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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tasteless and questionable as it was for CNN to “co-sponsor” a Republican presidential debate with a pair of right-wing Washington think-tanks, at least the branding was accurate. There among the honored interlocutors were the authors of dismal failure and national disgrace in the Bush era, such as Paul Wolfowitz and David Addington, whose presence helpfully reminds us that to elect a Republican risks a presidency that will make the same gross moral and strategic errors, or worse. Listening to them talk about Iran, a nation that unlike Iraq or the Taliban is a real military power, it was clear that we will certainly edge closer to another war with almost any Republican in power.

What the debate also revealed again is that a Republican who dares to utter a few words of compassion or realism is likely to prove unacceptable to the base of that party.

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  • jagdoran

    I find Newt’s “ammnesty” program just more pandering to the hispanic vote. He’s made recent inroads to nomination and feels this “humanitarian” stance can’t hurt. But like this, and all administrations before, we’ll continue to to do nothing to alienate these voters who have been the lifeblood of so many small businesses.

  • JohnDowdle

    It seems to me that Gingrich is looking ahead, as though he already has the Republican nomination sewn up. What he is positioning himself towards is the immigrant vote, particularly the Latin-American vote, which no future presidential candidate will be able to achieve electoral success without. I think Bush Junior received a significant number of votes from this ethnic grouping and Gingrich has realised he will need to rely upon their votes or utilise a hygiene factor in order to encourage them not to vote against him. It is an interesting and forward-thinking strategy. Do not write this man off too soon!!

  • terango.lf

    I was a life long republican and now I belong to West Virginia Mountain Party. My distain for the GOP was fueled by the way they treated Bill Clinton, Newts hateful and hypocritical rule as speaker was simply too much for me to stomach.
    The GOP was so sure that Bush 1 had been robbed of the presidency by a legal 3rd party candidate (Ross Peroit @ 20% of the vote), that they did not want to accept Clintons’ legitamcy @ 38% of the vote. Yet did not bat an eye at the Florida recount issue and Bush 2’s legitamcy!
    And then there was the religious right and all that family values crap that was always glad to point out Americia’s short comings.
    Anyone who was not of their persuasion were non American.
    Their extremism became exclusion of anyone elses point of view.
    This I all lay at the feet of Newt & Tom Delay. And hence the same tired idiology. I campaigned for Nixon in 68 and 72 with the support and guidance of my mother (they did not have name for it back then, but I figured out that mom suffered from a border-line personality disorder…and I think Nixon had one as well). Yet in the middle of all that insanity back in the 1960’s Nixon did try to accomodate the moderates.
    CBS evening news web page has a video on the historical decline of the political moderates in both houses. Check it out:

  • jwozniak

    The evil man is, of course, engaged in a calculating effort to pander to the Hispanic vote. Like everything else about him, the compassion is utterly false.

  • don

    Compassion and Newtie in the same sentence oxey-moron !!
    I remember him as speaker of the house he had none !

  • omgamike

    Cruel as it may be, with the present state of our economy, deporting illegal immigrants has become a necessity. Reality is often cruel. Programs that make up our social safety net are facing vicious cuts in the name of deficit reduction. If we deport all illegals, the money saved might alleviate the need for cuts in Medicaid, or education, law enforcement, etc. They are a drain on the national economy. Sometimes compassion must give way to necessity. This is one of those times.

  • dawnowens

    Indict and appropriate the assets of the banking industry executives who caused the economic collapse and profited handsomely from it, and cut the ‘defense’ industry by 50%; the Constitution states ‘to provide for domestic tranquility and common defense’, not anything about having 100s of bases all over the world at an average cost of 1 million dollars per soldier. NO MONEY WHATSOEVER should be spent on the Pentagon until all Americans have health care, food, adequate shelter and education. You can’t have a strong country without that as a base.

    We have become a killing machine. Is that what you want your flag to stand for?

  • Pink

    I am not sure if I am more pissed that the politician lies to me about a particular issue or the one that tells it like they feel it, when it comes to dealing with our broken, failing and destructive policies on immigration in America proper.

    All politicians are being hypocritical and some criminal. when it comes to their way of either the John Wayne persona or the pathetic Democratic attempt of mouthing one side of the things they’ve done or will do about the number one issue most serious in the entire USA, after jobs in America…immigration stalemate.

  • GregHamilton

    i say let them all stay, give them amnesty, then they pay twice as much state and federal income tax. if they stay, and refuse to pay they are deported. if they come here again illegally, they are shot on site.
    problem solved

  • Dennis W

    Indeed it is odd to see Gingrich appeal to human decency. He seems fairly devoid of this characteristic in his own life. Odd indeed.

    Must be some political manouever from the 14th Century. When wanting to lead a group one must go the other way to get them to follow. Maybe it is deceit for deceit’s sake. Each of us practises his or her own art in his or her own way.

    At any rate, this time I agree with Gingrich. Policy that rips apart families of law abiding citizens just to exert some sort of perfectionist standard on existing law does seem cruel and inhumane. Then again, Newt was against impeaching President Clinton for activities in his personal life while being very active in bringing impeachment against the president. Seems he has an innate ability to go in two directions at the same without feeling any inner conflict. Maybe it was just politics.

    My two cents worth is sending undocumented aliens who have lived here for decades to their home countries is inhumane. It is also stupidly expensive as it will cost money to massively extradict the undocumented and will not bring the jobs some think it will to Americans. These undocumented folks work jobs Americans shy away from because they are heavy labor and low paying.

    Of course if we pass immigration reform that does not have a pass to citizenship we would create a class of people permanently working hard labor and low paying jobs. If their work is legal they will pay taxes and contribute to the economy. If they do not become citizens they will never advance from their work and be stuck at the lower levels of our society. This means not only would we be missing their contributions to our economy and society, we would be treating them (uh) inhumane.

  • cemab4y

    Newt is probably going to have his a$$ handed to him on a plate for this one. Realism does not cut much ice in the pre-primary time frame. Nevertheless, he may just be right on this one. The GOP will not ever hold office without support from the Hispanic community. Simple fact.

    I am not opposed to immigration. I am all for it. We need smart hardworking foreigners in the USA. Our schools are not turning out enough engineers, so we need to import some!

  • Deo

    Illegal immigration is like a leak in the faucet. The first step is to seal the border. You cannot put back the leaked water into the faucet. There is a sensible solution to those who are here already. Integrate them, make them legal, but first, SECURE the borders! Mr. Gingrich is right! He is a sensible candidate who should be given a chance to solve the problems we have right now! IMMIGRATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, FOREIGN DEBT(15 TRILLION)AND COUNTING! FOREIGN POLICY,and the CULTURE OF CORRUPTION (Yes, Michelle Malkin’s)that has pervaded in the government under this administration.

  • mrkelly.burch

    First of all, everyone who has Native American ancestry rejoice!
    The immigrant-behanas have just begun the cry to murder immigrants who do not conform to expectations of those who were here first. Yep, ‘they don’t pay taxes, shoot ’em.’ Come back after we kick ’em out, kill ’em. Every stinkin one of ’em. Not difficult to see who needs killing for ‘us’ to comply with this entirely reasonable ‘white person’ approach. (We can tell the authors of these fine suggestions were white since black, brown and light brown peoples know that hatred based on concepts of ‘origin’ is mean and hurtful to humans.)

    The beauty of this idea of murdering those who came after us is its ease of application! Don’t need no stinking papers! Just look and see if they are white or any shade other than deep, beautiful, ‘native’ brown! This should not be shocking to anyone. Immigrants (behanas) from the european continent and elsewhere have traditionally looked at skin to determine how to treat others. They do have their holy book but skin color requires no reading or study to recognize. We don’t need to look at economic effects. We need not consider if they serve us a ‘purpose’: we only need see if they are different from us.

    Now, mind you all, especially those of you who look white to us: I am not talking about racism. I’m just endorsing what is being stated among replies to the issue of immigration, that it is a reasonable call to murder people who ‘obviously’ didn’t originate from this place. You whites have never embraced out culture, nor attempted to ‘blend in’. You definitely all cheat on taxes, so under your own laws, ‘we’ as the superior group defined by “TIME of inhabitance”, have the right, as a matter of ‘white people logic’, to kill ALL whites (tax-paying or not).

    We will, for at least a little while let people with ‘some skin color’ live among us, on the provision that they pay taxes as we direct, learn to speak our native tongue and read our ‘sign language’ within a very short period. If not, we will begin herding them into small areas, debilitate them with poor water and pollution from contaminated industrial wastes. Then if they don’t shut up and take their medicine, we will mark them all with ID numbers, begin sending them back to their countries of observed origin or simply begin killing them. (Smothering with infected blankets ironically may be effective and ‘not torture’)

    Above all else, we should return to our tribal roots, eschew the white man’s laws but remain true to his oft stated and frequently practiced behavior of abusing, bashing and murdering people who came to this land following ‘us’.

    This is as fine a basis for determining who lives and who dies as anything I’ve heard. The behanas should be proud that we have learned from their occupation of this nation and that we will forgive their rapacious ways ruining our beautiful land with an acceptable death.

  • dpaano

    In some ways, I have to agree with Gingrich….those illegal immigrants who have been here for many, many years and have children and hold jobs should be allowed to stay for no other reason but to keep their families together. There have been many instances where parents have been deported, leaving behind their American-born children….or times when children have been returned to countries from which they’ve never lived nor speak the language only because their parents are illegal. I think we need to set a time frame; i.e., if you’ve lived in the United States for 10-15 years and have a job, you will be allowed to stay; however, you will need to begin the process towards citizenship. This is probably the ONLY way to be humane and to help with the current group of illegal immigrants. Shut the doors to new immigrants and to women who come here to have their babies (for no other reason but for them to be American citizens), but leave the door open to those who have been here for many years and are employed and trying to become good American citizens.