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Sunday, June 24, 2018

WATCH: Christie Blasts Washington, But His Record Doesn’t Match His Rhetoric

In a press conference on Monday, New Jersey governor Chris Christie blasted Washington — both Congress and the president — for its inability to resolve the sequester.

“I don’t have the first damn idea of what they’re doing. If the federal government cannot cut one cent out of a dollar and not bring the economy and the country to its knees, then the government is in awful shape to begin with,” he said, displaying his trademark Jersey charm.

“We’ve done much harder things in New Jersey in much shorter periods of time,” Christie said.

The governor’s staff then posted the video above on his YouTube channel, where he shares all his favorite battles with union members and the media.

But Christie’s big claims don’t hold up in two ways.

First, the sequester won’t cut “one cent out of a dollar.” The cuts are meant to be painful. Discretionary spending — all of the government’s spending on education, research and programs for the poor like Meals on Wheels, aid for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) — will be cut by 5.3 percent. This pushes discretionary spending to a record low.

Secondly, Christie may have made big cuts in New Jersey, but those cuts have had a negative effect.

Last year, as Christie announced the “New Jersey Comeback,” he predicted greater economic growth than any state in the union. He’s since had to revise that prediction downward.

Hurricane Sandy didn’t exactly help New Jersey’s economy, but even before the storm, the state had one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

In Christie’s first year in office, he cut education by more than a billion dollars and let a tax on the state’s richest taxpayers expire. He also signed a budget that cut funding to family planning and canceled a train tunnel project to New York City that would have created jobs and alleviated traffic.

Though he wasn’t invited to CPAC, his record is certainly “severely conservative.”

Christie says that “real leadership” would get the sequester fixed. But the question is, does America really want to go where he’s leading?

14 Responses to WATCH: Christie Blasts Washington, But His Record Doesn’t Match His Rhetoric

  1. Instead of critizing, Gov. Christie should offer some solutions, if he has any. The sequester is the end result of years of calling for spending reductions – rather than tax increases on the super rich – to reduce our budget deficits and, eventually, the national debt. A mandatory spending reduction, in the form of a sequester, was agreed upon when the GOP threatened a default on our debt obligations in 2011. President Obama, faced with what would have been one of the worst economic crisis in the history of the USA, agreed to the GOP demands.
    The “solution” the GOP is interested in, but is too afraid to propose because of potential backlash by angry voters, is drastic cuts in Social Security, MEDICARE and MEDICAID. They know that cuts in discretionary spending will not do the trick without additional tax increases or reductions in what they call entitlement programs. Since they oppose cuts in DoD programs such as the F35 ($400B worth) and a new carrier group we need like a hole in the head, and additional reductions in discretionary spending would paralyzed critical services, the only option left is cuts in social programs.
    We can bet Messrs Ryan and Cantor will find a way to set up the administration during the upcoming debt ceiling exercise to get more concessions on Social programs, and will then blame Democrats for those cuts.

    • If Obama learned any thing from 2011 debt ceiling mess leading to seguester and he has a back bone he will stand his gruond and not fold. SS, MEDICARE and MEDICAID will be safe.
      As for Christie, he is working both sidrs of the street looking for votes. He like all the Republicans know all the probpeml but have no solutions.

  2. Curiously it seems that the middle class and the poor must pay for everthing themselves including the priviledges of the rich,to whom the gop appears intent on giving a free ride. If ever the circumstances for the people to pick up arms in response to burdensome and unresponsive government were needed,then our political parties,in particular the gopT, are providing them.

  3. Dominick, where were the “years of calling for federal spending reductions” when George was in the White House. He took us from a surplus to major debt in eight years. He destroyed all the regulation that would have prevented Wall Street from raping the economy. His lack of business acumen and understanding of budgets drove this country into near bankruptcy, when his handler and crook behind the throne, Cheney, made millions for his buddies at Hallibuton. Everything Bush has ever ran was nearly bankrupted, even the Texas Rangers, at that is no mien feat. These conservative need to quit throwing rocks from their glass houses.

    • Bush and Cheney lied! People believed the lies about WMD. They said the Regulations set in place in the 30’s to prevent another depresion were no longer needed and the masses believed. Best snake oil salesmen ever.

  4. I’ve lived in NJ all my life. Christie isn’t the worst governor. He has a split personality that rears its public head when he opens his mouth. His latest totally hypocritical statement is that he is going forward with the federal government paying for 105,000 NJ Medicaid eligible recipients but he “still hates Obamacare.”

    Sure he does. We, the NJ taxpayers pay for his. Since he’s cut police, firefighters and other state employees, there’s now an increase in crime in NJ and fire safety has taken a back seat.

    Christie’s split personality traverses ever in the direction of his own somewhat tyrannical agenda. Ergo, engaging a no bid contractor so obviously one of his cronies. But, no one is allowed to mention that to Christie. Ask a former Bush US attorney a question and he does what all legal snakes do…refuses to answer. He knows why.

    Christie, like all Republicans, believes slash and burn is not going to affect those who are unemployed for almost a decade now, those who can barely afford healthcare and those in the Middle Class oppressed by the obscene property taxes, auto insurance and utility rates that kill off any hopes of ever getting ahead.

    Christie is as slick as a baby’s bottom when he is asked pointed questions. Then, if you press him, he goes ballistic with his bombastic attitude. I believe that’s called “bullying” an important characteristic of all GOP high altitude attitudes.

    • They know perfectly well it will harm the unemployed and those with hopes of getting ahead. That is exactly what they want, until all of us are willing to work for four dollars per hour and no benefits in sweat shops without safety equipment. They have been working for decades to turn us into another Mexico or Brazil, where workers drink from ditches and children scavenge the landfills. Every working class person who supports them and trashes unions is a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

    • We’d love to…I didn’t vote for him the first time. He is as corrupt as any NJ Mafioso and only got his job with the state by raising big bucks for Dubya’s election. This was his reward and our punishment. And because money talks and he’s a genius at extorting it from people who want to do business in NJ, he’ll probably win reelection.

  5. Why are none of the entitlements to corporations ever on the budget cuts table? Why are the only cuts ever discussed are the ones that will make life seriously harder for so many individuals? Corporations don’t need surgeries, or meals, or public education. Corporations only need bank accounts. What kind of christians are these republicans?

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