made them successful. And the damage may never be undone. Those companies are now striving to prove that they have learned from their mistakes and will do better in the future.

Trump, by contrast, goes out of his way to raise doubts about his honesty, competence and willingness to correct mistakes. His tweets accusing President Barack Obama of wiretapping created a fantastic lie that was promptly debunked by everyone with knowledge of the facts. This embarrassed many of his Republican allies in Congress and drove his approval ratings down to historic lows. Had he done anything so self-destructive as the CEO of a publicly traded company, he would have been fired.

A key to success in business is filling jobs with good people. But Trump has failed to fill thousands of jobs with anyone at all. He complains that Democrats have slowed confirmation of his Cabinet appointees, but Democrats don’t have enough votes in the Senate to block these nominations. Part of the problem is that he was slow to make some of his choices because he saw no need to devote any attention to such matters until after the election. Another is that some of his nominees, being exceptionally wealthy, require more extensive vetting to head off conflicts of interest.

The problem is even worse that it appears. CNN reported that there are some 1,900 job vacancies in the executive branch, most of which don’t have to go through the Senate. Even conservatives have chafed at the delays. There is “a personnel crisis in the Trump White House,” wrote John Fund in National Review. “Trump has named only 20 sub-Cabinet-level positions, including two who withdrew — a list that includes nominees for ambassadorships, counsel positions, and commissioners, according to a tracker from the Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service.”

Sean Hannity claimed Trump is being sabotaged by “deep-state Obama holdovers” in the government. But if the president wants loyalists who will carry out his policies, he has to actually appoint them. A corporate executive who encountered persistent obstruction from top or middle managers would waste no time replacing them. Trump, by contrast, has wasted two months and will undoubtedly waste more.

Most businesses do business with other companies that are crucial for their success — suppliers, distributors, lenders, advertising agencies and the like. Able executives understand the value of proven partners and treat them with respect. Trump, by contrast, has undermined our chief military alliance, NATO; heaped contempt on the leader of a vital ally, Germany; and done everything possible to antagonize a previously friendly neighbor, Mexico. Business leaders sometimes have to fight, but the smart ones avoid unnecessary quarrels with those whose cooperation they may someday need.

If Trump brings any business executives to mind, it’s those who ran Enron, a high-flying energy company that was ultimately destroyed by its own fraud. What one documentary said about the people who ran Enron may someday be said about Trump and his accomplices: “It’s astounding that they got away with it for so long.”

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71 Responses to Trump Isn’t Running The Government Like A Business

  1. “Had he done anything so self-destructive as the CEO of a publicly traded company, he would have been fired.” That’s why none of his companies were ever publicly traded! Of course, explain that to his many investors and creditors. That is also why no US-based bank will back any loans he needs.

    • There were some publicly traded Trump Companies in the ’90s. They crashed into bankruptcy.

      The multiple bankruptcies would make me leery of lending him anything except on the most secured basis.

      • which is exactly why he ultimately turned to the Russian mafia for “loans”. No bank or other financial institution would extend him enough credit to buy dinner!

        • Even the Waltons.

          Trump is vulgar and exibitionist. The clsssic wannabe. That behavior alone, convinced me years ago, that Trump doesn’t have the wealth he claims.

          • With his father’s wealth behind him, he has managed to look wealthy. I am sure his net worth is -0- that is why he became president. Just another entity to scam.

          • It’s why he won’t release his taxes. Instead letting slip just the 1040 of the year he made a mint on The Apprentice.

            He may be worth more than zero; but he’s not bigly rich.

            And that eats at him.

      • There’s also Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Cuban to just name a few who made their fortunes thru their own good business acumen not an inheritance

        • And most of them are giving back a large portion of their earnings to help others less fortunate. You don’t see 45 in that group, do you?

          • A successful business person can easily be a generous philanthropist and not make excuses the way 45 does. Remember last year when he skipped a debate and did a fundraiser for War veterans ? He eventually csme thru after prodding by the media asking why he hasn’t ponied up what he promised. If he could’ve pocketed the money raised he would have if the Presidential spotlight wasn’t shining so brightly on him

          • I saw that….and many of the organizations that he donated money to (after being found out by the media) refused the money! I don’t blame them! As a veteran, I wouldn’t take a red cent from this idiot!

  2. The point of being able to run the government, although posing a present problem unprecedented, is secondary to this uncompromising adoration of Capitalism. So intense is the West’s focus on the accumulation of goods and money, something which preoccupied Trump and his father over two generations now, puts America in a bind as to how to put a halt to the rampant materialism which overtakes the country in so many ways, and on so many levels and affecting all strata of our society.

    Yes, Trump is unsuccessful in his Presidency, and in his personal life, by inappropriately applying the ideals of capitalism, but the entire premise of Capitalism is founded on a shaky and untenable foundation—a rapacious appetite to acquire and to distribute what is in the Treasury, in a manner that rewards one’s status in life according to Race, family heritage, educational attainment, and the size of your bank account.

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      • HE never even graduated from Wharton, despite what they say. His daddy paid for him to get a diploma, but he failed miserably! He thought he was just tooo smart for Wharton and that he could do a better job without a degree.

  3. Trump is not running anything. He appointed his hand chosen ‘yes’ men to take care of the running of government while he trots off to Florida every weekend. The other way to look at this we should be happy he is not running government like a business…considering his six bankruptcies.

      • Unfortunately, it’s our hard-earned tax money that is paying for his weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago on Air Force One, plus he’s using Air Force One for his so-called “campaigning,” which, BTW, is illegal! No one is willing to stop him nor do they actually want to! It’s pretty sad because it’s the American people who will end up being harmed the most by this idiot!

  4. When I was in business, I would hear a saying (that may have actually originated in the military) which was: “Everyone is promoted to their highest level of incompetence”. Meaning we all reach a point where we’re in way over our heads. I think 45 is there. I read some accounts after the ACA repeal failure where some in the GOP said Trump’s lack of knowledge of the details of the new plan made it extremely difficult for him to formulate a cohesive argument to convince those in opposition to vote for the bill. He simply doesn’t grasp the complexities of issues, and I suspect doesn’t care to.

    • he is just not capable of grasping too much. He is in early mid-level dementia. Just watch his eyes closely next time he is on TV.

      • I believe it. I saw my late Mother fall into dementia and towards the end she didn’t know if it was daytime or evening. It will only get worse and we need to get that SOB Steve Bannon out of there who’s propping up 45. Most likely he’s already trying to hide the worse of the dementia and is calling the shots

          • I doubt if they will allow anything to get in their way of being the puppet masters of 45…..he thinks he’s so smart, but he’s as dumb as a box of rocks! He doesn’t see that they are leading him by the nose! Oh well…..

          • The specifics are unclear, but I see it happening something along these lines.

            Trump’s favorables continue to sink. He gets ever more outrageous with his distraction tweets. Somewhere along the line, the Republican Hierarchy decides that the Trumpistas aren’t worth the drama any more. Pence will then discover Trump’s dementia and circulate the letter. Ryan sadly will accept the letter and allow Trump to be President Emritus.


            Trump headed off the reservation. Polling below 25%. Losing either Congressional majority next year. Trump doing something really dumb; like telling Justin Trudeau that his Doonesbury comic stinks.

          • I’m not sure Pence would do that, nor would Ryan. It’s going to take pretty much an act of God to get the Republicans to file an order of impeachment. By then, the damage will be done….moreso every day!

      • Additionally, he doesn’t like to read, so he rarely, if ever, reads anything coming across his desk. He just willy nilly signs anything that Bannon and Miller put in front of him without taking time to actually read it. He never read the healthcare bill as resented by Ryan, so he didn’t know that it would NOT favor his voters and would NOT do what he promised them it would do! And, as I said, he blames everyone but himself for the fiasco!

    • What you are referring to is a book published in 1969 called “The Peter Principle”. The principle was that everyone rises to their level of incompetence.

    • The biggest problem with the bill for the new healthcare program is that Trump failed to work WITH Congress and let them know what he wanted to see in the bill….he left them to do it themselves with no idea of what was needed or wanted. So, when it didn’t work out the way he figured, he blames it on everyone but himself! Very typical of 45…..he’ll NEVER blame himself for anything that happens!

  5. Trying to cheat contractors, providers and employees and taking out multiple bankruptcies is not good business. If I knew of a business like that, I would not do business with them. I boycott Walmart because they work their employees around 30 hours to avoid paying benefits. This creep is not a good business man. If it weren’t for the money he inherited and his father bailing him out numerous times, he would not be in business. Now, as an employee of the people of the United States of America, he is cheating his employers by taking three-day weekends every week at a cost of # million plus to is employers.

    • All of us in NJ, were aghast when the employees of Trump Taj Mahal were fired so Trump could use their wages to pay off that FinCEN money laundering fine. To show how slick Trump is, he quickly sold the Taj and the Marina hotels and casinos without paying wages or the contractors he owed millions to. But before he sold those “assets,” he took the trouble to make sure the ownerships were in 6 names of family members so the Trump Organization could file 6 bankruptcies instead of only one.

      Then, the NJ papers reported that he told his unemployed mostly immigrant employees, “You shouldn’t have trusted me.”

      Now for all time, NO one but a bunch of dimwitted, dumbed down hicks believe him.

        • In NJ, Trump now slinks into his Bedminster golf course without that ostentious airborne advertisement grey helicopter with the huge letters TRUMP on it as he was always happy to do.

          Now he comes in on a government helicopter because he knows his would be taken down easily by someone with a laser.

          He can’t move around NJ as he pleases for fear the union contractors he bilked would turn him into a Jimmy Hoffa style cement bridge support.

          His bravado is not so loud here in NJ as once it was.

  6. If you privatize every aspect of government as Republicans have been trying to do since Nixon was forced to resign, you would need a thug CEO for president, wouldn’t you? You would need a slick, scam artist like Trump who doesn’t believe CEOs should pay taxes for their businesses or on their incomes according to their earnings. You would want a thug CEO in the White House who would stick it to the Middle and lower income classes for as long as the gaming will hold out.

    You’d want a big time money launderer like Trump who bilks employees and contractors so that the profits to the billionaires rolls in tax free onshore and off.

    And this folks is what the right wing wants those of us who know right from wrong to ignore. They want us to caved to the dirtiest thugs to come into government since Warren Harding’s Oil scams in the Teapot Dome Scandal. They want us to ignore what the Robber Barons of the late 1890 to 1900s pulled off until they jumped out of skyscrapers when the Crash of ’29 destroyed their wealth.

    Once we all realize there is no way we can unlearn what we were taught is right and wrong, the right wing BS goes down.

  7. Trump Isn’t Running The Government Like A Business !! be it this is true then the country has only one thing from the DONNY DUMP CLOWN to look forward too its in the DUMPSTER’S DNA ! BANKRUPT and the thing the clown dose best with fraud , con , & scamming as many that fall into his evil trap

    • What we the people need to do immediately is petition the House and Speaker Paul Ryan to begin impeachment proceedings against Donald John Trump the 45th President of the United States. I know it makes me ill putting President in front of that name. He’s to be charged with Treason and Malfeasance before and during his Presidency. Even the sinister Dick Cheney has now said that Russia’s meddling in our Presidential Election is an act of War against the US. For once I agree with him and if this parasite doesn’t get removed soon perhaps there will be a War at home to force him out before this nation totally unravels

      • what we the people should do is help in some way to give life to the brain dead people that vote for the GOP gang of pinheads help them to understand the gang of pinheads only want to work and help the 1 & 2 % percent of the greedy rich dirt bags

        • On a positive note President Obama as you know is staying in DC has signed to lead an effort to work with Congess to help undo the gerrymandering in several states that favor Republicans and suppress voters likely to vote Democrat. I’m glad to see our great former President staying active and helping to combat the craziness unleashed by the GOP and 45

          • great Obama still being in there can only help the PEOPLE he is young enough to get in office again if the law lets him . heck he might be able to change how many years one can be President . in the 20th cent. a president served was on his 4th term

  8. Trump Isn’t Running The Government Like A Business !! be it this is true then the country has only one thing from the DONNY DUMP CLOWN to look forward too its in the DUMPSTER’S DNA ! BANKRUPT and the thing the clown dose best with fraud , con , & scamming as many that fall into his evil trap ///DONNY DUMP is like pretty much all the GREEDY RICH DIRT BAG’s thy care only about now the time thy are alive what happens in the future means nothing to them live greedy for today that’s it with the DUMPSTER’S clown thinking

  9. THIS NUMB NUT NUNES is just one of DONNY DUMP clowns putting him in charge of an investigation on the DUMPSTER is like letting a fox guard the hen house . he first go’s back to DONNY DUMP and asks what the DUMPSTER wants him to do . and he tells him hide every thing block things cancel things take any attention off what you are doing and ill start one of my smoke screens to help throw off the every one from what I hate the most the hatted truth Now who would give Trump quick tips on how to blow up an investigation? and set off his he thinks well placed smoke screens

  10. Pick your choice: Christie, Guliani, Sessions, etc. You know, from honorable legal minds, like these. !! he knows how to distract throws is some BULL of wiretapping or says look what the Clintons did 20 years ago just make smoke screens /// thinking of all the BULL DONNY DUMP has going on ill bet all the GOP gang of pinheads inn office are saying WOW JUST THINK IF WE WAS TO EVER HAVE ALL THIS PROOF AND FACTS AT ANY TIME ON ANY DEM how we would be burying them so fast their heads would be spinning like tops hey DONNY DUMP I got your next DUMPSTER move already ill bet you put another office in the house for any Russia meeting for your cult clan team . then you can get the info fast from a couple doors down . throw out your VP and put a Russian in his spot might as well .as for all these dump butt clowns that might believe the DONNY DUMP when he tells them BELIEVE ME that I will take care of you very well don’t worry you can trust me im the DUMPSTER in charge and I tell you my DUMPSTER is so full of it . don’t worry about nothing . last words from DONNY DUMP before he screws YOU TOO .

  11. Firing Paul Ryan will certainly help the nation to remove Nunes. a great start the Dracula look-a-like is brain dead anyways . he cant even make up a healthcare plan that is good for the people . and he has had like 8 years

  12. Gorsuch may fall short of votes needed for smooth Supreme Court confirmation !! all this should be stopped until the investigations are over on DONNY DUMP and his Russian B/F PUTTHEAD and the whole thing heck the DUMPSTER could be and should be impeached . the world is laughing and not trusting the USA any more . a bigger laugh will be us letting a DONNY DUMP CLOWN that gets impeached put a SCJ- judge in the sit before he got impeached /// what we the people should do is help in some way to give life to the brain dead people that vote for the GOP gang of pinheads help them to understand the gang of pinheads only want to work and help the 1 & 2 % percent of the greedy rich dirt bags

  13. On a positive note President Obama as you know is staying in DC has signed to lead an effort to work with Congess to help undo the gerrymandering in several states that favor Republicans and suppress voters likely to vote Democrat. I’m glad to see our great former President staying active and helping to combat the craziness unleashed by the GOP and 45 ! great Obama still being in there can only help the PEOPLE he is young enough to get in office again if the law lets him . heck he might be able to change how many years one can be President . in the 20th cent. a president served was on his 4th term .

      • as Russia’s PUTTHEAD & DONNY DUMP im sure think once thy become a president thy should stay on till thy die (couldn’t happen soon enough for that pair that swing from the back of a bull . PUTTHEAD has a head start the DUMPSTER would love to have TO KILL ANYONE THAT GO’S AGAINST THEM

  14. Let’s be fair and wait and see how long it takes for Trump to bankrupt the US Treasury. That’s his usual business outcome, right?

    • yabbed: Hold on there. He’ll be treated like the other CEOs, who left with a pocketful of taxpayer money and then some. We can only hope he can apply for a visa to his beloved Russia with only his mouth as his fortune.

      • Putin is not the man to suffer Trump’s ego. Putin has little patience as most Russians know for any man who overlaps into Putin Territory.

        Putin isn’t under the same laws as Trump is in the U.S. Putin can and does assassinate any dissenter who gets a little too “mouthy.” Trump can do this too but it would have to be under the most secretive cover. That would end the right wing Republican Party in seconds because it would mean they allowed an assassin to run from their party who is employing murderous tactics to silence others.

  15. DONNY DUMP has to give thanks to his Russian B/F PUTTHEAD and the brain dead DUMPSTER followers fools of the country . the DONNY DUMP CLOWN shouldn’t be ever running a toll booth .

  16. Never AssUME. D.Trump’s and his cabal’s goal is to reduce the U.S. Government to 2 things: the military – to “protect” U.S. business interests out side the U.S. and corporate friendly regulations and litigation.

    He has no interest in running government, his intent – and S. Bannon’s – is to end it.

    • If you heard Bannon, he said, “We intend to deconstruct the administrative state.” How is that not treason? The “administrative state” which he and Trump intend to deconstruct has already begun.

      He uses his own private cops to protect him, has his son-in-law now running a government even though we didn’t elect Jared Kushner and now Trump can sit back, let Kushy boy do all the decision making while Daddy and Daughtie Dearest have more free time for their incestuous relationship.

      You are watching the end of our government and the Republicans and right wingers are at fault.

  17. Ask any winger why Trump is desperate to stop Sally Yates from testifying and they give you the same double talk you’d get from Trump himself.

    Ask a Republican why they allowed an investigative committee chair to spill his guts and claim he has “evidence” he shared only with King Rat Ryan, Trump and the media BEFORE he ever shared it with his committee members and the Republicans back track and claim the “president has a right to know” what the investigating committee is doing.

    NO Trump does not. That assumes that if a president is being investigated for potential treason, that president can stick his obstructive nose into the investigation. Is that how US courts and law work now? Allowing a potential criminal to hear all of the planned testimony so he can pay off witnesses to silence them?

    The more the GOP covers up their guilt, the worse this gets. Right now, Sally Yates is becoming more and more like Nixon’s “John Dean.” Dean knew that Nixon’s number was up. So does Sally Yates.

    • According to Spicer….the White House did not deny the request for her to testify….Nunes was the one that put off her testimony before the committee. Unfortunately, we’ll never know who is telling the truth…you can’t believe a word that comes out of any Republican’s mouth lately! Nunes is just 45’s latest scapegoat!

      • Actually, the information that the White House was trying to prevent Sally Yates from testifying came from the FBI originally and Comey in particular. Remember when Trump fired Yates as Acting AG? There had been documentation that she provided Trump and his aides with proof that Russia and Putin were responsible for hacking.

        At that point, Trump began his Cover Up campaign with Ryan’s approval. Ryan and McConnell are both as guilty as Trump and his aides of colluding with Russian hackers.

        Spicer doesn’t care that he makes a fool of himself to the American public. He only cares that he NEVER makes a fool of himself to Trump.

        Nunes has now ruined his reputation and cannot be trusted. He spied on the committee for Ryan who then passed so called “evidence” to Trump. That in itself if a federal violation and collusion with someone who is being investigated.

        Just imagine if we allowed a murderer to have access to the victim’s lawyers?

        • I agree….you certainly don’t see prosecutors running to the defense attorneys with an agenda on how they’re going to try a case, along with all the evidence, etc. There ARE limits and these people have gone over them significantly! As for Nunes, I’m ashamed to say he’s from California, but he’s one of the few Republicans here and is from the Central Valley, which is farming and ranching mostly. They regularly vote Republican but are always beaten out by the Democrats in the rest of the state! Unfortunately, we also have to take the blame for Issa. Hopefully, neither one of them will be able to keep their seats after this debacle! We Californians are getting a little put off by our politicians, especially the Republican ones!

          • I should think Republican Californians would have another, far more serious concern about Trump. He attacks CA as a state that “gives other states ideas” about revolting against his slash and burn sanctuary cities policies. What that will come down to for Trump is CA and its sister states will cut funding to the federal government. It makes NO sense to pay federal taxes if only certain states are going to be penalized and those tax dollars end up ONLY in Republican states.

            State AGs in Dem states are already about to flip the bird at Trump’s attempts to spite states like CA who have stricter environmental laws than the EPA out of necessity. These are laws that are 20 or more years old and cannot be repealed by Trump.

            I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can remain in a country with a dictator. And certainly not one I know is a grifter living off freebies.

          • I’m kinda happy that California “gives other states ideas.” Maybe if enough states band together and fight 45’s stupid new laws, someone might actually do something! I know there are several states that are already prepared to fight the new EPA regulations! I also learned that if the Congress won’t impeach Trump, it can be done if enough state AG’s file suit against him. That would be interesting! Anyway, if all these state AGs just suddenly decide NOT to pay their federal taxes…..I wonder what would happen!

          • In the environmental and hi tech world, CA is really No. 1 in innovation. Over the past 50 or more years, as CA goes, the rest of the sister states follow. There is nothing Trump can do to force CA to go back to pre 1970 conditions when the smog was a huge health issue and the CDC sent out numerous warnings.

            The reality is that Big Oil, Fracking and Coal are all on their way out. When that moron, Ron Johnson R-WI stated recently that his state has no other “options” but to continue to operate coal fired furnaces, he said and I quote, “You can’t have manufacturing plants running on solar panels.” This is how little this Corn Pone knows.

            The reality is that the Fossil Fuel Industry is the center for keeping their Republican states in the only jobs these people have ever been trained for. Hillary Clinton’s plan was to help them get training that would fit the kinds of hi tech jobs of 2017 and the future. But these lazy bums don’t want that. They want the right to make the rest of us, children, the elderly and those with already compromised health to continue to be medically bankrupted just so they can have their jobs.

            If funding is returned to states like CA and the rest of the Dem states, think about the flood of tax revenues that would stay in these states. Once you take a look at the GAO reports on which states eat up the most in federal tax dollars, you see 65% of all tax revenues end up in Republican states. You can see what would happen if Dem states hang onto their tax dollars…Republican states would sink into a morass of poverty faster than the sinking of the Titanic.

            That’s why I am not totally against states pulling their state tax revenue from the fed. In a way, each state would have sufficient money to pay SS, Medicare and Medicaid, most of which comes from our state taxes anyway. But, those programs would become flush with Dem state tax dollars no longer passing to Republican states. Their loss…not ours.

          • I have to agree…..if all the Democratic states decided to STOP sending in their federal tax dollars, they could easily support themselves with that money! The people who would suffer the most are the states that depend on our tax dollars to keep them afloat! As it is, I owe the Federal government over $8000 this year, but I’m going to pay it a little at a time each month… pisses me off that my hard-earned tax dollars are going to an administration that is out to destroy this country one piece at a time.
            Just watched a documentary last night called “Parched,” which was about the water pollution in Ohio (from DuPont) and the problems with oil companies polluting the aquifers in California, which has caused one almond-grower to have to destroy over 100,000 of his trees that were dying because of the water that was being used being so full of chemicals from the oil drilling on their property! This is EXACTLY what needs to be curtailed, but what does our illustrious idiot in the Oval Office do…..he does away with the regulations that keep these big companies from polluting our waterways. One rancher in Ohio lost over 100 of his cattle to polluted water from DuPont and over 85% of the people in his county had either died from or were suffering from various kinds of cancer due to C-8 in the water from DuPont. This is a chemical that they were NOT supposed to be using, and they KNEW it was affecting the water, but they didn’t tell the EPA (which, by the way, probably wouldn’t have done much anyway). It was pretty sad….he ended up losing his ranch, which had been in his family for a century or so, and he died of COPD amongst other things. It was pretty sad to see especially when you consider that Ohio was one of the states, I believe, that voted for the idiot! It’s pretty clear that he and his cohorts are in the pockets of big oil, big pharma, etc. He’s opening doors for them that need to be kept closed for the nation’s safety and health!

          • D…If you were Donald Trump, would you still owe the Fed that money? I was an accounting manager as you know. I know most of the skanky tricks of the corporate trade to avoid paying taxes. You have a right to be angry when Trump is going to pay less in taxes than you do. But, his army of trickster CPAs find ways to take full advantate of tax cuts and subsidies most of us wouldn’t know exist.

            If I learned anything from my last ultra conservative employer, it is he avoided paying taxes. If a single tax credit existed that he could reshape or apply, he did it. He was the one who refused to pay his employer impounds on time each quarter because he was earning interest in an interest bearing bank account. So all of our payroll tax deductions became a nice little profit for him even if he got a late fee of $100. He was still ahead of the game because he made $10,000 in interest.

            One of the worst and least expected results of the GOP allowing the Grifter in Chief in the White House is that every dirty bit of laundry that comes out about him also indicts his fellow billionaires who use the same skanky tactics.

            You can be housecleaning is coming.

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