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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tyre King, the 13-year-old African-American boy recently killed by police in Columbus, Ohio, was running away when he was fatally struck by several bullets, according to an independent medical examiner hired by the child’s family. Attorneys representing the family said Monday his loved ones were not allowed to view King’s body on the night of his…

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33 Responses to Tyre King Was Running Away When Shot By Police

  1. The predatory nature of many our police is long past intolerable. What satanic motive would compel any officer to shoot at a child running away?
    This sort of response, unfortunately, is a learned response that kicks in whenever the false premise of “The Inequality of Humankind” kicks in.

      • Tamir Rice, the 12 year old shot in Cleveland was complying with police officers when told to “drop his weapon.” When he reached for the toy pistol in his belt to comply, he was killed. His mother had taught him not to play with toy guns and the kid managed to borrow one from another boy. How about we start by expecting police departments to screen out fearful people who cannot remain calm and steady in tough situations? Being a policeman is a stressful, difficult job–not everyone is suited for the role.

      • That’s a callous response from a man who lives a comfortable life and never has to look behind his back constantly everyday. Why don’t you go out on a limb and pretend you are a black person for a change. That way you’ll be able to have some empathy for once in your life and be a part of the solution rather than be a nuisance and detractor.
        Have any of your children been targeted because of skin color or taunted and denied entry into schools, been denied entry into churches as my father once was because of his color? Have you personally experienced these things?

        If not, then do us a favor and read and reflect on what I and others say so that you might learn something.

        Peace out, pal.

        • Really? You’re wanting to relive the lives of blacks who lived 60 years ago and compare it with life today? Perhaps some of the problems we face today are because of the fact that 52% of all murders in the country are committed by the 13% of people in this country and the fears and prejudices stem from that fact.

          • AN excellent example of your cold detachment from a huge segment of the American population. You think these events are neatly packaged and have no connection? Your ignorance on the black experience and of the root causes of today’s malaise is astounding.
            At this stage, I see no hope for the rehabilitation of your soul unless you show me otherwise.

      • Too many minority parents are putting their kids in danger by teaching them to defy the police. If they want someone to blame,the mirror would be a good place to look.

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  3. Where did this young man learn that running away is the answer when police tell you to get down? While I feel bad that a mistake such as this was made certainly some culpability must be taken by whoever has not taken the time to teach him that defying a police order is dangerous.

    • Right, ’cause cops are gonna kill you in the street for a suspected $10 robbery. The kid shoulda known that you gotta steal millions, then you not only don’t get shot but don’t even get harassed. Btw, you’re a sick moron cop apologist idiot!!! Clearly someone didn’t teach you very well or you would have learned what it means to have a human soul. Btw, he probably learned that running away was his only option when faced with murderers. And what do you know turns out the kid was right!! So piss off!

      • I did learn that regardless of guilt or innocence that complying with police is a better option than running or pulling out a toy pistol. “Only option when faced with murderers” Is that what you learned from your parents that police are murderers? If the kid had stayed down he would be alive today so you “piss off”

        • I guess it makes sense that willful ignorance is a common trait in morons. The willful ignorance to pretend that a man in Louisiana wasn’t murdered by police while doing exactly what he was supposed to, or that a man in South Carolina wasn’t shot while reaching for his license as the officer told him, or that another man in South Carolina wasn’t shot in the back and the officer planted a teaser on the man, or that an officer didn’t blow a man away point blank in Fruitvale Station, or that a man walking through Wal-Mart with a BB in an OPEN CARRY STATE wasn’t shot and killed by police, or that the police didn’t murder 12 year old in the park seconds after driving up on him. You make me sick! I can’t even possibly imaginew hat kind of horrible person is ok with the government murdering people in the street and is so dumb as to think that eventually it won’t be you or you kids that encounters one of these violent blue thugs! But hey I’m sure when you find yourself in a dark alley or street with no one around but the armed blue thugs they will be SO nice to you cause you’re obedient. We all know that the best way to appease a sociopath is obedience. Btw, every day just like today we learn that police are murderers! How many people they gotta kill before you call them murderers?? Oh right, just one person close to you.

          • I’m not denying that there have been incidences where there is obvious bigotry going on and you cited a few of them. We are talking about THIS incident and while it’s an unfortunate one I believe it could have been avoided with compliance. Do you believe the officer WANTED to shoot a 10 year old just because he was black? That’s where I call BS

          • Yes, , this incident where a family will be burying their child after the government of the United States, land of the free, and its agents put multiple bullets through his small body. And as you stated, his crime; running away or failure to be obedient to the violent thugs who have proven without doubt they will kill him .I seriously doubt you can be reached, once a person accepts state sponsored murder there’s probably not much hope for them. But no I don’tt his officer set out to kill someone because they were black, so drop that ignorant straw man game. But what I know is that cops kill without consequences, they shoot people in the back, and they always lie about their life being in danger, ALWAYS!! Did you just wake up yesterday? Or have you seen video after video after video showing police lying and covering for their crimes? He’ll, when they killed the guy at the convenience store in Louisiana, they took all the video tapes and place the witness in custody in order to cover their crimes. Your perspective is very telling, it’s the kid on the street who must act with perfection but the the State paid, trained police officers, you wanna give the benefit of the doubt to. Not me or any other reasonable person, when it comes to a kid on the street vs multitude supposedly trained armed police officers, guess who should be held accountable??

          • It’s unfortunate you really believe that these officers wake up every day with killing a black person in mind!

          • Yeah because in the current climate I’d expect the 10 year old to have to make the nuanced decision in the heat of the moment not to panic and run despite the flow of videos of murders by cop…

            …Rather than the trained adult police officer to make the nuanced decision in the heat of the moment not to mow down a fleeing 10 year old.

            Obviously the 10 year old is to blame.

          • Jim, by now it should be clear from all the responses you’ve gotten that you are a cold and unfeeling person with no regard for the well-being of your fellow human beings, even for a 13 year old gunned down while running away. Your parents and your church have failed miserably in educating you,
            I would tell you more because you deserve a good dressing down. But let me say this: Before you comment again on any matter in this forum, restrain yourself and learn from the comments from the more enlightened; also do some reading about the Black Experience, and learn to see all humans as being as members of your own family. Then, you won’t sound like a Zeus on Mt. Olympus asking ridiculous rhetorical questions.

          • I’m not cold and unfeeling at all. While I feel bad and realize nothing could be harder for a parent than losing a child I would be remiss in not saying how the situation could be avoided the next time such an instance occurred.

          • You’re more a cause of distraction and obfuscation than a help. By not knowing what to say, and when to say it shows an extreme lack of wisdom on your part.
            Speaking of wisdom, there is a statement on the subject that speaks volumes written by Baha’u’llah, the Author of “The Baha’i Faith”, and it goes like this:

            “Not every thing that a man knows can be disclosed, nor can everything that be disclosed be considered timely, and not every timely utterance can be considered appropriate to the capacity of the listener.”

            From this you should be able to see that just because you feel you have something to say on a subject doesn’t mean it should be said—would you make your previous comments regarding the shooting of this 13 year old to his mother and family, and would you do it right away? How about making the same assertions you wrote to an audience of black people—would you consider your statements to be appropriate?
            There may be many black people reading these comments and to see your cold and emotionless statements written in an imperious manner that is your standard MO. What do you think is their impression of a clinical assessment that you offer in your typical cavalier manner?

            Strive to develop some empathy and wisdom, Jim. How many times must I remind you?

          • Is this a forum to enlighten or to sooth peoples feelings Aaron?
            My bedside manner may leave some delicate flowers feeling trampled upon and for that I apologize but the truth as I see it is still the truth

          • This is primarily a forum to enlighten, to dispel false rumors, to shatter stereotypes, and to call people to task who insist on living in a Jim Crow era and expressing Jim Crow sentiments.
            As for me, you should know well that my intent is not just to give a black perspective, but a human human perspective more than that, and most importantly a Baha’i perspective.
            Have you mustered up enough willingness to look up the countless references I have provided in order to help expand your horizons? I go through that trouble because it’s a duty I feel privileged to do. If you don’t want to take the time and reflect on what I write, which I do not to score points for myself, but out of a sense of indignation over so many careless and thoughtless remarks made—why do you insist on being of those who are insensitive? I presume you are enamored with Trump and as such this is a handicap that will cloud your vision and understanding of what I and others have to say.

            So the question for you, Jim is to whom do you show your highest allegiance to: To God, or to Trump and the GOP?
            This isn’t a trick question, and only a simple answer would suffice—Trump or God? It can’t be both, as you know from the Teachings and Laws of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and now Baha’u’llah.

            Your comments from now on should be motivated by the ideals of from God as disseminated to all of His Messengers—a Message which was NEVER vouchsafed to a caricature of a human like Trump, or to a singular Party, or any other Party, that stands opposed to the advancement of all the people, and not just some of the people.

            So, the ball is in your court now, Jim, and I’ll be reading your comments to see to whom is your allegiance.

            As for AgLander, the Goat, “Itsfun”, etc., they don’t show the capacity to relate to what I’ve written for you. I hope you will be able to transcend the depths of despair they have willingly chosen to dwell in.

            If you need further elucidation, please let me know.

          • I consider myself a Christian Aaron as I grew up in a Christian day school. I also consider myself a realist who must call them as I see them. I don’t mean to hurt feelings or appear to be insensitive.

            My highest allegiance is to my family and their way of life. I just happen to believe this country is on a socialistic path and that Donald Trump will lead us back to the democracy that it was founded on. Hard work, equality for all based on ability and character. If you want policy decisions made by lobbyists and special interests furthering the divisiveness and income inequality in the US then Hillary is your girl. If however you’re for jobs, security and willingness to do what it takes to revive the economic engine that is these United States then consideration must be made for Trump. I’ve posted elsewhere that he could be a gift from God to lead us in the direction of freedom and self awareness that is lacking in society today. As a follower you must have heard that he does, in fact, work in mysterious ways.

        • So you’ve seen several tens of videos circulating of what happens to black people when they obey and put their hands up.

          They get killed anyway.

          Why would you possibly assume that complying means safety. Or assume that these kids would think that complying is the safest thing to do, and weren’t expecting to just be shot as soon as they submitted?

          Could you check your privilege, please, obviously-white-person?

          • Now you’re perpetuating the lies from Ferguson aren’t you? “Hands up don’t shoot” was a farce to begin with.

        • Police are supposed to enforce the law, not their anger, not their prejudices, not their frustration, nor their racism or political beliefs. People like you will NEVER learn that except in the very unlikely event that you have such an encounter.

          • Unlikely? Very, because I comply with their orders understanding that they have fears like anyone else and are human beings that sometimes can over react due to those fears and rather than add to them, compliance relieves them.

          • The color of your skin has a lot more to do with it. Never having had to fear being abused or killed for no reason by those who supposedly “serve and protect” (usually the ruling elites and the status quo), you conveniently have no empathy for those for whom it is a daily reality.
            Try really thinking and be grateful instead of priggish and self-righteous for a change.

    • Congratulations on your victim blaming.
      Obviously next time you do anything other than what a Policeman tells you to do, you will be accepting of the fact that the penalty will be death, I guess.

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