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Monday, March 25, 2019

Trump Thinks African-American Vote Would Propel Him To 3rd Party Win [Video]

Reality TV star Donald Trump is continuing to hint at a third party presidential bid, telling Fox News’ Greta van Susteren that he could defeat President Obama in a hypothetical match-up — by winning African-American voters away from the nation’s first black president.

“I think I’d get a great cross-section,” Trump told Van Susteren. “I think I’d get Hispanic votes, frankly. I think — and people smile when I say it — I think I’d do great with the African American votes. I think I’d do great with that.”

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10 responses to “Trump Thinks African-American Vote Would Propel Him To 3rd Party Win [Video]”

  1. Flying Jackolade says:

    Trump the son of a slum Lord and the benifactor of the slums thinks that the black population would gravitate to him, I think not. Trump hurt so many by his bankrupt style track record. The only ones that got hurt were the investors and the employees, Trump had his assets hidden and bailed out, still fat from profits that only he made.

  2. tlbuffin says:

    The ego will never land. Yes, African American voters will turn their backs on the first black president to vote for Donald Trump. In his deluded dreams. What a schmuch.

  3. VincentReno says:

    Why in the hell would he think that he could get the AA vote? Because his hair is about a tall as Don Kings? I am sick of crazy republicans. For the sake of the Party and the sake of the country, please find someone that isn’t completely certifiable. Really!

  4. hppyldy says:

    Donald Trump is delusional, enough said!

  5. txbillmc says:

    Trump is so delusional to think that the African American population would vote for him over Obama because he refers to them in such a derogatory way “the blacks” which sounds so condascending and trite. I personally used to like him years ago before he became such a pompous jerk and got such a super inflated EGO!!!! And another “family values” guy with 2 divorces and a third young wife, YEAH!!!!! He and Newt are 1 in the same!!!! Both really only care about themselves and $$$$$$$!!

  6. vikkip says:

    Donald Trump has major psychiatric problems. When it is not ‘Attention seeking behavior’ , it is Delusions of Grandeur’

  7. mll says:

    Trump is really just seeking more attention. I do not even think the rich would vote for him. If he runs, it will be because someone has payed him to run, and take votes away from Democrats.

  8. EATHERICH says:

    are we so dumb as a people that all we expect are incredable idiots,greedy lying paracites and crooks? stop all corporate money, make service non-proffit, prosicute treason. i look at the caliber of these candidates,and wannabes, and BBs come to mind.

  9. allboroughllc says:

    Hmmm.. well being honored to be apart of the “blacks” is a good thing… and to hear that the Donald will get more of the vote than any other republican… is a far stretch , but to say that know he will get more votes than the current elect… wow… he is one of the most ego-driven maniacs I have ever seen, he has no idea of what is to be humble, he cannot even get his own base behind him.. if you have been a republican all of your life, and you cant get that party behind you, and the “blacks” do not see eye to eye with that party, how in the world do you think your going to garner more of the “black” vote?? how come he didnt say he would get the “hispanic” vote, or that the “hispanics” would vote for him, or better yet.. when will he announce that he will get the “jewish vote”,… because, as we all know the “jews” love him too??

  10. CarlOscarIsaacson says:

    He doesn’t sound like a drooling idiot, but his ego makes him sound like a driveling one.

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