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Friday, October 28, 2016

Washington (AFP) – The U.S. jobless rate fell sharply to 7 percent in November on the creation of a solid 203,000 jobs, the Labor Department announced on Friday.

The sharp drop in the rate, from 7.3 percent in October, was unexpected and raised the odds that the Federal Reserve could soon begin moving away from its huge stimulus plan.

The number of jobs created was also better than expected, 3,000 more than October’s adjusted figure and up from 175,000 in September.

The number of unemployed Americans fell by 365,000 to 10.9 million, while the number of those who left the work force also fell, adding to the overall signs of strength.

Another previous sign of weakness, the number of people working part-time, also declined, by 331,000.

AFP Photo/Frederic J. Brown

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  • Benjamin Dover

    More dangerous than merit-based rewards is the notion of “distributive justice” that requires each of us be subjected to centralized control

    • charleo1

      The Communist in China labor under no such notion of distributive justice.
      But, are all about centralized control. So, as American labor has been put
      in direct competition with $60.00 per month labor in China,. And, American
      wages continue to fall. As corporate profits set new records. What do you
      think of a person, an American, that sees their wages cut to the point they
      need assistance from their government to make ends meet? What if they
      push back aganist what they see as distributive injustice? Do you think they
      are endorsing some kind of Communist doctrine? Of course, they could
      quit. But the reality is, in the rock bottom wage world they inhabit, that is not
      an option. So, unless they stand, hat in hand, and wait for a raise, that may never come, to cover their most basic minimal living expenses, they are violating some free market law? Is that what I’m hearing? And what of their government? If taxpayers are helping to support, or subsidize the wages of millions of these employees of these very large, and very prosperous corporations. Is the worker a Communist for petitioning their government? Or is the government practicing dangerous Communist collectivism, by requiring these corporations that control an ever larger percentage of the workforce, to pay their employees enough, so you or I don’t need to? Or, should we practice the law of, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? And, just adopt the policies of the Communist Government, and void all labor’s Rights in the workplace altogether. Until such time as the wages of the powerless Chinese, and the wages of the equally powerless Americans, finally reach competitive parity? Of course by that time, our economy would be wrecked. I hear talk of canceling the Right to vote, for those Americans who don’t pay Federal Taxes. What do you think about that? That the lazy lower end, according to some, are just voting for more free stuff from the government, anyway. If wages continue to fall, there may be a lot of people that no longer qualify to vote. Do you think that’s possible? Or, just more Liberal Commie

      • Benjamin Dover

        I think that we need to follow the Constitution exactly.

        That means, as a first step, repealing the 17th Amendment and the 16th Amendment.

        There’s too much centralized power today and that centralized power is being used to loot the Treasury and citizens of these united states.

        • charleo1

          So, you want The Constitution strictly adhered to, once it’s
          changed to suit your idea of a Constitutional Republic? You
          most likely would support eliminating the Federal Reserve.
          So we remove the power of the Federal Government to tax.
          Give the power to State Legislatures, and Governors to pick
          Senators. Not leave such an important decision as electing
          1/2 of Congress up to the voters. And this better promotes
          the will of the people how? Small districts that make up the
          State Legislatures are very cheap to buy. Compared with
          State wide elections. No, I don’t go along with that. How
          about, while we’re getting rid of Amendments, we take a
          look at the Second one? We no longer rely on farmers
          grabbing old Betsy, to form a militia. That would seem less
          dangerous than doing away with the IRS. I think we better
          stick to solving the real problems, like how do we increase
          the wages of America’s working poor. So they don’t find
          themselves working full time, and still needing assistance
          from the government. Or, we could talk about how a real
          Communist government works. Then compare the similarities between what the corporations are advocating
          for here, to what they are allowed to do there. Take for example, healthcare, and Social Security. Did you know
          China has no National healthcare? Being Communist, one
          might think they have some shabby, backward, State run,
          collectivist contraption, that tries to serve everyone, but
          does a really lousy job. That would not be true. They have a for profit healthcare system, just like us. Where the few that can pay, receive excellent care. For the roughly 2.5 billion that can’t, they have no State provision at all. Take Social
          Security. There was a case in China just last week, where
          the Chinese Government had to enforce what had been a
          tradition of the children taking care of the parents until they
          died. It seems, that a lot of younger adults were refusing to
          care for their parents. Shuffling them around to other relatives, and in some cases, elderly parents actually died
          from being essentially thrown on the street. So, the Government passed a law requiring children to take care of
          their aging parents. What do you think about that? As the
          Right Wingers, shills for the wealthy, claiming SS, or
          Medicare are just too expensive. And besides corporate
          taxes are too high. So, let’s just do away with the IRS. And
          foist the care of the elderly on States competing with each
          other, over who offers the corporation the best deal to move to their State. The lowest taxes. The lowest wages.
          The fewer regulations. You see no potential problems with
          this scenario?