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Sunday, October 23, 2016

U.S. Senate To Hold Civil Rights Hearing After Ferguson

U.S. Senate To Hold Civil Rights Hearing After Ferguson

Washington (AFP) – The U.S. Senate will hold a public hearing on civil and human rights after a grand jury’s decision to not indict a policeman who killed an unarmed black youth triggered violent protests.

The case of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot during an altercation with a Ferguson, Missouri police officer, sparked a national debate about race, police-community relations and civil rights in America.

When it was announced Monday that a group of jurors opted against filing charges against the white officer, furious protestors set buildings ablaze and clashed with police in the St. Louis suburb.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the constitution and civil rights will hold its hearing December 9. While witnesses were yet to be announced, the panel will use the Brown case as a basis for discussion of racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

“This year’s events in Ferguson, Missouri have highlighted the continued need to reevaluate and reform police practices, including the militarization of state and local law enforcement,” the office of Senator Dick Durbin, who chairs the subcommittee, said Tuesday in a statement.

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  • 4sanity4all

    I will welcome this.

  • Dominick Vila

    Not a moment too soon. The question is, what will the new Congress do to restore the rule of law and achieve even a semblance of equality in the USA? I am not holding my breath. This issue, and the need to reform our immigration laws, will be ignored by the new Congress, the same way they have been for decades. The question for the new lawmakers is likely to be: why solve issues that allow them to score political points…and guarantee profits and power for their most loyal political campaign donors?

    • FireBaron

      Dom, you know the answer to that without even asking. The new Republican Controlled Congress will do nothing except blame the victims, same as they always do. And then they will wonder why they cannot attract more Black voters.

      • Dominick Vila

        ..and Latino voters.

    • whodatbob

      You said it all!

    • sigrid28

      Sad as it seems, this hearing seems designed to give members of Congress another chance to advance their political ambitions by saying intemperate things that appeal to the worst impulses of the Republican base. There are many in Congress who resent the free press accorded to St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch, who no doubt is seeking political advancement via Michael Brown’s death. He has held his current position since 1991. Now he can go into the political arena as a Democrat (Missouri-style) with bipartisan support.

  • Seneca Crane

    More violence, by blacks:

  • Gordon Gecko