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Friday, October 21, 2016

Washington (AFP) – The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Republican-drawn North Carolina voting lines Monday, ordering a review over whether race was used for unfair redistricting, the second such ruling in a month.

The highest court in the land ordered a North Carolina court to reconsider its decision to allow a 2011 change of voting areas in the southern state.

In its decision, the Supreme Court referred to another ruling it made in late March that found Alabama had not properly investigated whether the state’s redrawing of voting districts were motivated by race.

Racially-based voting districts can fall afoul of the country’s voting rights law and the US Constitution.

The redrawing of voting districts along racial or political lines is known as “gerrymandering” and has long been a contentious issue in the United States because it can disenfranchise voters and weaken political parties.

In its narrow decision in support of the Alabama challengers alleging gerrymandering, the Supreme Court said there was “strong, perhaps overwhelming” evidence that race was a major factor in redrawing voting districts.

Supporters of both cases alleged that black voters, who tend to vote for the Democratic party, were unfairly lumped into new voting zones in the redistricting, benefiting Republican candidates.

The country’s Voting Rights Act previously required areas with a segregationist past to submit redistricting plans to Washington for approval.

The Supreme Court overturned that requirement in 2013, but the Alabama and North Carolina cases predate that ruling.

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  • 4sanity4all

    Good! Let the high court shine some light on this, and right the wrongs.

    • Daniel Jones

      More like they want to get actual work for the country over with so they can osmose money from the Koch-backed apparatchik.

  • Independent1

    What do you know – the right-wing biased SCOTUS can actually come out with a sensible ruling that questions what a GOP infested state is doing- who would have believe it. Too bad they won’t rethink their terrible Citizens United ruling that is working to destroy our Democracy; as pointed out very well by this article from Salon:

    From tragedy to farce: The GOP primary shows the rapid collapse of American democracy

    • angelsinca

      Your propaganda only fuels those hungry for anger. Anger is an evil precipice that stands in the way of progress.

      • Independent1

        My propaganda?? Tell you what lowlife, I’ll hold to what ex SCOTUS justice John Paul Stevens has to say before anyone of those bought and paid for right-wing fakes that now sit on SCOTUS.

        5 wing-nuts that bastardized the Constitution in 2008 by coming out with a ruling that totally contradicted what Real Justices had interpreted for well over 200 years – that in their distorted minds somehow the 2nd Amendment construed that every American had “The Right” to own a gun – when for well over 200 years EVERY JUDICIAL DECISION had interpreted the 2nd amendment AS APPLYING ONLY TO PEOPLE INVOLVED IN A MILITIA!!!!!!

        And when these 5 justices go out to Las Vegas and let themselves be wined and dined by none other than folks like the Koch Bros and Sheldon Adelson – don’t sit there and try to give me any BS about this lowlifes NOT BEING BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!!!!!!!


  • idamag

    I felt like we, as a nation, was evolving into what a Democracy should look like. The past few years we have been devolving. The descent is much faster than the ascent. Then it looks like we might start ascending again.