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Monday, March 19, 2018

17 Responses to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Is A Loser: Report

  1. I’d like to report a misspelling. I believe it should read “The Strumpettes USA.” And no Ms. Holt, no one’s spurning Trump because he wants to “bang a lady”. No lady would ever knowingly be in the same room alone with tRump. The “banging” you’re referring to is better understood as rape.

  2. That’s interesting — that Pat Robertson is taking time out from his begging for money on his telescam show — in order to pay that money out to the national scamvangelist at his high priced luxury bed and breakfast.

    • No doubt he expects something in return and there is also the pandering to the base of knuckle draggers which both men share.

  3. Interesting that once again Trump will be spending tons of tax payer dollars to spend 6 days at his Bordello on the Beach. And it was reported elsewhere that some Russian oligarch and his yacht will be there at the same time.
    Would be funny if a winter storm kind of washes all over the dirtiest spot in Miami.

  4. I loved the paragraph where members can’t get their friends to step foot on Mar-a-Lago…..just goes to prove….members are idiots; their friends are intelligent!

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