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Monday, March 19, 2018

17 Responses to Trump’s Approval Rating Pales Against Past Presidents

  1. The most troublesome part of this issue is that 38% of Americans still support the most narcissistic, ignorant, lazy, prejudiced, immoral, unstable, and dangerous president in U.S. history.

          • Sorry to burst your bubble, but President Trump’s TRUE approval rating is approaching 60%. It’s all in the way the questions are asked, who is asking and whom is being asked. Among Millenials, his approval rating is nearly 80%!!!
            You low information sheep are believing the same FAKE MSM lies that led you to believe that HilLIARy was actually in the lead and would not only win, but in a landslide. Your queen of BS, Rachel Madcow did a special entitled “even if Trump has the best day any candidate could have, he’s still not going to win”.

          • I don’t trust polls, and I was not among the ones that thought that Hillary was going to win, in part because I live in a very red district, and the evidence of support for Trump was overwhelming. I hate to admit it, but it remains as strong as it was last year in this part of the country.

          • If I recall, you reside in Florida. The polls the FAKE MSM kept pushing showed HilLIARy leading by such a large margin that she was sure to win and probably by a landslide! I kept posting that the polls were rigged and that she was behind. Folks like you kept telling me I was not informed and even worse names.

            President Trump’s TRUE approval ratings are near 60% and among Millenials it’s almost 80%. Yet your FAKE MSM keep publishing how low his approval ratings are.

            You are correct that his base remains solid.

  2. It is only fair to point out that Nixon’s Watergate scandal did not occur by his 307th day in office.

    Shrub’s polling was overwhelmed by the reaction to the September Terrorist attacks.

    Trump has been a divider, not an uniter. This impacts his polling.

    Interesting as the polling and the article is, I’m not sure the comparisons are of any value. Each Presidency is different.

  3. His narcissism will not allow him to recognize his lack of approval numbers. Just like it will not allow him to recognize that he lost the popular vote by almost 5,000,000 votes. Crooked polls, illegal voters, any excuse to explain his poor performance.
    As for yesterday’s publicity stunt, when other Presidents “surprised” the troops, they actually helped serve a meal, not hand out Turkey sandwiches.

  4. Andrew Johnson, Andrew Jackson may have been some of the most racist of Presidents; most of the Founding Fathers were slave-owners, and Woodrow Wilson was anything but a friend to the black citizens of America during his time, but none of these individuals or any other President had such a deadly and volatile combination of perverse vices and sentiments which Donald possesses.
    Donald’s humanity is totally absent, his inner existence is a vacuum of nothingness, devoid of any positive qualities.

  5. Trump always has the same ratings approx 38 %, an even split , approx 24% of voters are independents and swing the votes on their evaluations. Most voters are committed to core vslues of their group. Trump essentially completed his campaign initiatives, closing borders, minimizing nasty troublesome terrorists
    , taxes. He has to fix ACA a bit , which he is actually neutral on , and is in fact a one payer advocate. His bravado is needed occassionally to keep people straight , too many snowflakes and pandering going on….admit it!

    • I don’t think Trump can take credit for solving the border problem just because Mexicans are now declaring, “You know what?” “On second thought, we’re good.” “We’ll stay in Mexico.”

  6. The only reason Trump is still as high as he is, which is piss poor, is because of his constipated between the ears core.
    He has not done a thing he vowed he would do since the borders are not really closed, his travel bans were forced into rewording or delayed, his health plan is non-existent and his dismantling attempts of the ACA has hurt people more than he has succeeded in attempting to repealing it. As for taxes, we have all seen just what they want and hope it dies the fiery death their abortion of a health plan did.
    He has succeeded in dividing the country even more, making lying a good thing, ignoring facts, bringing out white supremacy, racism and neo-Nazis into the light from the darkness they should have remained in and making mistreatment of women acceptable by not condemning any GOP who has.

    • Trump effectively reduced border crossings by just blustering, not spending any money in the process. The ACA is not in his legislative domain and is forcing the feckless swamp of congress especially the loathsome snowflake Republicans to get off their butts and make a move. Similarly, decisions on Taxes are being forced upon the Congress to take care of the Middle class. Trump is as much a white supremicist as Obama was a Black Liberation idealogue or a divisive fomenter of racial discord by relying on ole 70s tactics to open almost closed wounds .
      The Hallmark of treating women are Clinton, Ted Kennedy the great swimmer of Marthas Vineyard and Joe Biden and Al Franken, Anthony Wiener the Putz and many others who are kept secret . Most men 95.3% do not make these moves on women and are truly respectful.

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