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Saturday, March 17, 2018

58 Responses to Does Trump Support Roy Moore? White House Suggests No

  1. Trump has been in Asia. We can not expect him to rush into campaigning in Alabama. The guy is 71 and not in good health.

    Instead suggest we look at Trump’s tweets attacking Al Franken. Every bit of energy deflected onto him is energy not spent calling out Moore.

    Please answer for me, when Trump attacks Al Frankenstine, is he being specifically Anti-Semitic as Frankenstein was spelled differently? Or merely lazy and clumsy? How do the Nazis love Israel and hate Jews?

    • Neither of the above, you didn’t exhaust all possibilities for Trump’s actions. Like a typical lib, you place a box around everything so you can draw a false conclusion that fits you narrative. It’s intellectually lazy and dishonest; but of course, as a lib, you don’t have a problem with that.

    • Considering the guy is incapable of stringing more than 160 characters in any form of coherence, a little misspelling on his part is to be expected. Especially as he spell things the way he thinks they should be pronounced.

    • Mueller and or JFK ,CIA save the USA and the world from DUMP 45 the sooner and faster the better . you cant bury this clown deep if YOU do so deep to hell Satan will spit and upchuck the DUMP 45 back up from the hole DEEP FRY THE CLOWN turn the POS into burnt very black burnt toast still too good for the DUMP 45 POS that thy way thy did his twin Hitler wasn’t it ? if not should of been .

    • He’s delirious from decades of a privileged life and from listening to the late Norman Vincent Peale for tips on “morality”, Peale style.

      As for your specific question, he is being both lazy by not caring to think about the hypocrisy of his accusation, and clumsy(and stupid) because now he’ll have to hear a repeat in public of the Hollywood Access lechery on file.

  2. Poor Trumpie and his conundrum…he is guilty (admittedly so) of the same things Moore is guilty of. His support would seem hollow and his condemnation, well…hmmm, dont really have the right word for that.

  3. Who cares what Trump thinks about Moore? Trump admitted that he “grabs their (women’s) snatches”. If Trump does down to cornponeland to campaign for Moore, it will just be two perverts supporting each other.

  4. As we have seen Dumpster Trump doesn’t call out his friends.
    There will be special places in purgatory, if it exists, for people like huckleberry Sanders and spinning Spicer as well as contriving Conway.

    • As we have seen Dumpster Trump doesn’t call out his friends.
      There will be special places in purgatory, if it exists, for people like huckleberry Sanders and spinning Spicer as well as contriving Conway.
      and the worse place there can be is still too good for the DUMP 45 clowns and his CULT & STAFF

  5. Trump’s lawyers must be working overtime on those scripts Don Jr., Kushy and that weasel Sessions use for testimony.

    Session said 31 times during a Senate hearing, “I can’t recall.” Don Jr. testified he also had a problem recalling. Now Kushy is claiming he also “can’t recall.”

    Remember what the pigbrained Republicans did when Hillary said 2 times, “I don’t recall?” they were ready to throw her in prison.

    Never let it be said the good ole boys don’t stick together like glue, right or wrong. Double standards …always double standards.

  6. this DUMP RUMP 45 is a child minded clown that will push North Korea fat-boy to a point he dose something and it might cause millions of lives killed and not even care about it . got to get this DUMP 45 out of the house and into jail where he belongs . he rants about the 3 basketball player saying he should left them in China jail . (THIS IS A PRESIDENT THESE BRAIN DEAN DUMP 45 FOLLOWERS WANT IN THE HOUSE ? ) this clown talks like a kid more them half his age as his youngest son 4 years old . TEX MORON YOU CALLED THE POS WAS TOO KIND ! then thy MORON say he is the country’s favorite Pres. missed that one also by about 3 million votes . im sure today that number would go up to 10’s of million maybe even 100 million and MORE . and as Rep Flake said with him and ROY BOY MOORE in office with DUMP 45 the country’s toast being lead by burnt toasted DUMP RUMP 45

  7. If you can’t speak out about such behavior then you are providing cover. Of course he’d have to man-up to his own misbehavior. LIke that will ever happen.

  8. ///it’s asked , Did Putin get taken for a ride? Hardly. America’s retreat from the global stage in the Trump era is a win for Russia, but Americans still have the power to push back .. but if PUTTHEAD gets nothing and no sanctions lifted then the ride he was taken for was a bend over Russia’s PUTTHEAD DUMP RUMP 45 is driving you with out K-Y jell don’t feel bad Russian fool DUMP 45 dose that to every one . if you want a hit on the DUMP 45 clown PUTTHEAD save money an American im sure would do it cheaper then a flight cost from Russia to the USA

  9. what’s wrong with people these days ? now for ROY BOY MOORE you have all these people in office saying that thy believe the women that accused him of the sexual assault’s BUT WHEN IT COMES TO DUMP 45 & all the ones that came out and told (as I find it the truth ) about DUMP 45 that these 12 + women that came out to tell of DUMP 45 what’s wrong here ? why would anyone think that those women of telling of MOORE be more credible then the women that came out on DUMP 45 ? seems MOORE’S ones that came out to tell their story’s had happen so many years ago (and yes I do believe all of them ) but the ones that came out and told what DUMP 45 did as in ways of sexual assaulting them ( and mind you its not as long ago as Moore’s ) BUT THERE’S A HOLLYWOOD XL or what ever it is THE HOLLYWOOD TAPE THAT DUMP 45 IS ADDMITTING IT ! what more is needed ?? taking to a court of LAW DUMP 45 ‘S CASE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASYER TO PROVE HIS GUILT THEN MOORE’S IF THERE WAS A COURT OF LAW JUDGING THIS

    • Had Moore not been investigated by a news paper none of this might have come out. These women didn’t come forward, they were found because off long told stories. This isn’t the first telling of the stories, just the first publishing of them. Legends of misdeeds by locals are kept local most times but are easy to find if someone looks. Moore’s actions were well known by the locals and now by the nation.

      • yes I’m aware of that where he’s from thy have a big wide walk-in closet with no doors . what’s strange is the fact that so many there knew who & how the sick perverted POS was ,is and im sure will always be . it’s them that closing their eyes helped it go on longer then it should of . today im waiting for some Mall records to come up about the PERV being banned from the Mall itself . these things have been know as you say even his wife im sure knows all about it . I can imagine what things she with him have in the closet . how ROY BOY made in in office of the law so long baffles me with out some one protesting him ? hillbilly land ? who knows . him and DUMP 45 are like 2 pee for brains in a pod . the funny thing DUMP 45 had the stones ooops grains of sand ! to say something about Al Franken’s but not the worse ROY BOY MOORE ! im guessing because ROY actions are just like DUMP 45’S actions in his own perverted life and who knows if DUMP 45 though that ROY might up stage THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW ?

        • There will be no records,they were thrown out years ago. All they are going to have is a he said she said.

          Trump will say nothing about Moore, he needs a republican in that seat. Even a PERV that votes with the Republicans is better for Trump & Company then a Democrat.

          What Moore was doing back then was not uncommon, sad to say. I work in a teen coffee house back then and we were having to throw out older guys all the time. It doesn’t make it right just not rare.

          The thing that has happened is the fact that Moore is crazy has almost gone unreported for he last week or so and this story is now what people will base their votes on. A 40 year old story is easier to dismiss then fresh stories of craziness. I wouldn’t be surprised at Moore winning, He will get the pro life, the anti gay vote as well as the voters who just can’t bring themselves to vote for a democrat.

          • and its sick and sad how the brain dead stand by their GOP party . its party over any and every thing else . the GOP could and very well may END THE WORLD and the last thing the brain dead will say and think . as long as im a GOP lover its ok THAT THE SICK SIDE OF THAT PARTY !!

          • so its the ones that are racist and feel that their way of thinking is the only way . this will bring down the government . I guess this is something the founding fathers tried to tell us about .

        • My sense is that in many circles of the south and maybe the north, men troll for virgins.
          This happened during a period of time when girls were taught not to have sex before marriage.
          Google this article.
          I found it to be enlightening.
          The Larger Problem of Sexual Abuse in Evangelical Circles.
          It was in the Chicago Tribune last week I think

          • there’s no common sense reason’s why men or women want , have and think about sex and what ways it excites them to having it . heck there is even people that want to have sex with the dead . with that nothing can surprise me !

          • Many eons ago when I was in college, my professor was lecturing to us about the various ‘deviances’ in our society.
            He listed about 46 of them then.
            And yes, having sex with a dead person was one of them, as well as having sex with inanimate objects like rocks and stones and trees.
            A couple of months ago a guy was arrested for having ‘intercourse’ with a pig in a Walmart’s bathroom of all places.
            Whatever makes one tick I suppose.

          • to each their own no matter how crazy is seems to most freedom of choose nutty world and what floats ones boat . some people chew gum . I cant even think of (nor would I want to ) of what banging a rock or stone . would think that would hurt strange to say the least lol

  10. Does Trump Support Roy Moore? White House Suggests No DUMP 45 & white house says no because ROY BOY MOORE hit’s to close to DUMP 45′ home game played plan he has for so long ! and heaven forbid DUMP 45 get’s upstaged by another pervert such as himself , And DUMP45 has his POS perverted reputation he feels to uphold !

  11. The White House may not like Moore but they will do nothing from this point out to stop him from being elected. A PERV that votes Republican is better then a saint that votes with the democrats for Trump & Company.

  12. The GOP plan is to get Moore elected, and if the stink doesn’t abate, expel him and have the GOP governor appoint a less publicly known GOP pedophile to take his place.

  13. Democrats seize on tax plan’s inequities

    Critics say the GOP tax plans, especially the newly released Senate version, give many middle-class taxpayers a mere lump of coal. THIS IS THE DUMP 45’S way of promising things . him being the pathological liar he is says one thing dose another .. ive said this many times his wife has to know so much about all the evil and bullying coward ways of the DUMPSTER . but always fears saying anything . for one can be sure the evil hateful bully’s ways on DUMP 45 has to be drilled into her head .one can be sure with the DUMP 45 being the POS he is still has his EGO and blow hard mouth and one can be sure he brag’s to her about a lot of the evil he has done . the EGO sickness that he feels better telling some one only feeds him more . Putting the fear into his wife. one can be sure he threatens her with her son all the time . telling het his revenge is hard core (JUST LIKE THE COWARD HE IS ).

  14. ITS SAID WHEN ONE THROWS A PUNCH AT dump 45 HE THROWS BACK 10 FOLDS HARDER . he is just a BIG MOUTH BLOW HARD COWARD , HIS ONLY MIGHTY THING WOULD BE HIS MIGHTY MOUTH always blasting out B/S . im sure he thinks its great to strike the fear into anyone he can even his wife and KLAN . CULT, STAFF & ANYONE THAT BELIEVES HIS RANTING RAGE OF CRAP. he will fall and like the COWARD he is will be crying all the way in which time he will be blaming every one else for what he has done . the good thing is Mueller all hopes go’s at DUMP 45 like a Doctor and DUMP 45 IS THE CANCER and Mueller will have to destroy the whole DUMP 45 CANCER making sure he takes out and destroys anyone that is in contact with the POS killing and destroying all the cancer the DUMP 45 spread out . the cancer like DUMP 45 dose spread far and wide and the USA & the world needs Dr. Mueller to cure this evil disease for the better of the USA and world rid the world of the DUMP 45 CANCER ! all shouldn’t fear this BLOW HARD BIG MOUTH COWARD

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