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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

An open question since the emergence of the Occupy Wall Street protests in September has been whether — and to what extent — Democratic politicans will embrace them. Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, the consumer advocate and leading progressive critic of banks and their role in the financial crisis, isn’t shying away from the movement despite Karl Rove-backed Super PAC American Crossroads ripping her association with “radicals” who embrace “violence”:

In an interview with WCVB-TV in Boston, Elizabeth Warren was asked to respond to the Rove-founded Crossroads GPS ad linking her to Occupy Wall Street. Though she disavowed violence, she directly aligned her candidacy and her own history of fighting Wall Street with the spirit and general critique driving the protests:

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  • doane

    The tactic I’ve been seeing by the right wing nuts is to convince people that the 99%’rs are a bunch of young, low life, lazy, trouble makers. I saw a video on line the other day where some one had spliced together a bunch of snippets showing violent acts, lewdity, swearing, grungy looking protestors and it looks like everyone is like that.