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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Voter Registration Flaws Need Remedies, Not Exploitation

A few years ago, as I waited in a long line to vote at my local precinct, I overheard some mumbled complaints about the elderly poll workers assisting with ballots and voter rolls. Some of them were clearly flummoxed by newly installed computer databases and wasted precious minutes searching for names, addresses and other vital identifiers.

Voting in America is already a trial designed to ferret out the hardiest and most committed citizens, someone whispered. Why complicate it further with poorly trained poll workers?

  • VernonW.Justice

    This sounds like a Wacho Right Wing article. Since voting is primarily a function of both parties,I know, I was aa judge during several elections in the town nwhere I lived. this sounds to me like stupid propaganda pn the right.

  • Howz 1

    Both parties want it that way for their own gains. Think of the deep south putting road blocks for minorities and on the other side think of Chicago under Richard Daley

  • concernedusa7

    While I cannot speak for every ward or precinct I can relate that poll monitors audit those who come in to vote, fraud is unheard of.
    In a true Democracy we should be doing everything in our power to get all elidgible persons to register and vote. We are in error having those who register, register with a political party affiliation, this promotes Autocracy not Democracy.
    If we desire that those registered have an ID then voter registration should be required to issue the voter ID which could then be scanned at the polling place.
    Lets all work together to get 85% participation Democracy.

  • caylajhc

    Voting should be done by mail. Ballots should be sent out to EVERY person old enough to vote and should be required to be sent back in, even if you choose to mark “no votes”. This is supposed to be a democracy. Everyone should vote and should be able to vote and be encouraged to vote. Anyone attempting to curtail voting in any way should be charged with criminal behavior in some way. Even exconvicts should be allowed to vote. Politicians, I’m not so sure.

  • freethinker

    Democracy? I’m almost sure our country’s founders created a Republic. Shame on those who want ‘harsh’ picture ID’s to vote. You would think they want an honest election! Voting is how we choose those politicians we want to represent us. Do we really want those people chosen by voters who haven’t a clue what the candidates views on any subject are? I know it is a problem, but if you don’t know who Joe Biden is, or who Bill Ayers is, or heard of Solyndra, maybe you shouldn’t be voting.