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Monday, December 11, 2017

8 Responses to Trump “Wiretap” Claim Is False: Department Of Justice

  1. Trump has a habit of throwing things up in the air to see if anything sticks.
    To my knowledge, no president has the power to, on his own to bug someone, anyone without the benefit of a court order.
    Within that court order, there has to be probable cause for a judge to grant it.
    Perhaps Trump was feeling out what he felt he could get away with as president.
    Just like he when he sought to find out if Comey was wired, he was more on a fishing expedition when he said Comey had better hope their conversation wasn’t being taped.
    Trump is a third rate con artist, who I hope soon will get caught up in his own bag of ‘tricks’.

    • If, by throwing things in the air, you mean making stuff up, I’m with you.

      Also disagree about Trump being a 3rd. rate con artist. He’s a 1st. rate con artist. He’s lived for years off of bluster, grifting, litigation, and contacts.

      • By giving him first rate con artist, you’re giving him a status he doesn’t deserve.
        He’s a con artist all right, and he’s trained at least 3 of his kids in the art, but he’s so lazy at it, it boggles my mind that so many people fell for it.
        He doesn’t even have the language skills to be good at it.
        Some people are just ‘stupid’? I guess.

        • A con man doesn’t have to be highly educated or always use the best words. He has to be able to find the way to get people to sign on the dotted line.

          Stupid? No. Hopeful? Wanting what is being sold so badly that they’re not ready to examine things too closely?

  2. What will the Trumptard losers say now that President F**kstick Von Clownface has been caught in yet another openly documented lie?

    Here’s the Trumptard Delusion Playbook:
    1) “He didn’t mean a ‘wire tappp’!”
    2) “He was only joking!”
    3) “He never said that!”
    4) “The Deep State DOJ run by… err… Jeff… Sessions? is lying!”


  3. What the Hell will it take for the GOP to take this clown down? I mean they went after Bill Clinton because he lied about “getting serviced” by Monica Lewinsky. They have been going after Hillary for 25 years because they have yet to find anything where she broke the law. But we had eight years of Cheney falsifying evidence to get us into a war that Haliburton wanted, where we won the war but lost the peace. Now we have Teflon Donnie who wouldn’t know the truth if he choked on it!

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