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Saturday, April 21, 2018

46 Responses to Trump Posts Provocative Anti-Muslim Videos From A Leader Of Far-Right U.K. Fringe Group

    • Oh no!!! You’re as anti-Christian as ever!!!

      David, are you so disoriented in your soul that you no longer can discern satanic vices and sentiments from angelic ones?? Were your parents equally as disoriented as you? Is this some spiritual genetic abnormality that runs through your family’s tree?

      These are the questions, and others, you should ponder and reflect on.

      Instead of aspiring to do the bidding of “Satan” and rather than aspire to be as depraved as those who think as you, why not try to break free of the seductive influences of an amoral and dissolute disposition you so fondly submit to.

        • Aaron has a hard time discerning between satanic Moslem cultism and ealrier peaceful forms of Monotheism
          As manifested in Judao Christian philosophies that are based on love and not hate.

          • Really? Try reading the Old Testament wherein “God” tells his chosen people to take over a tract of land and kill every living creature there: men, women, children and in some cases even the domestic animals. Then there is “God” telling his disciple Abraham to sacrifice his son to demonstrate his faith.

          • Jesus took the bait and sacrificed himself, he did have doubts on the cross though , saying “Father why have you forsaken me, this hurts! “
            Self /sacrifice was a thing of earlier religions . Moslems primitives still sacrifice Gays and women who have high passions or hang out w Other faiths. Early Jewery had growth problems and over came them, but Moslems are still being obnoxious. Christians seem To be relatively quiet
            Similar to their humanistic based beginnings in far Eastern religions.

          • I don’t see any facts in your post, just your opinions based on your hazy interpretation of a myth written many years after the hero’s demise and your obviously biased opinions concerning Muslims.

          • Opnions of MOSLEMS are well founded. Current example happen at all bombings , they are a weak spirited peoples , not self reliant that need a strong indoctrinating ideology . Are you saying all religions are based on myth as in Greek and Roman mythology.

          • “a weak spirited peoples , not self reliant that need a strong indoctrinating ideology”. A partially agree with you there except it’s not a characteristic specific to Muslims. It seems to be pretty well spread throughout the human species.

            “Are you saying all religions are based on myth as in Greek and Roman mythology.” Yes, except that modern religions are monotheistic but no less based on belief rather than any empirical evidence whatsoever.

          • We agree fully. I wish that it were different , i am still looking for a vision or a feeling that others must have. Religion is a fabrication by man. I feel spirituality among men but not requiring to be reborn, It suits me just fine.

          • I saw a cartoon once of two people standing side by side. One had a t-shirt that said “born again” and the other had one saying “not dead yet”.

          • Thanks for the chuckle, that was great. Glad you have a sense of humor at this site , some are too serious, hope to meet again.

          • This format, brief comments without inflection or context, is not conducive to humor. It’s easy to mistake a comment made in a joking way as a taunt or even an insult. We all need to lighten up because we’re all, those not in the 1%, are in this mess together.

          • I will when you give us a report on the vengeful and vicious monotheistic god Jehovah of the Old Testament. While you’re add it read up on Job who was abused by “God” just so He could upstage Lucifer.

          • Lol…you condition your response on me doing something? Give thanks that our God would even make a POS like you!

          • Okay, I’ll give you the rest of the story. Abe was ready to kill his own son due to voices in his head telling him to do it. (Today we would recognize that as insanity). In a moment of lucidity the voices told him not to do it.

            Not “our” god David. I don’t believe in fairy tales but to each his own. Speaking of creating a POS,there is none bigger than Trumpy. You’re just a little turd scared to face life without a god to back you up and save you from your incompetence and fear.

          • Hmmm…I see you are having difficulty crafting s coherent AND consistent argument. Either you believe in a Supreme Being by calling Him “vengeful and vicious” or He is not real and it was just “voices” heard by an insane man. Which is it, DA?

          • No, not at all. It is the Old Testament that portrays Jehovah as vengeful and vicious. It is the character “God” created by the writers that I referred to. Let me be clear. I don’t believe in either the Old or New testament versions or any other conception of a creator god. Nothing inconsistent in any thing I wrote. Is it coherent? I think so, nothing too deep or complicated there but apparently you’re not grasping it. I don’t know if you’re incapable of doing so or just wish not to.

          • Hey! Nice try! But, I’m afraid your comments didn’t refer to the writers of parts of the Bible. They directly were addressed about our Lord.
            I am truly sorry that you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. There IS a God. His Son was Jesus. On this you can trust me, I am a lawyer who has practiced law for over 35 years in two states.

          • I’m sorry you misunderstood but nothing in my posts should be taken to mean that I have any belief in a creator god, yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Zeus or any other mythical beings. Christ may or may not have been an actual person but it’s immaterial since so few “Christians” follow his alleged teachings.

            Please explain how your background as a lawyer means I should trust you or that your belief in God is anything more than just your opinion. BTW I do trust that you are sharing what you do yourself believe. That doesn’t mean you are right.

          • Thank you for your reply. I was trying to be a bit facetious in commenting that you should trust me because I am a lawyer. I, like you, was an atheist for the first 44 years of my life. I went through an event which changed my view and my heart about the existence of God. I will share that with you if you are willing to hear my story.

          • Very well. It is a three part story.
            I was an atheist for the first 44 years of my life. On September 8, 1997, I was riding my fiancé’s Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide when I was broadsided by a pickup truck at an intersection. I was knocked 153 feet 6 inches. It wasn’t the 153 feet that hurt, it was the last six inches when I hit a brick wall.
            The litany of damages was extensive. I had–
            Broken left wrist;
            Crushed optic nerve in my left eye which has left me half-blind;
            All the ribs on my right side broken;
            They were going to amputate my right leg, but they said I was going to die — finally, they replaced the femur and tibia/fibula with metal rods. But, I still have my leg;
            I suffered damage to the frontal lobe of my brain. So, I am a brain damaged lawyer (or, as my friends say, “what’s the difference?);
            My liver and pancreas were detached and were up in my lungs; and,
            There was cerebral spinal fluid coming out of my ears.
            At this time in my life, I was licensed to practice law in Texas and Oklahoma; ran six miles a day; benched 315 lbs; was a black belt in Chinese Kenpo karate; I fought in full contact karate tournaments; I was a combat veteran of the USAF; Master Class USPCA/IPSC pistol shooter; passed the FBI Sniper training in Chicago, Illinois; played rugby; was a certified scuba diver; certified rappel master; certified canoe instructor; certified peace officer who was a reserve on the SWAT team; and, a certified EMT-Paramedic.
            I was invincible. I was immortal. If I could’nt beat you in the courtroom, I would beat your ass out on the street.
            God? God was a myth. God was for losers who couldn’t handle life’s problems and had to rely on a fairy tale.
            The doctors told my parents and fiancé that I would die that day. They then told them that I would die within 72 hours. They then told them that I was in a coma and would remain in a coma — if I ever came to, I would be a vegetable. (So, I guess you have a squash talking with you now!)
            My friends have asked me if I saw God while I was in a coma. I didn’t see God, but would you like for me to tell you what I did see?

          • Part Two-
            Here is what I saw: I was standing out in a field. No trees, bushes, flowers — just a field with a road running through it. I was on one side of the road and on the other side were about 150-200 friends, relatives, and business associates of mine motioning to me and saying, “Come back. Come back. Please David, come back!”. I waived at them and said, “I’ve got to go!”. They began yelling, “No! No! David, come back! Come back!”.
            I was standing with my hands on my hips looking at them when I heard a voice behind me say, “Go with them if you want.” I shrugged and crossed the road to be with them. At that moment, I woke up from a 45 day coma. Now, who was that voice behind me?
            I am laying on a bed in Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. The doctors and nurses can’t believe that I am alive. They can’t believe that I can understand what they are saying to me. Is it possible that there is a power greater than medical science when it comes to saving lives? And, what was that voice behind me? Could there be a God? Is that possible? After all, we have all been taught that every living thing–grass, trees, birds, fish, reptiles, mammals — all came out of two cells that got together in a mud puddle about 10 billion years ago, right? But, is a God possible? Well, where do you learn about this supposed “God”?
            There is a book, actually a collection of 66 books, that tells us about this “God”. It is called, the Holy Bible. I had never read the Bible. My library at home had about 3500-4000 books in it, but I had never read the Bible. So, I asked the nurses to bring me one. After two days, they brought me the King James Version of the Bible. I looked at it. Where do you start? The beginning is a good place. So, I read the Bible completely from Genesis through Revelation. Now, I will admit that parts of the Old Testament were a bit boring — ‘John begat Jerry’, ‘Roscoe begat Horace’, etc.
            But, when I got to the New Testament, it started talking about this guy named Jesus. Now I knew who Jesus supposedly was. But, I figured if there ever was a guy named Jesus who lived, he was probably a pretty good guy. But, a god? A deity? Come on!! That’s not scientific! However, I decided to analyze the New Testament like a lawyer. Would you like to hear what I discovered?

          • I need to know your discovery. I agree w your analysis of the Bible thus far.
            Thanks for your time on this.

          • I’m always willing to hear someone’s story about how an event has changed their life. I have respect for anyone who bases their beliefs on their own experience rather than on religious dogma. I’ll trust that you are speaking truthfully but not that you have the “revealed truth”.

          • I am not sure if my previous request got through, i am interested in your EVENT , still looking for a lightning bolt of faith to strike me.

    • I doubt the Saudi Wahhabi relatives and friends of the 9/11 terrorists that Trump danced with got their feelings hurt. Trump was lectured by Teresa Mays the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

  1. “the cable news network’s decision to not attend the annual Christmas party at the White House.” So will Trumpy disinvite them like he did the GS warriors when they snubbed an invitation to the WH? Maybe what he needs is not a chief of staff but rather just a stern nanny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grown man that is so childish.

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  2. This guy will believe even the worst fake news as long as it fits his tainted world view. These videos were clearly fake, but not enough to break through that thick skull and thin skin. We’ve goat a great doofus in the WH. Thanks to the ill informed and scarred voting public.

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