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Friday, October 21, 2016
  • ObozoMustGo

    And now… the REAL cartoon of the day!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government
    that requires every citizen to prove they are insured …
    but not prove they are a citizen.”

    • One can only hope after President Obama is re-elected for his second term, idiots like “ObozoMustGo” fade from the political consciousness forever.

      • In 40 years they and their children will ask. “That was Me(you) being so hypocritical, bigoted, and stupid?

      • Socialists! Ugh! Please leaave the country. Thank you.

      • ObozoMustGo is a conservative Troll who only posts on this blog because he knows it upsets some people and gets his mindless opinions before the rest of us. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is really Glenn Beck.

    • DurdyDawg

      Who’s you’re daddy, Boz..?

  • Oh you’re republicans? Sorry. Here, take 3 ballots apiece.

    • I thought they the repb’s had a free pass. plus.

  • jamesldavis

    Why they never mention what Meds the she Sodiers are taking! whats is the nickname of “loophold division at Bain Capital! Why isn”t the ones who Benfited foremost form the taxcuts !st in line reducing the defict?? one thing for certain 2012 the Governors Afer ruining Main street USA with cheap, Shoddy goods from Hubei provinc Cannot stop China Bashing! pleiku 66-67 mandingo! Like the rubber bizness we’re paying to enslave Ouurselves

  • I think the future generations will ask, Why did the republican party behave in a lie and cheating manner and why did they use projection? They will also so say it really made them look like fools.
    AND THEY WILL BE CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prove you are a real Republican! Show me your tax returns, let me read your tea leaves, exactly how many voter were denied the right to vote in this state,county precinct and prove how many jobs did you create Now give me a big hug and slip a $100 dollars in my pocket.Now scurry home and get your proof doc s**T and I’ll get you in the GOP only line and remember this precinct is open for GOPTEA 24/7

  • Projected Economic Devolution under Romney-Ryan
    Our money
    R money
    Romney’s money

  • Romney and Ryan
    Steadily lyin’
    A picture of Seamus
    Lickin’ his penis
    Alpha Alpaca and Trafalca
    Beget a creature looks like Chewbacca
    Burma Shave

  • These GOP boys are showing what Millions of Americans know to be their strength. Over 80 % them are clan members and racists. I thank God they are on the wrong side of OUR CREATOR. Why? If any of these boys is GOD, they will choose and create a bunch that looks like themselves. They are the greatest terrorists that I have the pleasure of knowing in my life time. They are BAD TASTE to the world. You can see Romney who has a PERSONALITY of a WIZZLE and Paul Ryan who keeps forgetting his DENTURE each time he comes on the air. This should be embarrassing to his base, should it not?
    GOP is bad for America and for the world. I am confident that in spite of their game plans to rig this election to win, GOD is going to do that which He does for those that worship Him in truth and in faithfulness. If their GOAL since OBAMA coming into power is to DENY tens of million of Americans JOB after Boy GWB and his partner is crime bro Dick is to make him a one term commander in chief, that speaks VOLUME. 8 out of 10 GOP being nothing hopelessness is 8 too many.