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Thursday, January 17, 2019

IMAGE: Then Defense Intelligence Agency director U.S. Army Lt. General Michael Flynn testifies before the House Intelligence Committee on “Worldwide Threats” in Washington February 4, 2014.  REUTERS/Gary Cameron  

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21 responses to “Trump Transition Team Knew About Flynn’s Lobbying”

  1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ says:

    So many people are going to end up in jail when this coup is defeated.

    • Independent1 says:

      And lets hope it is defeated and soon – the corruption being exposed is really getting out of hand for virtually the entire Trump Administration.

      • Patriciaesimmons says:

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        • PJ Coulter says:

          It boggles the mind that this is happening in our country. I just don’t see much happening about it. I think that is why they are ramming through Health Care…Ryan wants it so he can get his policy through and Trump wants it, no matter that it hurts his voters the most, so he can change the story line in the press. And of course the press obliges. Why is there not more about this letter from Cummings to Pence? Pence lied on national TV, Sessions lied to Congress, why are these people still in their positions?

          • Mama Bear says:

            all good questions. Why is everyone who can do something about it turning their back?

          • Martha Bartha says:

            They’re scared. It could lead to a revolution!

          • Mama Bear says:

            I have come to believe that the revolution, or civil war, or ethnic cleansing, or whatever it will ultimately be called is inevitable. Trump’s win, the abject ignorance of his “followers” the power hunger of the Rethugs….the heavy hand of Russia’s ability to cause chaos, and the white supremacists….it seems to me to be unavoidable at some point. Humpty Trumpty has succeeded in uncorking the hate and evil that has been held in a tenuous check for so long and might be impossible to re-cork. I hope to God I am wrong.

          • Martha Bartha says:

            No, you’re right! It’s always???? been simmering right below the surface.

      • Martha Bartha says:

        What Corruption? That’s how the GOP does business. That’s how Trump does business. So, it’s business as usual for them.

        • Independent1 says:

          Yes, but just because it’s SOP for Trump and the GOP, doesn’t mean it’s not totally corrupt at the same time (the way Trump and the GOP operate is virtually the same way the Italian Mafia operates).

  2. Lynda Groom says:

    In Trump world this is an example of honor among thieves. I love the transparency of this administration. Still in the very beginnings of their leadership role and already the potential scandals are stacking up.

    • Independent1 says:

      How about this one:

      Journalists outraged by Tillerson’s plan to travel without press

      Past secretaries normally flew with the so-called press “pool” as a matter of course, but the Trump administration seemingly wants that to stop. Tillerson was similarly press-averse while running ExxonMobil, according to Steve Coll, who authored “Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power.” Tillerson never granted him an interview for the book.

      Another article mentioned there has not been one press briefing or public announcement made by the State Dept in 6 weeks which is totally unprecedented in at least the last 50 years. Why all the silence and lack of transparency? What is Tillerson hiding?

      And even Tillerson lied when during his nomination hearing he stated that he’d ensure total transparency of the State Department if his nomination was approved.

      And just how many lies can a President and VP get away with before they’re called on them by Congress? Cummings letter proves that Trump and Pence have consistently lied about Flynn’s involvement with.Russia and Turkey for at least a couple months.

      • Lynda Groom says:

        All good points. The last i heard the press was going to have to make their own travel plans, but are still waiting for the schedule of the Secretary. It sure looks like they want to hide something. I thought transparency was the word of the day.

        • Independent1 says:

          A schedule which he may not give them; or will give to them so late they won’t get there before he’s gone someplace else. The corrupt aren’t too keen about being tracked down.

      • yabbed says:

        Well, Tillerson is going to Russia and around the world making deals for himself and Trump for their greater enrichment so why would he want press coverage of that?

  3. Richard Prescott says:

    They lied, including Pence, as he knew about this before the election. So playing dumb afterwards was disingenuous. And firing that NY lawyer after wanting him to stay, well that tells even more as (in my opinion) they fear he would have found so much more tying Trump and all his cronies to more illegal actions.
    Add to that the revealing that Bannon had no fixed address during his “rise” to power, funded by the Mercers who own majority in Brietbart News, and claimed 3 states as well as claiming Florida. Which they found had very little evidence he was really there. He had three wives claiming the last one’s residence in FL as his. All the time he was registered to vote in 3 states. All the stuff he claims are things the Democrats did, he did.
    Too bad the GOP has no brass or spines to stop this.

    • Barbaradgress says:

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  4. yabbed says:

    Everyone in this administration, including the religious freak Pence, is corrupt. It’s nothing but a carnival show of grifters and con men.

  5. says:

    DONNY DUMP AND THE GOP know too much about every thing that can screw the country and the people >this in it self shows just how much B/S go’s on in the country (mind you if be it the DEM party had all these things going on and the way thy went on thy be having a big bird crap . and to no end would thy be doing investigation after investigation with hearings up the ying yang . this COMA COMEY is at the heart of the B/S him self . no matter what he says or dose now it cant change the damage he did . first off the bull on Hillary 9 days before the election . was a kick in the stone’s . and its not his job to say what he thinks of how any one side did their job . his opinion wasn’t needed and only went for one side and one way . he should of never told what he might of felt . the only thing he should said was NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO BRING ANY CHARGE ON HILLARY . if asked why not one way or the other he should said he cant answer that . if be it he was going to had brought charges then yes he could of said why . but him giving his opinion was not right and wasn’t his job to say how anyone or side dose or handles anything . and then when he was asked about investigations on DONNY DUMP was there any going on . he said I cant comment of any on going investigation I cant say yes or no . FBI RULES he said . ok be it those are the rules then how and why did you say and tell all that there was an on going investigation on Hillary . and he said there was one on her going on . and this was done and he said this after he gave his opinion (wasn’t needed and wasn’t his job to do so mind you ) of how Hillary handled things . after this what was it 3 to 4 days before the election (after the 9 days before the election his first one sided BULL statement ) then when he said the FBI did have what another investigation on Hillary ? that was an ongoing investigation . but he couldn’t say anything if there was one going on with the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER be he could and did on Hillary . something very fishy here . then 2 days before the election he says alls clear on Hillary . its rotten to the core with the would thing from the GOP gang of pinheads to the FBI and the BULL OF COMA COMEY

  6. Sand_Cat says:

    Trump has an “ethics code”? That’s still the biggest news here.
    His and his confederates’ lies?
    What fool expected anything else?

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