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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

21 Responses to Trump Supporters Hit Hardest By Obamacare Cuts

  1. Hopefully this latest malicious move will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but I believe it when I see it. Much more will have to happen for Trump supporters to abandon their leader. Something that may wake up the zombies that support him may be the need to reinstate the draft, if Trump’s myopic foreign policy leads to WWIII. Fortunately, most foreign leaders consider him all talk and no substance. A straw man that they know they can manipulate with adulation and feigned demonstrations of “respect”.

      • I agree. With the exception of Israel and Saudi Arabia, the main beneficiaries of dismantling the Iranian nuclear deal, nobody else is going to support us. Most countries understand that Kim Jong Un is a nut, but they also believe Trump is as crazy and immature as the “smart cookie” in NK. One of the most troubling effects of Trump’s foreign policy, besides the carnage they will produce, is the fact that he is isolating the USA and turning us into a pariah.

        • And the really sad part is that most of us here in the U.S do NOT agree with his foreign policy, yet, we’re tainted by his actions! Our allies need to understand that many of us do NOT go along with his ridiculous actions and would like nothing more than to see him kicked out of the White House and rode out of town on a mule!!

          • “kicked out of the White House and rode out of town on a mule!!”
            Replace that with “Kicked out of the White House and perp walked all the way to Gitmo.” Fixed it for you.

    • Trump’s foolish actions may well have a mauch larger impact on people in red states that voted for Trump than is implied by this article and maybe even some negative affects will roll over to blue states.. As the loss of ACA’s income subsidies force more and more people in these red states to be thrown back into the uninsured pools, the added uninsureds will result in premium increases for everyone buying private health insurance in those red states, such that people who weren’t originally needing the subsidies could now start dropping policies as premiums in their state exceed amounts they can afford to pay. (There could well be a snowballing affect.)

      Adding hundreds of thousands of people back to the uninsured counts will once again start impacting hospitals especially in red states, once again straining their ability to stay afloat financially because of more and more free care they will once again having to provide; all this will require red states to utilize more taxpayer money to try and prevent hospitals from going bellyup but with this often failing to keep some hospitals from closing down. As hospitals close down, this will stress the ability of the healthcare systems in many red states to the point that people in those states who can afford it, may well start traveling to blue states in order to get the healthcare they need. These ‘outofstaters’ will thereby stretch the ability of the healthcare systems in some blue states to be strained with what may be a loss of quality of care for millions of Americans. Trump’s actions could turn into a real mess down the road!!

  2. I have repeatedly said that anyone who makes less than $100K as an individual, or $200K as a family that votes for a Republican is voting against their own best self-interest. Now we have a President who is so blatant in his disdain for those less well-off financially that whatever he does that adversely effects them no longer causes me any alarm.
    Every action he has undertaken has been to undermine or overturn something done by President Obama. Why? Because it was done by President Obama and Teflon Donnie wants to rewrite history so the years between 2009 and 2017 are blank. After all, how dare a Black man be elected as President? Especially when a White Supremacist like Teflon Donnie follows him in office!
    So now I can only paraphrase what my Conservative friends and colleagues have stated since November – “Your guy won! Deal with it!”

    • What’s really dumb as usual with 45 is there is no war on Christmas. In October he’s saying everyone is now to say Merry Christmas. Seeing how it’s over 2 months away I’ll decline. I’ll give my usual Seasons Greetings when appropriate and not be swayed one or the other how to say it. This idiot just wants to stoke controversy where there is none. This guy is a mental midget and imo his IQ is 45 also

      • Around us, we have always said Merry Christmas and now here comes The Lard Ass in Chief like the Grinch who stole Christmas trying to taint our imagery.

      • Dan, I think 1st’s point is these states depend on the Health Care subsidies, and they all supported Teflon Donnie. Remember the phrases “Caveat Emptor” and its corollary, “You get what you pay for”. These states supported Teflon Donnie and now their marginally poor are paying the price.

  3. The Republicans are fascists and the Democrats are enablers. Why can’t they take these violations to the so-called “Supreme Court?”

  4. I hate to see people suffering but on this issue, I say good it happens to those who were chanting “lock her up” and voted for Trump, without thinking the consequence of taking away ACA. Can they sing anymore now and praise their brutal man in the White House? I hope not.

      • What you’re saying re: their stupidity is right on the mark. And a reading of “The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our Brains”, by Nicholas Carr describes the damage neurologically being inflicted on massive internet and media exposure.

        A dumbing down has been in effect in a subtle manner since the advent of the TV and overusing it.

  5. IQ45 couldn’t care less about these folks. The election’s over. Now on to the “business” of lining his pockets and the pockets of those who made him Resident.

  6. The power of the media to heavily influence those who view TV too much, and who’ve been conditioned by radio and now social media for so many decades, is devastating in its impact and so pervasive in its extent.

    Media and constant images portraying distortions of facts even transforms us physically and psychologically, altering the perceptions of reality for the worse, as seen especially among Trump supporters.

    At this later stage in “The Dark Ages of Trump”, many Trumpists and Trumpistas are as yet still unaware of the dangers already posed clearly by Trump and his narcissism, unable to see with any clarity the dangers of the Trump Effect creeping up on them, and heedless of the warning signs constantly emanating from Trump by way of his mental illness—a madness facilitated by a cowardly self-centered Congress and a politicized Judicial system.

    Religion—the status quo ones that is—is helpless to stem the tide of the Trump effect, and in many instances actively assist in the rotting out of American society by virtue of tacit support for the Trump Presidency by so many Clerics.

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