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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


For a red-state campaign rally, President Trump’s speech to the United Nations was a stirring package of moralistic rhetoric, nationalistic posturing and self-righteous rage.

For a meeting of international leaders, the president’s address was a garbage can of ideological arrogance, cultural contempt and political shortsightedness.

Trump threatened to annihilate North Korea, a U.N. member state of 20 million people. He offered no plan for a peaceful resolution of the threat posed by Kim Jong-un’s nuclear arsenal, only a personal insult.

“The United States has great strength and patience,” Trump declared, “but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.”

Trump went on to trash Iran as a terrorist state and the 2015 international agreement that curbs Iran’s nuclear program for the next 10 years. Trump praised Saudi Arabia, home to 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers, and denounced Iran for sponsoring terrorism, even though no Iranian citizen has been involved in a terror attack on Americans in more than two decades.

“The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into,” Trump said.

In fact, the deal imposes strict limits and rigorous inspections on Iran’s nuclear facilities in return for the lifting of international economic sanctions.

Whatever emotional satisfaction the speech gave the president and his followers, it only makes the international confrontation with North Korea more intractable and a war-like confrontation with Iran more likely.

Ben Rhodes, former national security adviser to President Obama, tweeted that no U.S. allies will support reneging on the nuclear deal.

Trita Parsi, head of the National Iranian-American Council, said, “Contrary to their government, Iranians are known to be one of the most pro-American populations in the Middle East. Through his policies, however, Trump has and continues to do great damage to that reservoir of goodwill towards America. His address at the U.N. only revealed that he is painfully unaware or arrogantly indifferent to how he is being perceived.”

Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif dismissed Trump’s rhetoric as unserious.

If Trump makes good on his threat and withdraws from the Iran deal, and Congress reimposes sanctions, Iran will be free to restart its nuclear program, putting the United States back on the road to war the Obama administration had pulled the country off of.

“The nuclear deal is what prevents Iran from becoming the next North Korea,” said Tom Collina, policy director of Ploughshares, a disarmament advocacy group.

And the message to North Korea is that the United States is untrustworthy.

“How will North Korea hear Trump’s speech?” said Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association in Washington. “Iran did what it said it would do and you have an American president not honoring the American end of the bargain. Why should Kim Jong-un negotiate anything now?”

“Trump failed to outline a path out of the crisis,” Kimball went on. “It was an abdication of American leadership on the most important issue before the United Nations—North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. It’s yet another sign that we’re in a dangerous new phase in North Korea and other countries are going to have to step up because the United States isn’t leading.”

The only world leader who praised the speech was Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu. He’s the political genius who had these reassuring words for Americans in 2002:

A dismal and dangerous performance, Trump’s speech defined the United States of America as a rogue state that prefers issuing threats to honoring its commitments. The Swedish foreign minister voiced the global consensus.

Jefferson Morley is AlterNet’s Washington correspondent. He is the author of the forthcoming biography The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton (St. Martin’s Press, October 2017) and the 2016 Kindle ebook CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files.



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24 responses to “Trump’s Maniacal U.N. Address Has Set America On A Course With Cataclysm”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    Trump’s UN address can be best described as a childish temper tantrum. It was definitely not the kind of address a world leader would deliver. His address, after pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Accord, threatening to end the Iranian nuclear deal, and his assertion about destroying a country of 25 million people if they don’t abide by his wishes, are not only reckless but damaging to our credibility as a nation that stands by its word. Who would sign an international agreement with the USA in the future, knowing that the next President may engage in a childish vendetta about his predecessor an undo what he accomplished? Trump has managed to do in 9 months what none of our detractors have been able to do in a century, we have lost credibility and we are no longer the leader of the free world.

    • FireBaron says:

      Actually, Dom, we kind of lost credibility when Dubya had General Powell outlining how Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that somehow we never found when we went in there.
      I almost want to believe the only reason Teflon Donnie has been this way is because President Obama actually tried to rebuild our relations with the rest of the world, not hold them off at arm’s length and threaten them if they refused to agree with him.
      So, our hope is that come January 3, 2019, Paul Ryan will find himself as House Minority Leader, if he still has a job, and Mitch McConnell will be Senate Minority Leader. Then Teflon Donnie may be forced to listen to someone other than Kellyanne.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        Hope your wishes come true. As you know, I live in a very red district in Florida. In fact, the state is becoming increasingly red. It almost seems as if the most bizarre and reckless Trump becomes, the more his followers like him.

        • idamag says:

          Same for the state, I live in, Idaho. Letters to the paper defend him as a decisive person. If the timid are not the ones bullied, they seem to have a fascination with bullies and follow them religiously. Most of the trump supporters, I know, have this “they are out to get us” mentality. Pick your they. It can be the guv’mint they hate, but have their hands out for their farm subsidies, Social Security and Medicare. Years ago, a staunch republican told me that the Russians were spying on us via our power lines.

          • It’s a cause for concern to see so many Americans like the staunch Republican you cite are so easily duped into believing the most absurd fantasies. Maybe there a communists under his bed.
            As the “Pogo” character said—“We have met the enemy, and he is us”.

        • CPAinNewYork says:

          Why do you, a total liberal, choose to live among red necks?

          • Red Necks are part of the human family found in every state of the Union. We can run but we can’t hide from Red Necks—or any other people, when you consider how intertwined the world is.
            “The earth is but one country, and humankind its citizens” wrote Baha’u’llah in describing the new era humankind has stepped into.

            And by the way—What is a “total liberal”? Are there 1/2 liberals, 2/3’s, etc?

            Let’s divorce ourselves from the childish antiquated practice of describing a person first by their political views, and concentrate more on our being members of the same Human family.

          • dbtheonly says:

            First off Aaron, I’ll take that up. There are Half-Liberals, Third Liberals and Quarter Liberals. It all hangs on whose “liberal” checklist you’re being checked against. It also goes to the meaninglessness of the labels. dtgraham calls me a member of the Tea Party of the Center. I’m okay with that.

            Next, I’ll assert that the true danger comes in how the doddard responds to his own “medicine”. Trump dishes out the insults. How well does he take them? I’m betting not well at all.

            Trump did nothing different at the UN than he’s done before. Bluster, slogans, sound-bites. Little or no specificity. Little or no action. Words, just words. Now Kim’s responded in kind.

            The thing most sticking in my mind tonight is that, if Trump tears up the Iran Nuclear Deal, when all agree that Iran is in compliance, it shows Kim that Trump’s deals are not to be relied upon and thus Kim’s incentive to back off the nuclear option is eliminated. You can’t get Kim to come to a deal when you prove your deals exist only at your convenience.

          • dtgraham says:

            I think you left out something. dtgraham was only responding to your assertion that the Republican Tea Party of the right (only one that I know of) was essentially the same as the Democratic Tea Party of the left (?). Much the same narrative and talking points you said. The Tea Party of the left, being entirely your invention.

            Actually, the talking points and narratives of the Republican right-wing Tea Party are far closer to the Tea Party of the Democratic establishment corporate centrists (my invention) than they ever would be to the Democratic progressive/left. That was my point.

          • dbtheonly says:

            dtgraham also speaks of himself in the third person. A trait he shares with Trump.

            Tea Party of the Left, BernieBros, Sandersistas, Sarandonists, there are many names. TPL is easier type and many here have used it in discussions. We know what it means.

          • dtgraham says:

            Wrong. You’re the only one who’s ever used TPL in any discussion that I’ve ever seen. To compare the progressive wing of the Democratic party to the Republican Tea Party in any way, shape or form, reveals who you are politically.

            You’re the one who seems fixated on Venezuela or the former East Germany whenever new populist progressive ideas are being considered.

            You seem to want to preserve total economic, social, and political continuity with the present without realizing that no one is talking about mindless reactionism. Just simply implementing the kind of democratic institutional reforms that are shared by so many other wealthy advanced democracies. That’s all.

            Agonizingly slow, considered, lilliputian change of the bare minimum is for the comfortable.

            The Democrats just tried that last November and were beaten at what was once their own game, by a fraud and slick con-man. Has there been no learning?

          • FireBaron says:

            db, Teflon Donnie has proven to us in the Northeast over the past 30 years that he cannot take it. Whenever he smells the hint of what he thinks may be a disparaging comment leveled against him, he goes off on one of his infamous twitter tirades against that person and everyone that person knows.
            So we already knew he was a thin-skinned narcissistic megalomaniac decades before he first uttered the words “You’re Fired!” on National TV.

          • dbtheonly says:

            Well, that’s going to get interesting. Trump and Kim trying to out smack-down each other. Perhaps they might have a competition in “Yo Mama” jokes. Beats shooting missiles over japan for sure.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            No need to bet. Trump doesn’t take well to reality and objective, rational statements. Insults? I think I’d start watching my back if he accused me of insulting him.

          • Dominick Vila says:

            Because I wanted to live close to some of my children, and because the cost of living in FL is much lower than Maryland where I use to live.

  2. idamag says:

    The low I.Q. voters who put this man in office has damaged this country and they will never understand the situation. Those who are beating the drums of war are not the ones whose lives will be forever altered, negatively, who went to war for blusterbutts. All of your flag waving and thanking veterans will not take away the pain you have caused. If you really cared about our veterans you would be there fighting alongside them. Republicans have shown little compassion for others.

  3. says:

    DUMP 45 thinks he can do things as he did at his board meetings anything he wanted to do . with his BULLY BULL and intimidating every one . and he feels today every one has to do as he says . he is living in his own EGO filled with BULLSHIfT world . these days he is so out of his league and out of touched with the real world . its not thje DUMP 45 FAIRY LAND (he maybe be a fairy but not a good one at all ) he sets back thinking he is smarter then every one else but he’s not even close . he is in the stage of being stupid and a moron clueless for sure for anything that happens out side his pee for brains head . these days Mueller should be talking to Sean Spicer . these days he might get more of what was going on with DUMP 45 and now be willing to tell more to all of it . Mueller can ask Sean Spicer all kinds of questions about every thing . and the way DUMP 45 treated him im sure he would tell a lot of DUMP 45 BULLSHIfT story’s

  4. says:

    the gang of pinheads =GOP says its just as important today to fulfill their promises of axing the ACA as it is to knocking off millions from their or any type of HEALTH CARE PLAN . some feel more so . sad workers for the people that voted them into office . the question that should be asked to these people that are in office is do thy even know what the DUMP DONT CARE healthcare plan is or what’s in it ? for the ones that are to stupid to even know what’s in it is sad enough but the ones that do know just what’s in it its those that shouldn’t even be in office . for knowing what is in it and how its going to hurt millions of people and thy are alright with that are doing a job where he could give a rats butt about the people that put them in office . the thing now is the one’s that know all about the D.D.C.bill =DUMP DONT CARE bill is when reporters ask them about the bill thy either lie or just don’t answer the questions . thy tend to just rag on the ACA and say how bad thy think it is never answering the questions that was asked . seems their standards are the same standards of the pathological liar DUMP 45 the think if the shift the BULLSHIfT around like DUMP 45 dose its ok . as for standards with the whole GOP party the start out low and only go lower every time thy talk thy are in the gutter going to the sewer and then drain into DUMP 45 self made white house SWAMP ./

  5. says:

    such a joke DUMP 45 is he dose think he is smarter then every one else and in his pee for brains mind thinks every one is so stupid .to do all the BULLSHIfT to do all the things he has done and with his CULT,KLAN AND BRAIN WASHED STAFF is the big job all them falling for all his crap . that in it self makes them and him the truly stupid ones . and then with his Russian B/F PUTTHEAD alone what ever kind of deal he made with him for his hacking and all the help he gave DUMPSTER DONNY (which he is screwed for sure and Russia will never get what he promised them from DUMP 45 ) I guess the dumpster piled the crap pretty high and deep when he planed with PUTTHEAD and those morons that believed anything he told them . brains seems to be lacking with this whole NUT JOB party of Russians ,gang of pinheads =GOP and THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW himself

  6. “The Ugly American”, as immature as a junior high student, with no manners whatsoever, was given time to address an audience of responsible adults. For those who take pride in the personality traits of Trump, one can only say “forgive them Father, for they know not what they did or do”.
    This segment of America was exposed in a butt naked manner on stage for the whole world to witness with clarity the degenerate and deplorable state the country has lowered itself to.
    Fortunately, there are those of us who have the means and time to travel abroad and paint a rosier picture of what America is like and the potential it has to rise above Trump, the GOP, and their supporters. My visit with citizens born and raised in Tajikistan, and citizens in Oman and in Ireland hopefully affirmed the ability of America to achieve what Donald and company will never achieve—humility, a sense of humanity which embraces all nations and religions, and a willingness to be empathetic, kind, and polite.

  7. Now that Kim Jong Un has been offended by the maniac in the Oval Office, Kim now threatens to test a hydrogen bomb somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Whether he follows through on this is irrelevant. The real issue, and one long ago anticipated, even before Russia’s stepped up meddling, is that the likelihood of Donald gaining access to the WH would certainly lead to one or more crises.

    One thing most people know is that in many cultures, the concept of saving face and taking offense to boorish behavior, is not uncommon in cultures in Asia and elsewhere outside the Western Hemisphere. Donald never had a chance of anticipating this sort of reaction, nor does Nikki Haley and other members of this current Administration.
    Americans are so absorbed with themselves that they think everyone in the world should behave just as Americans do, or expect others to. “Economic Nationalism”—that obsolete notion, “America First America Only”, are quaint and useless anachronisms in an age when many nations are sick and tired of America’s hubris and are willing to act irrationally if pushed too far.

    So many in America are fixated on America’s “Greatness”, and have a dangerously exaggerated sense of American Exceptionalism that if we don’t change this haughty attitude it could very well lead to complete annihilation.

    Given that so many nukes are at the disposal of so many nations, and given that many Americans are incredibly ignorant about the effects of atomic radiation on life—human, animal, plants—how it affects the air and water, we stand a good chance of Donald lighting Kim’s fuse even more. And let us not forget Iran, and how this may provoke China and/or Russia to intervene in a way that adds more fuel to the fire.

    If the MAGA nuts are content with being lit up like light bulbs from radiation poisoning eating irradiated fish, and adding irradiated cream to their coffee, then there will be plenty of jobs as undertakers, and then other MAGA nuts can bury their undertaker friends.

    Of course, the GOP is too busy in the meantime with trying to kill off Americans, by making health insurance for all an impossible and extremely costly, all too satisfy the whims and wishes of the AMA, and other parasitic private mercenary institutions in America.


  8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth says:


  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth says:

    The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High hath revealed are suffered to pass unheeded.

  10. says:

    this DUMPSTER DONNY is the biggest joke and clown in the world today . as the world laughs ands maybe even feels sorry for the USA for having such a moron for president thy cant help to feel and know this DUMP 45 clown is very dangerous to the world . as DUMP 45 talks his BULLSHIfT what’s in his stupid line of fire are millions of lives in danger . as if thy was to be loss one can be sure the moron DUMP 45 would make it seem like the only thing that could be done . and his brain dead DUMP 45 followers will cheer the clown as a hero . when he is feeling down all the idiot has to do is get the brain dead DUMP followers to gather for one of his BULLSHIfT speeches and all those FOOLS AND BRAIN DEAD will cheer the idiots EGO . JFK CIA the USA & MILLIONS IN THE WORLD NEED YOU NOW SAVE US ALL CIA BURY THE DUMPSTER FULL OF BULLSHIT . if some one dosent step up and take care of this BIG BUTT HOLE then millions of lives could be loss and the world can very well be a place that could take 10s or maybe even 100’s or years to fix again DUMPSTER DONNY is going to make the world a death bowl

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