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Friday, January 18, 2019

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.


President Donald Trump has spent much of his presidency engulfed by congressional and criminal investigations into Russian efforts to help him win the 2016 presidential election. But today, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, announced he was joining a new congressional probe — one that appears to revolve around the purported Russian ties of Trump’s opponent in that race, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This is no accident. Like the work of the House Select Committee on Benghazi before it, this is a partisan investigation with a political purpose, with its roots in the conspiratorial muck of the right-wing media. But while the Benghazi probe — as Republican leaders eventually acknowledged — was an offensive push to damage Clinton’s political standing in the lead-up to the 2016 election, the new one is a defensive move aimed at protecting Trump by diverting attention to his former opponent. The effort’s loudest champion is Sean Hannity, the Trump propagandist and sometime adviser who has claimed for months that the “real collusion” with Russia revolves around a bogus conspiracy theory linking Clinton to the 2010 sale of the uranium mining company Uranium One to the Russian government.

The story begins with head Stephen Bannon. In 2012, long before he became the Trump campaign’s chief executive and joined Trump’s White House as chief strategist, Bannon launched the Government Accountability Institute, a nonprofit conservative investigative research organization. Three years later, GAI’s president, the discredited author Peter Schweizer, authored the bestselling book Clinton Cash. The book, built on GAI’s research, alleged that Bill and Hillary Clinton “typically blur the lines between politics, philanthropy, and business.” It was a trainwreck of sloppy research and shoddy reporting, but was heavily promoted by mainstream outlets thanks to a cunning media strategy overseen by Bannon, and taken up by Trump during the campaign.

One of the book’s bogus allegations was Schweizer’s claim that Hillary Clinton played a “central role” in approving the purchase of Uranium One by the Russian State Atomic Nuclear Agency. Schweizer speculated that she did so because of the money given to the Clinton Foundation and her husband by Russians and people linked to the deal. But this made no sense, and several reporters assessing Schweizer’s claims rejected them. The State Department had one of nine votes on the committee that approved the deal; the State Department rep said Clinton never intervened on the issue; there were critical questions about the timing of the donations Schweizer referenced; and even Schweizer said he had no direct evidence Clinton had intervened.

The false allegations might have been forgotten in the wake of the election. But in January, the U.S. intelligence community announced that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the aim of harming Clinton’s campaign because “Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.” Reporting from a host of news outletsever since has suggested that Trump’s campaign aides and associates had a series of troubling interactions with Russians, triggering congressional investigations and eventually a criminal probe by special counsel Robert Mueller. With Trump’s presidency hanging in the balance, his allies have searched for a way to rebut the charges.

Hannity eventually settled on the old Clinton Cash allegations. Claiming that there is no evidence to support what he terms “black-helicopter, tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories about so-called Trump-Russia collusion,” the Fox host declared that the “real collusion” is between Clinton and Russia, as demonstrated by the Uranium One tale. He pushed that argument over and over again to his audience of 3 million, making it in more than two dozen monologues over the summer.

Then a week ago, Hannity tweeted this:

Hannity was promoting a report by John Solomon, the executive vice president of The Hill, which purported to advance the Uranium One story. According to Solomon’s anonymous sources, “Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow.” Solomon provides no evidence that the Clintons were aware this was happening, and of course the underlying conspiracy theory that Clinton pushed the Uranium One deal through still makes no sense. But it’s something the right-wing press can use to try to shift attention away from Trump.

Solomon is an investigative journalist who has had many acts in the business. This year, he’s drawn attentionfor his work as chief operating officer of Circa News, a mobile-first platform with an independent brand that the conservative goliath Sinclair Broadcast Group bought in 2015, hollowed out, and turned into its own pro-Trump news website. At Circa, Solomon and his colleague Sara Carter excelled at turning out stories — often anonymously sourced — alleging impropriety by former Obama national security officials and former FBI Director James Comey. Feeding into the right-wing narratives about efforts by nefarious deep-state actors to tear down the president, Circa’s reporting received glowing reviews from Trump’s most conspiratorial supporters.

But Circa’s biggest fan is Hannity — as The Hill put it in March, he “has repeatedly lauded Circa as the gold standard.” Indeed, for all intents and purposes, Solomon’s operation replaced Fox’s own journalists in providing the pro-Trump reporting Hannity needs to confirm his biases. According to Media Matters research, Carter appeared on 30 episodes of Hannity from May 15 through the end of August — the only guests to show up more often were Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow and Fox legal analyst Gregg Jarrett. Solomon made 14 appearances on Hannity’s Fox News show during the same time frame.

Hannity heavily promoted Solomon’s story on his Fox show, devoting extensive segments to the “explosive” “bombshell” on the night it broke and the next two nights. He’s hosted Solomon, Carter, and Schweizer, harangued the rest of the press for not covering the story, and declared Uranium One “one of the biggest scandals this country has ever seen.” And on the night the story broke, he made clear what he thought should happen next:

HANNITY: Also, is Congress now going to do its job? Will they investigate these explosive reports immediately? Will the Special Counsel Robert Mueller start looking into this Russian plot to control American uranium?

Over the next few days, Trump’s allies on Fox and elsewhere worked themselves into a frenzy over the “real collusion” story (per Alex Jones, the “Beginning Of The End For Clinton Crime Family”). On the morning of October 19, apparently spurred on by a Fox & Friends segment on Solomon’s story, Trump himself joined the fray, tweeting, “Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!”

And now Nunes — who had to recuse himself from Russia-related investigations earlier this year due to ethics charges that resulted from his effort to do the White House’s bidding and scuttle the Trump-Russia investigations — is taking a hand. At a press conference today, he announced that he would be launching an investigation into the Uranium One allegations. He will be working alongside the House Oversight Committee, helmed by the former chairman of the Benghazi Committee, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

When there’s a congressional investigation into a Clinton, Fox knows how to respond:

The New York Times yesterday detailed how Republican congressmen, including Nunes and Gowdy, are trying to “wrap up the investigations” into Trump’s Russia ties as quickly as possible. “Congressional investigations unfortunately are usually overtly political investigations, where it is to one side’s advantage to drag things out,” Gowdy told the Times. He knows that from experience. A year into Trump’s presidency, egged on by sycophantic media allies like Hannity, the first congressional investigation into a Clinton has begun. It won’t end anytime soon.

Header image by Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

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73 responses to “Uranium One: How Sean Hannity Revived Bannon’s Bogus Attacks On Clintons And Obama”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    There are two distractions in progress to divert our attention from Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. One involves allegations that Hillary’s campaign funded the investigation carried out by a former British MI6 agent, and the eventual creation of a dossier describing Trump’s links to Russia. The other involves discredited allegations that Hillary was a participants in a deal involving contracts by a Russian uranium mining company operating in Canada. The latter has been investigated with no evidence found regarding Hillary’s involvement. The former involves Hillary’s campaign trying to find dirt on Trump (not a particularly difficult task). The intent, being used by the far right, is to establish a parallel between Trump’s Russian links, and Hillary’s links to a British citizen!

    • RichFromShowMe says:

      What American, in their right mind, would provide America’s arch enemy, Vlad, the Impaler with 20% of American uranium resources, other than those who saw a multi-million-dollar payoff for their complicity?

      hillary was one of nine who signed off and AG holder, who also signed off on the giveaway, knew Vlad was under investigation by the “alphabet agencies” for attempting to corner the world uranium market, at the very same time AG holder signed the approval.

      The FACTS will come out soon as a paper trail of the past is hard to cover up.

      Time and FACTS will tell who the real crooks really are.

      • bobnstuff says:

        Russia got the rights to mine the uranium but they can’t export it without the Dept of Energy giving the OK. Does anyone believe that the Dept of Energy will give them the permit? What Russia got was some real estate. They can own it but they can’t take it home. Russia owns a lot of real estate in the US, some sold to them by Trump, are they going to hold hearings on those sales?

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          What real estate Russia got came through Trump. Trump knows that but right now he has to contort the picture to make himself look like an innocent lamb. How very :Putin of him.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        Let me start by saying that the purchase of the Canadian company by ROSATOM, and its subsidiary ARMZ, began in 2008, during George W. Bush’s tenure. It was finalized in 2009, after President Obama’s Inauguration, with the blessings of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

        We didn’t “give” Russia 20% of our uranium. The “deal” simply allows ARMZ, and its parent company, ROSATOM, to profit from the sale of uranium to the U.S. government and the U.S. Energy sector. It is disingenuous to say that 20% of U.S. uranium now belongs to Russia as a result of this deal, or insinuate that there are no U.S. laws that prohibit exporting strategic assets to foreign countries. The current licenses – held by the US-based subsidiaries of ARMZ, approved by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission – do not allow exports from any U1H US facility.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        What American in his right mind running for the highest office in the land stands in front of a crowd, screeches, “I hope Russia does release all of Hillary’s emails.” And then has his son and daughter’s private email servers and private emails transferred to Trump Organization server after they were told not to do it?

        Try again little boy. The facts have come out. You dipshits are too lame brained to accept it. All you know is denying it or making excuse for Trump doing what 44 other presidents knew NEVER to do. Got an excuse or Tweet Translation for that too excuse boy?

      • The lament of a chump—thanks for the prattle, homey.

      • johninPCFL says:

        So you believe Dick(head) Perry will give approval for exporting the Uranium? What an idiot you’ve exposed yourself to be.

        • RichFromShowMe says:

          I assume you back on drugs . . . your post makes zero sense.

          • johninPCFL says:

            I assume “you” back up the Orange Morangutan’s ass.

            Facts: American company discovers uranium. Canadian company buys American company. Russian government buys CANADIAN company. American officials ( all NINE of them, including the SoS) approve the sale.

            The current DoE secretary (Dick(head) Perry) must approve the transfer of any nuclear materials from the US. So, if Vlad figures he bought a uranium mine here for Mother Russia (with Manafort’s help of course) then he was badly informed. He cannot get any uranium from here without Dick(head) Pery’s signature.

            So, we already know Agent Orange is a traitor. Is Perry too?

    • dbtheonly says:


      Well more than two. At the risk of boring, this is, yet another, in a long line, a manufactured “scandal du jour”. The goal is to inject this “scandal” into the Lamestream Media and thus bring it to life.

      In this world of alternative facts, reality no longer matters. The illusion is the image.

    • Matt Bangert says:

      Let us not gloss over the Harvey Wienstein scandal. This is the one where Hollywood leftists routinely preyed on young women and boys in casting couch situations forever. This was hidden by donations to national Democratic politicians who used their influence in the media and law enforcement to keep things quiet. The same thing took place with state and local government and law enforcement in California and New York according to these discredited theories. This is all an silly attempt to make people think that leftists have people as bad as Donald Trump. Silly Republicans, all those women claiming sexual assault by Bill Clinton,Anthony Wiener and Hollywood big wigs were discredited by Hillary and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post and New York Times. Why else would they kill those stories over and over again.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        I definitely do not gloss over Weinstein behavior, and neither does the media. As far as I am concerned people like him belong in jail, along with Aisles, O’Reilly, and all the other morons that used their positions of power to abuse women and young girls. Have you forgotten the Access Hollywood interview? Unfortunately, that kind of behavior is so widespread that it often elicits little or no attention, and many victims are reluctant to make it public. There is a difference, however, between incidents involving powerful and/or wealthy men abusing women, and men seduced by women willing to use sell themselves for money or to be on the spot light.

      • cthetruth says:

        Please, Let us not single out Hollywood, Trump is accused of his own sexual assaults as are many people who are considered Republican. Are we going to make this abhorrent behavior a political issue? This is a sad commentary that we have to choose which party is better at abuse. Let us take your Fox Republicans for example,O’Reilly covered up for over thirty years,Roger Ailes,Eric Bolling. Now for some Republican abusers: Mark Foley,Bob Packwood accused of sexually assaulting 10 female staffers, William Janklow accused of raping a minoryears ago, John Peterson and it goes on and on. This has nothing to do with Party but character, morals or lack thereof of both parties. There are also too many bible toting Republicans accused of adultery, sex with prostitutes, sex with young pages and I can go on. Hypocrites! Your argument is one sided and at this time is another diversion from criminal activities of this administration. Clinton is not our President! Democrats are not in charge.Trump is now the one who deserves to be investigated,including his sexual abuses as are all who commit these abuses, not matter which party they are affiliated with.

  2. bojimbo26 says:

    Donny is making sure the Afghan war continues so he can steal their Uranium .

    • Dominick Vila says:

      I have read several articles about the possibility that large amounts of uranium and opium are being smuggled out of Afghanistan and brought to the USA. Only time will tell whether or not that is true. In the interim, Trump is proposing building a wall in our Southern border to keep marijuana and cocaine out of the USA, and out of the hands of eager addicts that will stop at nothing to get their next fix.

      • dpaano says:

        Gee, the biggest poppy fields are in the Middle East….maybe he needs to build a wall on our East Coast to keep the drugs from the Middle East coming into our Midwestern states!

        • Dominick Vila says:

          My sentiments exactly! I can’t help wonder who the GOP will blame for all the maladies that afflict us, real or perceived, after the Wall is built.

          • dpaano says:

            Dom….you KNOW they’ll either blame President Obama or Hillary….who else do they have to blame since the Trumpster won’t take the blame for anything!

  3. PatrickHenry says:

    This article is too funny. The National Memo is so desperate to hold on to the few gullible Leftists that believe their BS. They are sinking just like the Democrat-Socialist Party & the NFL. Now we know why the LEFT has attacked President Trump from Day One. And the constant Russia, Russia, Russia. LMAO. Hahahahahahahahah.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Laugh now Ruskie troll. Cry later. The evidence is against you and the effed up liar in chief.

      Do you have a Obama/Hillary fetish that you just cannot control? It IS Russia moron. GWB would tell you that. His father who headed the CIA under Nixon would tell you that. The only one who doesn’t dare is your Lard Ass in Chief because he knows that Mammadov crime family would see to it Iskanka’s face looks like melted butter.

      • PatrickHenry says:

        I and Millions are laughing our asses off because the evidence is showing more every day the corruption of Hillary, Coney, Obama, Loretta Lynch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz & other extreme Leftusts.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Wrong. ONLY YOU ….laugh your lard ass off Trump dicklicker. There is NO evidence. Your boy Pappadoplis just blew you and your Lard Ass in Chief right into being indicted for meeting with the Russians during an election.

          There are NO millions laughing. But I’ll tell you what. You put those “millions” of hyenas out in the public streets. Let’s see them coward boy. Let’s see their faces and yours.

          Cowards like you know you can hide behind a computer screen. You know why a dickhead rightie posts on sites he knows he isn’t wanted…so you can attach viruses to our computers.

          So let’s see you and your millions out in the streets. Where are they? That pathetic Neo Nazi dozen armed morons who killed an innocent protestor taking a stand against your Boozer Bannon BS in Charlottesville all you got Coward slime?

          You do realize if Trump IS found guilty of rigging an election which is any day now, he better find an escape route out of the US and take you slime balls with him. Because if we see a single one of you out in the streets, you laughing asses belong to us and we have no love for traitors. You WILL get what’s coming to you.

          • dpaano says:

            The only “millions” laughing are the ones that voted for the Trumpster….mainly because they are brainwashed to believe EVERYTHING that FAUX News tells them….without bothering to fact check anything! It’s pretty pitiful! In the meantime, maybe Trumpster and his sycophant cronies can take a fast plane to Russia and it better not be Air Force One!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            These nuts just think if they keep denying and lying, they can make that “wall” Trump is building so strong that all that will remain is their lies and denials.

            We do not in the US allow any foreigner to meddle in our elections. Once you start with that very issue, the rest cannot be ignored. We all know what would happen if we just yawned and said, “So what? The Russians hacked into our election. Big Deal!” This is what the nutbagger righties want.

          • PatrickHenry says:

            SOON Eleanore, the Uranium One scandal, the DNC Scandal, the deleted emails scandal, & oh yeah, lest we forget, the Benghazi scandal.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You are such a moron. There is NO Uranium Scandal involving Hillary. Why? Because DUH, NO SOS has the kind of power to override the Executive branch, namely the president’s authority to authorize such transfers. Try gain lame brain.

            As for the DNC Scandal, I will make a huge prediction here. Every very time one of you asshats think you have Hillary going to prison, one of your pedophiles and sexual molestors goes to prison.

            As for deleted emails, where are all of Iskanka’s, Kushy’s and Don Jr’s regarding that April 2015 meeting with Russians in Trump tower?

            I notice Daddy Lard Ass made sure the Special Counsel didn’t get hold of them. Not that he won’t. Trump had all of his grifter brats transfer thousands of emails to Trump Organization’s private servers. Got something to hide?

            Do yourself a favor moron. Don’t try to prove negatives. It can’t be done. Anything Hillary has done cannot remotely keep pace with your Lard Ass in Chief’s obstruction of justice. First, he fires Comey because Comey wouldn’t drop the case against Flynn. Then, Lard Ass goes after Sessions because Sessions was Trump’s campaign supervisor and had to recuse himself from the election rigging you and your Ruskies thought you could get away with.

            Let me avail you of one inalienable fact in this country. Mess in any way with our elections and your wardrobe will consist of orange jumpsuits.

            So now your Lard Ass brazenly refused to punish the Russians for rigging an election in Trump’s favor which has now been admitted by Pappadopoulis and very likely Manafort. And is now brazenly refusing to adhere to the Russian sanctions by openly admitting he needs Putin to help with North Korea. He’s full of donkey crap and he’ll be lucky not to be taken down for violating the terms of the Russian sanctions which makes it illegal for Trump to deal with a foreign adversary that ordered the hacking into our election which not even you dare deny with all the evidence that’s already out there.

            Hope you have a lot of Trump private security because you and Trump will never be safe on US streets. Ergo his running to Putin to plot out his escape route.

          • PatrickHenry says:

            Funny Eleanore, right after you ranted about sexual perverts, many Democrats & Libs just got BUSTED. p.s. Hillary & Obama are going down to Chinatown, LMAO.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            As usual, you post without naming names…Funny how you forget that Mark Sanford R-VA had a Venezuelan mistress and an illegitimate child by her. Or that Larry Craig R-OH was prowling in the men’s room looking for slap and tickle or Mark Foley of the famous Republican Congressional page scandal.

            But, I do think you need to stop trying so hard to compare Dems to your most famous Pedophile: Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

            Then, you have to factor in that between Lard Ass in Chief, his buddy Rudy Guiliani and that Georgia dickhead, Gingrich…they’ve had 9 wives among all 3. Their stock in female genitalia must make a eunoch like you really upset.

    • Johnny five says:

      Agree with you. These losers just keep on dreaming.

    • But you do love to read what ostensibly irritates you. Either you’re a witless stooge who has nothing better to do, or you enjoy tormenting yourself by reading on demand what you don’t agree with. Where’s the logic in that, irrational one??

      • PatrickHenry says:

        I and others, read opposing, Leftist views, to see the crap that goes through your “minds”. There isn’t any rational way to support these views unless you a complete, anti-American Socialist. We all know your Leftist agenda to TRANSFORM OUR Country like Obama.

      • dpaano says:

        Patrick…. go back to your dacha and leave politics to people who know what they’re talking about…..we don’t need your mindless BS that only shows how totally uninformed and stupid you are.

  4. Richard Prescott says:

    Hannity is a fool, a liar and was caught some time ago after claiming to have been a CIA agent. That an old proven bullshit claim about Clinton is being raised again show that some people are getting desperate.
    It makes you ask why?
    I also read somewhere recently that someone praised Trey Gowdy as being good for something. I disagree. All he did was to ask pointed but ridiculous questions and engage in foot dragging over several issues before Trump was “elected”.
    The Wash Post reported that the GOP people, like Nunes, have indeed raised the uranium and donations issue again. Nunes is just so upright (not).
    As the right-sided sources continue to divide this country they cannot seem to come up with fresh dirt, so they dump the old bags out and spread their stink around.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      What they are doing is part of a larger strategy to discredit the Mueller investigation, and insinuate that what he and his campaign did was neither better nor worse than what the Democrats did. The fact that they are comparing apples to oranges makes no difference in the realm of character assassination and disinformation.

    • dpaano says:

      I agree, and they’re really digging at the bottom of the barrel! I guess anything they can come up with to please their base and to get them up in arms….just a bunch of brainwashed individuals. I feel sorry for them….I really do! I wonder how long it’ll take before they realize that they’ve been lied to by the GOP for years and that some of the biggest liars are conservative RWMO anchors!

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    When Putin worried his power was waning in Russia, his first act to juice his power was to go after the media. After all, it was Russian media that posted all those photos of ballot boxes stuffed before Russian voters even had a chance to vote. It was Russian media that posted photos caught on Russian voters cell phones of polling clerks filling out ballots and using erasable ink to erase voter’s names on ballots.

    And you all thought Lard Ass got his training from a military school?

    First of all, it has NEVER been proven with hard, cold evidence that Hillary had anything to do with the transfer of uranium to Russia.

    This one is going to take a huge chunk out of both of Lard Ass’s cheeks. The evidence shows that Putin approached the U.S. government for a 10 ounce sample of uranium, he claimed was to try and catch uranium smugglers. BS.

    We know now Putin lied just as Trump always lies. Because the following events show that Putin intended to use that uranium to control the Ukraine he believed he lost control of.

    • Johnny five says:

      How can you be so stupid ??

      • Back to working the wheat fields, “Johnny”. Putin needs serfs to tend to. other chores, you know.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Awwww What’s the matter Johnny Comes Marchin Home Again? Hurrah Hurrah. Too bad your homecoming will see Trump in an orange jumpsuit.

        You know why Trump has not once since January 20th EVER in any way disparaged his lover boy Putin. I thought you guys were so Mr. MAN that your balls were swollen?

        Men like you always take yourselves down faster than we ever can.

        Right now, you boys know that you have ZERO illegal claims against Hillary. But, now if you want to REALLY get into Truth Ruskie Asslicker, why did TRUMP’s campaign manager and Donny Jr. go pussygrabbing with WikiLeaks to get their mitts on Hillary’s personal emails stolen by ASSange?

        But now, we find out GrassyAss’s cutie pie, Ledeen is on the committee to investigate the Russian hacking after SHE was one of the CONs who in 2016 tried to get her syrupy mitts on those emails too. No surprise the guiltiest men like you always think you have a rat hole to escape out of.

        When you calls others stupid, you indict yourself. By your deluded reality, living in La La land as you right wingers all do, the only education you ever excel at is pulling your dicks all day.

        • dpaano says:

          Johnny asks “how can you be so stupid?” I have the same question for him…..apparently, he and his cronies are the actual stupid ones because they believe all the BS that they’re told by FAUX News and their anchors. It’s all false news! Some day they’ll learn!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            We know how and why Johnny is so stupid. He gets paid as a Ruskie troll to infect social media sites with viruses, right Johnny Comes Marchin’ Home?

            Fox News is really nothing more than a joke these days. If anyone supports Obama, they dredge up dirt they know isn’t true. If someone praises Hillary, right away they get their bottle blondes with huge bazongas to front their attack on Hillary.

            But, for all of this, we are all supposed to pretend we don’t know what they are up to.

            One thing is clear. For the Mueller investigation, Pappadopolis is not just singing like a canary, he is also producing damning evidence against Trump and that little hick weasel Sessions.

            Every one of the appointments Trump made in January were thanks for helping Putin to rig the election in Trump’s favor.

            In the US we do not allow traitors to rig elections. Period. End of Statement.

            So if by some magic, Trump shows face in public without armed private security around him, he won’t last five minutes. He’ll get what they did to Saddam Hussein.

          • dpaano says:

            Wishful thinking…..

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            There is no way Mueller will not find Trump and a whole bunch of Republicans complicit in election rigging. We cannot allow these people to believe our elections don’t matter to us. The very essence of elections is predicated upon OUR right to choose our representatives. Not to allow billionaires and foreign adversaries to do that for us.

            We cannot just yawn and say, “So what? The elections were rigged. Big deal!” and then go our merry way thinking our votes actually matter.

            If you want my opinion about that attack this week in NY? It reeks of Putin’s hand. The Republicans know for a fact that Russia has supported countries in which ISIS terrorists are bred and proliferated.

            The very fact that Trump wants this guy “dead” is so very Putinesque. Whenever Putin plots and uses “lone wolves” to knock off people who refuse to bend to his will, Putin is first to want the lone wolf shot dead.

            That’s also why Trump raged at NY Dems.

    • dpaano says:

      It HAS been proven that Hillary had nothing to do with the uranium fiasco… someone above mentioned, the deal was signed off by nine other departments….the State Department was just one of the nine. Additionally, they tried to say she was funneling Russian money into the Clinton Foundation in order to get this done…..interesting that the money that was donated to the Clinton Foundation by one of their Russian friends was donated several years BEFORE Hillary was even Secretary of State!!

  6. 788eddie says:

    If I want a source of news that is most likely reliable, it is definitely NOT Sean Hannity.

    There are just too many instances of his lying, or bending the truth to ever be a source.

    • dpaano says:

      You need to read Al Franken’s book…I believe it’s called “The Liars and the Lying Lies they tell” or something along that line….he has a whole chapter on Hannity and Limbaugh and the rest of the RWMO idiots! It’s amazing some of the lies that these men have been caught in…’s just too bad that they have so many people hookwinked into believing them!

  7. cthetruth says:

    With the millions the Republicans spent on investigating Hillary over and over and Bill if they had anything that could be prosecuted they would have locked them up a long time ago. This is another diversion, to con Trump’s base because he knows how gullible they are and easily swayed.They believe anything coming from Fox. Sad!

    • dpaano says:

      Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realize that Breitbart and FAUX News are the epitome of “false news.” They’ve been told over and over again by their pseudo president that FAUX News is the truth….they have been brainwashed into believing it. I hope some day they wake up and realize that they’ve been lied to because, until they do, things will only get worse for them and the rest of us.

      • cthetruth says:

        I agree! It is really frightening how many people are so easily fooled and have been brainwashed by Faux News over the years.

  8. If Bannon and/or Hannity are involved, directly or peripherally, in any sign of wrong-doing, it’s a certainty that there’s a fire. And that these two had something to do with starting it.

    I’ve already commented on Steve’s nefarious and dangerous influence on human affairs. In many ways, Bannon is more harmful to America’s well-being than any terrorist.

    Bannon uses his educational background to smooth over and sanitize his base desires and malicious instincts, making it hard to see the malevolent intent he’s devising in his troubled mind.

    Hannity shows the same tendencies to distort any story for God knows what ends, and delights in spreading falsehoods with the same glee as a pyromaniac who loves to set fires and watch the destruction. He too has abused Knowledge to further selfish and harmful goals.

    I need to find that reference I once came across some years ago, while reading an account by a Baha’i scholar who wrote about the background of the scores of tablets Baha’u’llah wrote. The one in mind, to the best of my memory, stood out in my mind.

    What I recall goes like this: Baha’u’llah recounted how He was walking in a forest and came upon a spot where in a pavilion there was a pedestal. On it was a statue called “Knowledge”, and it was weeping. Baha’u’llah rhetorically asked: “Why are you weeping?” To which the reply was—“Of all the virtues of God bequeathed to humans, I am the one who has been abused the most”. (I’m paraphrasing)

    That is to the best of my ability to recount. I’ll have to begin scouring a thick volume which I believe is where i read the account.

  9. Unkabob says:

    Why do our thug congressmen continue to act on what Nazis and supremacists continue to spew? There’s other media than these cable idiots.. It’s already been established that the uranium deal was presented by a nine person bipartisan panel, not just Hillary Clinton.. Keep doing bogus investigations to give the impression that these slackers are doing their job. This hatred of Clinton and Obama is becoming incessantly boring.

  10. dpaano says:

    Once again, how much of our hard-earned taxpayer money are they going to spend “investigating” something that never happened to begin with? They are really reaching for something to take the nation’s minds off of the collusion of our pseudo president and the Russians, aren’t they? Why aren’t they investigating the Niger incident…..4 good men died in that incident, and not ONE single Republican or RWMO talk host has mentioned a thing about it! We want to know what happened and WHY it happened and who’s to blame (well, we know who’s to blame….although he tends to lay the blame on “his generals” rather than himself)!! What in the hell is going on with our government… just appears like the fox is running the chicken coop and we’re all doomed!

  11. says:

    my thinking for today run and hide or heck even read it lol //of the DUMP 45 tax plan researching as ive said before and cant be said enough of just what DUMP 45 try’s to do . DUMPSTER DONNYS so called tax cut budget dose cut taxes but pretty much for the ones that don’t need it . the greedy rich get the big tax cuts. corporate tax cuts are getting the cut from 35 % to 20% close to a 50% tax cut . the strange thing about these kind of tax breaks for the greedy rich is the gang of pinheads keep pushing their BULL (same BULL that DUMP 45 pushes always ) that if you give the GREEDY RICH all these taxes cuts and breaks that thy will turn around and make more jobs for the country .WRONG !! as it is today every one is making more money BUT THE MIDDLE CLASS AND LOWER THEN THEM !!

  12. says:

    DUMP 45 says the vast majority will get tax cuts . no DUMP 45 just the vast majority of the greedy rich too all of them will get money ! .DUMP 45 has no clue on how to run a country . hey DUMP 45 this is not like your businesses where when you mess up (LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO ) that you can just clam bankrupt . DUMP 45 had said no one knows how hard a healthcare plan and bill is . the same thing for your stupid moron TAX PLAN . him and the gang of pinheads saying that the tax plan will build . (only from the greedy rich leaving the 98% of the country and people to pay for it)

  13. says:

    build our democracy ? this has been said for too many years and decades now . and it never worked so its a GOP dream and its just another lie from them and DUMP 45 .BUT the only thing figures say this tax plan will do is add $trillions to the debt of the country . said as much as $$5 trillion in just 10 years your plan only helps that for the very few 1 & 2 % of the greedy rich that’s all . the rest suffer as always

  14. says:

    something that would help the country in so many ways would be to have the greedy rich to pay just a fair share as every one else in taxes no more no less just the same fair share of a percentage . with just that fairness that money could go to the country’s infrastructure . with that many jobs and company’s that make those products for the infrastructure can also have jobs in America . as it shows the DUMP 45 tax plan money go’s to Wells Fargo big money investors . if anything put the money into the country it self not in the greedy rich pockets !

  15. says:

    dose anyone find it strange that the GOP are pulling once again same as thy did for the healthcare plan . thy are doing with this tax plan . no hearings at all thy are just going to push it through and hope is gets the votes . with Obama’s ACA thy had many hearings on it . but with the gang of pinheads =GOP & DUMP 45 thy just push and hope shooting at stars . one can only hope the tax plan turns out the same was as DUMP 45 healthcare plan did again for the sake of the people and the country

  16. says:

    . it shows now the stock market has been reaching all time highs every other day . it keeps reaching highs . that great and with that there are a lot of either people businesses & corporations making big time money . BUT THAT SAYS NOTHING FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS AND LOWER . and with all this money being made for seems more to be just the GREEDY RICH

  17. says:

    then ok if be it that all this money is being made and stock market are at all time highs every other day and the DUMP 45 CLOWN &GOP say when these places make more money then more jobs will be made . one should think and being a government like America wouldn’t you think the USA and the clowns running the country would first think and say ok with the stock market going up and so many making money on it that the jobs that seems to be promised with the tax cuts first should be made now before the tax cuts ?in good faith

  18. says:

    DUMPSTER DONNY talked and said I have the greatest memory of all time fine DUMP 45 and next you say I don’t remember this POPULOOLISSS guys or anything . well DUMP 45 make up your mind do you have one of the greatest memory’s of all time or are you just the MORON that TEX REX or what ever had called you ? now remember when B. Clinton went on the plane with the AG at the time . and DUMP45 and his CULT KLAN & STAFF went nuts like it was him selling the NUKE BOMB TO FATBOY from North Korea .or something . but when it comes to his sun and staff team or who ever all of them and were in contact with Russia that’s all fake news to the DUMP 45 CLOWN he is a JOKE a very bad JOKE for the USA .

  19. says:

    if the as the DUMP 45 says the country is doing great look at the stock market . the whole thing these clowns are pushing is that the tax cut will make jobs . a smart government one would think to say ok if be it all want taxes cut first the country should see these jobs . make these businesses . corporations & company’s first make all these so called jobs that the DUMP 45 & GOP CLOWNS say will come . as it is in any type of pretty much every thing one has to show first before thy get the bonuses . its common sense you don’t give some first !

  20. says:

    seems DUMP 45 one incentives to do better or more by giving them the prize first the prize and bonuses come after thy prove and produce then thy get the gifts not before . to give the gifts first only gives one the incentives to turn around and say thanks sucker . and then thy wait for the fools to give them more money . that’s common sense for the greedy rich . to control good progress and not lose the government has to have a little common sense . seems what’s lacking the most in THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW. these people are running the most powerful country in the world (FOR NOW ANYWAYS ) and you get statements from these MORONS like I don’t remember or I don’t recall between him DUMP 45 & SECSSIONS . what kind of answers are that from one running the country ? this tax plan will surely cut out lots of things that the country needs . like programs that protect our country . put the money where its needed and stop feeding the GREEDY RICH off the blood sweat and tears of the middle class

  21. says:

    DUMP 45 has the grains of sand to say the country’s laws are a joke and a laughing stock . NO DUMPSTER DONNY ITS YOU & THE GOP THAT ARE THE JOKE AND LAUGHING STOCK ! DUMP 45 said the USA government is for the people by the people and of the people . to DUMP 45 he thinks the government is by the person for the person and of the person (AND THAT PERSON IS DUMP 45 HIMSELF ) you get the DUMP 45 CULT KLAN&STAFF that get info of having dirt on Hillary and what do thy do ? thy say LOVE IT when thy should been calling the FBI . crooked Hillary thy say hmmmmmmmmmmm more likely way crookeder DUMP 45 AND HIS BRAIN WASHED TEAM OF MORONS

  22. says:

    . the biggest joke of all is DUMPSTER DONNY never thought of ever wanted to be Pres. in the first place . one can tell just by the way the foolish clown ran his campaign one can be sure the addicted junky was just seeking his fix of attention that’s all . this was his plan for a MORON un-reality TV show. and when he got in the white house it was his BULLSHIfTING THAT JUST WENT INTO A SNOWBALL affect of just KAOS ! even some GOP’s are seeing this and im sure are getting sick of it as 11 REPS. have said thy are not going to run for another term . I say to them if be it you think things are going so bad (even being of the GOP party ) then thy should stay in and help the country and fight all the miss governing going on . stand up to the DUMP 45 CLOWN .

  23. says:

    and BTW were are the DEMS that when DUMP 45 is talking his BULLSHIfT that thy should be yelling out LIAR to the DUMP 45 CLOWN ? id love to see what the DUMPSTER DONNY would do when someone yells out liar to him like the GOP clown did to Obama . these 11 reps are running fast away from the DUMP 45 CIRCUS ! this NY terrorist should be put in a prison and in a racist population part of the jail . with very hateful prisoners let him out with them every day .. as the law has stated some type of charges on him already why haven’t thy charges been of 1ST degree murder x-8 ? and DUMP 45 being the MORON and jack-as blasting his big mouth he very well could be saving the terrorist life with his stupid comments and his big mouth .

  24. says:

    at a time the DUMP 45 CLOWN said blood coming out of her eyes ears and where ever .. well as much as professional people like to be when fighting against a tweeter child minded clown MORON . one has to play the same game . is it the professional way ? no but its what one has to have done and do for the sake of the people and the country . ones should came right back at DUMP 45 saying that blood you’re talking about would that be the same kind of blood that came out of your wife when you beat her and raped her ? would this be nasty ball ? yes it would . but the same kind of ball game DUMP 45 plays . to beat a clown that plays out of the sewer one has to go in the sewer and play at the same low level . if again for anything else then for the country and the people of the USA

  25. says:

    Climate change driven almost entirely by human action, dire report released by Trump administration findsThe Trump administration released a scientific report detailing the growing threats of climate change. The report stands in stark contrast to the administration’s efforts to play down humans’ role in global warming, withdraw from an international climate accord and reverse Obama-era policies aimed at curbing America’s greenhouse-gas output.

    “It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century,” the document reports. “For the warming over the last century, there is no convincing alternative explanation supported by the extent of the observational evidence.”

    this is a report from DUMP 45 side next you will see DUMPSTER DONNY going back to the Obama plan and saying it was him and his side that did all the work on uncovering it all and posting the credit is all his . THE BAD SAD JOKE OF THE WORLF THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW DUMP 45 !!

  26. says:

    more bull with the tax plan of the gang of pinheads =GOP & DUMP 45 >>> Republican tax plan seeks to shake up higher-education tax credits, deductions and benefits Tucked away in the much anticipated Republican tax bill are a few provisions that are sure to rattle universities, student loan borrowers and anyone paying for college.

  27. says:

    The Republican Party is looking to pass the most ambitious rewrite of the tax code in three decades, and President Trump has said he wants legislation signed before Christmas. So, if the bill moves forward, how might it affect your finances? Here’s a guide to the winners and losers in the bill as well as a look at how the changes would affect Mass. residents, homeowners, people with children, and more:

    Tax plan could hit Boston-area homebuyers
    The plan hits the upper middle class hard, and that’s bad for Mass.
    A look at the bill’s winners and losers
    Details about the new tax brackets

  28. says:

    GOP vision for taxes: Many people paying more so corporations can start paying less Many of the ideas in the new Republican tax proposal have found bipartisan support in the past and support from economists who see a way to improve the economy. The controversy is over who will gain the most while the deficit explodes.

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