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Monday, March 25, 2019

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


Donald Trump is now exploiting the death of Chief of Staff John Kelly’s son, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, to prop up his recent lie about President Obama’s record of calling bereaved families of fallen soldiers. Trump made the statement during an interview with Fox News Radio on Tuesday morning.

“You could ask Gen. Kelly, did he get a call from Obama?” Trump said. “I don’t know what Obama’s policy was.”

The cynical remark came just one day after the White House attempted to blame the Pentagon for Trump’s failure to call the families of four Green Beret soldiers killed in Niger two weeks ago. According to a New York Times report, a “senior official said Mr. Trump had planned to speak sooner to the families, but the White House had to wait until the Pentagon’s paperwork was completed.”

The statement suggests the Pentagon was unable or unwilling to release the names of the deceased for 12 days. Actually, the agency shared the names of those killed in action immediately after the incident.

The deflections follow a lie-filled press conference on Monday during which the president falsely suggested Obama neglected to contact the families of fallen soldiers in the war. When pressed on his falsehood, Trump blamed his generals for possibly giving him bad information, stating, “President Obama, I think, probably did sometimes, and maybe sometimes he didn’t, I don’t know, that’s what I was told…All I can do is ask my generals. Other presidents did not call, they would write letters, and some presidents didn’t do anything.”

CNN notes that Kelly “has tried to keep his son’s death private.”

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

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107 responses to “Trump Uses Death Of Gen. Kelly’s Son To Defame Obama”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    Of all the despicable things that Trump has said, this is probably the most disgusting. Politicizing the death of our fallen soldiers marks a new low for a man devoid of morality, honor, and common sense. The only positive thing that came out of this embarrassing episode is the fact that faced with a media and popular backlash, he finally called the families of the four soldiers killed in Niger, 12 days after their death. Incredibly, 37% of Americans still support our man-child president.

    • dbtheonly says:


      The true debasement is Trump telling a grieving widow that her husband knew what he was getting into. Saying nothing would have been better. And, apparently, he hasn’t called them all, yet.

      Trump’s “explanation” that the “sympathy card was in the mail” put me in Lincoln’s punch line, “It hurts too much to laugh and I’m too big to cry.”

      Trump is beyond tone deaf to human feelings.

      We have our trolls insisting that Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises. Really? How? If I hadn’t blocked them all, I might ask.

      Trump’s campaign was vague promises of slogans. He promised nothing specific and that’s what he’s delivered: nothing.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        It should be obvious to everyone by now that, when it comes to Trump, we are not dealing with a normal human being. His inhumanity is well documented by now, and it is an integral part of who he is and what he stands for. What bothered me the most about this specific example of callousness, was to hear some of his supporters trying to justify his comment, and even blaming the widow of the fallen soldier by saying that she should not have repeated what the president told her! These people are part of the 37% who find nothing wrong with Trump’s behavior, largely because they see themselves in him. What is really worrisome is that he represents a society in decay, without a moral compass, consumed by greed and intolerance, that hides behind distorted religious values to justify their inhumanity. As bad as this is, let’s not forget that their leader is within inches of a button and phone that could end life on Earth.

        • yabbed says:

          The widow did not repeat Trump’s comments. The call was on speaker phone in the vehicle taking her to airport where her husband’s body was arriving. Trump’s unkind comments were repeated by others in the car, including the House member representing the district in Miami where this family resided.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            The widow is in a terrible state of shock and grief. A phone call from Trump would not necessarily be a priority. She lost the love of her life and when I saw her bowed over his casket with her little son looking up at her bewildered, I wondered if Melania would draped herself over Trump’s casket while Baron von und zu Trumpenstein laughed his little butt off.

          • The lucky one says:

            I think we both know Melania would be on the phone to the lawyers to learn when she could collect her inheritance and be rid of the tRumps.

          • dbtheonly says:

            I imagine Baron will have a fatal hunting accident within weeks of Trump Sr.’s death.

            The 3 may be able to work among themselves, but Tiffany and Baron are SOL.

            It will be fun to watch the heirs fight over the estate.

          • dpaano says:

            Secretly, I think Melania would be jumping for joy inside!!! I don’t think she has all that much love for this idiot….probably a reason WHY they sleep in separate bedrooms and Barron is their ONLY child! She probably gets quite a bonus for putting on the façade of a marriage to this idiot! I just hope it’s enough because she’s sold herself pretty cheaply!

        • dpaano says:

          She never “repeated” what he said…..the call was on speaker phone and the entire family AND the senator ALL heard the conversation very clearly! He may think he can prove he didn’t say what he did say, but too many people in the car clearly heard him! He can’t blame the senator for overhearing a conversation that was plain to hear by all in the car AND he can’t prove otherwise when there are so many witnesses to the conversation!

      • Gerry Francis says:

        Your last 2 sentences are so very true. Even his ‘Tax reform’ plan is nothing but a ‘suggestion’ that leaves Congress to fill in the blanks.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          McCON Man was doing his Trump rah rah rah yesterday, even as Boozer Boy Bannon was giving McCON Man the axe. Celebrity TV government. Wow…So this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

        • dpaano says:

          Yes, and if they don’t do what he wants, he’ll threaten to veto it anyway! You can be sure that he has his list of priorities that they will have to deal with if they want his sign-off. They keep talking about tax cuts, but I don’t hear anything about where the money is going to come from to pay the rest of our bills…..I think, if I remember correctly, many social programs, etc. are being cut to give our government enough money to pay their bills….why don’t we hear any more about what those cuts are going to be and which programs are going to be cut to pay for Trump’s wall, etc.?

      • Dapper Dan says:

        If I was a family member of a fallen soldier I know I personally wouldn’t want to hear from this Faux President. He evaded service to his country during the Vietnam War and most people know that any calls he makes at this point would not be out of concern or empathy. The only good thing this fool can do right now is resign. But then of course we’re stuck with Pence who would like to string up gays. Instead of winning we are losing more and more everyday

        • dpaano says:

          Personally, if Trump called me, I’d hang up on him immediately! Nothing he could say would be of any interest to me! In fact, if I DID stay on the phone, he’d get an earful that I’m sure he wouldn’t want to hear!

    • Gerry Francis says:

      37%……is that the percentage of Americans using Heroin? They gotta’ be on something to be so blind.

      • yabbed says:

        I think we can assume that the 37% consists of racists and white supremacists, misogynists, and the truly stupid.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          I don’t buy that there even is 37%. I do believe we have to give some credit to intelligent people in the south and midwest who don’t buy Trump’s brand of BS.

          The reality is that 37% could be a number “faked” by Trump’s own “fake” news media polls. How do we really know anything about him isn’t coming from Russian hackers?

      • Dapper Dan says:

        Well we do have a National Opioid Crisis hitting the Appalachias in particular really hard. I’m sure some people aren’t feeling anything like Trump does so it’s all good with them

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Dan, I haven’t really kept up with “Opiod” crisis. I do know that behind every medical crisis or some other trumped (no pun intended) medical scare, there is a beady eyed billionaire counting the billions more for his bank account.

          Remember when that Texas Big Pharma CEO pulled that with that “must have” your teens all inoculated to avoid STDs? That too was a national crisis.

          I do know that one of the major crises withheld from public attention a decade ago was the meth making in the back seats of midwestern kids cars. Funny how that didn’t get national attention. Could be because meth dealers have big time corporate titles they don’t want linked?

        • Gerry Francis says:

          Really, the first National Crisis we have right now is that Trump is in the White House . The second (and possibly even more scary) is that Bannon thinks he can pull a coup by buying the ultra right into office.

          • Dapper Dan says:

            I won’t dispute for a moment that trump isn’t a Crisis. In fact when he said a couple months ago he was going to declare Opioid deaths a national crisis then did nothing. Now he learned words alone doesn’t address it as a crisis until he takes meaningful action. If it was president Obama or Clinton they would’ve acted right away once they declare these Opioid deaths a national Crisis. By Trumps actions or lack thereof yes things are going to be even worse with him tweeting away than acting like a real president

          • Dominick Vila says:

            The third is that if Trump is removed from office, we will be dealing with President Pence!

          • Gerry Francis says:

            I hadn’t considered that…..and now I think we need to re-shuffle. Pres. Pence would be second National Crisis and Bannon’s bullying coup will be number 3.

        • dpaano says:

          I believe many of them in the Appalachia’s voted for Trump….do you think they will EVER realize that he lied to them and that they will lose more than they will gain?

    • plc97477 says:

      That is not really a positive because he is saying stupid and hurtful things to them.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      So basically, unless he gets criticism to do his job, he sits on that Lard Ass, pointing and delegating on our tax dollars?

    • pisces63 says:

      No, it is telling a war widow, her husband knew this could happen but it hurts when it does. Per his widow, he did not remember his name , either.

    • dpaano says:

      Oh, but Dom, he just said that the letters to the families are “in the mail.” Shouldn’t they have been in the mail 2 weeks ago? He said he didn’t know about this until later, but it has been proven that he was told immediately of the deaths of these soldiers in Niger….he has NO excuse except for the one he lies to himself about!

      • Dominick Vila says:

        According to Sara Huckabee, the President is waiting for the results of the ongoing investigation to learn what happened. In other words, he has no idea what took place and is, therefore, not responsible for that tragedy. I can’t help wonder what would have happened to Hillary had she taken a similar approach to Benghazi.

        • dpaano says:

          Apparently, Dom, what the Democrats did during the last administration has now become okay for the Republicans to do and do even better! This is hypocrisy at its best! It’s amazing….this event is definitelyTrump’s Benghazi moment and I wish the Democrats would as for a major investigation if they haven’t already done so (which I believe I read that they have).
          If Trump didn’t even know what was happening in Niger….why not? And, why, since this group has been asking for add’l support and equipment, they were totally disregarded? There are ALOT of questions that need to be answered about this event, and I think that the Democrats should do the same thing to Trump and his gang of sycophants as they did to Hillary and Benghazi! He and “his generals” obviously dropped the ball and caused 4 brave soldiers to be killed…..I want to know why! I think we ALL want to know why!

          • Dominick Vila says:

            Our military presence in Niger was originally authorized by President Obama for the purpose of building a drone surveillance facility near the capital. The first thing that needs to be determined is who authorized patrols into hostile territories, without backup and adequate resources, such as geospatial mapping to determine the presence or location of enemy forces, and identify escape routes. Somebody really dropped the ball on this one, and you can bet a fortune that The Donald will distance himself from all responsibility, and will become an innocent bystander to the enjoyment of his worshipers.

  2. Arie says:

    What a petty little creep this “man” is.

  3. yabbed says:

    John Kelly’s son was a married man so his next of kin would be his widow and she is the one President Obama telephoned with the nation’s condolences. President Obama invited Gen Kelly to lunch in the White House to express his sympathy for the family.

    • Trump won’t acknowledge that because the narcissist inside provokes him to frame everything in terms of “Trump”. If Trump can’t be framed in any narrative, then he has to find a way to trash the one who knows how to do the right thing instinctively.

      • yabbed says:

        You are absolutely correct. Still, we have to speak the truth to power at every opportunity because someone may be listening.

  4. Dapper Dan says:

    Everytime I hear Trump says he needs to talk to his Generals or he’ll say my Generals say it sounds like they are his personal property. Frankly it’s quite creepy to be speaking of these soldiers more as objects than people. And then the anti Obama president again lashes out at his predecessor making false accusations that he didn’t make calls to families of fallen soldiers. It’s at times like this that we need a president with empathy and you’ll get nothing but derision from this man. Now that’s I truly call sad ????

    • Trump is in a state of profound neurosis, incapable of being a normal human being. We have a mutant in the Oval Office.

      • Dapper Dan says:

        A mutant is one way of describing this uncaring individual. I’m appalled at what he said to the widow who lost her husband in Niger. Trumps response is He Knew What He Was Signing Up For leaving the poor woman in tears. That is just plain cold ????

        • dpaano says:

          Of course, ALL soldiers are aware of what they “signed up for,” but you don’t tell that to a grieving mother, wife, or family member of a fallen soldier! They already know the consequences they must face when a family member goes into the military! They are VERY aware of the debts they may have to suffer for this decision. Trump, on the other hand, has NO knowledge of what it means to suffer when a family member is overseas and in a war that could cause him or her to lose their lives! How can he have ANY empathy when he’s never had to deal with this kind of suffering? President Obama was never in the military, but he knew what a soldier deals with because he’s been at many funerals, greeted their bodies coming home from war, and dealt with families who have suffered.

      • dpaano says:

        He’s the devil incarnate!

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    I can easily dismiss the Pig in the White House with the manners of rutting swine. You don’t expect prime rib from a hamburger joint.

    But, the very fact that Trump cannot allow a single day to pass without mentioning Obama or Hillary in a degrading way or comparing himself to Obama is a laugh.

    Not a single day passes without the name “Obama” on Lard Ass’s lips. Is he really that obsessed with Obama that he can’t get the hell on with the business he swore an oath to do?

    • plc97477 says:

      Since the “business” that the repugs want to do is screw the poor and middle class for a tax cut for the uber-wealthy I would just as soon he didn’t get on to his “business.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        You won’t get any arguments from me. I live in the state he “screwed” out of billions.

        This won’t last for one reason. There is a well known entity that has already failed more than a half dozen times since the late 1800s. Wall Street.

        The slicky boy gamers out there believe they can do now wrong when their entire MO is based on crooked, corrupt games. Gee…what could possibly go wrong when you start with dirty hands?

      • Gerry Francis says:

        Oh! Haven’t you read that they’ll ‘invest’ all that tax money they saved to create new jobs? I just can’t get my mind around that logic at all. The ONLY THING that creates jobs is demand. Give the middle class more to spend and the wealthy will profit anyway. I wonder if that jak azz with the red semi pompadour in the White House will ever go public with how much he and his corporations will save and explain exactly where he’s going to invest all those dollars to create jobs………hey, I can dream, can’t I?

        • dpaano says:

          Tax cuts didn’t work in Kansas and all the big businesses did with all the extra money they didn’t have to pay in taxes was to give it all to their shareholders and their executives….they did NOTHING to make new jobs and they will do the very same thing if he lowers their taxes! Will our GOP EVER learn from states like Kansas or Louisiana…trickle down economics does NOT work!! As you said, if the consumers don’t have money to purchase products, businesses will end up going OUT of business. How this is supposed to help the economy is beyond my layman’s mind! But, my logical side sees the problems and the consequences!

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      As someone else pointed out, much more eloquently than I:
      Obama is respected for being all the things Trump desperately wants to be but can never ever become or have.

      So… like most small-minded, psychologically stunted, hateful men… he constantly tries to demean and destroy everything Obama is, has or stands for, out of jealousy, anger and spite.

      Much like the GOP.

      …In that sense, he’s their perfect representative.

  6. As tensions rise and the enormity of Trump’s inhumanity becomes more evident, his spiritual and psychological damage brought out front and center, we are moved ever closer to the reality that Trump is in the process of digging his very own grave.

    Every day there is a story of Trump’ soul being diminished, with each citation of an attack he makes against others. The pattern of his shows a malfeasance of personality and a degree of morbidity I would hazard is unmatched across the planet and beyond remedying. We’re dealing with a chronologically adult male who never emerged from childhood.

    All these signs exhibited by one as stricken as Donald should help eliminate the blindness afflicting an ideologically hamstrung Conservative Congress and the throngs of similarly blinded Trump supporters. Or maybe Trump supporters and Congress are still unconvinced there is a problem.

    Maybe all of Trump’s unraveling, Congressional amorality, moral unmooring of Putin and his coterie, China’s aggressive nationalism and demonic expansionist dreams and paranoia, Kurdish/Catalan upheavals, wide-spread predatory sex proclivities, etc., are simply a way of stimulating us to think more deeply and with urgensy at what the root causes are leading to events we see daily.

    • dpaano says:

      Plus the fact that he endorses something one day and then, the next day, says he didn’t endorse it. This makes for a VERY confused group of senators and congressmen and women! How can they EVER get a job done if they can’t figure out from one minute to the next what this idiot wants them to do! I certainly don’t envy them their jobs, and I’m sure many of them whose term is up are glad they don’t have to deal with this after 2018!

  7. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The thing that really fries my brain is Lard Ass’s attempts to duke it out with McCain. So, McCain criticizes Trump who has criticized Obama every day and Trump says he plans to get even and “it won’t be pretty?”

    And just what in the blue frig does Trump plan to do to McCain? That’s like a dirtball trying to pretend to launder its own panties.

    • A coward like Trump likes to blow hot air about what may happen, but will turn tail and run at the slightest sign of resistance and hide behind his Twitter account.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Over the last four decades, Trump without realizing it, has certain predictable body movements that read like Mein Kampf. Watch him the next time he is getting the spotlight. Focus on how many times in less than 10 seconds he blinks his eyes. That’s when he is lying like a dead dog.

        Then, observe his posture when he is among men he knows are more powerful. His shoulders are stiff and his head protrudes forward. That’s to show them “I am the MOST powerful.”

        When he sits at a conference table for meetings with Oval Office photo ops, watch the forward lean and jutting jaw. He’s about to skank and double talk.

        When he walks to Air Force One, with or without Melania, his gait is more like than of a horse with a leg wound. That’s his most prevalent sign of his insecurity.

        These are those little things a lot of people miss. The only reason I don’t is because I was a trained, professional dance educator for whom every tiny body movement of students is microscope.

      • dpaano says:

        Yeah, I want to see the so-called “proof” that he has about the phone call to Mrs. Johnson. Unfortunately for him, too many people were there and heard the conversation….it wasn’t JUST the senator!

    • Beethoven says:

      I disagree with a lot of the positions McCain has supported and endorsed as a senator and as a presidential candidate, and would never have voted for him. But on the other hand, I believe McCain has held his positions because he genuinely believes, however wrongly, that his positions are in the best interests of the United States. Trump, on the other hand, as well as most of the Republicans now in office, hold their opinions because they believe those positions are in the best interests of themselves and/or their narrow class of people, and couldn’t care less about whether those positions are in the best interest of the United States or its citizens in general.

    • dpaano says:

      Trump seems to think that he can do anything he wants, but he’ll have to learn the hard way! McCain is more of a man than Trump will EVER be, and I respect him for standing up to this POS! I don’t like the fact that he’s a Republican, but I respect his actions in speaking up against this idiot!

  8. Scott Phillips says:

    “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow.”
    Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inaugural Address, 1865

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Lincoln is rolling in his grave along with all other deceased presidents. It is well known that even Robert E. Lee gave honor to Union soldiers killed in battle along with his own Confederates.

      Trump is a low life bum. He has no morals, no ethics, no principles, no values that don’t begin and end with the word, “TRUMP.”

  9. Discounting all the other evidence for now re: Trump’s clearly manifest mental aberration, this personality battle being waged in Trump’s tiny mind with the legacy of Obama, and all things even remotely associated with President Obama, is enough to have Trump committed to an Institution for observation.
    For Donald to go on a n immoral one-man jihadi-like attack on one individual takes Donald totally into his own personal realm of insanity and jealousy. As though a rare form of Impotence-complex has seized Donald’s already tormented mind.

    Not unrelated is the derangement seen in Rupert Murdoch and Ailes, then moving on to inflict the other FOX staff, having afflicted Putin, Alex Jones, Nigel Farrage, Bannon, and the Alt-Right.

    These and others are being especially hard-hit by virtue of abusing the concept of Free Will, debasing the Intellect, and withdrawing into a shell of fear called Isolationalist Nationalism/Racialism.

    • dpaano says:

      But, Richard, until some of his cabinet members, etc. get the balls to confront him….nothing will change. Why did General Kelly not confront him about using his son’s death as an excuse for his blatant disrespect for a fallen soldier and his family? If a high-ranking general can’t confront him and stop him…..who can? Seems none of his cabinet members or congressmen or women have the balls either! We need to get some people in Congress that WILL do their job and WILL make sure the president follows the Constitution that he swore to uphold and has done everything possible to go against it!

  10. says:

    DUMP 45 talks about drugs and a wall and all his deranged pee for brains mind on what he thinks will fix these things . so what dose DUMPSTER DONNY do ? he hirers a CZAR to run the drug company’s in the country for a control mode of drugs being used and made in the USA that are killing more people in the country then what the wall would stop . the wall would just make the drugs stop from Mexico but will do nothing for the drugs being made in the USA that are in them self are killing more people . is it DUMPSTER DONNY’s pee for brains thinking to stop the drug from Mexico from coming in that might be killing the USA people . And you rather want to let it just be the company of the USA that makes the drugs be the only drugs that should be aloud to kill the American people ? when you put what you want to be over looking the drugs the person works or did work for the Drug company’s . the guy that was making sure that nothing was getting in the way of making the drugs that are killing so many American people . So DUMP 45 you rather if anyone is going to die from drugs in the USA that you rather the drugs that are killing should be made in the USA instead of the drugs that kill American’s to be coming from Mexico ?

  11. says:

    DUMP 45 you talk about pres. Obama calling and contacting fallen soldiers family’s if and how many he did . seem to me the cold heartless way you get in touch with the fallen soldiers family members and what you say causes more heart pain and you should shut your big MORON mouth . how can you talk anything about any type of serves serving of the USA (ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT DEFENDING THE USA ) when you yourself are just A 5 TIME DRAFT DODGING COWARD that’s as you might put it IS SICK you have the grains of sand to say John McCain isn’t a WAR HERO again SICK DUMPSTER DONNY .

  12. says:

    DUMPSTER DONNY is starting more of his clown show bullying type of fight now with a fallen soldier’s widow & a congress women calling them both not in so many words LIARS would been easier and less heart breaking if the POS just said nothing to them . insulting also not even knowing the name of the fallen soldiersor his widow wife . and you have a SICK SAD way of being the president your respect of fallen soldiers and their family’s while the body it taken back to the USA you are on the golf course SICK & WEVY SAD getting the DUMP 45 POS to being nice and having any kind of compassion is like getting blood out of a stone . say nothing DUMP 45 that the best thing you can do for the FALLIN SOLDIERS & THEIR FAMILY’S . don’t say anything for every time you open your big blow hard mouth just BULLSHIfT comes out .with today all the things that need attention and world wide also in the USA things that has to be addressed and should be addressed he DUMP 45 CLOWN seems to stay away from . im sure as the DUMP 45 POS thinks now a great achievement for the country above all else would be having the NFL to not taking a knee for the respecting the black people being murdered by racist white cops . and if thy stop respecting the fallen black men that to the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW will be his most important achievement

  13. says:

    ill say one thing about you DUMP 45 you do have the MORALS OF A MORON .. The president of the USA is said to be the most powerful person in the world . But you DUMPSTER FULL OF IT DONNY and the saddest clown in the world yes DUMP 45 you are the most child minded MORON in the world today . the world is laughing at the USA because of just you .SAD AND SICK when one DUMPSTER FULL OF IT can make one country look so bad . heck its sick that the USA after you are out of the house (cant happen too soon yesterday would be great ) but when your out its how long will it take the USA to build back up the rest of the worlds respect for the USA as a country ? (IF EVER ABLE TOO ) ///

  14. “DONALD IN THE DYSTOPIAN WORLD OF FALSEHOODS AND HUMAN DISTORTION” might be an apt sub- title for the thoughts below, starting with the

    I’ve started reading a book by Jerry Mander, entitled “Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television”. This is not primarily about the corrupting influences of partisan politics, but complements some other recent books highlighting the damage being done from the various forms of media—TV just happens to be a main culprit.

    The last 3 paragraphs on the last page of chapter 3(pg 68) seem in a nutshell to encompass the FOX/Trump/Alt-Right dysfunction ravaging the minds nowadays. I’ll just
    give the first of the 3.

    It reads like this:
    “Living within artificial, reconstructed, arbitrary environments that are strictly the products of human conception, we have no way to be sure that we know what is true and what is not. We have lost context and perspective. What we know is what other humans tell us.”
    Now, to me, I see several angles in this passage: The effects Facebook, Twitter, the Smartphone(which I have), and the like can have on users who don’t use restraint to influence negatively; the importance being careful and critical in our thinking; the necessity of “independent” investigation in order to determine the merits of what someone offers as the “truth”; and how we should approach the Writings of Baha’u’llah, of the Qur’an, the Bible, and all the other Texts/Traditions from the other Messengers.
    Considering the latter category of “sources” for information, we might want to raise the question—“Were they ordinary humans, or simply in the guise of corporeal beings for the purpose of bridging the higher realms of abstraction, from whence derive Spiritual insights, with the contingent world we mortals have to inhabit on the first leg of our existence. But rather than get too deep in transcendental matters, let me keep it down to earth.

    Trump is clearly in a world with a twisted reality; he relies on FOX and hearsay from disreputable sources in order to define a “reality” in which he alone inhabits; not having any clear Standard of right and wrong, he repeatedly makes the mistake of confusing the two; he has an atavistic fear of looking like an ass, and compounds the likelihood of doing so by using his distorted world-view that convinces him that he and his “sources” are correct, and all others are “Fake”. People like Putin and Bannon, the Alt_Right refugees from the realm of Certainty and Common-Sense are in the same murky Salvador Dali-like fairyland existence as Donald, having all sought refuge in a world of Falsehoods of every sort imaginable.

    • Beethoven says:

      I can’t agree that the various forms of media, and especially TV, are to blame for all this madness and idiocy. As a child and teenager, I watched a lot of TV, including gospel music programs and professional wrestling, and I have had a computer in the home for over 30 years now, and have spent quite a bit of time on the Internet. But I also have a Master’s degree in philosophy and was in the top of my class in law school, and have learned to use logical reasoning, not simply blind following of the latest fads. I think the root of the problem is that people believe what they want to believe, regardless of the evidence glaring in their faces, and they gravitate to the media that support their beliefs and ignore or rebel against any sources of information that don’t support their beliefs. It is too easy and intellectually undemanding to simply stick with what they have learned to believe from early childhood, and never allow that to be challenged by any new information.

      • My point is not that any form of media is the single cause of the break-down of society. I too watched a lot of TV, but as I entered adulthood, started a family, engaged in athletic activity, started traveling and engaging people in conversation, I had to cut back drastically to make time.
        If you read “Alone Together: Why we expect more from Technology”, by Sherry Turkel, her dozens of interviews with students show an alarming inability of youth to have face-to-face conversations, and a heavy use of “Confession” sites to see if anyone in the internet world will listen to their pleas for help. Since many of their parents are also busy with their devices, these youth feel neglected.
        They—and adults—find it easier and “less demanding” to text rather than to talk on the phone. In their words, talking is awkward, you can’t get your thoughts together the way you want to; but Texting allows for easier composition of thought. They also say that it’s easier for many of them to say “I’m sorry” with a text, rather than saying it vocally to an offended person’s face.

        Now, to me that shows that something is terribly amiss, wouldn’t you say?

        Also, with my Smartphone, I’m hesitant to get too immersed in its use, because already I can feel the hint of allure to want to keep up a conversation with this family I know in Oman, I feel a twinge of guilt if I miss a day without texting them. Before, when I was just into email to contact them, I felt less of a duty to keep the string of conversation going than with the smartphone.

        • dpaano says:

          I so agree with you, Aaron, as usual! I don’t get involved with any of the personal sites; i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc. because I haven’t got the time for trivial BS, but I know many who do. I sometimes get castigated by my relatives because they put pictures of the children on Facebook and don’t particular like it when I complain that I don’t have access and wish they would send them via e-mail or snail mail! I also watch TV, but I’m smart enough to know what is reality and what is only entertainment for entertainment’s sake! I dislike shows like Big Brother, Survivor, etc. because they seem to teach our children how to lie, connive, backstab, etc. rather than how to deal with people in a considerate manner! Yes, they are entertaining to watch, but some people don’t realize this is NOT the way life should be lived in the outside-of-television world! Unfortunately, so many of our citizens just don’t see the difference between entertainment and REAL reality.

        • Beethoven says:

          I have a Smartphone, which I use quite a bit for certain specific purposes: First, my wife has had severe hearing loss nearly all her life, and is unable to hear well enough to talk or listen on a phone, so when we need to communicate other than face to face, we use our phones to send each other text messages. Second, I frequently send my son text messages when I know he is at work and may not want to be interrupted by a phone call. Third, my Smartphone has been a great help because I put all my contacts (about 500 total) into its memory, and I can bring up a phone number and call a person without resorting to anything other than my phone. And finally, I use it to compile grocery shopping lists. I very rarely use my Smartphone for anything else.

          I have probably 50 or more apps on my Smartphone, but half of them I have never used except to try them out, and most of the rest I use on rare occasions. My wife uses her phone and her iPad to spend a lot of time on FaceBook, but I check my FaceBook page on average once a month, mainly when my son or my niece posts something I want to see.

          I use email to communicate with people primarily in two situations: First, I am a club secretary, and email a newsletter to all members of the club once a month. And I frequently email someone when I think a phone call might inconvenience that person, or when I’m in no hurry for a response and we don’t need a back-and-forth discussion. Otherwise, I prefer to contact the person by a phone call.

          I have been using a home computer for over 30 years, and am quite comfortable with them, but I’m old enough to remember when the only ways to communicate with someone else were face-to-face, or a phone call (and going through the operator if it was long-distance) or writing a letter or postcard.

      • dpaano says:

        I agree, Beethoven…..the problem is that if you lie to a person enough, they tend to believe you, and this is what FAUX News is ALL about…..lie after lie, and their listeners are true believers! They don’t take the time to read other media sources or to try to think for themselves or do the research…..they tend to just believe all the BS that they’re told without any thought that this is the REAL “false news” that everyone speaks about!

    • dpaano says:

      I agree that he has an “atavistic fear of looking like an ass,” but he does SUCH a GOOD job of it! Apparently, he’s so out of touch with reality that he doesn’t realize that the more he opens his big mouth, the bigger an ass he appears!

    • says:

      the DUMPSTER CLOWN thinks like Hitler if he cant take over every thing then he would rather end every thing . his mind isn’t crazy or insane its just the lowest form of hate and evil . he knows all he dose and means it just the way he dose it

  15. Since Trump lacks the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, lacks the ability to be kind and thoughtful, has no sense of empathy except for himself, we can attribute this to poor parenting. One can only guess at the effects of having a grandfather who fled his native Germany and entered America illegally, to avoid being brought before German officials why he avoided military duty, and having a father who was at least a part-time Klansman/sympathizer, and a mom who never understood the duties of the mother and the sacred responsibility of being Donald’s first educator.

    But Donald had a responsibility once he reached “maturity” to add to a bleak personal landscape what his parents failed to equip him with. He has failed miserably in fulfilling that duty. I put maturity in quotes, because Donald obviously has never achieved maturity in the true and lasting sense, except in the size of his feet and having the ability to procreate.

    • dpaano says:

      His ability to procreate, as you put it, should make legal abortions all that more valid! We don’t need any more over-privileged, lying, immature, etc. in this world…we have enough in the GOP as it is!

      • says:

        DUMP 45 is an abortion that lived

      • says:

        that’s the saddest part of it all now all the gang of pinheads =GOP know this clown is a disaster and none want to push the 25 amendment button to save what he will destroy . its their BULLSHIfT GOP party over country . why cant the people of the country see this common sense thing ???????????

  16. Thoughtopsy says:

    Apparently there’s no bottom to the Trump barrel.

    … and no hypocrisy so large in that the right wing can’t just ignore it.

    Obama: Saluting with a coffee cup = Weeks of screaming.

    Trump: Sh!tting on Gold Star families, and implying past Presidents including Bush didn’t call deceased soldiers’ families AND making it all about himself instead of the dead = F**king NOTHING.

    Hear that FOX? You sad, lying, hypocritical sacks of selectively-outraged human excrement.

  17. Cangal says:

    I will always remember the sight of a distraught President Barack Obama waiting in the dark as the flag-draped coffins of the fallen were returned home to the base. He was alone. His was the caring vigil. How I miss that man, that president. God Bless him!

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      Indeed. :-/

    • says:

      dont know if he would run . but there should be a block on the next election k if you feel a president should be able to serve more then 2 terms again . . and yes the MORON DUMPER DONNY will think that a call for him to serve more then 2 terms THE OVER INFLATTED EGO CLOWN . I still think there should be a DUNNY DUMP day paid holiday the day that anal cavity POS dies the world should and im sure would party ! with or with out the paid holiday it cant come soon enough JFK CIA help save the USA & the world SOON SOONER THE BETTER . yesterday would been great !!

  18. Jamie Clanton says:

    billie woods, lafayette mom latonya made 104140 with

  19. says:

    as it is every day the country and the world are shocked and ask how low can that MORON DUMPSTER DONNY full of chit go ? the answer is every day the low the MORON go’s is just him setting the new bar for the low .then he has a place below the his last low to go . its said the scum at the bottom of a barrel . the POS DUMPSTER DONNY is beneath the scum in the bottom of the barrel . its his home sweet home

  20. dpaano says:

    First of all, General Kelly is such a sycophant in that he doesn’t even have the balls to stand up to the president and tell him to lay off his son’s death! That’s pretty pitiful for a high ranking general! As a veteran, I certainly wouldn’t follow him into battle if he can’t even stand up for himself!
    Secondly, to try to put the blame for his lack of action on past presidents (when he didn’t even KNOW what they did or didn’t do) was another of Trump’s usual attempts of taking the blame off of himself! He NEVER takes the blame and always puts it on a scapegoat! And the ridiculous thing about it is that they allow him to “use” them to cover his lies!
    Thirdly, to castigate a senator because she heard his conversation with Sgt. Johnson’s wife is ridiculous. The call was on speakerphone… could she NOT hear it, along with other members of the family who were also there and also heard the president’s comments? There’s nothing “confidential” about a phone call between a citizen and the president….she had every right to have the call on speakerphone for all to hear! It was HIS fault for not understanding this and acting accordingly….you know, like a president SHOULD act! This man is so disgusting, and he gets worse and worse on a daily basis!
    Additionally, I want to know WHY these soldiers were in Niger and WHY they were killed. I want to know why they asked many times for add’l support and never got it (gee, much like they tried to say about Hillary and the Benghazi fiasco). I want to know WHY no one went after the missing soldier and WHY his body had to be found by locals……what happened to “no man left behind?”
    In conclusion, is ANYONE in the Congress or the Cabinet EVER going to stand up to this lying sack of bandini? Is this how they are going to run this country… standing by a lying POS? I think we’ve given this man more than enough chances in the past 9.5 months, and I don’t see any changes forthcoming whatsoever! People who continue to stand with this man are grossly uninformed about our Constitution and what it’s all about….this man swore an oath to follow the Constitution and has done much to go against it! Someone needs to get some balls and stand up to this man and get him out of there before he totally ruins this country (more than he’s already done)!

    • says:

      DUMP 45 now and until he gets his screwing he deserves from Mueller , he will keep trying to throw every what is going on with him and his Russian B/F hacker PUTTHEAD . and DUMP 45 had a game plan from the start all this is for his UN reality tv show he want to do . but im thinking he will reserve a 9mm cap before any of his wet dreams comes true . one and many can pray it comes sooner then later the sooner the better less DUMP 45 destruction and damage

    • dbtheonly says:


      Permit me to remind you that Kelly is a Republican. He doesn’t contradict Trump because he believes in Trump and what Trump stands for and wishes to accomplish.

      So also with the other Republicans. In vain do you wait for them to see through Trump. They see him for what he is. As he is he still helps achieve the Republican agenda.

      The solution is in each and every election. Virginia and New Jersey in a few weeks. The State Legislatures, yes, I suspect I bore with my insistence on their primacy, but only by putting Democratic majorities into the State Houses can the blatant gerrymandering be undone. Only by undoing the gerrymandering can the House be recovered.

      It’s Congresswoman Wilson.

  21. says:

    .as gen. Kelly is disgusted of how his sons that been thrown into all this BULLSHIfT . well Gen. Kelly you have your pal DUMP45 to thank for that . for he is the one that did that to you and your son . seems that DUMP 45 wrote Kelly’s statement calling the congress women an empty barrel . more racist seems to grow with this house then ever before it grows like a cancer with this DUMPSTER DONNY in the house . the house is filled with brain washed and brain dead CULT like idiots and as that cancer grows .KEMO THE WHOLE HOUSE FULL OF CULT STAFFERS . one would have to ask could a NUKE bomb even be enough to destroy all the evil that is in the white house ?DUMP 45 has turned the house into a white supremacists & white nationalists racist house of evil hatred . its the nasty cancer growing out of control

  22. says:

    Kelly lied when he said women were honored where and when he grow up . Kelly grew up here in Ma. so Kelly you still showing how you honor women by calling a black women a empty barrel ? KELLY YOU ARE A RACIST PIG ! don’t try to bull one that ive lived here all my life . you are as much as a white supremacists and white nationalists as thy come for thy didn’t honor women here then as for being of color forget any type of respect . your honor you talk about is men getting drunk and going home and beating up and raping their wife’s when ever thy wanted to honor ? ( same as DUMPSTER DONNY DID AND IM SURE STILL DOSE TO THIS DAY ) when the women would go to their church and priest thy would tell the women that thy don’t want to get a divorce that it would be bad for thy family and the children and thy should just bear with it its the best for every one involved . that’s the type of honor there was for women where you grew up . seems Kelly your learning for the king of pathological liar ! DUMP 45 ! then you really throw the crap at the fan when you said the COWARD WOMEN BEATER DUMPSTER DONNY WAS brave . ARE YOU KIDDING ME how could you ever put that POS in the same in the same sentence with brave ???????? the biggest COWARD on earth . no that is VERY SICK ! all DUMPSTER DONNY IS a evil nasty CANCER that grows and infects anyone that DIRT SCUM BAG comes in contact with .

  23. says:

    dont know if he would run . but there should be a block on the next election k if you feel a president should be able to serve more then 2 terms again . . and yes the MORON DUMPER DONNY will think that a call for him to serve more then 2 terms THE OVER INFLATTED EGO CLOWN . I still think there should be a DUNNY DUMP day paid holiday the day that anal cavity POS dies the world should and im sure would party ! with or with out the paid holiday it cant come soon enough JFK CIA help save the USA & the world SOON SOONER THE BETTER . yesterday would been great

  24. says:

    as it is every day the country and the world are shocked and ask how low can that MORON DUMPSTER DONNY full of chit go ? the answer is every day the low the MORON go’s is just him setting the new bar for the low .then he has a place below the his last low to go . its said the scum at the bottom of a barrel . the POS DUMPSTER DONNY is beneath the scum in the bottom of the barrel . its his home sweet home

  25. says:

    DUMP 45 is leading the USA down the same road he has lead his 5 to 6 business’s that went bankrupt . same thing he will use his sneaky snake moves so he can make out while he buries every one else in the grave .. slowly but surely he dig the grave . at the end he will cover it up with as many as he can put in it . to him the more in the grave the happier he will be .//// . yes its his DUMPSTER DONNY move slowly but surely he will destroy anything that he comes in contact with . as for the 4 soldiers that were ambushed and were killed was his watch and one can believe his fault . by either doing or trying something stupid or just him being his MORON self

  26. says:

    . not having a clue of what it takes to be the president . to this clown its just the title the clown wants . at the end he will be blaming all his brain dead followers for all the wrong things he has done . then calling them all stupid for putting him in the white house . thy all knew his record in business and the rest of his hateful evil , racist . women beater and rapist life . thy all knew he was just a fraud , con ,scammer , thief . would rob any and all he could blind . all the brain dead knew he was a draft dodging coward . a big anal cavity filled with BULLSHIfT . it was all there never held any kind of government office in his evil life . at the end all his ILL DOINGS he is and will blame all the people that let this MORON IN THE HOUSE he will say I could not have messed up so much with out the brain dead people that gave me the white house .

  27. says:

    if a JKF CIA 9mm cap dose not save the country and the world I can see his campaign bull he will be telling Puerto Rico hey you people think about this there might be another hurricane coming there and if you want help fast I think you should vote for me . and then maybe ill get help there fast then DUMP 45 will say its still a MAYBE for im still mad at you for not voting for me the first time . but I might give you a break from my revenge if you vote for me the next time and remember its a MAYBE but still vote for me

  28. says:

    as for DUMP 45 being uninformed he wants it that way . he stays as far away from the truth as he can . as you can see he is a cancer that all he comes in contact with he infects with his deranged CHOO CHOO train of thinking . facts are Gen. Kelly being around DUMP 45 can and will turn all the good he has done in serving our country and sad but will drag it all and him deep into the DUMPSTER DONNY’s swamp SICK & SAD how DUMP 45 can con , manipulate & distract one to thinking thy should become a pathological liar like he is would be the best way for them to go . its the DUMP 45’s way to degrade all the stars a Gen. had earn . seem DUMP 45’s goal now is to try to flush the stars in his swamp bowl SO SICK AND SAD . there is no low for DUMP 45 for his last low is always just the setting point for his next new low . ,,
    as for free speech its the reason DUMP 45 can blast all his lying BULLSHIfT ,,

  29. says:

    / here’s the thing when ever the media questions anything that has been said and done it shows the pathological liar DUMP 45 has made and that gets the DUMPSTER so mad where the saying THE TRUTH HURTS comes from ? im sure was meant for DUMP 45 . he never wants anyone to question him for he knows he only lies . (and if one dosent question the DUMP 45 lies then he can say you knew I lied and you didn’t question me on my lies ) the more the media tells the truth the DUMP 45 hates so much the madder he gets .. in the DUMP45 pee for brains mind he wants the world to be the big lie . that would put the DUMP45 home and happy

  30. says:

    DUMP 45 diversion’s and distractions all the time is just the clown trying to take all away from the BULLSHIfTING truth of all his Russia ties that he had planed for a few years to steal the white house .. always shooting at stars (even now Gen. stars these days ) doing and saying any and every thing he can to take away from him doing the job he should be doing in the white house . he is turning the USA into a big joke of a soap opera (AS THE WORLDS STOMACH TURNS FROM THE USA & its PRESIDENT )

  31. says:

    as for N-Korea there’s is only one thing the USA can do and it would be best if the clown in the white house did it . and stop his child minded clown show BULL . thy have to be ignored as hard as it is it still should and has to be done this way . see the Fat Dough-boy problem child has the same addict addiction DUMP 45 has their junky fix is ATTENTION ! for the DUMP 45 clown to be giving the dough boy all this attention is stupid . yes the fat kid can do a lot of damage if he chooses to do so . BUT IF THE DUMP 45 dose anything first there are good chances that we could lose allies . if DUMPSTER DONNY strikes first China will more then likely take fat-boy’s side yes its very hard for one to have to stand still and do nothing but its all one can do . anything else would bring trouble from others the USA dose not need what North Korea dose is not a USA thing its a U.N. & a world thing . one has to know its the U.N. and not the USA that would be a worlds police

  32. says:

    thinking what DUMP 45 watches for his news hey DUMP 45 all your rapist and women abusers brothers are out of FOX News now you don’t have to keep watch that BEVUS & BUTTHEAD news show anymore . yes DUMP 45 you need then to compare them so you can call all others FAKE NEWS you no the ones that tell the truth about you . DUMP 45 I wouldn’t be surprised if he try’s to starts a new club and con $1 million membership fee to join with all the members being rapist ,women beater, women abuser , assaulter , gropers , anything nasty thy do to women will get them in to the DUMPSTER DONNY NASTY TO WOMEN CLUB !!

  33. says:

    what is it with the WH saying its inappropriate to question or debate a 5 star general when what he says is a lie ? DUMP 45 feels he learned how to lie from his so its ok that he lies and as he feels the same way about when he lies that no one can question his to get out the truth he so much hates

  34. says:

    . as for Mrs. DUMP 45 dose anyone wonder why she always seems to have these BIG sunglasses on even on all cloudy days ? could she be hiding maybe black eyes that COWARD DUMPSTER DONNY GAVE HER because he was mad ? and if thy are black eyes from him one can be sure the coward rapes her after beating her . this is only referring to his pass Documented history of DUMPSTER DONNY full of BULL

  35. says:

    . as for DUMP 45 AG Sessions this clown seem pretty stupid for a guy to be holding such a high position in the government always saying I don’t recall I don’t know . im not sure !! . he closer to not having a clue . he has it going for him when he says if you say so then ill agree . a grade school kid could do a better job at his spot in the government . he is just a foolish puppet for the MORON !

  36. says:

    nice job dump 45 and good for you GEN. .Kelly for letting DUMP 45 drag you down into the swamp to make you one of him .again no matter how long you have served and what you have done in the service of the country it all can be erased too fast all the good you have done very fast can be gone in the minds of American’s might stay in ones mind but will lose a lot of respect for you Mr. Kelly //// with being in the company of the MORON DUMP 45 . you’re a fool to say you think its disgusting that the congress women was listening in on the conversation with the gold star widow . first off it was the gold star widow that aloud the congress women to listen in . what is truly disgusting is your being a hypocrite first for you was listening in on the conversation . the widow did not give you permission to . and if you say DUMP 45 let you something stupid like that . IT WASNT DUMP 45 PLACE TO GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LISTEN IN ON THE COMVERSATION in the first place that right is the GOLD STAR WIDOWS and no one else .

  37. says:

    seems every time DUMPSTER DONNY talks his BULLSHIfT he is trying to sell you snake oil . he talks Speeches or just every time he opens his big mouth blow hole its always the same thing . he thinks every one is as stupid as his CULT, KLAN, brain dead followers & staff . you can see in the MORONS pee for brains mind that he just pushes his BULL so much and so hard thinking if he dose that then you will soon believe his BULLSHIfT . he is such a FOOL .. what the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN is doing is wanting all who hear and see him believe him . right in front of all eyes he lies and then want you to believe his BULL being the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR he is he thinks he is good at it . he isn’t for only the brain dead stupid and his CLUT AND CLAN might believe him

  38. says:

    ill tell you Gen. Kelly im sure you are embarrassing all the STAR GENERAL’S with what your doing these days with the clown show star DUMP 45 . how can people soldiers troops feel good to think if I serve long enough I could be a KELLY GENERAL ? that would be a call to arms that would be in COWARD DUMPSTER DONNYS ball park draft dodging so one wouldn’t turn into a disgusting KELLY CLOWN . the sad part MR Kelly is how could you let this happen to yourself if you are not losing the respect for your self with the DUMPSTER CLOWN rest assure you are losing the respect of your fellow serves men .inappropriate to debate a 4 star general when he lies ? its inappropriate for a 4 star general to be lying in the first place now see that Kelly that is disgusting & very embarrassing for all of the USA having one like you to be representing our country . know this Kelly and every one DUMP 45 is just a cancer that infests every one and thing he comes in contact with

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