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Friday, October 21, 2016

Sometimes you read a sentence and you think to yourself: only here, only us.

Here’s one such sentence.

“A 9-year-old girl from New Jersey accidentally shot and killed her instructor with an Uzi submachine gun while he stood to her left side, trying to guide her.”

That’s from a New York Times account of the death of 39-year-old Charles Vacca, who worked for the Last Stop shooting range in White Hills, Arizona. He died when his preteen student lost control of the Uzi. Apparently, the gun was in “repeat fire” mode, the recoil lifted the muzzle, the little girl couldn’t master it and Vacca was struck in the head.

The child and her family, who have not been identified, were vacationing last week in nearby Las Vegas and had signed up for a package deal offered by the gun range. It included a tour of Hoover Dam, a hamburger lunch, an optional helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and the chance to fire a range of powerful weapons, including sniper rifles, grenade launchers and machine guns. Everything was going fine until, as the Times put it, the “adventure went horribly wrong.”

For the record, some of us would argue that “horribly wrong” began not when the child lost control of the gun, but when “adults” first placed this powerful piece of military hardware into her small hands. That act raises questions that are as blunt and indecorous as they are necessary and unavoidable:

What kind of shooting range allows a prepubescent girl to fire an Uzi? What kind of instructor does not guard against recoil when a child is handling such a powerful weapon? What kind of parents think it’s a good idea to put a submachine gun in their 9-year-old’s hands? And what kind of idiot country does not prohibit such things by law?

It is the last question that should most concern us. There’s not much you can do about individual lack of judgment. Some people will always be idiots. Some companies will always be idiots. But a country and its laws should be an expression of a people’s collective wisdom. So for a country to be idiotic says something sweeping about national character.

And where gun laws are concerned, the United States of America is — individual dissenting voices duly noted and exempted from the following descriptive — dumber than a bag of bullets. This, after all, is the country where you can take a gun into a bar. Where you can erect a shooting range in your own backyard. Where a blind person can get a gun permit. You think it’s insane that Arizona allows a 9-year-old to shoot at a firing range? ABC News reports that one in Texas allows them to do so at age 6.


God bless America. We legislate against Sharia law in places where there are no Muslims, much less an inclination toward Sharia. We pass laws to curtail election fraud despite the fact that election fraud, as a practical matter, does not exist. Yet we endure a yearly toll of gun carnage that makes civilized people in civilized places shake their heads in wonder and our only action is inaction.

We should mourn for this little girl who will have to live the rest of her life with the memory of what she inadvertently did. But let us also mourn for a country where what she did now barely qualifies as news.

We speak often and with pride of America’s exceptionalism — by which we mean our rights, our freedoms, our values. And they are, make no mistake, among the finest in the world.

But there are days when the bullets fly and the blood flows and no one can give you a good reason why this had to happen, and it occurs to you that we are also exceptional in the sheer, stubborn stupidity of which we are all too often capable. Last week brought another such day. A man was killed by a 9-year-old wielding a submachine gun.

Only here, only us.

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Fla., 33132. Readers may contact him via email at [email protected]

AFP Photo/Sven Nackstrand

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  • Mark

    After we finish asking why the parents thought this was a good idea, the next question should be “given what this child will go through emotionally the rest of her life, are the parents guilty of child abuse?”

    • janis mcdonald

      Mark, that’s crossed my mind — but to be honest, the parents couldn’t have seen this coming. Apparently everything that went on that day was “legal”. Don’t you wish Thomas Jefferson could come back to life for just about an hour so he can be asked, “Is THIS the type of firearm you had in mind when you were talking about the right to bear arms?

      • holyreality

        It was Madison who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
        TJ; the original teabagger was gallivanting around Paris buying fancy cloths on credit and partying with the upper crust while our nation was birthing into a republic.

        • idamag

          Actually. Thomas Jefferson wrote the constitution. He did a lot of international travel, but was home when the constitution was written.

          • holyreality

            He wrote the Declaration of Independence, If you have a source I can read, I’d be happy to believe your assertion, otherwise you pull a turd from your backside.

          • idamag

            Right away, your intelligence level comes through loud and clear with your last sentence. Read, “The Rise of American Democracy” or any high school American History text.

          • holyreality

            Pulling dubious history from one’s backside shows your intellect just fine.

            I looked at the Amazon link for the much balleyhooed Sean Wilentz tome The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln. The reviews are almost warmer than the reception of Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century.

            I appreciate how he supported Andy Jackson’s fight against the central bank. The time frame appears to be from 1795 through Lincoln. The ideal of democracy favoring the small guy sounds warm and fuzzy compared to the elites’ top down approach.

            But I refuse to rely on high school history books. These sanitized versions promote American Exceptionalism and ignore the empirical turn America took when she got her first taste in Hawaii and Philippines.

            Ranting aside, I still have not found any references on Google that Jefferson even came close to writing the Constitution or Bill of Rights, hence my accusation of the source of your history.

          • idamag

            Okay, if it means that much to you, you can have Madison write the Constitution. That way you don’t have to be so crude anymore.

          • holyreality

            Apologies, conceding that Madison wrote the Constitution is not my intention. I intended to have you look for yourself, and maybe learn not to pull facts from where they have no ground.

  • howa4x

    When we live in a gun culture, people die. There is always a tragedy, or a massacre or something that shakes or sensibility. Is this worse than Newtown, or any other place or incident? America feels it is more important to protect gun owners than people from them. So pick any time and any place and know that a future tragedy will happen.

    • Protecting those gun rights is protecting your own rights. Taking away ones ability to protect themselves will only increase crime and violence. During Clintons weapons ban, crime increased. After it expired 10 years later, crime decreased.

      • TZToronto

        Blah, blah, blah

        • Why is it that liberals like to use tragedies to further their agenda? Just like Newtown where the Emperor dragged the families around as a backdrop to further his agenda of removing Americans of our rights. Accidents happen, although I do think this could have been avoided.

          • TZToronto

            In answer to your question, I dunno. Who said anything about removing rights? How about some common sense, for a change?

          • Liberal common sense is banning all firearms, and only allowing the police, military, and criminals to have them. Liberals would confiscate all firearms if left to their ways.

          • Russell Byrd

            I have heard very few that have ever proposed anything like banning all firearms. So, you just are keeping a perfect record for lying.

            I will tell you something right out of history. Our history. With gun nuts like you around, eventually a movement WILL start that will BAN all firearms. I am a gun owner too, wackjob. Now carry on about my instability. I know you want too, because you don’t have an argument. Just wild, wild claims.

          • Wild claims? Pull your head out of wherever it has been. There have been several liberals that have publically stated that their goal was total confiscation of all firearms. You most likely have no clue about firearms, like most supporters of this regime.

          • Russell Byrd

            NAME THEM! Even if there was a few, then that pales by comparison to crazy assholes like you.

            I am a gun owner myself, and common sense regulation would go a long way to protect and preserve the Second Amendment. One thing is for sure, doing away with all guns would do away with gun crime, and many pointless deaths. So, in the long run, you are going to actually cause the Second Amendment to fall.

          • TZToronto

            Who said that?

          • Russell Byrd

            “The” keendweeb after finding a load of “Magic” mushrooms growing on a dung heap. No, he did not eat the hallucinogenic mushroooms, but he did eat the dung heap. That dude is trippin’.

          • Russell Byrd

            That made no real sense at all. If we liberals really did confiscate all guns, then criminals would not have them either. The few that were hidden could be used, but making it a life without parole offense would be the ticket to make that short lived. AND, there would be no replacements.

            And no one I know claims to want to ban all firearms. Yes, if we could it would save countless lives.

          • Russell Byrd

            Hey, kenndweeb, did you know that thirteen, or is it fourteen, states have more people killed by guns than by traffic accidents. That used to be a favorite false dichotomy of gun nuts. That accidents killed more people, but no more. And it is only going to get worse.

          • TZToronto

            Did you even read the article? There’s not one liberal who wants criminals to have guns–but the right does! They want everyone to have a gun, even an Uzi for a 9-year-old girl.

          • Russell Byrd

            That encapsulates the entire problem with scum like “The Dweeb.”

            I really have no feeling at all for the instructor. I do mean none, either way. He made is bed, and now he will be taking his dirt nap in it forever. The parents are scumbags for even letting this happen.

            The one I cry for is the nine-year-old. She is going to have to deal with this for the rest of her life, and she has two losers for her prime support.

          • Russell Byrd

            Lightning will strike me six times, while I am holding both the winning Powerball and MegaMillions lottery tickets in my hand, before keendweeb will show one speck of common sense.

          • TZToronto

            I’ll avoid you when the lightning strikes, but you may see me hanging around when you win Powerball and MegaMillions. I’ll try to avoid the dweeb at all times.

          • holyreality

            There are no accidents with unintended gun deaths, they are all negligent.

          • Russell Byrd

            Very insightful, and very true.

          • Wedge Shot

            20 plus dead kids isn’t enough for you is it?
            Please tell me a number that would satisfy you and convince you that guns kill innocent people and the more guns there are the more innocents that will die.

          • People kill people. Guns are tools. nothing more.

          • Russell Byrd

            People without guns do not shoot people, therefore guns are tools that have really only one purpose. That is to “fix” other people you don’t like. Right?

          • Again, guns are tools. People kill people. How hard is that to understand?

          • Russell Byrd

            Except, on examination, that is a boldfaced lie that you always assume you can get away with. NO GUNS = NO ONE KILLED WITH A GUN. Very simple arithmetic.

            Now, like I said before, and you did nothing to refute, no one without a gun ever shot anyone with that non-existent gun. Eloquently simple, and idiotic to deny.

            As far as a tool, tools by definition perform work. What work does a gun perform? Killing! Some work, huh!

            It must be miserable to be such a cowardly chickenshit that is scared of his own shadow. Is the big scary black man going to rape you or something? Hmm?

          • Russell Byrd

            Regardless of what you think, or is it un-think, a man is dead, and a child and her family scarred. For what? For a nine-year old to give the reprobates a nut by proxy?

      • Wedge Shot

        Really, that BS is getting old.

        • And so it the attack on our constitution.

          • Russell Byrd

            Then stop attacking it!

          • Liberals seem to be the ones that are wanting to do away with our constitution.

          • Russell Byrd

            A point that you cannot prove. The Second Amendment was put in place for people to defend their homes in an unsettled land. Yet, the primary reason was to defend the Nation against its enemies. Which, you are one of those enemies.

          • idamag

            He is one of America’s enemies.

          • Russell Byrd

            Absolutely. I fear that in order to save ourselves from such treasonous vermin, we will eventually have to create those FEMA camps that they prattle on about. Oddly, it will be out of self-preservation from such foaming at the mouth mad dogs. They are a self fulfilling prophecy that they will be entirely responsible for creating themselves.

            The easy solution is they suddenly wake up, grow up, and learn to actually love and embrace America and all its peoples.

            Fat chance that will ever happen. So it goes. . . .

      • howa4x

        You mean protecting myself from other gun owners don’t you?

        • I don’t fear legal gun owners. It is those that do not follows the laws that are the threat. The same people that all the gun control in the world will not deter. We must also consider our government has stopped following our laws, and they too are a threat.

          • howa4x

            Because the NRA fights any type of background check that will deter mental patients from getting a gun I would be worried too if I had a gun but I don’t because my state has the toughest gun laws in the country, and mental patients and unstable people can’t get one

          • You must live in NY state. Cuomo is almost as bad as our Emperor. The mental health issue is a problem. We already have background checks. What the liberals want is to be able to identify undesirables. What that means that if you aren’t the right party, or the right religion, you can be denied a firearm. I do agree that people with violent histories should not be carrying, but what is the criteria for determining who is allowed? In NYS, after illegally pushing through the SAFE act, Cuomo had his state police going through permit holders medical records. One man in Amherst had his permit revoked and weapons seized because he was once prescribed an antidepressant. The right to bear arms is a right, not an earned privilege.

          • Russell Byrd

            That is pure unadulterated bullshit.

            Is religion on the background check form? Is political affiliation? And what a diseased mind like yours proposes COULD be, just ain’t squat in the real, rational world.

            Maybe, using your reasoning, . . . Kenndweeb is going to be a psycho killer that will commit mass murder. Sounds good, and after reading your idiotic comments, I am probably more likely to be right than you ever will. LMAO! except that you probably are unstable and dangerous.

            The one thing you have proven consistently, you are a prime candidate for having your guns confiscated. You are not mentally or emotionally normal. As well, you live in a fantasy world and you are borderline insane at best.

          • Russell Byrd

            The right to bear arms was intended for the armed citizen to defend this Nation, not attack it. That is treason by definition. Now, we have a military, and the right to bear arms is more of a noose around our necks than anything. Especially with nutjobs like you scampering around.

          • Russell Byrd

            But, but . . . kenny-o has a gun. I bet that nutjob has a whole closet full. 🙂

          • idamag

            And he is the person who shouldn’t have a gun.

          • Russell Byrd

            Then you are a bigger fool than I thought. The government sets the laws under the people’s guidance. We elected Obama. Sorry about your rotten f*cking luck.

            And those that will not follow our laws are either criminal, or worse, treasonous, and like yourself, maybe both.

      • Russell Byrd

        NO its not. That is just the slogan you want to ram down our throat constantly. The Second Amendment was designed to protect the Republic from its enemies. One of those enemies is YOU.

        • Yes, to protect our republic from all tyrants, such as what we now have. People that stand up for our rights(even yours), and our constitution are patriots. People that support a tyrant are traitors.

          • Russell Byrd

            So, you are saying we need to shoot you. That is my conclusion based on exactly what you have said. You are the only tyrant in the room. Everything else you have said is just a pack of lies and false claims. No evidence, just repetitive bullshit.

          • Russell Byrd

            I am safe there. People such as you that would cause tyranny, I will never support.

    • Wedge Shot

      More guns equals more gun deaths.
      With 32,000 people a year dying of gunshots in the US each year what do you expect?

      • More guns means less crime.

        • Russell Byrd

          You should clean out both ears so that the sh*t you seem to be listening to can flow freely, in one side and out the other. There certainly is nothing in between to stop the flow.

          • Those that blindly follow an illegal, lawless government seems to be the non thinking side.

          • Russell Byrd

            So, stop following the Third Reich and come home to this Nation.

            The real difference kenndweeb, I do not follow anything or anyone blindly. That is what you do by continuing to seek out lying sources of wackjob misinformation.

            I am not always right, but I make INFORMED choices. I do not swallow every dose of hate your Freitfarts, your Flush Rimjobs, and your Dim Peckers put out.

            If you stop hating, and learn to love the truth, the whole world will seem different. Clear the air, and you will quit gagging on all the lies and hate. Yeah, fat chance. Your addicted to hate.

          • I’m most likely the mellowest person you would ever meet. I’ve lived long enough to have seen many changes in this country. Eisenhower is the first president I remember. What I hate is seeing my country destroyed by someone that should have never been elected. I do not like having a communist acting like a tyrant. I am informed, and tend to believe that the liberals are helping fulfill the very agenda Khrushchev put forth.

          • Russell Byrd

            Bullshit. You are mellow as fish heads that have been lying in the sun on a July day.

            Obama was elected, therefore, he should have been elected, you SOB racist.

            Obama was elected AGAIN, therefore, double the above statement.

            Obama is not a communist, nor does he resemble one regardless of your racist bent.

            Obama is a citizen, regardless of the lies your racist ass tells.

            Obama is not a Muslim, regardless of more racist lies on your part. Even if he were, it is his own damn business.

            Obama is not a tyrant. What tyranny has he committed? Come on, I hear that bullshit all the time, but nothing of detail follows.

            What rights have you lost besides the right to bully other people that are different from you? What have you lost?

            Obama is withstanding more abuse than any American president has ever taken. America is in danger, that is true, but it is not from Obama, but from your vicious, lying ilk.

            Obama is trying to govern in spite of a Congress that is only interested in controlling other people’s minds and bodies while they make sure their rich benefactors are the only people that benefit from this Democracy.

            Oh, that’s right, you shits did away with that.

            I bet you are going to call Eisenhower a communist now? He was more liberal than Obama.

            What agenda did Khrushchev put forth? Or is this just another name you know to connect to a no fact, misinformation claim?

            Mellow, like raw shit . . . P-U!

          • He is a self-proclaimed socialist., but seeing he lies about everything so who knows, but one thing is for sure, he is anti American. Supporting people like the Muslim brotherhood is treasonous, especially from someone that is supposed to be president. Time will tell exactly who he is controlled by. I’m leaning toward him being Khrushchev’s boy.

            “We will take America without firing a shot…….We will BURY YOU! We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”

            Krushchev seems to have fulfilled his desires with our Emperor.

          • Russell Byrd

            One, first and foremost, kenndweeb lies about everything.

            Quote where Obama is a “self-proclaimed” socialist. As well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a socialist. So, go ahead and make an ass of yourself. You are at least good at that.

            Supporting the Muslim brotherhood, give us a quote on that too.

            Again, you lying sack, what is the plan that Khrushchev wanted to put in place? How does Obama fit in to that?

            I think you want the plan that Adolf Hitler wanted. I guess what, asshole, I CAN explain that convincingly.

            Mellow? If lies make one mellow, then maybe, but in my experience, a liar is never mellow. He has a monkey on his back, as you do.

            Dodge questions much.

            Khrushchev may have had a point. Thirty more years of you, and we will welcome communism. Ever think about that? Er, do you ever think?

            You misquote and misunderstand Khrushchev entirely. He was pointing squarely at the corruption YOU represent. His idea was we would welcome communism to get rid of you. That is how the world works.

          • idamag

            yes, I have noticed he is a liar, a hater and not too smart.

          • Russell Byrd

            Absolutely! If hatred and lies were painful, then he would be writhing in agony begging for someone to shoot him with his precious gun.

          • Russell Byrd

            The last trait is a forgivable one, except in the presence of the first two, then it is also an unforgivable trait. In my view then, these are the worst traits any human can exhibit. Stupid hateful liars can commit ANY crimes. Rape, murder, mayhem, theft, and intimidation are committed without any remorse.

          • Russell Byrd

            I noticed that except for a little off-topic bullshit, you pretty much ignored all of my post. I guess when you do not have a line of reason, just a lot of false claims, it is hard to sustain any argument

          • holyreality

            Same as the TP claque who swallow hook line and sinker the Koch Brother’s agenda(a lawless lot indeed).

        • Russell Byrd

          Actually, the most peaceful countries have the least guns.

          • Yeah. North Korea is peaceful.

          • Russell Byrd

            Yes it is, actually. North Korea is a model of what you desire in this country. The only difference is, private gun ownership is severely limited.

            Yet, North Korea is actually bristling with guns. And, the country is very much at peace. Enforced peace, as anyone that so much as raises his head is “re-educated,” or is executed, or goes to a prison.

            But, as for peace, yes, that it does have. Of course, you may peacefully starve to death to, but a naturally superior being such as yourself should have no trouble in stealing the bread, or rice, from someone else’s mouth.

          • And this seems to be the vision of the liberals for America.

          • Russell Byrd

            No, like I said that is YOUR vision. You want a police state that you are exempt from. We want freedom for all, but freedom must come with some semblance of equality. You cannot just bully people because you feel special, and certain other people are just too beneath you to grant rights too. Again, name the rights you have lost!

          • Rights lost would be hard to regain. Is that what you and yours want? Our rights are being eroded away a bit at a time. I want the America back that was. We were founded on individual rights. The pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, all have been regulated almost to extinction.
            I am not a liberal elitist that thinks I know what is best for everyone else. I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want so long as it does not hurt anyone else. Liberals seem to think that they know how to protect everyone from themselves. Wonderful quote from the movie “The Giver”. ” if you let people chose, they chose badly.” That seems to be the liberal utopia where everything is given to you, even your thoughts.

          • Russell Byrd

            The “pursuit of happiness” has been eroded? Are you that delusional? If your happiness depends are harming others, then your treasonous ass should be put to death. No quibble about that.

            As for freedom of religion, how has it been curtailed. This country was NOT founded on a religious basis. In fact, even our religious founders wanted religion out of politics. As well, the notable Founders were Deists, and not likely to care about your religion.

            Are you saying that being unable to force me to swallow your nonsense is hurting you in some way? A pox on your un-Godly religion. That is not what Jesus taught. In fact, you don’t believe anything Jesus taught, so forget about that religious angle.

            So,, your quote from the “Giver” says, I can’t choose for myself, because you know better than I and you have the right to choose for me. That IS what you said. F*ck you and that.

          • I can’t say you are the most despicable, uninformed, non thinking, incoherent poster on this site, but you do make it to 4th place. Is English your second language?

          • Russell Byrd

            Obviously, English is not even a distant second in your repertoire.

            No, you are the most despicable, uninformed, non-thinking, and incoherent poster on this site. Which honor you share with about three or four other abusive, lying, bullying trolls.

            Like I said, your example as interpreted by you, takes my rights away, while I do no harm to yours at all. You get to decide who to abuse. You consider it abuse when we say you can be totally free, PROVIDED you do not abuse others. I know you seen to not understand, but your mentality is exactly why we need prisons. Criminals think they have the only right to choose as well.

            And again, you narrow minded, chickenshit, racist, liar, WHAT rights have you actually lost? Exactly, what rights? You speak rhetorically that you hate that black man in the White House because of all the bad things he is doing, or going to do, to little old innocent you, but you cannot actually tell anyone what he has actually done.

          • idamag

            kenneb is a person without much education and a lying sack of ___.

          • Russell Byrd

            Normally you can put the sack of ____ on your garden plants and it will make them grow, but with him, everything would just die. Of course, that seems to match his outlook.

          • idamag

            Canada has more guns per capita than the U.S. They have 1/10th the gun deaths. We have angry hateful people that are not smart enough to use guns.

          • Russell Byrd

            True on both points. Switzerland, if not for the occasional mass murdering crazy is very much the same.

            One of the real problems, and this may sound condescending to some, is the overall maturity of the average American male gun nut. They have the maturity of eighth grade boys out on a school field trip. In other words, not much. The problem is in our society guns are presented as cool toys for the big boys to play with. Fortunately, there are plenty of us that actually are mature enough to handle a weapon, but it takes only a few of these punks to make responsible people look bad.

          • dtgraham

            The kind of firearms that can be legally obtained and the ease with which they can be purchased is another factor. Some types of guns that be bought in the U.S. cannot be in many other countries and the ones that can be purchased require some hoops to be jumped through first, such as a mandatory firearms safety course, extensive background checks, and getting put on a police gun registry.

          • Russell Byrd

            Which, with this hate filled obstructionist Congress, the hatred and racism of the white right-wacko-wing, and all the hate media, of which Faux has shown its true place at the center of, our Republic, the Democracy that I would have given my life to defend, is in danger of passing into oblivion. And violently to boot.

            The problem is the crazies that demand all the highest powered weapons, are the ones most violently against any of the rules in place in “normal” countries. In fact, as there are no civilian applications for HK’s, FN’s, AK’s, etc., most nations do not even allow them to be issued to the populace at all. As well, these goons are against all the common-sense safety measures that you have mentioned. Of course, this is the target group that would be disqualified if our laws still worked for the good of our Nation.

          • ConstablePlod

            “… it takes only a few of these punks to make responsible people look bad.”
            I would hardly blame 30,000 gun deaths a year on “a few punks.”
            More like an armed culture of punks, drunks, gangstas and cowboys.

          • Russell Byrd

            Very well said!

          • dtgraham

            No, that’s actually not true idamag. I know what you’re thinking though. Canada is one of a handful of nations that are in an upper quartile of per capita gun ownership, that’s true. However the liberal thesis of more guns, more gun deaths; less guns, less gun deaths is fully supported by world stats.

            Gun ownership per 100 people:
            U.S. 88.8
            Switzerland 45.7
            Finland 45.3
            Canada 30.8

            Firearm related deaths per 100,000 population:
            U.S. 10.2
            Switzerland 3.84
            Finland 3.64
            Canada 2.44

            Every other country that had a lower rate of gun ownership per 100 people than the ones listed above, also had a lower rate of firearm related deaths per 100,000 population than the ones listed above. The correlation is powerful and compelling.

            Reference—Bangalore, S. & Messerli, F.
            (2013). Gun ownership and firearm related deaths. The American journal of medicine 126(10), 873-876.

        • Russell Byrd

          More guns do equal more deaths, which as any idiot can guess, means more crime. I guess when racist assholes decide that certain lives are not worth protecting, then I guess you will not see those as crimes. What do you think will happen in a few years when you are in the minority, and the majority, happens to have the same attitude.

          Kenndweeb, unlike yourself, I am a golden rule man. You are an only “let me have MY way man.

          • How DARE you call me a liberal.

          • Russell Byrd

            I would not dream of it. A piece of sh*t maybe, but not a decent, caring person, i.e. a liberal.

            You have answered no questions, though they were directly put. You make false accusations and use innuendo as supposed truth. You are not at all convincing.

            So, why I said what I did is simple, you really do not give a damn about this Nation, nor anyone in it. You want a country that makes you, and your filthy ilk comfortable.

        • ConstablePlod

          Not quite.
          In Japan, where there are less than 1000 handguns nationwide, the death from gunshots last year was 2. Unlike in “more guns means less crime” America where you have 30,000 deaths a year.
          Problem is, you can’t do the math.
          That’s your problem!

          • Russell Byrd

            I am reminded of an argument I got into several years ago with some right-wacko-winger I knew . He claimed there were literally thousands of people dying in Japan because they had no guns to defend themselves. So, I looked the stats up and showed them to him. Something less than 55 for the year before. Several gunshots, a dozen or more stabbings, and most of the rest just bludgeoning with the nearest heavy object. My community, a metropolitan area, has that many deaths a year from gunshots alone. And, we have less than one percent of the population. What I have learned from that, life in general, and these blogs, is it is difficult to have a civil, meaningful discussion with people that have an allergic reaction to the truth.

            Be well!

  • Mike Stanimirovic

    These kids are future assassins in our schools environments!

    • Not likely. Children that learn the proper use of firearms and how to respect them do not end up shooting up a school.

      • johninPCFL

        Well, this child certainly learned how to shoot a person dead. Just like the weapon was SUPPOSED to.

        Fortunately, Darwinism still applies.

        • Is that how liberals became sheep? Darwinism?

          • Russell Byrd

            I think when considering your brain and personality, the word Dwarfism comes to mind. What a mental midget you are. What a hateful, untruthful, mental midget you are.

          • You seem as to be one of those that could not find his butt with both hands.

          • Russell Byrd

            I don’t need to. Unlike yourself, I know where my butt is. As well, I do not play with it. I bet you cannot lay off your butt, you love the whiff.

            And you are still a remarkably hateful, mental midget. Rhetorically speaking.

          • Russell Byrd

            Hey kenndweeb, mess up the blog all you want, I will be back to attend to you bright and early in the morning.

            But, I must ask, do you really need to make an ass of yourself to prove . . . what? You make no replies to any real points made, but you sure are full of false claims. So, is this what you have to do for entertainment? Pretty lame choice.

      • Russell Byrd

        That is not true. Laughable, nonsensical lie. Just like always.

        • It is absolutely true.

          • Russell Byrd

            Every school shooting I know of was committed by someone that worshiped guns. Like I said, just a nonsensical lie that you can never make true no matter how many times you tell it. Sorry, but Dr. Goebbels’ theories only worked on a closed and ignorant audience. Seems they worked on you, but hey, you are not of a normal mentality anyway.

      • Russell Byrd

        Actually, what causes assassins is their exposure no only to guns, but the inflammatory, lying rhetoric spread by treasonous criminals, such as yourself. It warps the psyche of the vulnerable. Like the shooting of Rep. Gifford, or that nut case in Norway. Fascist, white supremacist hate masquerading as “taking back rights” that they never lost.

        • idamag


  • Wedge Shot

    Well, this “instructor” certainly taught the girl how to kill. Sorry he had to be the one to die. But then again those that screw with things that they shouldn’t be screwing with to start out, usually pay the consequences.
    I hope they sue the gun range and everyone else that thinks a nine year old girl should know how to fire an UZI.

  • dtgraham

    Ahh memories. I think we all remember those wonderful summer vacations as a 6 or 9 year old getting paramilitary training in the effective use of sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and machine guns. The carefree days of summer as a kid.

  • I understand the impossibility of such, but I really think the parents, both, should be charged for, at the very least, reckless endangerment, with the loss of life resulting. This child had no business w/her hands on such a weapon. There’s no such perimeters that can guarantee safety & this is proof – no matter the precautions. Was there negligence on the part of the instructor? Perhaps, but the greater foolishness was letting this child touch the weapon to fire it…

  • idamag

    Sadly, this gun fetish is a symptom of a deeper problem. Look at the belligerent bully types that stick their jaws out with a chip on their shoulder and a gun on their hips or across their backs.

    • neeceoooo

      All you have to do is look at the Cleve Bundy’s of this nation and you see that mentality.

      • Russell Byrd

        The scary result of these crazies is we are going to have to build those FEMA camps they keep carrying on about, in order to remove this insane, dangerous, and treasonous scum away from decent Americans that want the Nation to grow and prosper. And we must, not “need to,” but must throw the lazy, entitled, uncooperative wealthy in there with them. Tragic, but if you are going to cure this cancer before it kills the patient, you have to kill it first.

    • holyreality

      I’m with you.
      Goons fools and idiots who ‘exercise’ their rights are looking for a fight, one they likely would regret once done in, responsible ownership is an entirely different matter.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    That little girl is now officially a murderer. She can thank her asshat parents who thought teaching a child her age to murder was the intent of 2nd Amendment rights.

    Let me know when the little girl becomes a teen and turns another UZI on McMommy and McDaddy gun nuts.

    • holyreality

      How compassionate of you[/sarcasm]
      What is the intention of your Freudian slip?

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        How enabling of you to think parents have the right to pose a child of this little girl’s age before a target that looks like a figure in black, hand her an UZI and tell her she’s learning to defend herself.

        Sorry, no compassion from me. Not when idiot parents are too stupid to know when to draw the line between sanity and insanity.

        If you want a society where kids become Hitler Youth, keep enabling jerks with guns to overload the landscape with UZIs, AR15s, MRAPS and 15 rounds of ammo…that ought to make you feel really safe Mr. Enabler.

        Why on earth should I feel one ounce of compassion for hot shot parents who think they Know it All until their asshat decisions backfire (pun intended). Grow up.

        Your kind always want absolution AFTER the dirty deeds are done. Yours is the MOST undisciplined, unruly, untamed generation to hit this country yet.

        Here’s a clue for you…If you point a gun at anything or anyone, you intend to destroy it. What about the word destroy don’t you enablers of all manner of uncivilized behavior get? How is teaching a 9 year old child destruction in any way remotely indicative of civilized behavior?

        So Mr. Enabler of unacceptable societal tell us where in the 2nd Amendment it’s a child’s right to play with an UZI?

        • holyreality

          Eleanore please take a deep breath,
          Thank you
          See? I show compassion, I care about your point OK?

          The thing about compassion is that everybody deserves it. In my Catholic youth, the one chorus I remember most goes
          ‘Whatsoever you do ooooo ooooo
          To the least of my Broo oo th errrrr ssss
          That you do unto meeeeeee’
          This girl, her family, the instructor’s family all have changed lives. Their grief is only imaginable to bystanders like us, and kicking someone while they are down is mean spirited at best.

          I don’t enable the parents here. The girl stated here dream was to shoot full rock and roll, she liked guns which can be a safe experience.
          The female entry into the enthusiast category is happening whether you like it or not. The negligent party here is the range operator, a fly by night outfit. Responsible training for a paid client would put an easier to control weapon in front of the subject.

          Shooting paper targets is not going to hurt anyone when done in protocols that ensure safety, again a situation the range operator did not provide.

          You are free to project your emotions upon this topic, I support you on that, but going off half cocked only makes for shrill noise.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Obviously, you have never had children? I’m also Catholic. I was educated in Catholic schools. I don’t recall the Ten Commandments making exceptions to No. 5….Thou Shalt Not Kill. Yes..You ARE an enabler. As for any 9 year old child deciding he/she likes “guns,” that’s a red flag if ever there was one. One you miss entirely as someone who has not had the pleasure of raising sons as I’ve had.

            Those parents had holes in their heads. They got what they asked for. They encouraged their child to use guns for “fun.” Where in the Catholic religion does it say guns are “fun?” Try feeding your Catholicity to someone who hasn’t been there or done that.

            And I can only laugh at your attempt to stretch the intent of Christ’s statement, “Whatsoever you do to my brethren you do to me.”

            So let me guess..Christ in your view meant…If I teach my kid to play with guns, as my brethen you should teach yours too? Grow up little man.

            When you actually stop enabling bad behavior, the country can live Christ’s other statement, “Peace be with you.”

            Some men in the US today have an illogical sense of right and wrong. Teaching a 9 year old to use an automatic weapon the military uses is “Doing to your brethren?” Yeesh…Perhaps we need more mental institutions to lock away those who have a sociopathic narcissistic sense of right and wrong.

          • holyreality

            I am a former Catholic, actually I rebelled from the rosary through first communion. By the time of Confirmation I was going through the motions to avoid antagonizing my parents.
            I am not saying Christ would support the 2nd. I am saying everyone deserves compassion, the family you spew upon needs love not bile.
            Thaddeus Golas wrote wise words,
            When you find yourself in a bitter, bad situation, ask yourself what/whom here needs love the most? Obviously that family does, and you come in a close second.
            I got my first rifle at age 7, my cousins who lived in a rural area got theirs at six. Paper targets are a benign object that punching holes within is a fun pasttime, one that you find objectionable, but have no say in whether parents provide to their children because they are not your’s.
            Does this make me a murderer? I don’t hunt anymore, I would never aim a weapon at anyone for any reason save they need to be stopped, and extreme case that I hope to never find myself in, am I still a murderer?
            You project, and do so with passionate bitterness, I envision a spittle soaked keyboard. We are all friends here, and treating me like this only brings you down.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Look, when I visited the remote regions of Montana and Alberta Canada, I saw why rifles were necessary. They had a “use.” Nothing in this life that has no particular use is justifiable for “accidental murder,” that could have been avoided.

            If you own a ranch in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana or north into Canada’s mountainous regions, you need a rifle for protection from wild animals that roam onto your property. Period. End of Statement.

            If you live in NY City, board hot, crowded subways with hundreds of people aboard, you don’t need a gun. Get it yet?

            Prove need to own a gun. Not to play with it like a toy because you like the sound of “pow, pow, pow,” like some overaged GI Joe.

            Our military and police need their guns. But, they are professionally trained to use them. Today, you have a bunch of blood thirsty lunatic fringe thugs who carry weapons just to intimidate the public. At what point do we kick ass and take their names so the pallor of a civilized society can return?

            The same thugs who fight to hang onto their military style weapons are no different than the now world wide gang of ISIS thugs all showing ass to get attention. How civilized are they? How low have they stooped to prove they are animals?

            There is a use for a gun. It isn’t to intimidate others, to jack egos or to show children how a gun can take a life.

            Children need many positive things in their lives…a gun is not now nor ever will be a positive thing.

          • holyreality

            Thank you,
            You’re certainly entitled to your opinion and I support you in declaring it.

      • neeceoooo

        I do believe you have the best of intentions with your responses (we are on the same side) but you could be a little nicer to others when corresponding.

        • holyreality

          There are no sides, we are all one.

  • ConstablePlod

    “…the *Last Stop* shooting range”
    Says it all.