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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

57 Responses to Trump Will Speak At A ‘Hate Group’ Event

    • Not me. The only question I have is whether or not our Racist In Chief will wear white robes and burn a few crosses.

      • This is the same move Hitler used. He stirred up as much hate as he could against Jews, mentally retarded, Catholics and the “useless” sick and elderly.

        Everything Trump is doing right now is setting this country up for a Nazi regime. That’s why his next show off act will be to yank the licenses of any TV and radio stations HE doesn’t like. Then, you’ll get his propaganda BS pros like Contwat, Huckabee Sanders and Iskanka all using those sugary tones to tell us what Herr Trump expects of all of us…hand over our tax dollars so he and his Republican Dirt Bags can fly on military and private jets and he can run down to Mar-a-Lago, and cost taxpayers every dime we earn.

        By the way? Those trips he takes to Mar-a-Lago? He charges the government $63,000 to for the Secret Service just to room there. That’s pure profit for Trump Organization. Just imagine if Obama EVER did this.

          • At least in the old days the FCC would license the rights to use certain air wave section to individual companies. This restricted overlap and bleeding as only certain waves were used in certain areas.

            The company had to establish their capacity, competence, and propriety to use those waves which were and are publicly owned.

            The broadcasters only get the rights to use them. The FCC can put whatever restrictions they choose on such use. For example they’ve reserrved the lower band of the FM wave to Public Broadcasting Stations.

            But. And this is huge. The FCC ONLY licenses individual broadcasters. There is no FCC licensing for NBC. There’s no “NBC License” for Trump to pull, even if he had the authority, which he doesn’t. NBC is a company which creates “content”, entertainment, news, sports, etc. and sends it out to the contracting broadcasting stations. It’s why you’ve got “national”, that is Network news and “local” that is Station produced news programs.

            The story of early radio and the growth of the Networks is quite an interesting story.

            But to answer your question, it would be a matter of non-renewal of any particular station’s license. There are almost certainly procedures for revoking a license, but I don’t recall an example and it was not really my field, so I’m no expert.

        • Ms. E.,

          Hitler and the Catholics got along rather well. There was a concordat in 1934 and official Catholic criticism was very muted. Hitler was a Catholic himself, as least for the record.

          If you’re looking for an argument on Republican hypocrisy, you’ll have to look elsewhere. They do, what they would condemn in a Democrat, literally every day.

          • Oh I see now..So when Hitler killed so many Catholic Poles, it was because they were white and Polish? Not because he had the papacy he considered a huge threat to his power?

            Hitler was according to all records, not a Catholic. His mother was an Austrian Jewess which according to Judaism means he was a Jew. Klara Pozl had several Jewish ancestors, a fact Hitler didn’t want revealed.

            His maternal grandfather also had Jewish heritage as history books tell us.

          • I’m going to need a cite on Hitler’s Jewishness. I find it hard to accept for three reasons. 1. Hitler’s psyche, however warped, would have had troubles with the disconnect.. 2. Hitler’s acceptance by other anti-Semites. 3. The lack of Allied propaganda on the issue.

            Citing Shirer among others, Hitler’s father was a Catholic. Hitler received the typical Catholic upbringing of the time. At the Sportpaltz speech in 1/33 Hitler complained that the Catholic Bishops weren’t allowing Nazi Leaders “to take the sacrament”. He made it sound personal. By the Reich Concordant of 1933, the Catholic Church abolished Catholic Political Parties in Germany, allowed Catholics to join and lead the NSDAP, established that canon law was the basis of law in the Reich, and claimed a large hand in education.

            Nazis exterminated the Poles not because they were Catholic, but, by Nazi ideology, they were subhuman Slavs. Practically, the Poles were exterminated because their land was part of the Lebensraum and needed to be cleared for Aryan settlers. Ukraine faced the same problem.

    • Not surprised so much as disappointed. Regrettably our worst fears about trump are coming true. Since Congress wouldn’t repeal Obamacare like a rotten child he’s now dismantling the program leaving millions of Americans with serious preexisting conditions once more threatened with having little or no healthcare. This is his version of Making America Great Again

  1. No wonder the majority say Trump is not fit to be president. The position he holds doesn’t allow him to hate even a single person he is leading. What kind of a president this man is?

      • Prediction? Kelly will be next to go. If Kelly goes, you know Mattis and Tillerson won’t stay. Right now, the military is running the White House. This is what a Republican election rigging has brought this country down to.

        At least, Mattis and Kelly are able to dish out what Lard Ass does. They are far more accustomed to giving orders from their military experience. Trump is an old dirty pig.

        Do you see him eying that blonde who was just appointed to NSA yesterday? He looked as if he couldn’t wait to stick his hand up her skirt.

          • Dom, One of the reasons Tillerson now realizes what a lowlife bum Trump is, is because of Trump’s leering at women, screaming at men who are infinitely more intelligent and then when he doesn’t get his way, he acts like a big baby and pulls his angry Tweet Storms.

            Does that moron really think we are afraid of him? My only fear is what I’d do to him should be EVER be face to face.

            Trump is a bum. He has always been a bum. If he wasn’t trying to prove how succesful he is in rigging real estate deals, he’d probably be one of the crudest, lewdest porno film stars ever.

          • We could use the Italian way of saying a person is disgusting beyond words and spit in front of him. Or we could use the Muslim way and throw a shoe at him.

      • I have never met an animal as dangerous as trump. Even the grizzly bears and the moose are not trying to start a nuclear war. He is total scum. He is amoral. He is sociopathic.

    • You’re just whining because the SPLC spanked the KKK. Yah right, civil rights advocacy group must be a bunch of communists.

      • He lies about everything. He is just like Trump. Trump calls the US’s top media “fake” and then panders to a rag like the National Enquirer he reads faithfully every week. That’s the idiot rag that has front page covers loaded with aliens from the Planet Venus landing on earth.

        Not to worry. We always give the Republicans just what they ask for…and now we will do precisely what GrinchGingrich and his Libertarian dirtbags have been after for year…making states pay for all of our states’ needs. But, that means we won’t pay any federal taxes.

        If we are the ones supporting OUR states, let’s see how well those Republican states support theirs without OUR federal tax dole outs.

    • Lies, lies, lies, lies, hate, hate, hate, hate. Anti government, MY WAY or the HIGHWAY? You boys aren’t too smart.

      Do you really think the Dem states won’t cut OFF ALL federal tax revenues and let you monstrosities of Trump sink in your slimeball swamp?

      Why the hell would we PAY ANY federal taxes when our Dem states are ramrodded by your hate machine regime?

      So, you know what? A lot of us figure, “Why the hell pay ANY federal taxes. We’ll just keep all those federal dollars right in our own DEM states. Since we got a lousy 55 cents for the federal tax $1 we pay and the hater boys of the GOP get $1.35 up to Alaska’s $1.87, why not say “to hell with these cheater bastards? Why not just keep all of our SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the rest of what we pay for in OUR states? Why the hell should WE hand over 65% of every dollar we earn to CONmen haters?”

      Oh how I will love watching your asses work yourselves to death. States’ rights buddy boy. Eat your heart out.

      We’ll keep our environmental regs, our healthcare industries, our solar energy industries and let you pigs of the right die off by killing yourselves while you keep warm with coal furnaces in winter and sweat in summer.

      States’ rights…Or how the Dem Party got even with the hater boys.

        • Try again hot shot. Copy and paste is all you and your Russian trolls know.

          How about we deport your asses back to Slovenia so you can find a few of Trump’s favorite brothels where he found Melania?

        • All 25 states WalletlHub found to be the most broke with the most people living on the verge of bankruptcy are all GOP-run states LOWLIFE!!

          And it’s 14 Dem states that are the only states that get less than .96 cents back on the dollar of taxes they pay which are actually keeping America running!!

          And all 10 states that Gallup-Healtways found are the most miserable to live in with the worst quality of life are GOP-run states.

          And people in Dem-run states live 2-6 year longer lives than people in the hell-holes called Red States!!!

          And all 15 states that NBC news found in 2016 that were the hardest states to find a job were likewise – GOP-run states!!

          And 29 of the 31 states where people have the least money to spend on personal consumption (like shopping in Walmart) are GOP-run states. And Texas, with the 2nd highest GDP in the nation, is 16th in that list of states where people struggle to get from payday to payday.

          • Well, Eleanor may have been thinking of New Jersey when she posted that: in 2015 NJ got back 48 cents/dollar of taxes sent to Washington.

            But it’s not splitting hairs over which states got how much, what’s the key factor is that all 10 of the states who get BY FAR the most aid/$ of taxes are red states, while all 10 who get the least are blue states.


            Note that all 10 of the most federal aid bleeding red states have been run by GOP governors and legislators for more than 8 years.

            That’s what’s important in this debate.

          • She referenced New York so I, for some odd reason, thought she meant New York.

            Your Map plainly says “Non-Payers by State” (percentage of filers with no liability, 2008) which means the number of non-tax-payers is not the same as the amount received “back” from the federal government . . . but, could be close to realistic.

            “Red” States normally have lower incomes, not by choice, of course!.

            Income earned and taxes paid are directly relational.

          • Pure hogwash – almost every bit of it a flat out lie. Red states have lower incomes BY DESIGN!!! Which is why Republicans constantly vote against increasing the min wage or having no min wage; and why they pass almost universally right-to-pay-you-less laws. Workers in GOP-run states earn 18-23% less than those in Dem states for doing the same jobs. KEEP ON A LYING!!! And the taxes paid by red states doesn’t even compare to blue states.

          • You may have a point there . . . . But luckily we live in the United States so folks can live wherever their skills and ambitions allow them to.

        • And oh! by the way, are you even remotely aware that it’s the folks who voted Trump into office who will suffer the most by Trump’s latest actions on trying to trash Obamacare?? Trump suspended the premium payments for low income people – and it’s GOP-run states that have BY FAR the most low income people in America!!

          You’re supporting a guy who’s actually damaging the lives of the people who helped vote him into office; just like the GOP legislators in Congress do; harm their constituents the most!!!! Isn’t that just great??? Aren’t you thrilled that GOP supporters’ lives are being trashed!!

          • But, most of his voters Don’t realize that the ACA is the same as Obamacare…they think they will still be covered by the ACA if Obama care is repealed. That’s how they’ve been brainwashed by FAUX News@

  2. You know the real reason Republicans, especially those in the House, won’t admit Trump is unfit to be president? They are the ones who benefitted most from Putin’s handouts for the 2016 election.

    If you heard that wuss Lyin Ryan taking Trump’s side against one of his own Republican Senators, you know Ryan is trying to cover up what these GOP election riggers did.

    As for Trump and hate, he was born a hateful brat. Mommy Mary Ann had 4 other children and only showered attention on her Donny who fought his siblings like hell for Numero Uno with Mommy.

    He fools no one. He hates Tillerson, Sessions, Kelly and Mattis because they won’t allow the “poor baby” Donny boy to make all the rules for this country whether or not they violate the Constitution.

    He has NEVER even read the Constitution. The fact that he thinks he can sign any executive order without Congressional consent and discussion proves his main objective is to be like Putin…the ONLY MOUTH that speaks.

  3. What is more frightening than what this racist pig crook is doing is that so many people support him. This is all going to end very badly.

  4. When I was taking Teacher Ed. courses in the 1970s, we were doing Values Clarification. I find it disgusting that “values voters” are adhering to “values” that are so opposed to those we should be teaching our children in school, values that are based upon the teachings of Christ in which ALL men are equal and people have value. I do not know what kind of families make themselves available to the Family Research Council for what purposes of research, but I DO know they are NOT Christian. And our “president” is visually and ideologically aligning himself with them.

    • Trump is not Christian either. Never has been. His cult followers are fake-Christians opposed to everything for which Jesus stood.

  5. America’s values first. I thought America’s values were to embrace all people and all religions and all beliefs. Freedoms for all to coexist. Not for any one group to have ascendency over the others. Not for hate and suppression by white xenophobe supremacist sexists.
    Aside from all that, that no President has ever spoken before this type of meeting except for him, I have to wonder just what might happen since Bannon has been out to “get him” after leaving the WH staff.

  6. There was a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in early 1939. Amazing visual. Massive portrait of George Washington in the middle flanked by swastikas. The speaker at the podium addressed the audience as “patriots,” the values voters of that era. The Atlantic web site has the film clip.

    Could have been worse, I guess. The massive portrait could have been Jesus.

  7. Our president speaking provides validation to such groups that promote hate, fear and distrust of our fellow citizens. Anyone still believe Trump is not a white supremacist?

  8. “Values Summit”—-What a strange euphemism, and one which the Right Wing elements have spent decades crafting to the point of having a summit.
    If we just look at the summit chumps lined up to speak, we see in their descriptions NOTHING of value that would be considered as such by Jesus, Muhammad, Baha’u’llah, and all of the other Messengers sent by God.

    Which would lead us to conclude that this summit is really about the promotion of an Anti-Christian list of perverse attributes, clothed in false garments of “Faux Religious Sentiments”.

    There is no reason to equivocate on the satanic vices which motivate such a gathering to exist in the first place, and it’s fitting that Donald would seek out such kindred satanic souls.

    • Rub your thumb and fingers together rapidly while making a wild-eyed expression to indicate greed. That is the “value” these hypocrites demonstrate. One of the 7 deadly sins.

  9. Some references from talks by a Central Figure of the Baha’i Faith—-Abdu’l Baha—offer perspectives of the negative impulses flying around America and elsewhere.
    You may find these insightful and motivators for engaging friends and neighbors.

    “Just as the earth attracts everything to the centre of gravity and every object thrown upward into space will come down; so also material ideas and worldly thoughts attract man to the centre of self. Anger, passion, ignorance, prejudice, greed, envy, covetousness, jealousy and suspicion prevent man from ascending to the Realms of Holiness, imprisoning him in the claws of self and the jail of egotism. The physical man, unassisted by divine power, trying to escape from one of these invisible enemies, will fall unconsciously into the hands of another. No sooner does he attempt to soar upward than the density of the love of self, like the power of gravity, draws him to the earth. But the only power that is capable of delivering man from this captivity, is the power of the breaths of the Holy Spirit”. – Abdu’l-Baha, Star of the West, Volume 6, pp. 126-127.

    “The negative qualities Abdu’l-Baha mentions here imprison us in the “claws of self and the jail of egotism.” Captive to those qualities, the “density of the love of self” prevents us from soaring into the spiritual realms of life. Only a powerful spiritual force can free us:

    As long as man is a captive of habit, pursuing the dictates of self and desire, he is vanquished and defeated. This passionate personal ego takes the reins from his hands, crowds out the qualities of the divine ego and changes him into an animal, a creature unable to judge good from evil, or to distinguish light from darkness. He becomes blind to divine attributes, for this acquired individuality, the result of an evil routine of thought becomes the dominant note of his life.

    May all of you be freed from these dangers and delivered from the world of desires that you may enter into the realm of light and become divine, radiant, merciful, Godlike”. – Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 133.

    Might these words and insights from the Baha’i Writings describe the troubling promptings of Trump, Bannon, FOX, Weinstein, the deceased Las Vegas murderer, Putin and his troll creatures, etc. ??

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