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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WASHINGTON — Maybe Rick Santorum is helping Mitt Romney after all: Santorum’s wacky statements about college and snobbery, along with his upset stomach over a 52-year-old John F. Kennedy speech, are distracting attention from Romney’s extremist economic ideas.

Yes, Romney needs Santorum to keep doing his exotic fan dance on social issues because the stage act diverts everyone (especially journalists) from examining the reactionary and regressive ideas Romney is cooking up on substantive questions. If Romneyism is what now passes for “moderation” in the Republican Party, no wonder the authentically moderate Olympia Snowe decided to end her distinguished career in the Senate. There is no room anymore for proposals remotely worthy of the moderate label.

Romney’s plan is simultaneously extreme and very, very boring. It draws on the one and only idea that today’s conservatives offer for solving any and every problem that comes along: just throw yet more money at rich people.

At his moment of triumph Tuesday night after his necessary victories in Michigan and Arizona, a bit of inspiration from Romney would have been nice. Instead, he detailed a list of tax changes that might lift the spirits of accountants and lawyers for wealthy Americans across our great nation, while sending everyone else off to the fridge for a beer.

Romney promised to enact an “across-the-board, 20 percent rate cut for every American,” pledged to “repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax,” and said he’d abolish the “death tax.” (The “death tax” is conservative-speak for the estate tax paid by only the most affluent Americans.) He’d lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent, “make the R&D tax credit permanent to foster innovation,” and “end the repatriation tax to return investment back to our shores.”

  • JimRoberts

    Santorum wouldn’t make a pimple on JFK’s backside! How dare he make such comments about a man that was greater than he will ever hope to be. Romney and Santorum might as well throw in the towel, because neither of them will be elected President in 2012.
    Barack Obama has it in the bag!!! Watch the story as it unfolds…

  • concernedusa7

    Presently the conservatives (Re/TeaPublicans) have moved our Democracy to a Plutocracy, should the electorate be ignorant enough to elect Re/TeaPublicans to any public office where they would control a majority, you will imediately see them start to move the Plutocracy to an Autocracy. We have already witnessed the move to Autocracy in the States the Re/TeaPublicans took majorities in 2010. That is the manifesto of the Koch Bros and Associates.
    The Re/TeaPublicans no longer have a moral compass, they have traded the moral compass for Dictatorial Control. The Re/TeaPublicans honestly desire that their at most twenty five persent minority shall control the far superior seventy five percent majority.
    If the 75% or 99% follow the lead of the complacent frog, who sat in the water as it was gradualy heated to the point the frog expired, then the 25% will prevail along with an Autocratic represive, regresive minority government.
    If you are elidgible and inteligent, get off your a-s and vote for Democracy in November 2012!!!!

  • VlastaMolak

    At least Romney would not bow to Saudi King, from where most of 9/11 terrorists came from and Osama bin Ladin grew up. This is the King in whose kingdom they behead “witches”, hang gays, lash women for driving or not wearing hijab, or stone and behead people for “blasphemy”. I voted for Obama because I though that he was a better option than McCain, but will not make the same mistake.

    Obama is making the entire world unsafe by his cow-towing to Islamists and emboldening their violence against the Western cultures. Islam is incompatible with either US Constitution or with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and MUST REFORM, rather then being white washed by CAIR and OIC, with the help of Obama. ANYBODY will be better for US than Obama!

  • TerryMichael

    One comment. Your an IDIOT!

  • Charles Higgins

    Romney is following the course of all Republicants…”just say no”.You can’t take on the deficit with massive cuts that only benefit the rich while not doing much for everyone else.He’s looking to reward his super pac donors on a grand scale.There has to be a balance between cuts and revenue.The comment above is rather disturbing.Obama has been level headed unlike GWB.He’s going to go it alone into a war in the middle east.He’s killed Bin Laden and several other high vaue targets.So saying he’s catering to Islam has no truth.Going blindly into Iran would be a castastrophe

  • charliebob

    Yes, I agree Valsta molak lives in the land of Repug spin. Not only are Romney’s economic views warped, wait til we start hearing something about his foreign policy positions. His team are all Neocons, so if you want to bomb someone it will happen if they have oil, sorry Syria.

  • Howz 1

    None of the reporters that cover canidates in a minute by minute fashion really drill down on their ideas past what is sensational. When Republicans say silly Norquist things like a 20% tax cut that would add 3 trillion to the deficit, and still talk about it’s elemination, then the question becomes: what are you going to cut? Student loans? medicare? Social security? environmental protection? What? Reporters have to stop letting canidates like Romney off the hook and ask him what programs are to be removed to get to a budget neutral position. If he is not going to cut the military and keep the war in Afganistan going at a cost of 1 billion a day, How is he going to make up for it?
    Bush tried it, cutting taxes and starting 2 wars, and it resulted in 5 trillion of debt. What magic does Romney have?

  • imabrummie

    Perhaps VlastaMolak should join Mr. Bendy Boots (Romney) and Ayatollah SantoMORON at the slimy amphibian’s (Newt’s) outpost on a moon (the furthest one away from the earth possible). Seems this individual also has ideas that spawned somewhere in the outer limits of space!

  • rustacus21

    … are about the the best descriptions of the entire Republican field & in no ways represents even a remote potential of being competently able to face the problems lingering from the LAST Conservative administration. B/c Prez Obama didn’t immediately depart from Conservative policies & programs, the nation has suffered FAR LONGER than it would & should have, had Liberal/Progressive policies been immediately implemented, inspiring an even greater Liberal/Progressive wave of support for the Midterms of 2010. People, no doubt, respond to decisiveness, boldness, finess, even swagger (when succeeding), but what it deplores is wishy-washyness!!! Instead of seizing the tax debate, Prez Obama allowed Conservatives to now own it (both in the media & via policy!!!). What Conservatives are offering nothing more than smoke & mirrors concealment of a back-handed continuation of tax cuts ONLY for the RICH/tax burden only to the Middle Class & expanding working impoverished!!! PERIOD!!! There’s nothing secret, special or complex about what Conservative want. But if America wants the continuation of teetering on the brink of socio/economic/political/civilizational collapse, by all means vote Republican. A dejected Baby-Boomer voting majority has been entering retirement at unprecedented numbers, due to a delapidated American economy. Promises of a 2nd term don’t soften the bite of 1st term disappointment for millions upon millions of Americans. But the American people should blame themselves for non-support during the 2010 MidTerms. It’s now too late to complain, but not to act! By bringing in more Liberal/Progressives into Congress, sanity & virtue will finally & AGAIN – guide the 3-branch, governmental structure & like it or not, Conservatives will have to go to school yet again, on how American government SHOULD BE presided over… GRANTED we ALL do OUR part…