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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

War Against Drug Cartels Needs New Focus, Strategy

A bit of respect, please, for the drug cartels. For their ingenuity, technological shrewdness, and ability to adapt their products and services to a changing marketplace.

It’s a perspective missed by both Democrats and Republicans. Politicians of both parties are too busy grandstanding about “securing” or “fixing” a border they fail fully to understand.

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2 responses to “War Against Drug Cartels Needs New Focus, Strategy”

  1. fordneri says:

    Why wouldn’t drug criminals take advantage of the same laws put in place to protect financial criminals. Deregulation that promotes financial parasitism also promotes parasitic drug peddlers.

  2. jussmartenuf says:

    Legalize, or a least decriminalize recreational drugs. Regulate them and put millions of Americans to work in a cottage industry that is now under ground and mostly below the border. Anyone who thinks people who want to alter their consciousness are going to be stopped by the threat of incarceration are really misguided, just read the article above. The main people against legalization are the drug lords, the prison industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the alcohol industry, the drug dealers and millions of misguided solid citizens.

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