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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tweets Of The Week: The ‘Mitt’s A Terrible Candidate’ Edition

Tweets Of The Week: The ‘Mitt’s A Terrible Candidate’ Edition

There are two schools of thought about this campaign. The conservative establishment—including Rupert Murdoch, Jack Welch and the Wall St. Journal—believes that Mitt Romney isn’t a running a very good campaign. The other side sees Mitt as a fatally flawed candidate who, by even remaining competitive, must be running an amazing campaign.

I side with the latter. Mitt is terrible. In a crisis created by the financial class, he’s a financier. In a party that hates health care reform, he’s a health care reform pioneer. In a country of human beings, he’s Mitt Romney. It’s as if the GOP hated fried chicken so much, they nominated Colonel Sanders. The only way he could be more ill suited to be the GOP nominee right now is if it turns out he was born in Kenya.

So what do you think? Is Mitt terrible candidate running a good campaign? Or vice versa? Let us know in the comments along with any sharp tweets we missed.


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  • nm_lonewolf

    Will Mitt Rob-me is an awful candidate who’s rich campaign won’t dare speak of the awesome candidate, Gary Johnson, who deserves to debate with him & Owe-Bomba in November. When politicians gather around the campfire they tell scary Gary Johnson stories.

    Go Gary Johnson 2012

  • Mitt has zero ability to connect with the middle class Americans. He comes across as a stiff board repeating mantras that do not make sense. He is a total bomb.
    Obama 2012

  • cpercifield

    Romney showing he is the puppet they want. What more can they ask for? After all Grover Norquist stated “All we need is someone to sign the papers we put in front of him”. Romney is proving to be that guy. America beware.

  • missy1946

    Mitt is a terrible candidate and ill-suited for the Presidency. Big business owns Congress and if he is elected President, big business who owns him now, will continue to own him as President. They are donating 100’s of millions of dollars to his campaign and they (big business) willl want something(s) in return. America wake up. The jobs report is down because big business isn’t hiring, another tactic to discredit Presdent Obama and try to stir this election to the republicans. America WAKE UP!

  • joujou228

    His staff is not the problem, he is. He’s on the opposite side of everything he was for when he was governor of Mass. His staff must be seeing double.

  • Mitt may not fit the Demos moldand he is the only opposition so let’s make a compqrison.
    Mitt tells the truth, Obama is a repetitive liar with NO scruples
    Mitt wants America as we believe it began,Obama is a confirmed Socialist who wants to bankrupt the country so he and Soros can create a world socialist government
    Mitt can produce if given a fair chance,Obama is an utter failure!
    There simply is no choice. Take a chance on a good opportunity or follow a loser to utter despair!
    Gene Osborn,Morrison,Il.

    • Come on, Gene. Read what you just posted:

      Do you want us to take you seriously……………

      • i think ur so call brain is tired also

    • learn to spell then get back on

    • phantomoftheopera

      mitt (or is it nitt) tells the truth–when he says what? is the truth that he is for or against the many opinions he’s changed? and he is a great leader–for china and other countries where he sent our jobs.

    • L-M-A-O, I hope you don’t REALLY believe what you have written here !!! Research your facts BEFORE you post. You are sounding like Mitt’s WIFE. “Oh it’s so unfair what they are putting my husband thru, they want to Kill him ” Give me a break !!! The GOP picked the wrong candidate to go up against Obama, that’s all there is to it !!

    • Gene your an idot

    • You sadly are a sheep being led to the slaughter house in buying into the repeated lies told by Fox Slanted News and all the other Republitards. If God himself came down with Obamas birth certificate from Hawaii you would be the kind to demand to see his ID. Like Romney himself you cant produce one specific thing he would do other than speak in generalities. See how easy proper writing and spelling is?

    • bigspender7

      Wow. You (Gene) are seriously confused.

  • The GOP picked the WRONG Candidate to go up against Obama, that’s all there is to it !! PLEASE – wake up America!! Do you really want the Koch brothers running OUR Country, or anybody else Nimwitt owes favors too?

  • howa4x

    The problem is that Although romney is runing a terrible campaign he is neck and neck with Obama. Just shows that American still can’t get over the fact it elected a Black man for president

  • Re the election…I hope Pres. Obama wins in November, but even if he does, the Republicans won’t let him accomplish anything as long as they control Congress. I wish the Dems would begin campaigning to make sure we all vote for Congressional Dems so the President can get some of his bills passed. I believe the Republicans are deliberately allowing the economy and jobs situation to worsen so that Romney could get elected and “Save the Day”. What a treasonous plan – and I believe it!!!. People like that should be jailed.

  • dtgraham

    I like Gene Osborn’s post, “Mitt tells the truth”. In my lifetime, I can’t remember someone running for U.S. president who was such an awful serial liar on the campaign trail as Romney. We’re talking easily disprovable obvious lies. The weird thing about Romney is that when he’s caught on one, he doesn’t retract it. He just keeps repeating it as though he was never called out on it. There are things that are very odd about Mittens and this is one of them.

  • Mitt is a DIPSTICK wirh a empty tank…..