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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


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8 responses to “Want To Dodge U.S. Taxes?”

  1. ObozoMustGo says:

    And now…. The REAL Photo Of The Day!
    And the only one that matters this weeked! Please remember those that have paid the ultimate price for us.
    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend to all!

    “We are land of the free BECAUSE of the brave” – United States Marines

    • Allan Richardson says:

      For once, OMG, everyone agrees with you. If you love your liberty, thank a soldier … AND a protester, since we need both at different times (Haymarket, Bonus Army, Selma, etc.).

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Back at ya, Allan. Have a great weekend. We’ll put down our arms for now and just be Americans. We can reconvene the fight on Tuesday. in the meantime, eats lots of burgers and dogs and drink lots of American beer! 🙂

        • metrognome3830 says:

          Does that mean we will get an extra bomb thrown at us on Tuesday or will we just forego one bomb next week? Well, whatever, I’ll have the first beer in honor of our men and women in the military. The second one in your honor. Then I’ll just drink to everyone. Have a great weekend.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Maybe not so many bombs next week. I have a very busy week ahead. Thanks for the beers, Metro. I’ll drink one in your honor as well. Speaking of that, here’s a pic with some wisdom for you.

            Have a great Memorial Day!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

          • metrognome3830 says:

            I wanted to reply to your Nixon comment, but the bullshit got so deep in that reply section that I couldn’t even find yours.
            Nixon was involved in a two-bit burglary. He was also involved in using the IRS to target people on his “enemies list.” That may have been the thing that most motivated him to resign. I don’t know that for sure. Just guessing.
            Have a good weekend.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            You are correct. Abuse of the IRS was the main issue that forced his resignation. Although is it not quite true that Nixon had an enemies list. That was actually John Dean that made the list. However, he worked for Nixon, and therefore it was Nixon’s to own up to. Just like Obozo will have to own up to the abuse of power from using the IRS to target his political opponents.

            Have a great Memorial Day, Metro!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

      • metrognome3830 says:

        I’ll drink to that, OMG!
        Have a Great weekend!

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