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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • The dystopian fantasies of yester-year are now a reality. We’ve allowed the coming of an age where the civil liberties our forefathers fought so hard for are being eroded by the day. Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are mere ghostly images of their original intent. We’ve woken up to an Orwellian Society of Fear where anyone is at the mercy of being labeled a terrorist for standing up for rights we took for granted just over a decade ago. Read about how we’re waging war against ourselves at

    • Independent1

      Welcome to the world of technology where there are no secrets. If you don’t like living in this society, I’d suggest you start looking now for that sweet little Pacific Isle where there is not communication with the outer world and no satelites orbiting overhead. Sorry, but this is no longer the world of our fore fathers and never will be again, so you better get used to it or find someplace else to live. (See my comments to Michael Ross earlier; the NSA is not your only problem.)

  • charleo1

    The other day, I looked up and witnessed the disgusting spectacle of Edward Snowden holding court, and opining on the intrusiveness of our National Security
    apparatus. The one, who had to know, with the material he released, he had
    severely compromised. I realize he is a hero to the, My Country Is Always Wrong,
    types. And the Government is evil incarnate, ignoramuses. And will no doubt remain so, until the Country sustains another attack. And who knows how many thousands
    of innocent Americans, just going about their business, living their lives, will be
    killed? Then just as assuredly as the smoke will clear, and the dead will be morned.
    The questions no President of member of Congress ever wants to be ask, will begin. How could we have missed this? They were right here, plotting, and scheming. Then, in the next few days we may find the phone, or e-mail records. And the questions will be searing as a hot poker. Why weren’t the dots connected? Who was asleep at the switch? Frankly, I’m done with the issue. It’s pure politics. And politics is not going
    to make us anymore secure. And they damn sure will not make a good enough
    excuse, as to how after everything we learned on 9/11, we allowed it to happen again.

  • This issue isn’t nearly as complex as both sides are making it.

    About a decade ago, this kid arrested on drug charges tried to get the charges thrown out because the search was without a warrant. The judge ruled that it was legal, however, because the kid’s father gave the police permission to search his room. And as the property owner, the rights were the father’s, not the son’s.

    So to anyone who wants to argue that the NSA’s PRISM program is unconstitutional, I ask you this: Who owns the phone lines?

    That’s the loophole here. Unless somebody wants to put up their own phone lines (and buy the massive amounts of land needed to erect them), or send up their own satellite (and start their own space program to send it up there), the only way to avoid government searches is to stop sending their information over government property.

    • Independent1

      Not only that, but Americans need to wake up and realize that the NSA knows very little more about them than Google or their internet provider, or their local phone company, or even the retailers that they shop at or don’t shop at.

      Americans, who with the technology we have today think that they have any privacy, need to start paying attention to the emails they get, including what’s in the emails they send and receive, which can affect the advertisements that pop up when they’re on websites or they get in their mail, to realize that virtually all businesses are keeping track of where they go, including where they shop, what they’re shopping for and on and on. This paranoia over the NSA has gotten to the point of the ridiculous.

      And someone in another blog list asked: What information could Snowden have possibly given away? How clueless can you get. Terrorists around the world now know just about everything that the NSA was monitoring, in some cases what they were looking for and how, and to some extent probably how to get around being monitored. Terrorists would probably be sending Snowden thank you notes right and left if they weren’t concerned about the notes giving away where they’re hiding or setting up shop to plan more terrorist attacks. Not only has Snowdent embarrassed our country enormously, Snowden has increased considerably the possibility of another 9/11 type attack happening. And there are actually clueless people who want to vote this traitor “person of the year”!!!

  • Bruno’s Beach

    During the first four years of Hussein Obama, the number of Americans “not in the labor force” soared by 8.33 million.Reference: